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Halo: The Covenant Codex

Codex Covenant.png

I decided to do this instead of a Aprori Guard codex b/c a Guard 'dex is hard enough to make. If you really want to play them, use Tau and take your Heavy support and such from the Guard codex.

Anyway, The Covenant are a really interesting bunch and bring a whole slew of new weapons, units, and tactics to the game so we shall try to make a pastiche that represents them fairly without making them either too weak or too strong.

Discussion is more than welcome for this codex. We are trying to streamline rules as much as possible as previous iterations tended to overload the codex with rules for every Grunt and his uncle.


Army Special Rules[edit]

For the Great Journey!- The near insane religious zeal of almost all Covenant forces stems from the belief that by achieving the goals of the Prophets, such as firing the Halo array, they will become like gods themselves. Armed with this faith, they will gladly throw away their lives to see the Great Journey come to fruition. Any unit with this rule or that includes a model with this rule counts as Stubborn and may regroup even if below 50% unit strength

Hated Rivals- Elites and Brutes share a fierce rivalry that borders on infighting constantly in order to be the dominant militant arm of the Prophets. Elites detest being led by Brutes, and vice versa. Each Covenant detachment must be associated with either the Elites or the Brutes and are limited by what both have available. A Covenant Primary detachment may take an Allied detachment of the other units as Battle Brothers with the exception that Brute Independent Characters can't join Elite units and Elite Independent Characters can't join Brute units.

  • Elite Units
    • Sangheili Squad
    • Grunt Lance (led by Elites)
    • Sangheili Councilor
    • Field Marshal
    • Ghost Squadron (with the Elite Rider upgrade)
    • Special Operations Unit
    • Sangheili Rangers
    • Sangheili Stealth Squad
    • Sangheili Heavy Weapons Team
  • Brute Units
    • Jiralhanae Squad
    • Grunt Lance (led by Brutes)
    • Jiralhanae Chieftan
    • Chopper Squadron
    • Captain Squad
    • Jiralhanae Jump Pack Squad
    • Jiralhanae Stalkers
    • Prowler

Dual-Wielding- Numerous weapons in the Covenant armory can be wielded by Elites and Brutes one-handed, allowing them to fire multiple weapons at once. A model with two different single handed ranged weapons may only choose to fire one in the Shooting phase. If the weapons are the same they may be fired as a single twin-linked weapon of that type. If the weapon is already twin-linked to begin with it may also re-roll failed rolls to wound.

Lance- A Lance is what the Covenant call when a single squad of infantry is proven as too large to coordinate, such Lance is considered as a miniature army in its own right with up to over a dozen units per Lance, these Lances are often formed into a massive arrow-head, which, in Covenant battle doctrine, "Is to pierce the wall of infantry like a sword through armor". Only Unggoy and Kig-Yar have the Lance trait since their large numbers makes up for their general fragility.

Warlord Traits[edit]

A Covenant warlord can roll his warlord trait from Command traits and Personal traits (but not Strategic traits) charts from core rulebook or from the specific Covenant traits chart below:

Allies Matrix[edit]

The Covenant (Sangheli) The Covenant (Jiralhanae)
Imperium Allies of Convenience Desperate Allies
Chaos Daemons Allies of Convenience Allies of Convenience
Chaos Space Marines Allies of Convenience Allies of Convenience
Dark Eldar Desperate Allies Desperate Allies
Eldar Allies of Convenience Allies of Convenience
Necrons Come the Apocalypse Come the Apocalypse
Orks Allies of Convenience Battle Brothers
Tau Empire Allies of Convenience Desperate Allies
Tyranids Come the Apocalypse Come the Apocalypse

Covenant Equipment[edit]

The united forces of the Covenant employ a wide variety of technology and weapons, either that gleaned from study of Forerunner artifacts or by separate development through constant war.

Weapon Table Range S AP Type
Plasma Pistol 12" 3 6 Pistol, Overcharge
Overcharged Pistol 12" 4 5 Heavy 1, Haywire, Twin-linked
Plasma Repeater 24" 3 6 Rapid Fire, Overcharge
Overcharged Repeater 24" 3 6 Salvo 2/4
Plasma Rifle 18" 3 6 Assault 2, Overcharge
Overcharged Rifle 18" 3 6 Assault 4
Plasma Cannon 36" 5 5 Heavy 3
Heavy Plasma Cannon 36" 6 4 Heavy 3
Needler 18" 3 6 Assault 2, Twin-linked, Rending
Heavy Needler 24" 6 4 Heavy 4, Twin-linked, Rending
Needle Rifle 30" 3 6 Rapid Fire, Rending (5+)
Covenant Carbine 30" 3 6 Rapid Fire
Focus Rifle 36" 4 5 Rapid Fire, Pinning
Beam Rifle 36" X 4 Heavy 1, Sniper
Concussion Rifle 18" 4 - Assault 1, Concussive, Blast
Concussion Cannon 36" 5 5 Heavy 2, Concussive, Blast
Brute Shot 24" 3 6 Assault 1, Blast, Bladed
Spiker 18" 3 6 Assault 2, Bladed
Mauler 6" 4 - Pistol
Fuel Rod Gun 48" 7 4 Heavy 2
Fuel Rod Cannon 48" 9 4 Heavy 1, Blast
Fuel Rod Beam 36" 8 2 Heavy 1, Lance
Plasma Launcher 36" 6 4 Heavy 4, Twin-Linked
Plasma Mortar 48" 5 5 Heavy 1, Barrage, Blast
Firebomb 8" 4 5 Assault 1, Blast, Ignores Cover

Ranged Weaponry[edit]

Covenant Plasma Weapons- The Covenant chiefly employs a wide variety of plasma weapons in their arsenal, although not quite as destructive as their 40,000 counterparts. Complex force containment chambers gleaned from the Forerunners, however, allow their weapons to be wielded much more safely, with no risk of harm to the user, somewhat like Tau pulse and plasma weaponry. A large number of Covenant plasma weapons will have a secondary Overcharged profile that can be used instead of the normal profile given. If you choose to fire the Overcharged profile, the whole squad armed with the same exact weapon must do so as well. You may only use the Overcharged profile once per game, for each weapon with this rule.

Covenant Needler Weapons- More specialized weapons in the Covenant armory fire armor piercing crystal shards that have a limited tracking intelligence that allows for fired needles to hit targets unerringly. When these shards manage to penetrate armor they then explode, causing massive trauma similar to that of an Imperial bolt weapon, though a reaction between a cluster of needles causes a much larger explosion more akin to a frag grenade. As such, all Needle weapons have the Rending special rule, with the Needle Rifle rending on a 5+.

Brute Weapons- Brutes tend to use their own special brand of firearms, all of which features sharp blade attachments to make them more suitable for the melee of close combat that most Brutes favor. A ranged weapon with the Bladed special rule counts as a close combat weapon in melee combat.

Melee Weaponry[edit]

Energy Sword- While the blade is composed of plasma, the sword‘s hilt is a magnetic field generator that projects two envelopes of magnetic energy, which contain the sword‘s plasma. With sufficient momentum and force an energy sword can cut into the thickest of armor. An energy sword is a power sword that is AP 2 on the charge.

Gravity Hammer- is a large hammer that serves as an excellent and powerful melee weapon. It is a highly symbolic Jiralhane weapon that is analogous to the Sangheili's Energy Sword. This powerful weapon can also be used to manipulate gravity, allowing it to push opponents away or pull them towards the wielder, as well as deflecting incoming projectiles and in some cases, create a miniature Black Hole for the lulz. The Gravity Hammer counts as a Two-Handed Thunder Hammer.

Energy Garrote- Quiet, lethal tools of assassination often utilized by Special Operations Units, once cinched in place the plasmatic wires burn through the target's neck within a few moments. Models must take a Strength test against this weapon if it hits. If they fail they take a wound with no armor saves allowed. They may only be used once per game as the first melee attack the model makes.

Honor Pike- The primary weapon of choice for Honor Guard units, with a long reach and penetrating tip, it is an elegant tool used to defend the Prophets. It counts as a Two-Handed Power Sword with +2 Strength, and is AP2 on the charge.

Miscellaneous Equipment[edit]

Plasma Grenades- These are timed devices that can stick to enemy vehicles or infantry and explode with in burst of super-heated plasma. These count as Plasma Grenades against infantry and Krak grenades against vehicles.

Spike Grenades- The primary fragmentary armament of choice for Jiralhanae infantry, these explode in a hail of heated spikes that only the most foolhardy of enemies would take on directly. Counts as Frag grenades as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook with the Pinning special rule

Firebombs- Primary used by Jiralhanae elite infantry, these explode in a gout of flames that make a mockery of cover. Counts as offense grenades as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook and may be thrown in the Shooting phase with the profile given in the equipment stats table above.

Flares- When thrown, this weapon continuously emits bright light until it burns out, blinding enemies that it is used on. Counts as Defensive Grenades.

Guardian Shield- A shield that is equipped to high ranking Unggoy, Kig-Yar and some light or immobile weapons and vehicles. It grants a 5++ invulnerable save.

Sangheili Combat Harness- Worn by most ranks of Sangheili squad leaders and units, the regenerative energy shielding of the armor grants superb protection against most small arms fire, and even limited protection against heavier weaponry. It grants a 4+ armor save, 6++ invulnerable save.

Sangheili Assault Harness- Only worn by high-ranking Sangheili officers, this incorporates stronger materials into the base armor, as well as a more powerful energy shield with a faster recharge rate. It grants a 3+ armor save, 5++ invulnerable save

Jiralhanae Combat Harness- While most Jiralhanae prefer to rely on their natural toughness to ignore enemy firearms, a coming shift in power dictated that they don their armor once more. While lacking a more durable form of energy shielding, it provides a generous modicum of protection to its bearer. It grants a 4+ armor save.

