Mercenaries and Planes: Further Missions

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Almost a month after the last After Action Report, Baron returns from out of nowhere with the following.

Just got a new email from Steve, looks like we are going back to Africa.

After totally ruining Georgia's shit for decades to come, Hell's Black Aces are called upon by the French Foreign Legion to do some truly crazy crap.

The Missions[edit]

FSB: “Poseidon Deception”[edit]


  • BlackFlag External Document
  • Mission Briefing

“Poseidon Deception”

  • Source

Ministre de Sécurité Externale (France)

  • Deployment

Wajir (HKWJ)

  • Pancake

Wajir (HKWJ)

  • Alternate


  • AAR

Escadron Vingt-Deux, Super Etenards, deployed in support of the operation.



  • CSAR

French Foreign Legion, Salizar Platoon

  • Contract Employer

Ministre de Sécurité Externale (France)

  • Objective

Liberate the CMA CGM Medea from Pirates, escort the ship out to sea.

  • Secondary Objective

Destroy the Pirate repair/re-arm staging point at +2° 1' 27.69", +45° 20' 6.76"

  • Secondary Objective

Destroy the Pirate 'Embassy' in Mogadishu located at +2° 3' 5.17", +45° 20' 6.82"

  • Background

The Russians are very happy with your work for them in the Georgian crisis, we've received full payment for your contract. We understand you took some losses while you were there, and we wanted to let you know that Sandman specified that his belongings be distributed amongst his wing and his family. In respect to his wishes, we have seized his personal assets at fair market value, and will be distributing the balance amongst you and his immediate family. Now, we have a new mission that just came in, for which you were specifically requested. The French have recently lost a bulk carrier ship to Somali pirates, and it would seem that they intend to take it back, and send a message. You'll be providing air-support for the French Foreign Legion as they re-take the ship in the harbour area, and then put her to sea. Once at sea, the ship will be escorted by French Destroyers and Carrier Fleet to a safe harbour. The French liaison has also identified several targets of opportunity. They are tired of these attacks and will be taking direct action against them. The targets include a staging point in the port where many skiffs and light attack boats get replenished, and a three story in Mogadishu proper where the Pirate's representatives operate out of. The French assured us that at the time of the strike there will be no negotiating teams inside the 'embassy'. The French have also offered a signing bonus that stipulates you will fly another mission for them in roughly a month's time. No other details have been released due to operational security, but the bonus is significant.

The operation will debut from Wajir Airfield where the French have set up a forward operating base.


Ground operatives report that the Medea is currently in Port, lightly guarded, but that roving bands of somali militants make it impossible to determine force size.




See attached photo.

  • Air Assets

None (UN enforced no-fly zone)

  • Surface Assets

Distribution of SA-7, suspected Stinger nests, 40mm and 57mm towed AA guns. Not sophisticated, but deadly to slow-moving aircraft.

  • Threat Assessment

Low. The largest threat will be from MANPADs, and some small poorly maintained anti-air vehicles and towed guns. Based on the HUMINT these guys are cracked out most of the time, so the surprise should shake them initially. A quick strike should break their teeth quickly.

  • ROE

Weapons free on ground targets. Air targets must be identified prior to engagement.