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"You... you never let me play my half-dragon half-drow vampire swordmage!"

Butthurt is an emotional state consisting of frustration, angst and a general attitude of "IT'S NOT FAIR!". As you may have guessed, nobody wants to be butthurt, to the extent that the word is itself an insult, meant to indicate that one's opponent in a debate is hysterical or immature.

Signs of people who are or are soon going to be butthurt are:

  • A DM whose Railroading has gone wrong.
  • Players receiving a "Rocks fall & everyone dies!!!1!!one!"
  • A DM whose players "don't understand" their "story".
  • Anyone whose character got caught in a trap that is save-vs-death.
  • A Chaotic Stupid character called out on their "LOL I stab paladin so randum" bullshit.
  • A paladin who's about to fall because of a "baby or the mother?" moral dilemma.
  • A Tau army on an urban/space-hulk battlefield. Double points if fighting Tyranids or Orks.
  • Much in game alcohol use.
  • People who hate the latest edition of any rules system.
  • People who like the latest edition of any rules system.
  • Anyone who accuses a publishing company of one or more of the following:
    • in it only for the money, or otherwise accusations of being "whores."
    • forcing people to buy new books to replace the ones they've been enjoying for years.
    • catering to the people who've never played before.
    • changing a pen-and-paper game to be more like a video game.
  • See below for further on 'SKUB' pros and cons.
  • People who repeatedly embarrass themselves by not knowing the meanings of the words they are using.
  • People who keep refreshing a wiki page to make sure they can undo someone else's edit immediately. (Notable exceptions include the Shoutas War and that's about it.)
  • ANYONE playing against 5th Edition Blood Angels who suddenly has dreadnoughts fall from the sky around them.
  • Serious business Neckbeards (who risk going into convulsions if they don't get a 200% dose of grimdark on the hour every hour) looking at the Tau, Noblebright or Reasonable/pretty/Silly/etc Marines articles.
  • Tyranid players reading the Fifth Edition Codex.
  • Tyranid players reading the Sixth Edition Codex.
  • Tyranid Players
  • Players whos army has been obliterated from the current meta
  • Players whos army has been nerfed in the current edition
  • Players whos army has been buffed in the current edition
  • Players whos army has become viable in the current meta
  • Players whos army has become THE SHIT in the current meta
  • Eldar players
  • The average modern Internet troll.
  • Games who even like Matthew Ward. YOU ARE GOING TO BE SO FUCKED UP!


  • An even earlier example of butthurt occurred during the American Civil War when Hard-drinkin' Grant and Pimphand Sherman handed the South can after can of assrape, resulting in what "South Will Rise Again" bitches call Lost Cause--which is actually just butthurt that keeps on hurting even to this day.
  • Earlier still would be the butthurt experienced by the Israelite people when they complained to Moses about wandering through the desert and not getting to eat fancy crap, as opposed to being bitch-assed slaves/whipping boys in Egypt and dying. This particular butthurt became the earliest example of Jewish complaining.
  • The dinosaurs' collective opinion of meteors. Whiny reptiles.