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He remains cool, regardless of situation
The motherfucker himself.

He's Vance. Motherfucking. Stubbs. An Imperial Guard general and total badass from Dawn of War: Soulstorm and the only character introduced in the expansion anyone likes, despite having arguably the worst voice actor (his performance is just bad, and not with enough ENGRISH or ham to be unintentionally funny like Boreale or Carron). He's the most badass Governor General....ever....well maybe at tie with General Sturnn who's equally awesome, but wasn't a governor.

Vance Stubbs leads the 252nd Kaurava Conservator Regiment for the Imperial Guard in the game. He is armed (apparently like every other Command Squad leader in the Galaxy) with a set of Power Claws and bolters strapped to his arms. He may also, in fact, have a Thunder Hammer for a penis, but his harem of lovers were all too exhausted to comment on the matter.

When facing the Imperial Guard at their stronghold in Dawn of War: Soulstorm, Stubbs' Commissar informs him that all 100 of the Baneblades that would have been available to defend had just been sent off to help the Imperial Guard elsewhere in the Kaurava system, and any more Baneblades that are needed will have to be constructed via a series of pieces sent out by supply Rhinos. This absurdity of simply "losing" 100 Baneblades has spawned a number of jokes amongst players, mostly associating him with being "Tactically incompetent" as opposed to Creed's "Tactical Genius". However, there has been rumors that the Baneblades never left, but they were hidden by Creed, or perhaps taken by the Blood Magpies. Adding on top of this, Baneblades are supposed to be rare (with three being the average), made only at major Forge Worlds, Kaurava is a backwater system and this shouldn't have the means to mass produce Baneblades fortunately for the Imperium, the in-game background for Stubbs's Baneblades is that the invasions and mass destruction miraculously uncovered the rather terrifying (for the enemy) fact that at least half of the entire super-continent city of Kaurava I is in fact built on top of a continent-sized manufactorum, probably from the Great Crusade, devoted to the mass-production of Baneblades. This enabled Stubbs to roll out more Baneblades in a month than Forge Worlds (individually, of course) produce in a century. Best of all, the fact you can build more manufactorums in-game suggests that the Mechanicus could probably mass-produce the factories, too. With the pacified Tomb World nearby to draw in the Mechanicus plus the carrot Stubbs now has with the Baneblades and whatever other STC data uncovered (maybe Fellblades and other awesome stuff?), along with Stubbs's clear care for the little people, it is likely he could convince/trade for the Tomb World being studied and Forgeworldified by various important Forge Worlds, giving him access to their unique data (such as Executioners and Vanquisher cannons). Sure, the individual Forge Worlds never share anything, but then, none of them have had the technological buffet on a scale Vance does to bargain with. That, and he doesn't seem the sort to give a crap about keeping tech to himself. Then he can happily send copies to every Forge World if he can pay captains to visit. Then the Imperium wins by default. Regardless, Vance Stubbs is seen as one of the most awesome Imperial Guard generals because of his calm, stern voice, even when his army is on the brink of defeat.

Relic never bothered to announce who actually canonically won the Kaurava conflict - only that it sure as the Warp wasn't the Space Marines. Hence, many players simply accepted the fact that Stubbs won the war because of his utter bad-assery that no other character was able to posses. And also the rumors that he found the 100 Baneblades again and used his variation taktikul jinyas to deep strike said Baneblades into the main bases of armies. We would have said Indrick Boreale was the canon winner of the Kaurava conflict - if only he didn't screw it up by canonically losing horribly. If Relic ever were to announce the canon winner and it wasn't Stubbs, there would be RAGE. God help us all if it ever emerges that the Eldar were the triumphant ones in the conflict - most are certain that /tg/ would burn down one of THQ's office buildings in retaliation and if the Orks win, only Tzeentch knows what would happen. Relic says Vance did win. Not much of a surprise there.

What is truly stunning about Vance Motherfucking Stubbs is the intense humanity he exhibits; whilst almost every commander in Soulstorm was poorly developed or simply pants-on-head retarded, Stubbs was genuinely sympathetic - a man who was determined to win back his regiment's good name in the eyes of the Emperor and who strove to make sure the sacrifices of his men weren't for nothing, and was determined to restore honor to his unit, heedless of what heretical scum would stand in their way. He shows manly rage at the tortures the Dark Eldar subjected captured soldiers to, and unlike Aleksander, who panicked in Dark Crusade when Eliphas sent him telepathic messages, Stubbs gritted his teeth and shrugged it off, spurring his men onwards towards their objective in an effort to shove a formation of METAL BOXES up Carron's ass.

Few men approach the manliness level of Vance Motherfucking Stubbs. The only ones that do are all Imperial. It says a lot.

Stubbs also has a fucking awesome name. Few, if any, in the 41st Millenium can approach that level of awesomeness, even "Holt". *BLAM* *SLAP* COMMISSAR Holt!

Vance is also as badass, to inspire a single guardsmen to noscope one shot a living saint in SS (see the video for lulz that'd make the Avatar of Khaine that the ultrasmurfs killed go 'Ha... like a bitch'). Further lulz includes the Chaos Stronghold Defeat where we see Vance's four (Literally!) Imperial Guardsmen one-shotting pretty much every Chaos-worshipping faggot in the area, as well as Vance himself, balls-slapping the failure of a Chaos Lord, Firaeveus Carron. This shows how badass and cool Vance Stubbs is and how his very presence can turn the Guardsmen's standard-issue balls-of-steel into Adamantium-tipped power-balls that would be so heavy it could bitch-slap a Titan if they so need it.

No it isn't possible to say Vance Motherfucking Stubbs without 'motherfucking in the middle.

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Commissar, I would like to see this city built up again. I would like to see towers and spires of gleaming white. I would like to see our men on parade routes, not tours of duty! I WOULD LIKE TO SEE EVERY CITY ON THIS PLANET, EVERY COLONY ON THIS BESOTTED, MISERABLE SYSTEM TURNED TO THE SERVICE AND INDUSTRY OF THE IMPERIUM IN THE EMPEROR'S NAME!-(Ain't Stubbs an idealistic badass?)

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