Jiralhanae Assault Harness- Worn by higher ranking Jiralhanae units, it still notably lacks a cohesive energy shield system, but is comparatively more durable and perfect for close-combat assaults. It grants a 3+ armor save.

Stealth Harness- Available in both Sangheili and Jiralhanae versions, this is granted to Covenant special forces and incorporates a cloaking field that renders the wearer nearly invisible. The Sangheili version does not have an energy shield since there is not enough power to maintain both an energy shield and cloaking mechanism. It grants a 4+ armor save and the Stealth and Shrouded special rules. Note that the bonuses from these special rules only apply to the models wearing the armor, it does not benefit models such as Independent Characters that have joined the unit.

Unggoy Harness- A simplistic design, it integrates a methane re-breather system for Grunts, and provides a 6+ armor save.

T'vaoan Armor- The Kig-Yar species prefer to wear light armor that allows a greater freedom of movement for both frontline units using Point Defense Gauntlets and Marksmen squads sneaking into position. It provides a 5+ armor save.

Point Defense Gauntlet- The signature equipment of Kig-Yar, it is a powerful energy shield in a more traditional form. Provides a 4+ cover save. However each additional time the unit is called upon to make a save in any phase, it takes a cumulative -1 save modifier until the next player turn.

Enhanced PD Gauntlet- A stronger form of the Point Defense Gauntlet that also features a faster recharge rate. Provides a 3+ cover save. However each additional time the unit is called upon to make a save in any phase, it takes a cumulative -1 save modifier until the next player turn.

Jump packs- Used extensively by the Jiralhanae and to a lesser extent the Sangheili, it allows a normally slow infantry unit to close the gap to an enemy within a few short leaps and bounds. A unit equipped with jump packs are jump pack infantry.

Vehicle Wargear[edit]

Vehicular Energy Shielding- A powerful energy field protects the vehicle. Whenever the vehicle suffers a glancing or penetrating hit you may roll a d6 to see if the vehicle does not lose a Hull Point on a 2+. This can only be done for one glancing or penetrating hit per Shooting phase and does not affect melee attacks.

Restricted Equipment[edit]

Bubble Shield- Used in the enemy's shooting phase, it provides a 4+ Invulnerable save against shooting to models within 3" of the marker. It lasts until the end of the enemy's next shooting phase.

Flare- Counts as a one-use grenade that is thrown with the profile shown in the equipment table.

Portable Gravity Lift- Used in the movement phase, lay a marker near the model deploying it (3"). If a unit moves over this marker, they count as gaining one free jump pack move, moving 12” in the same direction they moved over the marker. It remains until it is destroyed automatically by shooting.

Regenerator- Used in the shooting phase, it can be thrown 12" and lays down a marker with a 3" radius of effect. Any unit within it's range has +1 to invulnerable saves to a maximum of 2+. It lasts until the end of the next player turn.

Shield Drain- Used in the shooting phase, it can be thrown 12" and lays down a marker with a 3" radius of effect. Any unit within it's range has -1 to invulnerable saves. It lasts until the end of the next player turn.

Trip Mine- Places a marker on the field, which can only be activated by Skimmers or Tanks. It deals a single Strength 8 hit to the rear armor of any Skimmer or Tank that comes within 3".

Covenant Apocalypse Formations[edit]

Mining Swarm of Absolution: Four Scarabs accompanied with a Super-Scarab, can be replaced by a Harvester.

Regret's Wrath of the Gods: A single Lich is followed by four Phantoms, those Phantoms can be replaced by Spirits.

Covenant Aerial Swarm: Eight Banshees accompanied by two Vampires.

High Court-Artisans of the Hierarchs: Two entire squads of Honor Guard.

Truth's Judgement of Fury: Squad of Sangheili Councilors.

Mgalekgolo Bond-Swarm: Three squads of Mgalekgolo followed by two Mgalekgolo Behemoths.

Sharquoi Stampede: Six units of Sharquoi.

Mercy's Holy Crusaders: Six entire mixed squads of different Elite-Units.

The Gods Hammer: A entire company of Wraiths and Locusts.

Jiralhanae Royal Hunting Pack: Two Jiralhanae Chieftains with three squads of Jiralhane each.

Unggoy Death Swarm: Ten mixed squads of Unggoys and Deacons, lead by two squads of either Kig-Yar or T'vaoan.

Swarm of Terror: Ten entire squads of Yanme'e with patriarchs.

Unique HQ Characters[edit]

Prophet of Regret - 230pts[edit]

"I will light the holy rings! release its cleansing flame! and burn a path TO THE DIVINE BEYOND!" ~Prophet of Regret giving the most devoted of Ecclesiarchs in a weep of envy.

Rash, Violent, Immature, the High Prophet of Regret is an oddity among San'Shyuum in that he indulges in the culture and respect of the Sangheili. Specifically he disobeys the Writ of Union and fights alongside the San'Shyuum in battle. Despite this he does not go unprotected. His throne has powerful shields that make him nearly invulnerable to attack and Sentinels protect him at all costs.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Prophet 2 3 2 3 3 2 1 10 2+/4++
Sentinel 2 2 3 3 1 4 1 10 4+

Unit Composition: The Prophet of Regret
Unit Type: Jetpack Infantry
Wargear: Twin-linked Fuel Rod Beam
  • Command Throne- Provides a 2+ Armor save and 4++ invulnerable save. It is equipped with a Twin-linked Fuel Rod Beam.
  • Protector- The Sentinel Protector provides a 3++ invulnerable save to the whole unit.
  • Healer- The Sentinel Healer can restore 1 Wound or Hull Point to any model (including Regret) within 6" once turn.
  • Sentinel Laser (Sentinel Defender only)
Name Range S AP Type
Sentinel Laser 24" 5 5 Assault 3

  • May take two Sentinel Defenders for 20 points each.
  • May take two Sentinel Protectors for 20 points each.
  • May take two Sentinel Healers for 20 points each.
Special Rules: For the Great Journey!
  • Sentinels- If Regret takes and Sentinels he can still join units. If he leaves the unit, his Sentinels leave with him. If Regret is killed while part of a unit, his Sentinels become part of that unit; and he has, for the purposes of Victory Points, been killed. If the Regret is killed while not in a unit, the surviving Sentinels remain. The Sentinels can no longer join units.
  • Regret's Wrath- Once per game Regret may call down a glassing beam from an orbiting Covenant Cruiser, provided he did not move the preceding Movement phase. It has the following profile:
Name Range S AP Type
Cleansing Beam Unlimited 10 1 Ordnance 1D3, Large Blast, Barrage, Ignores Cover

  • Supreme Instrument of the Gods- All friendly units on the field with the For the Great Journey! special rule may use Regret's leadership for Morale, pinning and Regroup tests.
  • The Prophets Grace - All allied units within 12" have the Feel No Pain and Relentless special rules.
  • The High Prophet has Fallen!- If Regret is killed in battle then all Covenant units have their leadership reduced by 2. The unit that he joined will gain the Zealot special rule as well as they throw themselves in suicidal charges due to the loss of their honor.

The Arbiter - 200pts[edit]

"My life matters not, only my skill in battle and the amount of terror I put in my foes would my death be forgiven" ~The Arbiter just before a war.

A highly skilled but dishonoured Elite, called The Arbiter when translated from the Covenant's common tongue, this once respected Supreme Commander is now shamed and must bear the weight of his title. It is required that any Arbiter must die in battlefields or missions to seek redemption in death. Clad in ritualistic armor in the coloring of silver, that is equipped with a ancient cloaking field which are then blessed from the sacred language and wards of the Holy Forerunners. He would then be gruesomely marked with the mark of shame, feeling all the pain, misery and shame he has bought to the Covenant. Showing no pity nor mercy, The Arbiter uses his skill of over a thousand battles and a hundred wars to slaughter and kill any enemy that stands in his way.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
The Arbiter 6 5 4 4 3 5 3 10 3+/5++

Unit Composition: 1 Arbiter
Unit Type: Infantry (Unique)
Wargear: Dual Energy Swords, Plasma Pistol, Covenant Carbine, Plasma Grenades
  • Armor of the Arbiter: Provides a 3+ armor save and a 5++ Invulnerable save. In addition, once per game at the beginning of the enemy Shooting phase, he benefits from invisibility, as per the psychic power.
Special Rules: Fearless, Fleet, Independent Character, Rage, Eternal Warrior, Feel No Pain
  • Honor Before All Else: The Arbiter must always challenge an enemy Character when in close combat. If an enemy refuses to fight him, he will immediately gain an additional D3 Attacks as he attempts to hack his way to the offending "leader"
  • Relentless Fury: Every roll of 6 to hit immediately generates an additional attack. These attacks may not generate further additional attacks.

Jiazah 'Thogamee - 220pts[edit]

"Afraid of a little thunder, Child? Then crawl underneath your wretched hole for the thunder will strike you DEAD!" ~Jiazah 'Thogamee to Imperial Lord, Algaezy Calriso

The Supreme Grandmaster of the Ki-psyniotics and the Supreme Lieutenant of Darchron's Eternal Crusaders, clad in a ritualistic silver armor of archaic origin and armed with an equally ornamental energy sword called Blight's Edge. Jiazah 'Thogamee made his infamy throughout both Heltorous and Albameous sectors for his his mastery over Ki-psyniotics, so much so that he makes it an art-form. According to some Imperial reports, during a Chaos siege, Jiazah 'Thogamee manage to completely alter his Warp flow, so much so that he completely sucked the Warp powers like a "Psykic vampire" out of Chaos Champion, Alkazon the Lier, turning the Chaos Champion into a shriveled old man before being ripped apart by the Supreme Grandmaster himself.

