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Azrael wishes he was this cool... or old.
Logan Grimnar, Bloody-Handed Warrior, he piles the skulls of his enemies, he builds a mound of the fallen, his foes weep rivers of blood. Logan Grimnar, strong wolf of the pack, his Sword Axe hungers for red flesh, his guns thirst for battle, he laughs amidst the war-din. Logan Grimnar, father of wolves, his sons haunt his enemies, slay them where they falter and bring their pelts to Fenris.

- from The Saga Of The Old Wolf (excerpt)

Logan Grimnar is Chapter Master of the Space Wolves, and all-around cool guy. He has been the Space Wolves Chapter master for over 700 years and has been kicking ass even longer, making him one of the oldest Chapter Masters, after Dante of the Blood Angels. He has shown great battle prowess and his thirst for blood rivals that of their mighty Primarch, Leman Russ. As such, he is said to be the greatest living warrior in the Imperium. (At least until the Spiritual Liege Matt Ward gets his hands on him and nerfs him down below his favored sons the ultrasmurfs, until then suck on that Marneus Calgar) Grimnar wears a pimped out suit of terminator armour equipped with a storm bolter and carries his trusty axe Morkai (which he got from beating the shit out of a Chaos champion and stealing it from him, then beating the corruption out of the daemon weapon until it submitted to him) into war with him. As of the 5th Ed. Space Wolf Codex, he also has the ability to buff his squad with some fun tricks, give all nearby allied models an extra attack for one turn, AND makes Wolf Guard into a Troops choice, allowing you to pimp out your whole army. Isn't he generous? Well, he's certainly generous to the enemies of the Imperium - WITH THE ASS-KICKINGS!

The Ecclesiarchy does not like him, and has charged him on multiple counts of treason and heresy for being a decent person to the Imperial Guard and other non-Astartes organizations. Like after the Armageddon War (in which he actually managed to make Angron even ANGRIER), when those assholes in the Inquisition decided to purge all the Guardsmen who fought there because they were "tainted" or some shit and Grimnar called them out on their dickery. As a result, the Inquisition keeps clear of Fenris whenever it can, for fear of what might happen. Yes, you read that right. The Inquisition has no fear of the heretic, the xeno, or the daemon, but Logan Grimnar? He gives them fucking night terrors. There is good reason for this, though. Can you imagine how pissed the entirety of the Adeptus Astartes would be if the Inquisition went after a First Founding Chapter for little more reason than "they wouldn't let us murder a planet they saved". The Inquisition had best pray the Celestial Lions don't run into any Space Wolves on their way to Terra (stubborn, aren't they?), or their organization might not exist for much longer.

When that fucking failure Abaddon kicked off the 13th Black Crusade, good ol' Creed knew just the person to call. See Grimnar is an old drinking buddy of the clever Cadian (which says a lot about Creed's stamina, as Space Wolves only drink Fenrisian), and when the massed Legions of Chaos came knocking on the Cadian Gate he knew the Old Wolf would have his back. Grimnar rocked up and ran the show, combining his testosterone fuelled manliness with the brass balls of Creed to put the Armless Wonder back in his place. He was named Supreme Commander of the Imperial Forces, which included Ecclesiarchy and Inquisition Forces, who took it about as well as you would expect.

And he also shares the same resentment towards the Dark Angels as the rest of his chapter (Where's the fluff on this, exactly? He probably does, though. Bathrobe-wearing pansies.) Also among his hatreds is that of the Galactic Partridges, who have successfully managed to trollingly capitalize on his badassery for at least a few centuries now. Despite their dickishness, Logan still manages to maintain the bulk of the credit for his mighty deeds.

He is the only known furry that you can think is FUCKING AWESOME without being HERE-BLAMMED.

No relation to Wulfrik, Garmr Hrodvitner, Valmir Aesling, Sven Bloody-Hand nor any other Norscan.

He also has a hover-chariot carried by wolves as of 7E. We have no fucking clue as to why this is a thing.

7th Edition gave the old man the opportunity to finally be Santa Claus...except more wolfier.

Logan Grimnar and the Inquisition[edit]

Logan Grimnar is known (as a Grandmaster in Dwarf Fortress) to border between the line of loyalist and traitor in the eyes of the Inquisition and the Administratum, particularly for his actions after the First War for Armageddon. The Inquisition thought that everyone but themselves and the Space Marines who participated in the war were tainted by Chaos. In addition, the Administratum didn't want people to find out that the Imperium was weaker than they said it was, since Angron's forces had decimated Armageddon's population and cities. So they ordered the PDF, all the serving guardsmen, and civilians of Armageddon to be sterilized and rounded up into work camps to slave for the rest of their short lives while Armageddon is re-populated.

