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A meme is an idea that spreads itself, supposedly in the same way that a gene does in biology. A biological example is the Japanese Macaque. One day a monkey saw a human take a bath in a hot spring, thought it was a good idea and when it was cold one day went into a spring itself. Other monkeys saw the first monkey and realised that, hey, that monkey's got a good thing going and also entered the hot spring. Over time the idea, or "meme" of the hot spring entered the general monkey population and today most Macaques take hot spring baths.

In the context of /tg/ and 4chan in general a meme is a running joke, a pattern of text or images that is posted repeatedly, either for its own humor value or as a punchline to certain types of posts. Correctly using memes for humor is an artform, and one that /tg/ takes endless joy in, as it does all scientific pursuits.

New memes are created all the time, while old ones go out of fashion. Some may be flash in the pan, and yet others are timeless, truly lasting as a testament to their utility and humor; but a selection of /tg/ memes includes:

  • SPIRITUAL LIEGE - A meme making fun of the shitty Fluff of the fifth edition of Codex: Space Marines for Warhammer 40,000, which may as well have been called Codex: Ultramarines due to Matt Ward's infamous fanboy-jizzing all over his favored chapter in the Space Marines codex. In said codex, he referred to Marneus Calgar as the Space Marines' Spiritual Liege, and the ideal example of what all Space Marines aspire to be, above even their own Primarchs and Chapter-Masters. Suffice to say, this line induced more facepalms than Maradonia Saga from the player-base.
  • Just as planned - Used to indicate some clever feat of manipulation or forward-planning, often by Tzeentch or his minions; alternatively, used to indicate Tzeentchian involvement in a humorous manner. Originally an /a/ meme based off of an early 2000s anime called Death Note.
  • Love Can Bloom - Refers to a specific tale of a Vindicare Assassin falling in love with Farseer Taldeer, his intended victim. Used more generally to indicate sweet and gentle happenings within the GRIM DARKNESS of the 41st millennium.
  • Bear Lore - A reference to the incredibly stingy Bear Lore chart in the 4e Monster Manual, which implies that a high degree of Nature skill is required to even know that bears have claws and teeth.
  • CLANG! - A meme centered around a Universal Stillpoint Rod, which, once activated, remains in that spot in the universe forever. These rods lurk like space-detritus, waiting for an unfortunate moment for someone to be standing where they are when sud-CLANG! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!
  • MY TACTICS ARE TOO SUBTLE FOR YOU!!! - Starting from a simple thread in /tg/, Oinkbane the wereboar assassin became great in the minds of many. Though he may seem like the most ineffective assassin, his tactics are TOO SUBTLE! He has a habit of appearing where people do not expect, and has no problem defying the laws of physics to do so. Reality does not seem to apply to him, and he has murdered many a foe. SNEAK ATTAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!
  • CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!! - A beloved 40K meme in which Usarker Creed from Warhammer 40K uses his tactical genius ability to scout units that by all accounts, could not be scouted, into position. The more hilarious the scouting, the better. May or may not involve Baneblades or Titans.
  • Alignments - A Motivational Poster describing one of the nine classic D&D alignments, with a photo and quote of someone that embodies that ethic.
  • What I Made / What the DM Saw / What I Played - three-piece clipart describing how the player subverted expectations.
  • Anal Circumference - An unfortunate meme that stems from the equally-unfortunate FATAL RPG system, widely mocked as one of the most depraved and idiotic things transcribed to text. The general gist is that there is an entire subsystem in place for how much someone's ass in FATAL can stretch, and like most things in FATAL, this subsystem fails utterly.
  • SPESS MEHREENS - A legendary meme that stemmed from Dawn of War: Soulstorm. One of three (the others being METAL BOXES and Cornholio the Cultist. A meme making fun of Indrick Boreale's outrageous accent and hilariously messed-up verbiage, which is so bad that it makes one wonder what the hell Relic was smoking when its writers shat out the dialogue involved.
  • Classic Blunder - When someone starts a thread with an image more interesting than the text and /tg/ discusses the image instead, completely ignoring the text. Named after a line from "The Princess Bride".
  • Dohohoho - When someone makes a topical joke using a Statler and Waldorf routine to jeer at someone or something in a (attempted) witty manner. A higher class of meme for distinguished gentlemen.
  • I put on my robe and wizard hat - Used randomly when talking about magic (or sometimes psy powers), this amusing meme originated from a quite interesting cybering session.
  • Fish of Fury - A 40K game mechanic-turned meme that caused the Tau to be unapologetic rage-generators at their launch and has since fallen by the wayside, but which /tg/ periodically attempts to reference to make funny with mixed results.
  • DISTRACTION CARNIFEX - Another game mechanic from 40K in meme form, stemming from a popular tactic for Tyranids in multiple editions wherein a player kitted out a relatively cheap Carnifex for use as a distraction. Officially died due to Robin Cruddace. The tactic was immediately adapted by other players using other factions, with mixed results. May or may not be a variation of the older than the internet DISTRACTION PENIS meme.
  • That Which Must Not Be Named - A meme in which someone who calls a certain chaos unit by its actual name will be turned into a Chaos Spawn--OHGODABRBRBRBRLA
  • Squats - /tg/'s version of the Candlejack meme. If you mention Squats, Games Workshop sends its death squads after you. One wonders why this meme even exists, since hardly anyone even knows about Squats anymo-
  • Elf slave, wat do?
  • Ork Snipers - A meme stemming from the Celestial Lion's command structure being sniped off during a battle with Orks, under covert orders from the Inquisition. As snipers are rarely employed by Orks, the meme "Ork Snipers" has been used as a way to explain suspicious and/or mysterious deaths that occur in the WH40K universe.

Many memes take the form of recurring characters. See List of /tg/ Characters.

A forced meme is when a single person repeatedly posts something, in an attempt to make it a meme. It usually fails.

Memes Through Cross-Contamination[edit]

Memes often spread. What may start as some obscure bit of silliness on /b/ or /co/ could very well wind its way through /d/ and /tg/ before it's through. Many of these are simply ignored as shit, but a few become beloved by their respective boards:


While most memes never make it out of the shit pit of the internet several of /tg/'s have been included in their source materials, almost certainly owing to the fact that their creators are one of us.