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"O my brothers, I dedicate and direct you to a new nobility: you shall become procreators and cultivators and sowers of the future — verily, not to a nobility that you might buy like shopkeepers and with shopkeepers' gold: for whatever has its price has little value. Not whence you came shall henceforth constitute your honor, but whither you are going! Your will and your foot which has a will to go over and beyond yourselves — that shall constitute your new honor."
--Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra,

"They shall be my finest warriors, these men who give of themselves to me. Like clay I shall mould them, and in the furnace of war forge them. They will be of iron will and steely muscle. In great armour shall I clad them and with the mightiest guns will they be armed. They will be untouched by plague or disease, no sickness will blight them. They will have tactics, strategies and machines so that no foe can best them in battle. They are my bulwark against the Terror. They are the Defenders of Humanity. They are my Space Marines and they shall know no fear."
--The God-Emperor of Mankind, on [the Creation of the Space Marines]

The Space Marines, also known as SPESS MEHREENS (canonically named the Adeptus Astartes, probably a corruption of the Latin aster, 'star' - standing for 'space' actually Astarte is the Greek name for the Mesopotamian goddess of war, Ishtar. Ironic given how the Astartes is an all-male organization.) account for over 21.4% (yeah, I thought that was a pretty conservative estimate too) of playable armies in the Warhammer 40k universe, and as of October, 2010, receive about 50% of new releases. Games Workshop really loves (obsessive-and-misguided-to-the-point-where-they-should-seek-professional-help loves) these guys. They are bio-enhanced super soldiers clad in Power Armour, and are generally regarded as the toughest warriors to ever serve the Emperor (except for Adeptus Custodes and Imperial Assassins). The average Space Marine is around eight feet tall (they used to be seven feet in the old fluff but Dan Abnett and the rest of Games Workshop have a hard-on for gigantism so they jacked them up a foot, RPGS from Fantasy Flight Games & games by THQ both put them back to the more natural seven feet though. Although do note that the height of marines can vary greatly, some can even reach ten feet like Asterion Moloc), has bones that can repel anything short of a boltgun round, can breathe under water WITHOUT their helmets on because they have a third lung. They also can breathe all but the most highly potent of toxic fumes with little to no damage to their respiratory system, have two hearts, and lives for hundreds of years (may be functionally immortal, they usually die in battle after a few centuries, so nobody can be sure). They are vastly more powerful in their official descriptions than they actually are in the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop game (although the Marines statted in Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader are walking rapemachines, and the PC marines in Deathwatch are hard as nails). Much in how the Chaos Space Marines are the 40K ripoffs of the Vikings of Chaos, SPESS MAHREEENZ are the 40k ripoffs of Warrior Priests; right down to their BAWLDNESS the bishonen superhuman vampires says hi, and religious mania to their false god*BLAM*HERESY! . Portrayals range from hardcore but plausible super-soldiers to Mary Sues who could fight off Superman with one hand and Batman with the other.


After the end of the Age of Strife, the Emperor wanted to re-unite humanity in a Great Crusade, and he realized that he needed an army and generals. He created the Primarchs, his sons, to be his generals, and from their DNA, he created the Legiones Astartes, the first Space Marines. Their first task was to find their Primarchs, because the Gods of Chaos had scattered the Primarchs across the galaxy. All of the Primarchs were later recovered and re-united with their Legions, but by the current time in the setting, however, all the Primarchs that did not fall to Chaos during the Horus Heresy have either been killed or disappeared, and none remain as leader of the Legions. In addition, after the Heresy, the legions were mostly split into smaller chapters of up to a thousand marines according to the teachings of the Codex Astartes (although some Chapters, such as the Space Wolves and the Black Templars, do not follow Astartes orthodoxy and maintain forces in much greater numbers, and some chapters go as far as to unite together to form almost legion strength forces.)


