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Chapter Master: A Chapter Management Simulation is a game, formerly one of countless troll-games made up by /tg/ on lonely nights full of wishful thinking. It might have been the greatest shit that /tg/ has ever done- if it weren't for the fact that coding a game is too hard and time-consuming for 99.9℅ of all fa/tg/uys. But then a temporary tripfag named Duke proved the impossible possible, and made the game a reality, before vanishing back into the Warp as an anon.

Chapter Master's premise is that you are the Master of some random Space Marine chapter. It's your job to take care of your chapter and the sector it's in, and lead them to victory! Or, y'know, get raped by the Inquisition/Orks/Tau/Eldar/Tyranids/Chaos, which happens far too often.

The Instructions Manual. You are to read this by Inquisitorial Mandate or die in your ignorance.

Key Links for the Alpha[edit]

WARNING:Not reading the manual and FAQ's will likely have the thread laughing at your idiocy. READ THEM AND SPARE YOURSELF THE HUMILIATION.

The Story So Far[edit]

And lo, OP did create a thread in which he complained about the Inquisitorial AI in Chapter Master. And /tg/ did jump on the idea, posting many a greentext about this game. Great tales were told, and OP was said not to be a total fag.

However, the newfag did soon appear, and fun was ruined forever. "LINKZ PLOX" and other such inquiries were had, but only few had the heart to tell the newfag that no such game existed. But soon, a light was found! By the second thread, interest had reached fever pitch, and /tg/ did set out to do what it did best...

Get Shit Done.

As of October 8th, 2011, anons gathered in various threads to share ideas and possible situations this game should have. A brave few with coding knowledge and creative skill have taken the mantle of creating this future masterpiece.

Many Anons have shed their anonymity and joined the Chapter Master IRC Channel to Get Shit Done. In the timespan of only a few hours, they doth procured many a feature.

A drawfag named Bladebaka has gifted us with a start to the Game Over screen. While not perfect, it does show the ever-popular "Yourchapterhascrumbled.jpg" meme from many a greentext.

Pauldron Guy had also shown great foresight and started crafting sprites for future versions, as the initial release would likely have been ASCII, and did some writefagging.

InquisitorFrollo became the devils' advocate for many an idea spawned in this glorious endeavor, and were it done, would have been rewarded upon its completion.

Come December, vbcoder and Carl_theBearded had created many a feature, and NoiselessMarine came to the IRC with a great sense of wonder and drive. He crafted a combat system, and vbcoder was inspired to work harder still on Chapter Master, creating a weapon generator and nigh finalizing the rest of the game. Carl became admin of the forum, and much dickfuckery was cleaned up. And it was good.

As of 2013, shit slowed to a crawl and nothing of value was lost. But then 2014 came with words and rumours and images, and on August 9, 2014, the humble tripfag known as Duke finally released the thing thought undoable: The Chapter Master Alpha.

Proof that /tg/ can actually get shit done.

The (Actual) Story So Far, a Tale of Truthfulness and Fact[edit]

Broadly speaking, the above was bollocks for a time.

It was writ that one day, Chapter Master might actually be in such a state that it may be called... "a game". Prior efforts enabled anons to craft their own chapter and chart a whole sector for them to play around in, but little else aside from that.

ASCII? Pah! The hopers of old transcended such nonsense: they were in the age of 100% fully 3D graphics comprising of not one, but TWO full dimensions of dimensionfulness. Let's just say that your corneas would have hexagons burned into them permanently after a couple of hours and leave it at that. Your ears would have been delighted by over SEVEN discrete, different, and unique sound effects ranging from beeps, to slightly different beeps. (Note that this is all sarcasm. Especially in wake of the current alpha, which has far more than this.)

However, all was not perfect: The attentions of /tg/ were, as they always have been, fickle. For the most part, people departed at almost the same instant that they claimed "oh yeah, sure I can help do <helpful task>". The old forum had 234 registered users - few of them who actually contributed, and far fewer who had any notable commitment to the whole thing. At the moment, for example, it can be relied upon that there will be 2 or 3 people to be around at some point, ready to contribute.

Every now and then, the good old storythread raised the awareness of the game, and some Anons vowed to Get Shit Done. However, sadly, most will find out that they have no idea to code worth a damn and can't be bothered to learn how to do so.

After multiple broken promises from people claiming to work on it with no actual results for years, /tg/ became resigned to the fact that it may never be created, and the people foolish enough to say that they will succeed when literally everyone else has failed are met with suspicion and doubt at best.

However, recently, an anon started a thread inquiring about it, and lo! he was met with screenshots and after much questioning,it appears that Chapter Master may be soon entering open alpha.

It was the 21st century, August 9 2014, 12:00AM. For years the denizens of /tg/ had languished on the Golden Throne of 4chan.

But no more.

Chapter Master is among us.

The time is nigh, and the Alpha has been released. Although promising, it has much to learn. But I believe, Chapter Master can save /tg/

But to do that, all anons must do one thing:


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