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PROMOTIONS-small.png This article contains PROMOTIONS! Don't say we didn't warn you.
Commissar.gif This article or section is EXTRA heretical. Prepare to be purged.
Fig. a: This furry is not making any friends here.

"I have run with the tigers and I know wild beasts better than the priests. Animals are neither gods nor fiends, but men in their way without the lust and greed of man."

- Kull, Exile of Atlantis

Furries are people who are (often obsessive) fans of anthropomorphic animals. Some furries are merely keen on Disney, the Rats of NIMH), My Little Pony, or Usagi Yojimbo; at the other end of the spectrum lie the Otherkin, which are people who genuinely believe that they are animals or dragons trapped inside human bodies. Some furries make and wear fursuits in an attempt to resemble their avatars in real life; such efforts nearly always fail miserably and make the participants look ridiculous.

Furry community is based mostly in meritocratic elitism, being drawfags the ones in the upper levels of their social pyramid and the average Disney/Warner Brothers' animation fanboy in the lowest. Drama, misanthropy and other emo behaviors are very common in them, always representing humankind as sociopathic assholes in their literary works or comics, also a great number of them are homosexuals or bisexuals (Slight note: Most of the LGBT want nothing to do with furries. Someone just purge them already.), making them introduce gay and lesbian rights social comment into the mix. Another type of furry is the erotic furry, which is a specific sexual fetish for anthropomorphic animals. Erotic furries are fond of cybersex, which they refer to as "yiffing", supposedly for the sound a fox makes while copulating. There are fewer erotic furries in the furry community than the average fa/tg/uy believes, but by the same token there are more of them than the average furry will admit to. This type of furry is considered by 4chan, out of all possible factions, as the vilest and most nauseating form of heresy in all of existence, with only the ultimate Banhammer as the solution.

/tg/ bitches about anthropomorphic animals all the time in sci-fi and fantasy settings, yet they have a insatiable fetish for cat women in skimpy armour.

Antipathy toward furries on /tg/ and 4chan in general already runs high and is rooted partly in human superiority and cultural conservatism, but principally in a profound weariness with thin-skinned furries complaining of persecution. If you are a furry and feel the need to talk about it, the best way to survive on /tg/ is to admit from the outset that you are a sick bastard and that you don't expect anyone to praise you for it. (See fig. a.) Furry threads make for very effective trolls, especially if erotic furry art is involved.

Furries have their own RPGs, most notably Ironclaw, and its Asian companion book Jadeclaw, as well as Furry Pirates and Albedo.

/tg/, /v/, /x/ and other boards (not really /b/, because half of them are furfags anyways) have a profound hatred for all things furry and will rage, sage, kill, maim and ultimately burn the thread into the desolate wastelands of 404. (Any thread you may happen to see featuring monstergirls, centaurs, gnolls, or other sexualized sapient creatures is merely a figment of your imagination.)

Note: some Furfags like to take it to the extreme and have recently tried to take tg for themselves only to have to resort to copious amounts of samefagging after the majority of fa/tg/uys got bored of saging their threads into oblivion. It is also theorized that furfags that invade tg usually come from the bottomless pit of horror called tgchan.

Typical scalie fantasy.

Scalies are anthropomorphic creatures of the reptile and amphibian variety. As furries are nicknamed such for their humanoid shape covered in fur, scalies tend to have a coating of scales much like the animals they represent. However, some scalies, including draconids, have very light or no true scales, but flesh more like a human's.

Scalies are also furry fans with a preference for lizard, reptile, dragon and dinosaur characters and themes. It is also a self-moniker for the users of alt.fan.dragons, a Usenet discussion group for all things drakōn.

Not to be confused with dragonborn (because they don't ask to be fucked and raped constantly)


Commissar.gif This article or section is EXTRA heretical. Prepare to be purged.

Sex between furries. Most commonly used in the form of "Yiff in Hell", indicating to furries that they or their sexual practices are not welcome in a given locale. Furries sexual interaction is a field what can be consider the greatest catalog of paraphilia in the net, reaching any possible excessive sexual deviation known by modern psychology.

Good places to yiff include: HELL, HELL, and, HELL. And the occasional Warp. Bad places to yiff include: everywhere else.

A furry DM in action.


His kingdom of Hell has been ruined by all the influx of furries. The influx of them drove the immortal Prince of Darkness into suicide (and succeeding) and replaced him with the Prince of Pleasure.

Things That are Not Furry[edit]

100% is fine too.HERESY!*BLAM*

Distaste for furries often backfires on /tg/, when overly zealous anons cannot find any furries to abuse and turn their attention to people involved in innocuous practices. In particular, you should check yourself if you find you are calling someone a furry for any of the following:

  • Playing Bunnies and Burrows (without masturbating).
  • Discussing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness.
  • Watching Disney movies and other movies with anthropomorphic characters (without masturbating).
  • Monstergirls. Suggesting they count as furry to any veteran of /tg/ and/or /d/ will result in your typical fa/tg/uy broiling over with rage and fuck your shit up. You've been warned.
  • Playing gnolls, minotaurs, Orks, kobolds and in some extreme cases elves (lol see what we did there).
  • Discussing something such as Ruby Quest, which primarily has given the characters animal features in order to easily differentiate between them within its simple style.
  • Werewolves as despite the frequent overlap, werewolves by themselves are not furry.

Dispute rages over what exactly constitutes furry. There are two major schools of thought on the subject. One holds that catgirls and other essentially near-hairless human characters with only one or two animal features (such as ears, minute resemblance of claws/fur on the body or a tail) are not furry, and the boundary of furry is only breached when you start sighting other obviously animal characteristics (such as an altered skeletal structure, a face that resembles an actual animal and full-body-fur) (this does not stop trolls from calling Horo furry, however). On the other hand the second school of thought maintains that nobody fucking cares. There are hints of a still forming third school developing around the idea of exterminating all of them and let Gary Gygax decide which ones are and which aren't.

Furries on /tg/[edit]


Originally introduced to /tg/ by some creepy furfag that would spam her picture in drawfag threads constantly, Flare was since kidnapped from her creator to receive an extreme makeover in the hands of /tg/: Hated by absolutely everyone, she had to endure constant abuse and fighting ever since childhood, turning her into a sociopathic fuckup. Posting an image of old Flare with or without text used to be the easiest form of trolling on all of /tg/ - Not even 4e could have elicited as much blind rage from the board - but the new Flare has since cut the worst edge out of it. More importantly, what /tg/ did to her is bugging the shit out of the original flarefag, which is awesome.

There is no art of her anywhere except the original image and the ones that Drawfags have made. Trolls sometimes refer to Flare as a mascot of /tg/, but this is so unthinkably wrong and horrifying that you are advised to stop thinking about the possibility.


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