Rtas 'Vadumee - 175pts[edit]

"Ship-Master! they outnumber us three to one!"- "Then it is an even fight, warriors, burn their mongrel hides!" ~Rtas 'Vadumee over a minor Jiralhanae uprising.

Leader of the entire Spec-Ops division and ship master of the Shadow of Intent and de-facto commander of the Fleet of Retribution, Rtas Vadumee or more commonly known to his troops and enemies as "Half jaw" has seen multiple wars, some of which can drive even the most harden veteran into insanity. Mastering every weapon in the Covenant arsenal, even the brutish and crude Jiralhanae weapons, as well as being the most skilled Spec-Ops Commander to date. Rtas Vadumee has been known to be so skilled in the Energy Sword that he once challenged and won against two Dark Eldar Succubi from the Poisoned fang Kabal in a Duel over the Planet Bushurn III, to protect his men from being stolen away by the alien witches. It is said he lost part of his jaw after a clash with another Sangheili who has been infected by the Great Parasite, a long time ago. His ability includes making the armor save of specialized infantry rerollable and providing stubborn.

Tartarus - 225pts[edit]

Tartarus in all his Mohawk Glory.
"*Growls* Your head would make a good trophy Angelos, *Sniffs* and your flesh would fill the tummies of my brothers"- "Then hurry up and take my flesh if you so need it Xeno, but I warn you that I won't go down easily"- "With pleasure" ~Tartarus towards Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens, Gabriel Angelos, before their fight in Hyphurus III...what an Ass.

Often called in formality as the Chieftain of the Jiralhanae, Tartarus possesses skill and power unlike anything fought in the Covenant, strong, arrogant, brutish but cunning, Tartarus uses dirty tricks to fool his enemies into making a fatal mistake. Shielded by an Energy Barrier unlike anything seen by the Imperium, this shield grants him all but immunity to all but the most powerful Imperial Weapons, vulnerable to only a very few weapons. Armed with but a single Ancient Gravity Hammer called "Fist or Ruckt" by his soldiers, this old but very powerful weapon was reported to create vortexes and miniature black holes as it manipulate and uses the power of Gravity. He was also known as the king of assholes, and in a place where leaders would kill other leaders for the lulz and where supposed "Friends" would send your entire family to death because it is funny, that is saying something.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Tartarus 6 4 5 5 4 4 4 10 2+/4++

Unit Composition: Tartarus
Unit Type: Infantry (Unique)
Wargear: Juggernaught Armor (2+/4++), Spike Grenades
  • The Fist of Rukt: Is a Master-crafted Gravity Hammer that has the Knock Down special rule
Special Rules: Eternal Warrior, Fearless, For the Great Journey!, Hammer of Wrath, Independent Character
  • Our Time Is Now!: All Jiralhanae infantry and models may use Tartarus' Leadership for Morale and Pinning checks as long as he is alive and on the field
  • Gravitic Flux Vortex: At the beginning of each Assault phase, Tartarus may target D3 models in base contact to be caught in his hammer's Flux Vortex if he passes a leadership check. These models count as WS 1 for the duration of the Assault phase.

Dadab - 60pts[edit]

"Preach, yes, a good thing! But sometimes me head says that too much preaching can leave the rest of the runts sleepy..." ~Dadab and one of his many "Influential" Speeches...

One of the most influential Unggoy, Dadab may lack the skill or firepower in a battlefield, but his inspiring aspect and influence is enough to change the tide of battles. Garbed in ceremonial white tunic that is more formal then even an average Deacon, and armed with a Legendary Plasma Pistol named "The Call of Balaho", Dadab carries around several Holy Chimes and a Covenant Holy Mural. Even the most humble of Unggoy become something fiercer in the presence of his oratory. He is one of the best supportive HQ Characters, and could be essential in changing the tide of wars and battles, and might even save someone from certain defeat. Ironically, he is one of the select few in the Covenant who can use his powers for the most part without restraint and free from fear of suffering like the likes of undisciplined Elites and even Brutes.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Dadab 3 4 3 3 3 3 1 9 6+/5++

Unit Composition: Dadab
Unit Type: Infantry (Unique)
Wargear: Master-crafted Plasma Pistol, Unggoy Harness, Guardian Shield, Plasma Grenades
Special Rules: For the Great Journey!, Independent Character
  • Litanies of Fury: A squad that includes Dadab may re-roll all failed rolls to hit for shooting and close combat attacks
  • Zeal:If a Grunt Lance is led by a Deacon, then in the Shooting phase, you may sacrifice a single Grunt to activate his Plasma Grenades and charge at an enemy within 8". The enemy unit may choose to Overwatch early in order to gun the Grunt down but cannot Overwatch in the following Assault phase if they do so. If the Grunt hits resolve two Plasma Grenade blasts on the model closest to the Grunt squad.
  • Deacon: The rank of Deacon is the highest rank an Unggoy can have but is still lower than the lowest ranks of all the other species. Dadab can only join Grunt Lances and Grunt Heavy Weapons teams. He can never be the warlord but does not take up an Elites slot.

HQ Units[edit]

Sangheili Councillors[edit]

"Only the faithful lives" ~Motto of the Councilors.

One of the Highest Ranks Elites, these Elite of the Elite of the Elites hold high position in the Covenant Politics, and when the need for battle is called onto them, they will respond without hesitation. Infamous among the Imperial outer sector for its large and elongated head-dress, and are armed with shields so powerful that it is usually best to bring out large quantities of heavy weapons to down them. Has a special ability called "The Passion", which offers Preferred Enemy (EVERYTHING), Hatred (EVERYTHING) to all elites (NO! Specification needed!) Sangheili on the Battlefield and hands out the rule to rule all rules, And They Shall Know No Fear.

Deacon - 35pts[edit]

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Deacon 3 4 2 3 2 3 1 9 6+/5++

Unit Composition: 1 Deacon
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Plasma Pistol, Unggoy Harness, Guardian Shield, Plasma Grenades
Special Rules: For the Great Journey!, Independent Character
  • Zeal:If a Grunt Lance is led by a Deacon, then in the Shooting phase, you may sacrifice a single Grunt to activate his Plasma Grenades and charge at an enemy within 8". The enemy unit may choose to Overwatch early in order to gun the Grunt down but cannot Overwatch in the following Assault phase if they do so. If the Grunt hits resolve two Plasma Grenade blasts on the model closest to the Grunt squad.
  • Deacon: The rank of Deacon is the highest rank an Unggoy can have but is still lower than the lowest ranks of all the other species. A Deacon can only join Grunt Lances and Grunt Heavy Weapons Teams. A Deacon may never be your warlord. They count as HQs but do not take up an HQ slot.
  • Any Deacon may replace it's Plasma Pistol with a Needler: +5pts
  • Any Deacon may be upgraded to a Psyker (Mastery Level 1). The Deacon may generate its powers from the Telekinesis, Telepathy or Daemonology tables: +15pts

Honor Guard - 120pts[edit]

A unit of Honor Guard may be taken for each Sangheili Councilor and San'Shyuum Enforcer (including the Prophet of Regret) taken as an HQ choice. The Honor Guard unit counts as an HQ choice but does not take up a slot on the FOC.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Elite Guard 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 3+/5++
Elite Guard Ultra 5 4 4 4 1 4 3 9 3+/5++
Brute Guard 4 3 4 5 1 3 3 9 3+
Brute Guard Ultra 5 3 4 5 1 3 4 9 3+

Unit Composition: 5 Elite Guards OR 5 Brute Guards (They must be Elites if taken to guard a Sangheili Councilor)
Unit Type: Infantry (Ultras are Characters)
Wargear: Honor Pike, Plasma Pistol (Elites), Plasma Grenades (Elites), Mauler (Brutes), Spike Grenades (Brutes), Firebombs (Brutes)
  • Honor Armor- Counts as an improved version of each race's respective Assault Harness, that also grants +1 Toughness (included in the given profiles)
  • One Elite Guard or Brute Guard may be upgraded to it's respective Ultra which also makes it's Honor Pike Master-crafted: +15pts
Special Rules: For the Great Journey!, Furious Charge (Brutes Only)
  • Defend the Prophet!- Whenever a threat arises to the Prophet's well-being his Honor Guard will immediately engage the foe without hesitation. Honor Guard have the Counter-Attack special rule, and will gain the AP2 bonus to their Pikes if they counter-charge successfully
  • You Will Not Lay A Hand Upon Him!- Any member of an Honor Guard may accept challenges issued to the Prophet automatically. They may not do that for a Sangheili Councilor as that would be a great insult.
  • Sworn Protectors- The Honour Guard automatically pass Look Out Sir! tests.