They are most commonly looked upon as warrior-monks, generally referring to each other as "Brother", "Battle Brother" or some variation thereof based on rank, spending most or all of their time training, in battle, or worshipping the Emperor. However, no two chapters are exactly alike, and many differ wildly from the standard perception of the marines. The Space Wolves, as one example, appear to be much less disciplined than most other chapters, maintaining a much larger force than permitted by the Codex and frequently having great feasts with much merriment and drinking (the Space Wolves happening to produce the only intoxicating beverage known to have any effect on marine physiology and liquefies the innards of a non-Astartes). Space Wolf players are nearly all metalhead virgins with a number of insecurities relating to their latent homosexuality. *BLAM* Who told Matt Ward about this page? Their attitude to the others in the Imperium can also differ much from chapter to chapter or even marine to marine. Some are very idealistic, believing very strongly in their role as protectors of humanity (such an example would be the Celestial Lions or the Salamanders). Others, like the Black Templars, tend to disregard the ordinary elements of the Imperium, and emphasize much more their role as a weapon against its enemies.

Their attitude to the Emperor can also vary. Although they are typically believed to worship him as a deity like most of the rest of the Imperium, the Space Marines are, by virtue of their gene-seed derived from the Primarchs and hence the Emperor himself, much closer to the Emperor than most. In fact many of the Space Marine chapters beliefs' maintain some of the old Imperial Truth that the Emperor was not a god, but the greatest of mortal men, worthy of praise and veneration but not a deity proper. Although it is true that the majority of the chapters certainly venerate him in an orthodox manner, others just scream his name a lot because that's tradition.

The great Papa Smurf Hisself.

Space Marines are generally regarded as having something of an "unfair advantage" in the tabletop, mainly because every young 40k player has a strong liking for them, and almost every unit in the listings has at least a 3+ armor save, making them rather hard to kill, especially when considering armies such as the Blood Angels, which have models that allow players to roll an additional "Feel No Pain" 4+ save if they fail the 3+ one. Are you kidding me? short of bullshit 3+ invulnerable saves causing Terminators to take entire GUNLINES worth of firepower and only lose 2 or 3 guys at most, Space Marines are about as balanced as you can get(which is why vanilla is such a piss poor boring Codex that is outclassed easily.) The problem is that it took 3 Space Marine chapter books in 5th to come up with a Space Marine Codex framework that didn't suck (almost nothing in C:SW is non-competitive or poorly priced), which is why Long Fangs are usually 50 points cheaper than their Space Marine counterparts, while being twice as effective. Why are Devastators supposedly more expensive? Combat tactics. Yeah, you're never going to use it. The Ultramarines in particular are an extremely popular choice of Space Marine chapter, and their blue design coupled with the small size of the miniatures often leads to them being referred to as "Smurfs". Thanks to Indrick Boreale, the Space Marines in general are frequently called "Spess Mehreens", or variations to that effect.

The Space Marines of today look very different from the glory days of Rogue Trader, where they earned the nickname beakie for their respected and loved helmets.

Also, contrary to popular belief, Chaos Spess Mehreens are better then their non-heretical counterparts. This includes better at failing (I'm looking at you, Abaddon) and making memes (SIINDRI and TEH METAL BAWKSES).

Denizens of /tg/ are prone to claiming a wide variety of things about the Space Marines, usually about their sexual activity (or lack of it), ranging from assertions that the genitalia of a Space Marine is nonfunctional to claims that they are castrated during the creation process. They never have any supporting evidence for these theories and it is not clear whether or not Space Marines are allowed to have sex, which chapters would allow them to have sex, if they even can have sex, if they're still capable of normal human reproduction if they can have sex and are allowed to have sex, or what bits they may or may not still possess. Still, that doesn't stop anyone from stating their personal opinion as if it were fact.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

There is also some fan-wank about whether or not they are biologically immortal, which has been consistently disproven in the codexes. Codex: Angels of Death mentions that Blood Angels are noted for having exceptionally long lifespans, namely a 1000 years give or take, meaning Marines from other chapters have considerably shorter lifespans and are in fact not biologically immortal. Despite being from 2nd edition, this has been reaffirmed in the current Blood Angels Codex (Page 12) confirming biological immortality as fan-wank (Note; the current Blood Angels codex was written by GW's biggest Space Marine fanboy. Yes, even Ward says Space Marines can die of old age). Both Dan Abnett and Graham McNeill though wrongly claim that they are indeed immortal; though they physically age (grey hair, wrinkles etc...) it is only skin deep and they are in just as good physical condition as when they first became Astartes. However Black Library has a tendency to be inconsistent with the established lore. The reason for this is twofold. Some gamers would think less of the Space Marines if they could die of old age, and Games Workshop doesn't want that. Secondly, Games Workshop seems to agree that they would be awesome if they didn't die of old age, but they don't want to anger the (reasonable) part of the fanbase that would disapprove of Space Marines being biologically immortal, so they're deliberately vague about it.

