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He needs more.

"Number 3: Thou shalt never, never have enough Dakka."

Dakka is Ork slang for rapid fire capability, based on the onomatopoeia for automatic guns shooting. You need moar of it. No exceptions. Although they too need it, when other races use it, it's just not cool anymore. Must have something to do with that rockin' Ballistic Skill 2 that da Orks are throwing down.

Exception: Dakkafex=Butthurt

You iz dead now ya stoopid 'umie!

See also: Shooty

Several other non-Orky races in Warhammer 40,000 have at least one weapon that relies on Dakka to be effective.

  • Imperium: Multilasers, Hellguns, Leman Russ Punisher, Lasguns, Laspistols, Heavy Bolters, Storm Bolters, Assault Cannons, Combi-bolters, Autocannons, Vulcan Megabolters, Psycannons, Heavy Stubbers.
  • Chaos: Harvester Guns, Mawcannons, Butcher Cannons, Storm Lasers, Reaper Auto-cannons,Hades Auto-cannons, Autoguns, Autopistols, Heavy Stubbers, Shotguns, Heavy Bolters
  • Eldar: Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Catapults, Shuriken Cannon.
  • Tau: Burst Cannons, Cyclic Ion Guns, and to a lesser extent Ion Cannons
  • Necron: Gauss Cannons, Gauss Blasters, and Tesla Destructors.
  • Tyranid: Devourers, Biocannons, Deathspitters.

Too Much Dakka[edit]

It's actually possible to get "Too Much Dakka". In Dawn of War 2, if you pin down some Orks they will shout "WAAAH! Too much Dakka" when they come under suppressive fire from, you guessed it, a lot of Dakka. There's too much Dakka when it's being fired at y- *BLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAM* HERE... HURR... UM, YOU IS SAYIN' BAD T'INGS WOT YOU SHOULDN'T SAY!

Maximum dakka (but not enough)[edit]



2x hive tyrant w/ 2 brain-leech worms


3x 3 hive guard w/ impaler cannon


6x 30 Devilguants

Fast attack

3x 30 gargoyles w/ fleshborers

Heavy support

3x 3 carnifex w/ 2 brainleech worms

Total dakka: 780 shots per turn

You call that dakka?

Astra Militarum (Imperial Guard)

HQ: Company Command Squad


6x Platoon Command Squad

6x5 Infantry Squad

6x Conscripts Squad

6x5 Heavy Weapons Team w/ Heavy Bolters

Heavy Support: 3x3 Leman Russ Punisher w/ Heavy Bolter sponsons

Total dakka: 949, 1549 on close range or w/ orders, 2149 per turn on close range and orders. And it's without getting full platoons or even FOC. Because that would be just insane.

(but maybe enuff dakka)

"And if that don't work, use more gun."- The Engineer


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