Grunt (Unggoy) Lance - 40pts[edit]

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Grunt Minor 2 2 2 3 1 2 1 5 6+
Grunt Major 2 3 2 3 1 2 1 6 6+
Elite Minor 3 3 4 3 1 4 1 7 4+/6++
Elite Major 3 4 4 3 1 4 1 8 4+/6++
Brute Minor 3 2 4 4 1 3 2 7 4+
Brute Major 4 2 4 4 1 3 2 8 4+

Unit Composition: 10 Grunt Minors, 1 Elite or Brute Minor
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Unggoy Harnesses, Plasma Pistols, Plasma Grenades
  • May include up to twenty additional Grunt Minors: +3pts per model
  • May grant the unit's Plasma Pistols the ability to Overcharge once in a game for: +10pts
  • Any Grunt Minor may be upgraded to a Grunt Major: +1pt per model
  • Must be led by one of the following Characters:
-Elite, armed with an Elite Combat Harness, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Grenades
-Brute, armed with a Brute Combat Harness, Spiker, Mauler, Spike Grenades
  • May take up to two additional Elite or Brute minors: +10pts per model
  • Any Elite or Brute Minor may be upgraded to a Major: +5pts per model
  • Any Grunt may replace his Plasma Pistol for:
-a Needler: +2pts
  • Any Elite may replace his Plasma Rifle for:
-a Plasma Repeater: Free!
-a Plasma Pistol: Free!
-a Covenant Carbine: +3pts
-a Needler: +3pts
-a Needle Rifle: +5pts
-a Concussion Rifle: +5pts
  • Any Elite may take:
-an additional Plasma Rifle: +2pts
-an additional Needler: +3pts
  • Any Brute may replace his Spiker for:
-a Plasma Repeater: Free!
-a Plasma Rifle: Free!
-a Mauler: Free!
-a Covenant Carbine: +3pts
-a Brute Shot: +5pts
  • Any Brute may take:
-an additional Plasma Rifle: +2pts
-an additional Spiker: +3pts
-Flame Grenades: +1pts
Special Rules: For the Great Journey! (Elite and Brute only), Furious Charge (Brute only)
  • Split Up: A Grunt Lance can be divided into up to three groups. Each group must be led by an Elite or Brute and may take it's own Dedicated Transport.

Jackal (Kig-Yar) Lance - 30pts[edit]

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Jackal Minor 2 4 2 3 1 3 1 7 5+
Jackal Major 2 5 2 3 1 3 1 8 5+

Unit Composition: 5 Jackal Minors
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: T'vaoan Armor, Plasma Pistols, Point Defense Gauntlet (Enhanced for Major)
  • May include up to fifteen additional Jackal Minors for: +7pts per model
  • May upgrade all models in the unit to Jackal Majors for: +5pts per model
  • May replace their Plasma Pistols with a Needler for: +3pts per model
  • May grant the unit's Plasma Pistols the ability to Overcharge twice in a game for: +20pts
  • May replace all Plasma Pistols and Jackal Shields for:
-Covenant Carbine: +1pt per model
-Needle Rifle: +2pts per model
-Focus Rifle: +5pts per model
-Beam Rifle: +10pts per model
Special Rules: Move Through Cover, Night Vision, Scout, Infiltrate

Elite (Sangheili) Squad - 45pts[edit]

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Elite Minor 3 3 4 3 1 4 1 7 4+/6++
Elite Major 3 4 4 3 1 4 1 8 4+/6++
Elite Ultra 4 4 4 3 1 4 2 9 3+/5++

Unit Composition: 5 Elite Minors
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Elite Combat Harness (Assault Harness for Ultra), Plasma Rifles, Plasma Pistols, Plasma Grenades
  • May include up to 10 additional Elite Minors for: +9pts each
  • Any Elite Minor may be upgraded to a Elite Major for: +2pts each
  • Any Elite may replace his Plasma Rifle for:
-a Plasma Repeater: Free!
-a Plasma Pistol: Free!
-a Covenant Carbine: +3pts
-a Needler: +3pts
-a Needle Rifle: +5pts
-a Concussion Rifle: +5pts
  • Any Elite may take:
-an additional Plasma Rifle: +2pts
-an additional Needler: +3pts
  • A single Elite may be upgraded to an Elite Ultra (the Ultra is a Character) for: +10pts
  • The Elite Ultra may take ONE of the following:
-a Fuel Rod Gun: +15pts
-a Energy Sword: +15pts
-a Plasma Launcher: +25pts
  • May take an Orbital Insertion Pod as a Dedicated Transport.
Special Rules: For the Great Journey!

Brute (Jiralhanae) Pack - 45pts[edit]

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Brute Minor 3 2 4 4 1 3 2 7 4+
Brute Major 4 2 4 4 1 3 2 8 4+
Brute Captain 4 3 4 4 1 3 3 9 3+

Unit Composition: 5 Brute Minors
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Brute Combat Harness (Assault Harness for Captain), Spiker, Mauler, Spike Grenades
  • May include up to 10 additional Brute Minors for: +9pts each
  • Any Brute may replace his Spiker for:
-a Plasma Rifle: Free!
-a Plasma Repeater: Free!
-a Mauler: Free!
-a Covenant Carbine: +3pts
-a Brute Shot: +5pts
  • Any Brute may take:
-an additional Plasma Rifle: +2pts
-an additional Spiker: +3pts
-Flame Grenades: +1pts
  • The Brute Captain make take ONE of the following:
-a Fuel Rod Gun: +15pts
-a Gravity Hammer: +25pts
-a Plasma Launcher: +25pts
  • May take an Orbital Insertion Pod as a Dedicated Transport.
Special Rules: For the Great Journey!, Furious Charge

Shade Turrets - 15pts[edit]

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Shade Turret - - - 7 2 - - - 3+
Heavy Grunt 2 3 2 3 1 2 1 6 6+

Unit Composition: 1 Shade Turret, 1 Heavy Grunt
Unit Type:
  • Infantry (Heavy Grunt)
  • Artillery (Shade Turret)
Wargear: Unggoy Harness (Heavy Grunt), Plasma Pistol (Heavy Grunt), Plasma Mortar (Shade Turret)
  • May add up to two additional Shade Turret (each one comes with a Heavy Grunt): +15pts per model
  • Each Shade turret may include an additional Heavy Grunt: +2pts per model
  • Any Shade Turret may exchange its Plasma Mortar for:
-Fuel Rod Gun: +5pts per model
-Heavy Plasma Cannon: +15pts per model
-Heavy Needler: +35pts per model
  • Any Shade Turret may be equipped with a Guardian Shield: +5pts per model
Special Rules: The Shade Turret has the Interceptor, Skyfire, Night Vision and Immobile special rules.
  • Immobile:The Shade Turret can not be moved and may never start the game in reserves.

Dedicated Transports[edit]

Orbital Insertion Pod - 15pts[edit]

Orbital Insertion Pod - 11 11 11 2

Unit Composition: 1 Orbital Insertion Pod
Unit Type: Open-Topped Vehicle
Transport Capacity: 5 models (Once the Orbital Insertion Pod has arrived all models must disembark. They may not re-embark.)
Special Rules: Deep Strike
  • Immobile: Can not move.
  • Unarmed: Can not contest objectives.
  • Inertial Guidance System: Should a Orbital Insertion Pod scatter on top of impassable terrain or another model (friend or foe) then reduce the scatter distance by the minimum required to avoid the obstacle. If the Pod scatters off the board it suffers a Deep Strike mishap.


Hunter (Mgalekgolo) Bonded Pair - 150pts[edit]

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Hunter 4 3 6 5 2 2 2 9 3+

Unit Composition: 2 Hunters
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Fuel Rod Cannon, Bonded Armor (3+ save)
  • Hunter's Shield- The Hunter re-rolls failed armor saves.
  • Upgrade both Hunter's Fuel Rod Cannons to Fuel Rod Assault Cannons, which can fire both as a Fuel Rod Cannon and a Fuel Rod Beam for: +20pts
Special Rules: Very Bulky, Relentless, Smash
  • Empathic Bond- The last Hunter alive in a Bonded Pair gains the Furious Charge, Feel No Pain and Rage special rules.
  • Guard Mode- The Hunter pair may choose to hunker down behind their massive shield and move cautiously as to protect their weak points. At the beginning of each of the controlling player's turn declare whether the pair is going into Guard Mode. Their weak points cannot be hit in Guard Mode and they cannot be in Guard Mode in the Assault phase, but they gain the Slow and Purposeful rule while using it.
  • Weakpoints- The Hunter's has multiple weakpoints in it's armor so that it can move such as the "neck", "stomach" and "back". Rolls of 6 to hit the hunter in the Shooting or Assault phase will hit a weakpoint. Hunters do not get an armour save from these hits.

Special Operations Unit - 120pts[edit]

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
SpecOps Grunt 2 4 2 3 1 2 1 7 6+
SpecOps Elite 4 4 4 3 1 4 2 9 3+/5++

Unit Composition: 5 SpecOps Grunts, 5 SpecOps Elites
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Grunt Harnesses, Elite Assault Harnesses, Needlers (Grunts), Dual Plasma Rifles (Elites), Plasma Grenades
  • May take up to 5 additional SpecOps Grunts: +7pts each
  • Any SpecOps Grunt may replace their Needler for Plasma Pistols with the ability to Overcharge twice per game: Free!
  • Any SpecOps Elite may replace one or more of his Plasma Rifle(s) for:
-a Plasma Repeater: Free! (May not carry two)
-a Plasma Pistol: Free!
-a Covenant Carbine: +1pt (May not carry two)
-a Needler: +2pts
-a Needle Rifle: +5pts (May not carry two)
-a Focus Rifle: +5pts (May not carry two)
-a Concussion Rifle: +5pts (May not carry two)
-a Beam Rifle: +10pts (May not carry two)
-an Energy Sword: +15pts
  • Any SpecOps Elite may take:
-an Energy Garrote: +5pts
Special Rules: For the Great Journey!, Infiltrate, Deep Strike
  • Active Camouflage: Does not Scatter when Deep Striking. May charge rather than shooting on the turn they Deep Strike.

