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Her first appearance
Lolcron and lolicron - know the difference!
What you get when /tg/ combines drawfaggotry, Grimdark, dawww, and Loli? Lolicron!!! She is the embodiment of many things /tg/ loves and, as such, became /tg/'s next obsession. Apparently, her real name is Catherine. Or Cathy.

Warning: though she is millions of years old, she's still barely legal. Barely legal is legal enough!

Board Origins[edit]

During a thread in early May 2009, an anon posted an image drawn by Lolcron. Unfortunately, he mistook his name for "Lolicron" (which appeared to be a play on lolicon). At first it seemed to be just an unusually lulzy mistake. Inevitably, /tg/ cried out to the drawfags to make it happen. Thank the Emperor their cries didn't go unanswered.


In June 2009, the drawfag WCKD blessed Lolicron with a family, namely Papalith and Heavy-chan.


A suprising amount of Jo here.