This action horrified the Chapter Master and he ordered his forces to protect all the departing Imperial Guard troop carriers with his fleet before the Inquisition and Administratum could purge them out of paranoia and pretentiousness respectively. This action naturally pissed-off both groups, especially the Inquisition. While not in open war, some very bad blood existed between the three parties, more specifically with Inquisitor Lord Ghesmei Kysnaros, the Inquisitor responsible for purging the old population of Armageddon. Eventually, the Inquisition, under the guise that they wanted to bury the hatchet, decided to negotiate a truce with the Space Wolves in neutral space....then the stupid started to commence.

The Inquisition, along with the Grey Knights, opened fire on the Space Wolves' fleet, with the Space Wolves losing 3 ships and having 1 crippled. Apparently, instead of trying to reach a mutual understanding, the Inquisition thought that it was a better idea to force the Space Wolves to surrender and force them to take a crusade of penance. You can imagine how Ol' Grimmy took this. So, he was teleported into the Grey Knights command ship, under the guise of negotiating a surrender, and then proceeded to chop off Grand Master Joros' head for firing on his fleet, their attempt to teleport back was blocked, so they cut down four justicars with their Storm Bolters and said their farewells.

This lead to a period of time called "The Months of Shame," where the Space Wolves became more hostile, actually taking down a number of Inquisition and Grey Knight ships in revenge for their earlier cowardice.

The Inquisition, who's not really one to admit a mistake or apologize to anyone, decided to attack Fenris itself with the Grey Knights, the forces of the Ordo Malleus, and the Red Hunters chapter, a chapter who has close ties with the Inquisition, all with the intent of forcing the Wolves to heel to the power of the Inquisition and force them into a penitent crusade for their action. Yes, we're dead fucking serious, this slaughter on a massive scale is because of the Inquisition's ego trip; the Administratum didn't get involved because, while just as arrogant as the Inquisition, they're nowhere near as brazen or influential militarily. The Great Wolf, not one to back down from a scrap, especially with asshats like Kysnaros, responded in kind. Despite having the Grey Knights, which alone should have ensured victory, the Space Wolves managed to take the blunt of everything and actually repulse the assault. During the fighting, Loggy and a force of 20 Terminators, boarded Inquisitor Lord Kysnaros' ship and slaughtered the crew, along with the inexperienced Inquisitor. But in the end, the Space Wolves could not hope to beat out the forces of the Ordo Malleus and an entire Space Marine chapter at the same time, so Bjorn asked Logan if he could cut the whole vendetta thing with the Inquisition and seek for peace, especially since he got the lowly Inquisitor who started everything anyway, which he did. Somehow, after much negotiations, the Space Wolves and the Inquisition settled everything and broke off the current conflict. They didn't declare the Space Wolves heretics and the Space Wolves decided to stop beating everyone down.

To this day however, Ol' Grimmy still hates the Administratum and the Inquisition for their actions on Armageddon; the latter in particular for their altercation. The advice of Ulrik, Grimmnar's oldest friend, keeps him from giving a reckoning to the Administratum. While the Inquisition takes great care not to get on the Space Wolves' bad side anymore, lest they risk a war with one of the only loyalist chapters who has the balls to give them the middle finger and say: "Fuck you, we do what we want".

Logan Grimnar gets a talking to[edit]

"Brothers, brothers, let us call the grand convocation of chapter masters to order."

Slowly hush descended as various post human supermen put down glasses of wine or forkfuls of food, all save for Pedro Kantor and Helbrecht who were eating large spoonfuls of chocolate pudding whilst staring at Vladimir Pugh making loud mmmmmm noises. Pugh's face was growing redder by the second.

"Brothers, order please!" Dante of the Blood Angels slammed a fist on the lectern.

"I have called this conference to discuss a very pressing problem, I speak of course of the wolf issue."

Angry muttering filled the room, the Space Wolves new armoury had caused consternation in the fellow astartes chapters.

"Logan Grimnar, you and I have known each other for hundreds of years, we have fought by each other's side more times than I can remember so as a friend I have brought you here to tell you that this shit has to stop. We could cope with the Wolf Guard, fuck it we could even deal with everything being called wolf but this." A picture of the the wolf sled appeared on the holo projector "This has to stop friend."