Brute (Jiralhanae) Stalker Pack - 80pts[edit]

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Brute Stalker 4 3 4 4 1 3 2 8 4+

Unit Composition: 5 Brute Stalkers
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Stealth Harness, Spiker, Mauler, Spike Grenades
  • May include up to 5 additional Brute Stalkers for: +16pts each
  • Any Brute may replace his Spiker for:
-a Plasma Rifle: Free!
-a Plasma Repeater: Free!
-a Mauler: Free!
-a Brute Shot: +5pts
  • Any Brute may take:
-an additional Plasma Rifle: +2pts
-an additional Spiker: +3pts
-Flame Grenades: +1pts
Special Rules: For the Great Journey!, Furious Charge, Scout, Infiltrate

Stealth Elite (Sangheili) Squad - 75pts[edit]

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Stealth Elite 4 4 4 3 1 4 1 8 4+

Unit Composition: 5 Stealth Elites
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Stealth Harness, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Grenades
  • May include up to 5 additional Elite Minors for: +15pts each
  • Any Elite may replace his Plasma Rifle for:
-a Plasma Repeater: Free!
-a Plasma Pistol: Free!
-a Energy Sword: +15 pts
  • Any Elite may take an additional Plasma Rifle: +2pts
Special Rules: For the Great Journey!, Scout, Infiltrate

Fast Attack[edit]

Drone (Yanme'e) Swarm - 60pts[edit]

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Drone 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 8 6+
Drone Patriarch 3 3 3 3 1 4 2 9 6+/5++

Unit Composition: 10 Drones
Unit Type:
  • Jump Infantry
  • Patriarch is Jump Infantry (Character)
Wargear: Unggoy Armor, Plasma Pistol, Wings (Jumppack), Guardian Shield (Drone Patriarch)
  • May include up to ten additional Drones for: +6pts per model
  • One Drone may be upgraded to a Drone Patriarch for: +10 points.
  • Any Drone may replace their Plasma Pistol for:
-a Plasma Rifle: +2pts
-a Needler: +3pts
  • The whole unit may take:
-Plasma Grenades for: +2pts per model
-an additional Plasma Pistol for: +1pt per model
Special Rules: Hit & Run, Move Through Cover, Fearless (Drone Patriarch)

Brute (Jiralhanae) Jumppack Squad - 70pts[edit]

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Jumppack Brute 4 3 4 4 1 3 2 8 4+

Unit Composition: 5 Jumppack Brutes
Unit Type: Jump Infantry
Wargear: Brute Combat Harness, Jump Pack, Spiker, Spike Grenades
  • May include up to 5 additional Jump Pack Brutes for: +14pts each
  • Any Brute may replace his Spiker for:
-a Plasma Rifle: Free!
-a Plasma Repeater: Free!
-a Mauler: Free!
-a Covenant Carbine: +3pts
-a Brute Shot: +5pts
  • Any Brute may take:
-an additional Mauler: +1pt
-an additional Plasma Rifle: +2pts
-an additional Spiker: +3pts
-Flame Grenades: +1pts
Special Rules: For the Great Journey!, Furious Charge

Ghost Squadron - 65pts[edit]

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Grunt Rider 2 3 2 3(4) 1 3 1 6 6+
Elite Rider 3 3 4 3(4) 1 4 1 7 4+/6++

Unit Composition: 5 Grunt Riders
Unit Type: Jetbike
Wargear: Ghost Jetbike with Twin-linked Plasma Cannons
  • Ghost Jetbike The Jetbikes Hammer of Wrath attacks are resolved at Strength 4.
Special Rules: For The Great Journey (Elite Riders only), Scout
  • May include up to 5 additional Grunt Riders for: +13pts per model
  • Replace all Grunt Riders with Elite Riders for: +8pts per model
  • May equip any Ghost with a Guardian Shield for: +2pts per model

Chopper Squadron - 120pts[edit]

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Brute Rider 3 2 4 4(5) 1 3 2 7 4+

Unit Composition: 5 Brute Riders
Unit Type: Bike
Wargear: Chopper Bike with Twin-linked 35mm Autocannon
Name Range S AP Type
35mm Autocannon 36" 7 5 Heavy 2

  • Chopper Bike- The Choppers Hammer of Wrath attacks are resolved at strength 7.
Special Rules: For The Great Journey, Furious Charge, Scout
  • May include up to 5 additional Brute Riders for: +24pts per model
  • Any Chopper may upgrade to a 3+ armor save for: +2pts per model

Banshee Squadron - 70pts[edit]

Banshee 3 11 10 10 2

Unit Composition: 1-3 Banshees
Unit Type: Flyer (Hover)
Wargear: Twin-linked Plasma Cannons, Fuel Rod Cannon
  • Any Banshee may exchange their Fuel Rod Cannon for a twin-linked Fuel Rod Gun: +5pts
Special Rules:
  • Atmospheric Vehicle- Can only be Assaulted by Jet Pack Infantry and Jump Infantry who perform their Thrust move during the shooting phase.

Heavy Support[edit]

Heavy Grunt Squad - 65pts[edit]

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Heavy Grunt 2 3 2 3 1 2 1 6 6+

Unit Composition: 5 Heavy Grunts
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Fuel Rod Guns, Plasma Grenades
  • The whole unit may have Plasma Pistols: +5pts
  • The whole unit may replace it's Fuel Rod Gun with a Plasma Cannon: Free
  • One Grunt may replace his Fuel Rod Gun for a Plasma Launcher: +30pts
  • May take an Orbital Insertion Pod as a Dedicated Transport.

Heavy Elite Squad - 100pts[edit]

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Elite Ultra 4 4 4 3 1 4 2 9 3+/5++

Unit Composition: 5 Elite Ultras
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Assault Harness, Concussion Rifle, Plasma Pistols, Plasma Grenades
Special Rules: For the Great Journey!
  • Any Elite may replace their Concussion Rifle for a:
-Fuel Rod Cannon: +5pts
-Plasma Cannon: +5pts
  • One Elite may replace his Concussion Rifle for a Plasma Launcher: +20pts
  • May take an Orbital Insertion Pod as a Dedicated Transport.

Wraith - 110pts[edit]

Wraith 3 13 11 10 3

Unit Composition: 1-2 Wraiths
Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank, Skimmer, Heavy)
  • Regular Wraith: Heavy Plasma Mortar, Pintle Mounted Plasma Cannon
Name Range S AP Type
Heavy Plasma Mortar 12"-48" 8 2 Ordinance 1, Barrage, Large Blast
Scorched 12"-48" 7 3 Ordinance 1, Barrage, Large Blast, Ignores Cover

  • Anti-Air Wraith: Twin-linked Fuel Rod Gun, Pintle Mounted Plasma Cannon
  • Wraith may be upgraded to an AA Wraith for: +20pts
  • AA Wraith may exchange its Twin-linked Fuel Rod Guns for a Twin-linked Fuel Rod Beam: Free!
  • May take a layer of Vehicular Energy Shielding: +20pts
Special Rules: Sky Fire, Interceptor (AA Wraith Only)

Locust - 140pts[edit]

Locust 3 4 6 11 11 10 3 2 3

Unit Composition: 1 Locust
Unit Type: Walker
Wargear: x2 Layers of Vehicular Energy Shielding, Boring Laser
Name Range S AP Type
Boring Laser 36" 8 2 Ordnance 1, Lance

  • May take Extra Armor for: +10pts
  • May take one more layer of Vehicular Energy Shielding for: +20pts
Special Rules:
  • Overdrive- The Locust pilot may drain energy from the vehicle's shields in order to increase the strength of the laser. For every layer of shielding the player disables until his next shooting phase, increase the strength of the blast by 1.

Vampire - 225pts[edit]

Vampire 4 12 11 10 3

Unit Composition: 1 Vampire
Unit Type: Flyer
Wargear: Heavy Needler, Stasis Beam, two side-mounted Plasma Cannons
Name Range S AP Type
Stasis Beam 36" 2 - Heavy 1, Haywire, Skyfire

Special Rules:
  • Vampiric Repair- If a vehicle lost a Hull Point to the Stasis Beam, the Vampire may regain a Hull Point lost previously in battle up to its starting amount.

Phantom - 175pts[edit]

Phantom 3 12 12 10 4

Unit Composition: 1 Phantom
Unit Type: Flyer (Hover)
Wargear: Heavy Plasma Cannon
Transport Capacity: 16 models and/or 1 Vehicle
Access Points: 2 Side Transport Ramps
  • May replace the Heavy Plasma Cannon with a Concussion Cannon: Free
  • May take two side-mounted Plasma Cannons: +20pts
  • May take a Searchlight: +1pt
Special Rules: Deep Strike

Super Heavy[edit]

Spirit Dropship - 250pts[edit]

Spirit 4 11 11 11 6

Unit Composition: 1 Spirit
Unit Type: Super-Heavy Flyer (Hover)
Wargear: Heavy Plasma Cannon
Transport Capacity: 30 models and/or 2 Vehicles
Access Points: 2 Side Ramps
  • May replace the Heavy Plasma Cannon with a Concussion Cannon: Free
  • May take a Searchlight: +1pt
Special Rules: Deep Strike

Info on Covenant Vehicles[edit]

Covenant Land Vehicles[edit]

Ghost:A light recon vehicle, akin to a Imperial Bike. Fast, quiet and maneuverable. Comes with two Plasma Cannons that does as much damage as a Bolter (Fluff wise), have a unique ability that will do ramming damage when its boosters are boosted. However it is weak and vulnerable.

Wraith:Covenant MBT, but functions more akin to a Mobile Artillery, can come equipped with shields that gives it 4+ invulnerable save. Has a unique special ability called "Scorched" which allows the Wraith to shoot out a flaming sticky plasma gel that does the same damage as a Meltagun but with the ignore cover save ability. Has a slightly lower range then a Basilisk and has a boost function making it faster. Main disadvantage however is that like all Covenant vehicle, it is based on quantity rather then quality, thus is weaker then most WH40K tanks and artillery.

