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The graceful Rape in a field.

Rape: performing a sexual act on a person without their consent.

More Rape[edit]

In rape, you are forced into a helpless situation, where the only reasonable course of action is to give up and just get the fuck down and pray he she it stops before consequences are never the same again. Getting "raped" in the non-sexual sense, is being utterly dominated by the opposition with no hope of relief.

In Greco-Roman times, rape was a little different. The "without their consent" was the victim's parent's; the person being "raped" could be fully willing and in love with the "rapist", but if their parents weren't cool, it was still considered a crime. A good example is The Rape of the Sabine Women. Likewise, a person might not be cool with the situation at all, but if their parents were okay with it, it wasn't rape and wasn't a crime.

People were weird back then.

Examples of Non-Sexual Rape In Action[edit]

  • Anything on the table with Horus Lupercal.
  • Ferrus Manus riding atop a Landraider Spartan like a surfer, repairing it, as he is shooting his assault weapons, before Swanton Bombing (look it up) into the nearest unit and smashing it with Forgebreaker.
  • Conrad Curze against anything that's not immune to fear.
  • Ahzek Ahriman, with enough allied psykers around him against anything without solid DtW.
  • Going against a Blood Angels army that fields more than 3 Death Company Dreadnoughts
  • A squad of Grots facing down a Chaos Vindicator.
  • A Tau unit of any kind against a Hive Tyrant in melee combat.
  • A Tau unit of any kind against anything that can move in melee combat. Even another Tau unit.
  • A Tau unit armed with pulse carbines, led by a Fireblade, within 12" of an Ethereal, within 18" of ANYTHING.
  • Damn near anything facing down a Dreadknight.
  • A squad of Daemons facing down a Grey Knight Terminator Squad.
  • A single heretic against an Inquisitor Lord.
  • Anything within 6 inches of Abaddon the Despoiler.
  • Anything within 6 inches of Mephiston.
  • A squad of Imperial Guardsmen against a Dark Eldar raiding party. Might be sexual rape thrown in there for fun...
  • An Ork army facing a trio of Manticore Rocket Launchers.
  • A horde of Tyranid gaunts against a Land Raider Redeemer.
  • A Dreadnought at standoff range against a trio of XV88 Battlesuits.
  • A command Leman Russ Vanquisher with co-axial heavy stubber, artificer hull and monster-slayer shells against anything without solid invuln save.
  • A Sisters of Battle Player in 5th any Edition.
  • Anything without a two plus save deepstriking within 36 inches of a missleside squad.
  • C'tan Shards.
  • Eldar when Goto is on the prowl.
  • Warhammer 40K fluff and crunch at the hands of Matt Ward.
  • The Sisters of Battle at the grubby hands of Matt Ward.
  • Anything at the hands of Matt Ward.
  • An uppity PC against a grumpy GM.
  • Tomb of Horrors
  • Tomb Kings before their recent update.
  • An oldschool Magic: The Gathering deck going up against any other deck sporting cards from ANY expansions in the last five years or so.
  • Anything under the leadership of FAILbaddon the armless vs anything under the command of Creed.
  • A troll talking to a smar/tg/uy.
  • A unit of heretics being assaulted by a full unit of Honour Guard all equipped with relic blades.
  • Any vehicle that is in the line of sight of a Hammerhead. (Bonus points if Longstrike is in it and he's facing down IG)
  • What Fish of Fury used to be.
  • What the Riptide is now.
  • A table that was Made in China used by Ork, Tyranid and Guard players. Bonus points if using metal mini's or playing apocolypse
  • Dark Eldar going up against Orks in Apocalypse.
  • Tyranids going up against Dark Eldar in Apocalypse.
  • Anything going up against Chaos Guard+Marines+Daemons combo in Apocalypse.
  • Angron charging anything.
  • Burna-boyz overwatching anything without terminator armor stupid enough to charge them.
  • Wraithguard with D-scythes overwatching anything, up to and including bio-titans
    • D-Weapons in general if the Dice God favors a player that uses Codex Eldar: Craftworlds.
      • What the Wraith Knight became in said Codex.
  • <insertname>wing army facing a trio of Ectoplasma Forgefiends or Ion Riptide battlesuits
  • Daemons vs Grey Knights
  • Chaos Space Marines vs Grey Knights
  • Anything vs Grey Knights
  • Anyone trying to outsmart - Hang on, what's that Titan doing there?
  • Anyone within charge range of a Genestealer brood
  • A Carnifex charging a Chimera
  • The Swarmlord...before 6th Edition
  • Imperator class battle titan.
  • Necron mass flyer list vs anything but Imperial Guard with 18 hydras.
  • Elysian mass flyer list vs ANYTHING.
  • When Cultists are holding your objectives
  • When Guardsmen are holding your objectives
  • When Guardsmen are charging objectives
  • When Daemons of Khorne are charging anything
  • Skulltaker w/Juggernaut vs. Anything
  • 6th Edition Vortex Deathstrike Missile aimed at anything not in Terminator Armour.
  • A Hierophant Biotitan with 3++ saves and feel no pain against anything.
  • 5th Ed Blood Angels 6th edition Tau.
  • Dark Angels against Chaos Marines.
  • Just about anything being charged by Blood/Chaos knights.
  • Sly Marbo against pretty much everything.
  • A trio of XV9's in a 1200 point game.
  • A Lord of Skulls reduced to one Hull Point, armed with a Great Cleaver of Khorne, going up against a Tau Ethereal
  • Any army that Robin Cruddace dosen't like.
  • Reapers from Mass Effect against the Time Lords from Doctor Who.
  • Anything from Sci-Fi against anything from the Marvel Pantheon of Gods.
  • Anything worse than AP3 against an opponent who's playing a Siege Assault list. Re-rollable 3+ Armour Saves, for when being That Guy just isn't enough.
  • Cypher against anything involving or relating to the Dark Angels.
  • Chapter Master Smashbane and Iron Father Smashfucker double teaming some poor sod.
  • Anything getting charged by Skarbrand
  • A Skaven Hell Pit Abomination getting right back up after dying.
  • A Leman Russ Punisher staring down an Ork mob. Bonus points if Pask is commanding it.
  • Nagash. Just. Nagash.
  • Malekith as The Eternity King.
  • Andrew Hussie being allowed to write canon for your favourite character.
  • Imerial Knight army lists
  • Whenever Matt Ward touches WH40k
  • An Umbra against any number of Imperial Guards/Canon Fodder.
  • Whenever a WH40k fanboy enters a forum regarding space Marines.
  • Any sufficiently kitted out Death Star unit in 40K.
  • Any Death Star unit in 40K buffed with a shitload of Blessings.
  • Khorne Daemonkin army that just summoned six Bloodthirsters.
  • The "newest" addition to the fuck-you-mine's-bigger contest
  • Anything from the fluff regarding the lamenters.

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