There was one Space Marine from the Salamanders Chapter who was lost on a world struck by warp storms. When the storms ended the Salamanders came in to investigate. When they landed there was a rift in the ground which they went down into to investigate. And behold, there were humans living in a secret underground "vault" that only a few of the humans knew about. It was in fact a Salamanders starship from the Horus Heresy that had crashed there. When searching inside they found one Astartes still alive, his armor molded into the metal of the ship and he could no longer move, but he was alive. He sat there watching over empty, ancient suits of armour from his fallen brothers. The other Salamanders went there to recover what they could they gave the ancient survivor the Emperor's Peace. He was one of the longest living Astartes that was not in Dreadnought armour.

To summarize, yes Space Marines CAN die of old age. In practice this rarely happens as they live a life of near-constant war. This means they usually die in battle; from regular battles, suicide missions or, if they can't fight at their peak anymore (through age or injury), they get interred in a dreadnought and then die in battle.

Aside from anything else Marines spend a lot of time in the warp and a decent number spend some amount of time in stasis, and if either of those counts as being 'alive' isn't mentioned. Since all marines can make themselves a cocoon and sleep forever if they felt like it, it's hard to see how they could die of old age in a traditional sense. Perhaps that's what happens to the oldest of marines - One day they go to sleep and never wake up but they don't die, just drop in a torpor they can't be woken from but are still in fact alive just in hibernation. It'd be a neat compromise that actually would make a lot of sense since old age isn't actually something you can die from, it just makes you more susceptible to diseases that marines are immune to. But GeeDubs just ain't that clever.


From deranged lab-experiment to fucking awesome.

Knowing just what the fuck was waiting for humanity in space, the Emperor of Mankind designed the gene-seed, nineteen special organs to further enhance the regular human body to keep the Space Marines going when fighting these monstrosities. Over a series of several years, human adolescents, dubbed Aspirants, are selected through a rigorous process which varies by Chapter to Chapter. They are always male, as the fluff says the Gene-seed only works with a Y-chromosome (for those who don't know; it's the part of DNA that determines a person's gender). Though some have said this is an excuse to not have female Space Marines with GW thinking they'd ruin the "M for Manly" image they wanted for the game. They also haven't answered the question as to what would happen if a Space Marine impregnated a woman, or if they can impregnate (even without a sex drive, they still have the parts).

When their training goes to the next stage, the Aspirants are implanted with the initial gene-seed. They then become Neophytes, Space Marines in training. As the gene-seed is implanted into them, the Neophytes also go through hypnotic conditioning to hone their responses. By the time they're done, the subject has few impulses beyond fighting and killing in the name of the Emperor (it's sometimes thought that this is what kills their sex drive) and most of their memories of their earlier lives are all but forgotten.

After receiving all these organs and conditioning, it's highly arguable if a Space Marine still qualifies as human. Though the Imperium of Man has basic "kill on sight" orders for most non-humans, the topic of Space Marines being violations of this edict are ignored beyond other sanctioned deviations from the holy human form as they were designed by the Emperor and thus considered holy creations (not to mention the more realistic problem of declaring war on the only thing standing between them and the Chaos Gods).

In fact, this religious need to adhere to the Holy Human Form may be why the Emperor designed gene-seed to be a bio-enhancement project and not a genetic modification one; all of a Space Marine's inhuman abilities are a result of the artificially engineered organs shoved into their bodies during their creation, either directly (the secondary heart or multi-lung) or indirectly (the Ossmodula, which alters their hormone balance and so makes their skeleton growth go berserk). Consequently, this means a Space Marine would technically pass a genetic scan of being "human" better than an abhuman like an Ogryn or Ratling would.