  • Anti-Air Wraith:This specially modified Wraith has their Heavy Plasma Mortar replaced by two Heavy Fuel Rod Cannons that can home in and destroy almost any enemy aircraft with relative ease, however the Covenant can also re-purpose the Fuel Rods for anti-vehicle, causing immense damage to any light to medium tanks. Just like most Vehicles from the Covenant, they have a vast practicality use for each one, earning them the nickname of Jack-of-all-Trades and Master-of-None.
Covenant Locust in action

Locust:Covenant Mining vehicle converted into a anti-building and anti-tank weapon. Automatically comes with a very strong energy shield that gives it 4+ invulnerable save. Armed with a single but very powerful Mining Laser that has an incredible range, equal to that of an Imperial Basilisk, this gives it very high damage against tanks, heavy tanks and mechs. Has a special ability called "Overdrive" which sacrifices its shield strength but boost its S value by 1. Main disadvantage is that it cannot fire on the move, making it vulnerable to flanking.

Spectre:A covenant light troop transport, armed with a plasma cannon, has mostly similar stats of a Imperial Tauros, although the main difference is that the Spectre contains a boost function like most Covenant vehicles, enabling it to move faster then normal and can enable re-rolls.

Revenant:Medium anti-heavy infantry vehicle from the Covenant. Combines the speed of a Spectre with the firepower of a AT gun. Armed with a plasma mortar, that although slow, once it hits a target, does as much damage as a plasma-cannon. However they are as vulnerable as a Spectre or Ghost.

Shadow:Covenant troop transport that is often nicknamed "The Covenant Bus", can carry up to 10 models, slower then WH40K counterparts but is much more tougher and its equipped with a Heavy Plasma Cannon, dealing massive damage over a short time.

Chopper:A Brute made vehicle, it is primitive, crude, but incredibly effective, have mostly the same stats as a Ghost but is slower, comes with two light anti-vehicle cannons and has a special ability called "Charged" which can instantly destroys lighter vehicles, and heavily damage tanks.

Prowler:The Brutes version of the Covenant main-line Spectre and Imperium Tauros, like anything made from the Brutes they are crude, primitive and brutish in both design and affect. Shaped like a angler fish for psychological warfare, they have similar stats as the Spectre, but has more armor on both the front, left and right sides, however they are slow and sluggish compared to other Race's reconnaissance vehicles.

Covenant Air Vehicles[edit]

Banshee:Main Covenant scout plane, weak and slow but comes in obscene numbers and could be produced cheaply and quickly. Armed with two light plasma cannons and a single Fuel Rod Cannon for added anti-tank damage. If equipped with a Phantom or Lich, their damage output almost doubles.

Vampire:Covenant anti-air vehicle, armed with one Heavy Needler Cannon, Stasis cannon and two medium plasma cannons. Slow, but dangerous to all air vehicles, its Needler Cannon does obscene damage and never misses, furthermore its special ability called "Stasis" uses its stasis beam to both trap and drain Enemy air vehicles until it blows up, dealing massive damage to any units below. Main disadvantage is that it can only target one enemy at a time.
Covenant Vampire with early prototypes.

Phantom:Heavy Covenant troop transport that can carry over 16 models as well as a tank or artillery such as the Wraith. Armed with three Heavy Plasma Cannons that does massive damage, but is also very vulnerable to enemy aircraft.

Spirit:A light Covenant troop transport, only equipped with one Heavy Plasma Cannon, but could carry more then double the troops as a Phantom as well as a tank or artillery.

Covenant Apocalypse Unit[edit]

Mgalekgolo Behemoths:These giant behemoths are one of the largest of them all. Quaking and shattering the very ground they walk, and standing tall enough to dwarf even a Reaver-Class Titan. If it was not for their organic origins, they would have been mistaken as Titans by the Imperium. Armed with a enormous version of an Assault Cannon, once fired it can create explosions that would vaporize and raise entire Hive-Cities, and in some cases turning an entire Warlord-Class into molten slag. They are a threat that can not be ignored by the Imperium, and are often first to be targeted.

Scarab:A Covenant Heavy Battle Tank, often confused as a Titan; since it borderlines on what the Imperium would consider as a Super-Heavy and a Titan. Is armed with a Heavy Mining Laser that does considerable damage to anything, other Titans included. Further armed with a single Heavy Anti-Air Cannon that also does serious damage to any enemy aircraft, two Light Plasma Cannons for anti-infantry and the fact it could come in numbers. Main disadvantage is that is has a very weak backspot, making it very vulnerable at the rear, furthermore sustain damage can cripple the Scarab for 4 turns before it repairs itself.

A Super-Scarab under construction.

Super-Scarab:The Covenants answer to an Imperial Titan, armed with two medium Anti-Air turrets that does serious damage to enemy aircraft, and is armed with a massive Heavy Plasma Laser that does more damage then their smaller brethren, with multiple Plasma Cannons located on its body. Could carry troops of up to 50, and is fast and mobile for something its size. Furthermore it has none of its disadvantages of its smaller brethren.

Harvester:A Covenant Walking Colossal dwarfing even a Imperium Imperator-Class Titan. Only Armed with a Single but heavily specialized Heavy Mining Laser. Does even more damage then the Super-Scarab but is very costly and incredibly slow and awkward.

Lich:The only Covenant Air Titan, same size as a Scarab but is armed with four heavy Plasma Cannons and a giant Focus Cannon which like the Vampire has a massive EMP strike on any vehicle. Each vehicle hit by the EMP Laser has to wait 8 turns, heavily armored and share no vulnerability at the rear. Could carry over 40 troops but is slow, cumbersome and expensive to produce. Acts as a Support Titan

Covenant Star fighters[edit]

A Covenant Construction Spire. They are known to build both aerial and space-born Covenant vessels.

Seraph:Main star fighter of the Covenant Empire, boasting several pulse lasers and medium plasma cannons, as well as several plasma charges for bombing runs, couples with a relatively strong shields. Usually accompanied with several Space Banshees or three extra Seraphs as wing-mans and scouts. Can enter Slipspace for scouting purposes.

Space Banshee:Just like their aerial cousins, but is much more faster and much more agile. Could also do Slipspace jumps for scouting and reconnaissance purposes.

Phantom Gunboat:A larger and more heavily armored version of their aerial cousins. Armed with six heavy plasma cannons and could carry up to 20 troops and has very decent speeds as well as having a special ability like all Covenant Star fighters to do pinpoint slipspace jumps, making it very independent from its Star-ship.

Tarasque:An out-dated and archaic star fighter that is still being used in limited production in the Covenant Empire. Boasting four Plasma Pulse Lasers and six Plasma Missles, their compact shape and size allow it to suffer the worse of damage.

Gigas:The Gigas-class Fighter Bomber is the oldest archaic star fighter still being used by the Covenant Navy since their time in their home universe, although out-dated they still boast over a dozen Plasma Charges for bombing runs and three Pulse Lasers for both self-defense and anti-infantry.

Covenant Star-ships[edit]

Brief Summary: Covenant Star-ships are noted throughout Ultima Segmentum to be weaker then the Imperium counterparts in both offense and defense, but what makes them dangerous is their sheer numbers (Usually numbering in the dozens of hundreds) and speed of their ships. Xenologists and Tech-priests researching in the specialized section of Xeno tech, discovered that the main FTL drives are on a completely different scale, dubbed Slipspace by a captured Kig-Yar. Slipspace according of what has been studied, is an entire different Universe with its own set of dimensions, Xenologists found out that the Covenant are one of a few Xeno Race they encountered to use a non-Warp base FTL, what is more concerning is their size. Although still smaller then the Imperium, the Covenant Empire is big enough to cover the entire Orion Arm, larger than the Tau and definitely big enough to be seen from Imperial Space, though their Empire in this universe is significantly smaller due to only having what they can spare after sending it through the wormhole, their Size, Industry, Speed and Alieness causes the Imperium to be wary of their moves.

Notably, Covenant naval doctrine disdains the usage of large battleships in favor of carriers, as Covenant admirals believe that strike craft in the end make for superior weapons than any amount of turrets. A theory shared by some Imperial naval strategists, but is typically considered eccentric at best.

Xeno painting (From Ya'gurian decent) depicting a Covenant Assault Fleet destroying an entire La'vesh (Also known as Reapers) tentacle fleet, during a "Holy Conquest".
Covenant Fleet of Harmonious Justice during the "Damnation of Hyperios"

Covenant Cruisers:Come in both light, medium and heavy types, the most numerous but also one of the weakest. Equipped with several dozen Plasma Torpedoes and three Glassing Beams/Energy Projectors. Each Plasma Torpedo impacts at forces that can crack cities or cause mass extinction events depending on their size. Energy Projectors could be dialed up or down, and can go from merely making furrows in the ground to devastating continents

Covenant Assault Carrier:Command ships for the Covenant Navy, has even more Plasma Torpedoes, Multiple Pulse Lasers and five Energy Projectors, with stronger shields as well. Usually at the length of 5km, weaker then their Imperium counterpart carriers but comes in somewhat better numbers to compensate. Like the name suggests, Assault Carriers prefer not to engage directly, but instead prefer to hang back and let their fighters and bombers do the work.

Covenant Destroyers:Covenant ships that are slightly stronger then Cruisers (contrary to standard naval naming where Cruisers are somewhat larger than Destroyers) but is usually situated in Glassing.

Covenant Super Carrier:At 28km long, it is truly the largest ship in the Covenant Navy. This Leviathan of a ship, dwarfs even the largest Imperium Ship the Retribution-Class, though it is primarily, as the name suggests, a carrier for strike craft, though it certainly has teeth of it's own. Armed with over hundreds of Plasma Torpedoes and Pulse Lasers as well as seven Energy Projectors, it is far from helpless despite being mainly a command ship.