"Hypocrite!" bellowed a Space Wolf "Don't think we've forgotten about deep striking land raiders, or the obsession with blood."

"At least they're not furries!" a voice yelled and was met by a cheer.

Now it was Grimnar's turn to stand.

"Hunting Fenrisian wolves is part of our culture, we have a right to take trophies."

"So do we," rumbled Tu'shan of the Salamanders, "but you don't see us with ears and and tail." He gave a worried look at his fire drakes each covered is horns and scales and made a mental note to have a chat with them back on Nocturne.

"Logan we do not wish to insult you but we just wanted to show you how far-"

"You have come to being a total faggot!" yelled Gabriel Seth who threw a bread roll for added emphasis.

Logan gave a sigh as the roll stuck on the wolf pelt on his armor.

"Brothers, surely you can forgive a first founding chapter their..." he glanced at the wolf swords of his Wolf Guard "their little eccentricities, have we not done much for the cause of the Imperium. By our actions, the Inquisition have been told to back off from interfering in the affairs of our chapters and by our blades have countless innocent lives been saved" (muttering greeted this statement as the definition of 'innocent' was one that was up for close debate amongst the various chapters). "We all after all have our iconography, the Dark Angels bolt stonework to everything, the Salamanders have their scales, we have our wolves I find it breathtaking" Logan's voice raised to a deafening yell "that other chapters would have the audacity to interfere-"

"You make us all look ridiculous!" yelled a Silver Skull.

The debate raged for two hours more until eventually the Great Wolf and his Wolf Guard where driven from the hall in a hail of bread rolls and catcalls.

Later Logan found himself trudging the deep passages of the Fang, lost in his own thoughts, he had exchanged his armour for the loose tunics the Wolves wore when not in battle and his footsteps echoed through the dimly lit corridors he passed Murderfang being wrestled into containment by a trio of Iron Priests.

"YIFF!" it screamed gnashing at the air "YIFF! YIFF! YIFF!" Logan winced and carried onward to an ornate vault which swung open at his touch.

"LOGAN!" a voice boomed from the darkness "What brings you here this night?"

In an jewel encrusted alcove stood the squat form of Bjorn the Fell Handed, the ancient dreadnought beckoned with a claw.

"Come Logan, sit and tell me what ails you boy."

Logan pulled a short three legged stool from a corner, noting the mating wolves carved on the top. The Great Wolf sank forward head in his hands.

"Where did it all go wrong Bjorn? We used to be feared and loved. Everyone wanted to be us. When the chapter walked and met it's fellows, they would respect us. Now they laugh."

There was a mechanical sigh from the sarcophagus.

"It's because we just aren't scary anymore son. We used to be, gods we were downright terrifying. Do you know why people used to join us back in the day?"

"For honour, for being selected to fight in the Allfather's crusade?

"WRONG" yelled Bjorn "It wasn't for honour. It wasn't to see the stars. Sure as shit wasn't to pansy around with the Allfather, it was for these reasons: drinking, fighting, bitches. Becoming an astartes gave you lots of all three. We were supermen for crying out loud, all young and fired up and ready to go. People were scared of us not because we loved death but because we LOVED LIFE, we loved BEING an astartes, we loved the blood and booze and the pillaging. We were raiders and reavers and lunatics. You," Bjorn pointed a claw at Logan "have lost sight of that. "We had enthusiasm."

"But what does this have to with the whole 'wolf thing'?"

"Because you think the wolf thing was what gave us identity, made us special but it wasn't. What made us special was that we were sweaty beardy angry savages with guns and gene implants. We wore the teeth and totems to remind us of home. Wolves didn't define us, they were a part of the rich primal heritage of Fenris, one symbol amongst many."

We Space Santa Now[edit]


It is told amongst children of the Imperium, that if you are a good non-heretical boy, and recite your psalms to the Emperor before bedtime, on one magical night of the Imperial calendar, a merry bearded astartes will bring gifts of wolves, mead, and the slaughter of heretics to your system. Of course, all the bad boys get melta bombs in their presents.

Logan-clause resides in the north pole of the Imperium, Fenris, working all year round in his workshop at the top of the Fang, with his band of merry elfstartes (you mean the 40k elves - Eldar?), artificing toys, and wolves and boltguns for all good children.

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