Yes, this tramples all over the spirit of the law whilst technically adhering to the letter, but it's hardly unique -- see the Ecclesiarchy having its own army of power-armored gun-toting nuns despite being formally forbidden to have "men" under arms.

Incidentally, bio-enhancements like the gene-seed are actually more controllable than a genetic enhancing procedure would be, since the resultant outcome is more predictable, more easily mass-produced, and it means that even if a Space Marine can have kids, they would in all likelihood be little different to ordinary humans, since their abilities aren't tied into them on a genetic level.

Official /tg/ Space Marine Chapters[edit]


One of /tg/'s favorite pastimes is creating new and exciting chapters of the Adeptus Astartes based on silly concepts. /tg/'s homebrew chapters include:

As you can see, /tg/ has a problem with creativity.

Second Wave of /tg/ Space Marine Chapters[edit]

After the release of Deathwatch: Rites of Battle, /tg/ quickly flung itself at the chapter creation rules and began to produce a second wave of /tg/ chapters. Noticeably more serious business than the previous chapters, these Spess Mahreens range from the widely popular Emperor's Nightmare, to the derpy Flesh Helms.

The second wave WOULD show improvements to creativity... If they didn't use a RPG system as a crutch.

GW Space Marine Chapters[edit]

We honestly can't tell whether this is a dude or a chick so you'll just have to make a guess and face the consequences

Space Marine Chapter Masters[edit]

Tiny head syndrome is a common side effect of the augmentations
  • Marneus Calgar (A.K.A Papa Smurf) - Chapter Master of the Ultramarsmur.....I mean Ultramarines. Received the rank by having the most plot armor.
  • Dante - Chapter Master of the Blood Angels. Beware!!!!. Dante is watching you!
  • Logan Grimnar - Great Wolf of the Space Wolves. Is the wolfiest of all the wolf lords without being a furry.
  • Azrael - Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels. Best at hunting the fallen VANQUISHING FOUL TRAITORS FROM OTHER LEGIONS.
  • Vladimir Pugh Vorn Hagen - Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists. Appointed for standing in place without moving for a full year.
  • Jubal Khan - Chapter Master of the White Scars. Proved his speediness by outracing a bike mounted captain wearing only rollerskates.
  • Tu'Shan - Master of the Fire Drakes, de-Facto Chapter Master of the Salamanders. Forged the burniest flamer.
  • Kardan Stronos - Chapter Master of the Iron Hands(sort of). Was actually democratically elected for diplomatic reasons, temporarily. It's complicated.
  • Corvin Severax - Chapter Master of the Raven Guard. Got the job by being the sneakiest of the sneaky marines(they're still looking for him to officially grant him the rank).
  • Kaldor Draigo - Supreme Grand Master and of the Grey Knights and one of Matt Ward's Special Snowflakes. Honored for being the single biggest mary sue in the whole damn army setting.
  • Helbrecht - High Marshall of the Black Templars. Was voted High Marshall for being the angriest of the not angry marines.
  • Pedro Kantor - Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists. Got the most votes (read: all three) during the election.
  • Gabriel Seth - Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers. Ripped and tore the most during the chapter master audition(also kicked one of the judges in the balls).
  • Azariah Kyras - Former Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens who was killed for being a filthy, despicable, traitorous, no good follower of Chaos. Later replaced by Gabriel Angelos.
  • Sarpedon - Chapter Master of the Soul Drinkers.
  • Carab Culln - Lord High Commander of the Red Scorpions. Got promoted after the last one was killed.
  • Artekus Bardane - Chapter Master of the Relictors. Collectes and uses chaos artifacts better then anyone in the chapter.
  • Asterion Moloc - Chapter Master of the Minotaurs. No clue how he got the job, our inquiries were met with death threats and top level cease and desist orders. Has a laser-shooting pimp cane.
  • Lugft Huron - Chapter Master of the Astral Claws. Got the rank by being absolutely awesome, unfortunately he overdid it and caused the Badab War.
  • Lias Issodon - Chapter Master of the Raptors. The most reasonable of the not-reasonable marines.
  • Tyberos the Red Wake - Chapter Master of the Space Sharks. Showed the best technique when it came to applying RIP AND TEAR to heretic asses, assisted by his lightning chainfists.