High Charity:
The only photo of High Charity captured by the Imperial Cruiser Light of Benevolence shortly before it was atomized by a Covenant Super Carrier, here seen a squadron of Phantoms inspecting the Cruiser before its sudden demise.
Covenant Holy City, comparable to Holy Terra, no Imperium ship could manage to find it due to it's mobile nature, its speed and its defenses that not even a medium crusade fleet could penetrate. Surrounded by literally hundreds of Assault Carriers and Super Carriers, rumors around the Imperium Sub-sector of Zargos-Prime were spread that the Xeno City itself has weapons that range from mere-anti fighter weapons to exterminatus grade munitions. With even worse rumors stating they have a ship of a design considerably in excess of their standard vessels.

Covenant HQ Vehicles[edit]

Honor Guard Wraith:A Special type of Wraith, situated and used only by the highly respected and honored Sangheili Honor Guards. Identified by its gold and red trimmings similar to the Honor Guards themselves, these specially modified Wraiths is armed with energy shields so powerful that a direct hit from a Baneblade Main Cannon still could not dent it. Its Heavy Plasma Mortar is also modified, to have range of double then that of a Imperial Basilisk, that fires a unique golden colored Plasma that deals massive damage to all Super-Heavy tanks. Have a special ability called "Hierarch's Light" which shoots out the "Scorched" ability in 5 consecutive shots. However it is slow and expensive to use, which leads it to be classified as a Super-Heavy artillery.

Reaper Air-Artillery:This Super-Heavy Covenant Artillery Tank that can be re-purposed as a Titan-hunter, has three massive Plasma Mortars, although lacking in defence guns, these heavily modified mortars are powerful enough that three shots are enough to fell even a mighty Titan. Large, heavy and slow, these large moving landships would have pose a huge threat to even the biggest Super-heavies and Titans. Has a special ability called "Divine Intervention" which locks the giant down, making it immobile, and boosting its range to triple than that of a Basilisk.

Sentinel Enforcer:The heavy duty robots created by the Forerunners, as a means to combat more advanced stages of The Great Parasite. These sentinels, although considered primitive by their creators, are armed to the teeth. Armed with two pulse beams that could shred units like butter, a salvo of anti-tank missiles that could cripple a Baneblade, two massive magnetic claw-crushers that is powerful enough to crumple and crush tanks like tin-foil and coupled with a frontal energy shield to boot. Its main disadvantage however, is its highly exposed back that takes more damage then the front.

Super-Sentinel:These massive sentinels are used as a Titan-killer by Imperial standards, but by their Creators they were considered as a low-grade primitive security systems. Armed with a massive laser unlike anything seen from the Imperium, these discharge of "Pure Light" could slice through and immolate even Reaver-Class Titan with devastating ease. Despite being tough and incredibly dangerous in raw-firepower, they are however, slow and their reload speed is dismal at best.

Info on Covenant Infantry[edit]

A Covenant artistic propaganda poster incorrectly depicting the Unggoys and Kig-Yars as more grotesque and fearsome then in real life, this was meant to frighten and scare the Civilian population and make the local Imperial Guardsmen feel nervous and intimidated in the Ultima Segmentum regions. A perfect psychological weapon.

Light Infantry[edit]

Unggoy Lance:The lowest of the low, this walking meat shields are use as cannonfodder by the Covenant. Useless in almost everything except for numbers, as expected, morale in these xenos are always low but can be risen if a nearby Deacon or Elite is passed on as leader. Cheap and rapidly reproducing, the Grunts are usually armed with a Plasma Pistol in which (Fluff wise) it causes around the same damage as a Imperial Hotshot Lasgun, have a special ability called "Overcharged" which causes an EMP and disables enemy vehicles. Can be upgraded with a Needler which gives it the twin-linked ability and has a special ability called "Supercombine" which gives it a 4+ Rending. Also equipped with a Plasma Grenade which is a Frag Grenade that always stick to the target. When equipped with a Deacon, they receive a new ability called "Zeal" which is essentially an Unggoy suicide charge, sacrificing a few models, but the effects would be devastating to the opposing infantry or vehicle.

Unggoy Heavy Weapons Team:A few lucky Unggoy get to be trained as Heavy Weapons Team, with every Grunt carrying a Fuel Rod Gun. One of them can swap to a Plasma Cannon for anti-infantry damage.

Kig-Yar Lance:Used as scouts and reconnaissance, these mean snarly pirates carry around Energy Shields similar to an Elite, but is shaped like a shield. Can be either armed with a Plasma Pistol or Needler, are very good shots and could be re-purposed as a make-shift anti-light infantry squad. They are however, vulnerable to flanking and have low toughness.

  • T'vaoan Squad:Also known as "Skirmishers", an upgrade of the Kig-Yar, these cousins of the more common Kig-Yar are faster, stronger and tougher. Used as scouts and assassins, these Xenos kill their prey in lightning speed, so quick that not even Astartes could keep up. Armed with a Needle Rifle and Focus Rifle and can be upgraded to a T'vaoan Commando boosting their BS by one, they are a very good anti-infantry squad and have move through cover and stealth. However despite these benefits they lack the Kig-Yar defence gauntlets, therefore they are one of the most vulnerable units in the Covenant army.

Yanme'e Swarm:As weak as Grunts but as equally numerous with addendum of flight, and Fearlessness. Can choose a range of weapons including the Plasma Pistol, Plasma Rifles and Needlers, and are naturally armed with razor sharp claws. Can be equipped with a Drone "Patriarch" that grants it Preferred Enemy (EVERYTHING!) and Feel No Pain.

Sangheili Squad:Cocky, arrogant and naive. These youngbloods are sent into battle to test and harness their skill that is still in infancy. But don't let their age fool you, a single Sangheili Minor is still a worthy adversary. Akin to an Eldar Guardian, but slower albeit stronger in Melee range. Can be armed with a wide variety of weapons such as Plasma Pistols, Plasma Rifles, Needlers, Needle Rifle, Concussion Rifle, Fuel Rod Cannon and many more.

Jiralhanae Pack:These young, thuggish brutes are more akin to Ork Boys but hairier, this has earned them a nickname among the Imperial Guard as Bearded Ogryns, Brutes, or more commonly as Hairy Orks. Due to their viciousness and love of violence, they have earned a place in some Ork societies, often used as Mercenaries and Bodyguards among famous Ork Warbosses. Armed with a Brute Spiker, Spike Grenades or Brute Shot, and has a special ability called "Berserk" which grants them Feel No Pain and RAEG.

Heavy Infantry[edit]

Mgalekgolo Pack:These heavily armoured walking behemoths are the Covenant answers to a Spacemarine Terminator and Eldar Wraith-Guard. Standing at 13 feet tall and weighing 5 tons, they easily dwarf any enemy short of a tank. Ridiculously fast and agile for their size, armed and with an Assault Cannon which is a heavily modified Fuel Rod Cannon. This Assault Cannon can be switched in two modes, the single-shot variant which is aimed for anti-tank and anti-armor and the beam variant which is aimed at anti-infantry. Furthermore it comes with a special ability called "Bond-Brothers" which once a single Hunter dies the other Hunter RAGES getting the Furious Charge, Rage, and Feel No Pain special rules. However one major flaw for the Hunter is its exposed weak spot at the back, this means they suffer more damage from the rear, like a vehicle.

Sharquoi: With the height of around 50 feet and weighing around 60 tons, this is one of the biggest force in the Covenant, second to that of a Mgalekgolo Behemoth. Armed with two massive "Spike Fists" that could rip and tear most heavy vehicles with ease, coupled with its incredibly tough hide that could suffer the worst damage, but is slow and stubborn. This makes a nice addition to an apocalypse game as a gargantuan creature, though sadly the current state of apocalypse means that Titans always LOLstomp Gargantuan creatures. God damn D-strength weapons.

A Sharquoi in action, sketched by an Imperial Xenobiologist.

Sangheili Heavy Weapons team:Like their Unggoy brethren, these Specialised Elites carry a Concussion Rifle but could also swap it for a Plasma Launcher, Plasma Cannon or a Fuel Rod Cannon. The powerful nature of such weapons make the Sangheili Heavy Weapons Team a formidable opponent.

Shade:A stationary gun that can either be equipped with a Heavy Plasma Cannon, Fuel Rod Cannon or an Anti-Air Plasma Charge. Cannot move but is tough and has heavy suppressive firepower.

Specialized Infantry[edit]

Spec-Ops Team:A group of highly trained "Special Operation" Sangheilies and Unggoys. Used for missions that is highly dangerous and risky, these elites uses a wide range of Covenant Weaponry to execute their job in the most efficient way possible. Infamous for their black coloring, these Spec-Op teams have Sangheili skilled enough to give Astartes a tough challenge while their Unggoy are no slouches either who are more akin to a Imperial Guard Stormtrooper. Have a Cloaking Ability which enables the Spec-Ops to become invisible, and has a chance of instantly killing an unexpected enemy, depending on the rolls.

Sangheili Rangers:Specialized group of Sangheili that is equipped with a Jetpack, enabling to cross distances quickly and have the move through cover ability; armed with a Plasma Repeater and could be swapped with a Concussion Rifle.

Sangheili Stealth Squad:Although these elites lack shields making them very vulnerable, they are equipped with a heavily specialized cloaking ability. These benefit from invisibility at all times. They are all armed with Energy Swords, which makes their attacks very close ranged, but their attacks are devastating since they have the same stats as a Power Sword.

Jiralhanae Jumppack Squad:Highly trained Jiralhanae that master in the arts of the Jumppacks. These flying brutes soar through the air, and crashes down in vengeful fury. Armed with Brute shots and a Giant Machete, these beasts are trained in both psychological and physical warfare. They are however, lightly armored for a specialized unit.