Everyone hates the Minotaurs
  • Ultramarines and the Word Bearers - The Ultramarines are pissed off at the Word Bearers about a great many things: 1) They Turned traitor 2) They sent millions of ts as meat shields during the battle of Calth, which the Ultramarines saw as dishonorable and Disgusting 3) They almost destroyed Calth 4) They still hold a grudge leading back to the Horus Heresy where they were defeated and humiliated and 5) They hate them for being smurfs.
  • Ultramarines and the Alpha Legion - The Alpha Legion led the Ultramarines halfway across the Galaxy on a fool's errand that ultimately ensured they were nowhere near the Imperial Palace during the Horus Heresy. Adding insult to injury, they inflicted enormous casualties on the Ultramarines, and though they succeeded in killing Alpharius (or did they?), the Alpha Legion's command structure was so decentralized that it did little to affect them.
  • Ultramarines and the Black Templars (also the Imperial Fists, the Crimson Fists, the Space Wolves, and the Salamanders) - When Roboute Guilliman tried to force the Codex Astartes on the Space Marine legions after the Horus Heresy, some legions - most notably the Imperial Fists - outright refused, not wanting their legions to be broken down into smaller chapters. Rogal Dorn called Guilliman a coward, while Guilliman called Dorn a rebel. The Space Wolves and the Salamanders ended up backing Dorn, while the Raven Guard and the White Scars supported Guilliman. The rivalry became so intense that the Imperial Navy even fired on the Imperial Fist strike cruiser Terrible Angel, and it seemed that the Space Marines would war with one another again. Finally, Rogal Dorn yielded to prevent another war and broke his legion into the Black Templars and the Crimson Fists. As the Ultramarines still were wary of the loyalties of the Imperial Fists and their successors, Sigismund - the first Emperor's Champion and the man that Dorn had appointed to be the Black Templars chapter master - declared a 10,000 year crusade in the Emperor's name to prove their loyalty. Even though tensions have since cooled between the Ultramarines and the other chapters, the Ultramarines are still suspicious about (read: sticking their nose into the business of) the Black Templars as they still refuse to conform to the Codex Astartes, and won't tell the Ultramarines just how huge their chapter is. In short, Sigismund and Leman Russ told Guilliman where he can shove his Codex Astartes, and he's all anal pained about it.
  • Ultramarines and the Iron Warriors - Uriel Ventris and Pasanius Lysane, of the Ultramarines, were sworn to a Death Oath by their Chapter Master Marneus Calgar as punishment for violating the Codex Astartes (specifically, because they had abandoned the rest of their company to assist a Deathwatch Kill-team during the Battle of Tarsus Ultra). Their mission: find and destroy the Daemonculaba. The quest took the Ultramarines pair to the nightmarish Daemon World of Medrengard, within the Eye of Terror itself. Medrengard was the homeworld of the Iron Warriors Traitor Legion. It was also the location of Honsou, the evil Iron Warriors Warsmith who oversaw the Daemonculaba project from within his fortress, Khalan-Ghol. The Ultramarines were successful in destroying the Daemonculaba, and were also able to bring ruination to Khalan-Ghol and Honsou's forces. Uriel Ventris also managed to shoot Honsou in the head. Unfortunately, the Warsmith survived the headshot. Upon realizing the extent of the damage Uriel had caused, Honsou swore revenge and also the utter annihilation of Ultramar. Honsou was aware that before he ever dealt with Uriel Ventris, the Ultramarines spent years and countless resources and lives to repel a Tyranid incursion at Tarsis Ultra. Honsou thus unleashed a plan which destroyed every living thing on Tarsis Ultra, and reduced the planet itself to a lifeless rock. Destroying the planet provided no strategic gain to the Iron Warriors; Honsou carried out his horrific genocide simply to spite Uriel Ventris and the Ultramarines. Following this, the Iron Warriors use an army won from the Red Corsairs to free the Daemon Prince M'kar, and invade Ultramar. Though the "Bloodborn" army is beaten back, the Ultramarines lost over one third of their battle-brothers in the attempt, leaving them open to attack for the first time since the First Tyrannic War and unable to properly participate in the Imperial counter-offensive for the 13th Black Crusade. The Ultramarines and the Iron Warriors have thus become bitter enemies-- with Uriel Ventris and Honsou in particular becoming sworn foes.