Jiralhanae Stalker Squad:They are the Jiralhanae answers to a Sangheili Stealth Squad, since they are Jiralhanae they share their stats to that of their brethren, and because they have cloaking technology, it enables them to become invisible. They are usually armed with two Maulers which makes them Twin-Linked, can carry Firebombs which ignores cover saves and count as offense grenades. However they are quite expensive for a specialized unit and their weapons are incredibly short ranged, with the Mauler having the range of 6" and the Firebomb with the range of 8".

Ki-psyniotic Apprentices:The "Still in training" rooks among a very specialized group of Covenant 'Psykers'. After successfully passing the "Trial by Faith", these 'Newborns' are further trained by their Tutors to gain their ability to harness the "Flow" of the Warp, in order to enhance they and their allies bodies to supernatural heights. These support units give any surrounding ally troops 1+ Strength, 2+ Toughness and Feel No Pain, as well as having the Smite ability.

Kig-Yar Snipers:When veteran Kig-Yars are promoted, they are trained and given the highly deadly beam rifle. These Kig-Yars are so deadly and efficient with the rifle, that they can pick off entire squads of Infantry and in some cases, shooting pilots of their Aircraft despite moving at top-speed.

Huragok Squad:A very useful support unit, dubbed as Engineers in Low Gothic, these Xenos are an anomaly among the Universe, studied by Xenologists they are regarded as "Living Computers" and are noted to be created entirely artificially, despite their appearance. Although weak and fragile, these units are vital in the Covenant army as it gives them two unique abilities called "Flatuence Harmony" which allows them to repair vehicles, and "Protection of the Hierarchs" which gives ALL units a powerful energy shield, letting them reroll failed saves

Elite Infantry[edit]

Represents the highest and most powerful combatant in the Covenant Army, these elites all have Fearless.

Zealot Squad:A squad of highly ranked Sangheilies, their skills and mastery of weaponry and warfare makes them a threat to even the toughest of Spacemarines. These Sangheili shimmer in the battlefield in their golden colored armor, butchering every enemy that stands in their way. All of them are armed with Energy Swords which counts as power weapons, making them incredibly deadly in Melee, capable of being worthy adversaries for a Khorne berzerker.

A Sangheilie Zealot, suppressing a minor Jiralhanae Uprising.

Sangheili Field Marshall:Comes only with a single model, but incredibly powerful. These Field Marshalls are the commanders of entire armies and often lead groups of Zealots in the battlefield. They are the Zealot of the Zealots, the same way the Zealots are to Unggoy. Very few enemies comes close to the sheer martial prowess in the battlefield and very few survive their first encounter with them. Armed with everything their pick of covenant weaponry and is equipped with a shield that can withstand heavy fire, have an aura that any nearby Covenant Units within 12" of the Field Marshall gets the Relentless, and RAEG special rules.

Jiralhanae Captains:These Captains of the Jiralhanae show skill and brutal cunningness that can impress Ork Kommandos. Glimmering in gold and bronze, these brutes show authority to their lesser brethren and inspire them to fight more violently, giving them feel no pain, or improving it by one if they already have it. Armed with a Brute shot, Spike Grenades, Fire Bombs and the infamous Gravity Hammer, these lieutenants can break infantry squads and vehicles alike.

Jiralhanae Bodyguards:Considered as both the right-hand man and a protector of a Chieftan, clad in shining silver and are noted to be calm, noble and bright, they are a complete cast-away from the typical stereotype of Jiralahanaes. Because of their rank status they are equipped with one of the best arsenals in the Jiralhanae armory, and are typically armed with either the infamous Brute Shot or even a trusty Mauler. Their main difference between them and a Jiralhanae Captain is that they are much more stronger, but come in fewer unit models.

Ki-psyniotic Bonders:These are when the average Ki-psyniotic users start to 'Bond' with their Warp abilities, mutating them into something large and grotesquely brutish, ripping and tearing anything that is deemed a threat to the Covenant. Such monstrosities are only kept alive in the Covenant due to their blind, zealotry faith with the Great Journey that even the temptations of Chaos fails to convert them. They gain a unique aura of giving every single allied unit the Feel No Pain, RAEG, and Fearless ability, furthermore these abominations also gain the It Will Not Die and Relentless special rule with a 2+ Armor Save and a 1+ Invulnerable Save every time they successfully kill a unit. Unfortunately despite their strengths, their large size severely cripples their speed, making them painfully slow and sluggish, furthermore if the Bonders fails a roll, then it will automatically lose a 1+ Armor Save and a 1+Invulnerable Save while losing a turn in the process.

HQ Infantry[edit]

Aggressor Sentinels:Created by the Covenant Gods themselves, these complex yet simple automaton of advance technology was the first and most primitive Forerunner countermeasures against The Great Parasite. Because of the Covenants apparent horde for all things Forerunner, it is not surprising to see salvaged Sentinel Factories used by the Xenos. Noted for its silvery appearance, although weak, these low-grade sentinels comes in numbers. Armed with a laser that could cut through Terminator Armor like wet paper, and due to being automatons they automatically gain the Fearless and Feel no Pain ability.

  • Sentinel Majors:A slight upgrade of their lesser brethren, these gold-colored robots are upgraded with a energy shield and has their laser beam super-charged into a bluish hue; powerful enough to cut through entire swathes of warriors and in reported cases, vaporized an entire squad of Necron Destroyers with ironic impunity of robots vs. robots.

Deacon Squads:Only the very few "Intelligent" Unggoy are given the honour to uphold the title as Deacon. Although still regarded as the lowest position in the Covenant Politics, these Unggoys are often needed to help and inspire other Covenant troops on the Battlefield. Lacking the firepower and health to be in the front lines, these support units are instead used by the Covenant as Missionaries or Preachers. Standing out among Covenant troops with their white garments, these Unggoys have an ability called "Zeal" which turns normal Unggoy into suicidal, zealotry units

San'Shyuum Enforcers:Although not meant to be situated in Warfare, and definitely not meant to fight. These low-ranking San 'Shyuum instead use their faith and inspiring aspect at the very back-lines. Frail and fragile, these preachers are protected by an entire squads of Honor Guards, making them incredibly costly and expensive. However they are eventually worth the cost, these Enforcers are equipped with a few abilities, "Instrument of the Gods" which allows Covenant units to use his leadership and Prophet's Grace which grant nearby units the Relentless and Feel No Pain special rules. Armed with only a Prophet Staff and Covenant Holy Codex, these are one of the best supportive units in the Covenant Army.

Guardians of Sanctity:They are one of the highest ranked and specialized priests in the Covenant Hierarchy, having the power and influence to execute rogue and dangerous Psykers found in the Covenant. They go under one of the most excruciating and toughest trainings in the Galaxy in order to hunt down the beasts from the Warp, only the most experienced of Grey Knights could even match one Guardian from the Sanctity. These 'Guardians' being the executioners of Psykers and Demons within Covenant space, are equipped with highly advance anti-Chaos weapons such as the Forerunner Neural Guns, a weapon so powerful that it cause even the Chaos Gods to feel fear, since it completely erases the concept of thought and emotion from existence. They gain this unique ability called, "FEAR ME!" which force all Psyker and Chaos units within 6" of the Guardian, to lose morale and prevents them from using their abilities or special rules for 5 turns.

Ki-psyniotic Officers:These are the Sangheili Officers within the Ki-psyniotic Hierarchy which overlooks on the progress for each individual Ki-psyniotic users, being non-Ki-psyniotic themselves, they are are given immense responsibility and thus remained incredibly vigilant and strict on their subjects. They are given anti-Psyker weapons to not only control any Ki-psyniotic users under the Covenant's control, but can also use it against potential enemy Psykers. These units are automatically given a 3+ Armor Save with the Fearless and They Shall Know No Fear special rules.

Sangheili Councillors:One of the Highest Ranks Elites, these Elite of the Elite of the Elites hold high position in the Covenant Politics, and when the need for battle is called onto them, they will respond without hesitation. Infamous among the Imperial outer sector for its large and elongated head-dress, and are armed with shields so powerful that it is usually best to bring out large quantities of heavy weapons to down them. Has a special ability called "The Passion", which offers Preferred Enemy, Hatred to nearby elites on the Battlefield and hands out the rule to rule all rules, And They Shall Know No Fear.

Honor Guards:Comes in both Sangheili and Jiralhanae forms, these elite of the elites are the very protectors of the High Prophets themselves, and they are the gateway and barrier between a lowly Unggoy to the highest San-Shyuum. Showing skill that very few can match, these elites are known to handle entire squads of Acolytes. Glowing with intelligence, strength, skill, cunningness and tactical brilliance, they are a force to be reckon with.

Honor Guard Ultras:Often called the "Light of Sanghelios", one of the highest rank Sangheili, above the already impressive status of a typical Honor Guard. These living guardians carry a typical Energy Stave, but is so skilled that it is not unheard of them to kill an entire Stormtrooper squad, all of them with their eye-piece pierced and shattered with such precision. Have almost the same stats and abilities as a Sangheili Councilor, but has a worse WS.

Jiralhane Chieftains:These are the Alpha males of the pecking order in Jiralhanae society. These lumbering brutes carry authority and might over others, and carry skill and cunning that would make even an Astartes think twice about their situation. Strong and immensely powerful in both close and range combat, it is quite common for these monsters to rip apart vehicles with their bare hands and powerful enough to challenge Nobz and Bosses. These Patriarchs can be either armed with a Light Plasma Cannon, Fuel Rod Cannon or a Gravity Hammer and has the special ability called "Packmanship" which allows ALL Jiralhanae within 12" to gain the Rage, and Feel No Pain special rules.

The Covenant:Great Journey and Beyond[edit]

This next section talks about the Covenant in the WH40K Galaxy, and is mostly fluff while this page is mostly crunch. You can read the Fluff from the link below...