  • Ultramarines and the Hammers of Dorn - The Hammers adhere rigidly to the Codex Astartes, to the point where they point out any deviations from the codex by the Ultramarines. According to the Hammers of Dorn, Guilliman may have had the genius to pen the codex, but the sons of Dorn are the only ones that can bring out its full potential.
  • Ultramarines and the Minotaurs - While the Minotaurs are hated by everyone the Ultramarines have a special grudge against them, due to the Euxine Incident during the Macharian Heresy. During the heresy the loyalist Doom Warriors and Inceptors chapters were busy fighting each other over a matter of honor, and refused to stop and aid Imperial forces. The Minotaurs were sent to quell the dispute, which they did in their usual manner. They attacked both sides in force, nearly destroying them both. The Doom Warriors were badly beaten and forced into a barley organized retreat almost immediately, the Interceptors weren't so lucky. With no way to withdraw they suffered the full onslaught of the Minotaurs and finally surrendered with less then 100 marines left. The honored 2nd founding chapter was subsequently robbed of most of their chapter relics, the Minotaurs stealing them right off their dead bodies, including their flagship, a relic of the great crusade. This brought them a great deal of hatred from the Ultramarines and their successors, who have since forbidden them from entering Ultramar and seek vengeance whenever the opportunity arises.
  • Blood Angels and the World Eaters - Both constantly compete for the superiority of melee combat and also the angriest motherfucking berserker full of rage.
  • Raven Guard and White Scars - Supposedly dates back to a huge fucking argument between Corax and Jaghatai Khan, where the two had a massive spat over the proper use of rapid-reaction forces. Corax insisted they be used as part of infiltration and deep-strike units, and Jaghatai insisted they were to be on the front lines - the two never really saw eye-to-eye, Corax seeing Jaghatai as devastatingly effective, but with the tactical sense of a drunken Space Wolf, and Jaghatai seeing Corax as too cautious and tactical for proper man-fighting. The two would eventually make up after the Horus Heresy, and both the Raven Guard and White Scars would be forced to ally on several occasions - most notably during the infamous Hunt for Voldorius - but an intense rivalry over whose fast-attack doctrine is better persists to this day, and the two factions are still kind of assholes to one another as a result.
  • Blood Angels and the Black Legion - Considering that Horus killed their Primarch (who, before the Heresy, were closer than any other Primarch) which resulted in them suffering from the Black Rage which eventually causes every descendant of Sanguinius to have visions of being killed by Horus, the Blood Angels probably despise the Black Legion to the point of pure obsession. Also as a rule, the Blood Angels have a special hatred for the owner of the Talon of Horus, since it killed their father.
  • World Eaters and the Grey Knights - Angron was banished back to the Warp by Grey Knights during the first battle of Armageddon, which resulted in the World Eaters defeat. Angron has since been resurfacing, and has sworn revenge.
  • Raven Guard and the Black Legion (also the Word Bearers, Night Lords, Iron Warriors, and Alpha Legion) - The Raven Guard were the second hardest hit by the Drop Site Massacre of Istvaan V (the Salamanders got hit worse, but there weren't really enough survivors to hold a grudge). Though all of the traitor legions except the Thousand Sons were involved, the Raven Guard holds a special hatred for the former Luna Wolves and Horus, a hatred which has transferred over to Abaddon and the Black Legion. That said, the Raven Guard go absolutely murderous on any of the Legions who turned on them at Istvaan V.
  • Grey Knights and the Space Wolves - Officially, there really isn't a rivalry at all. Because officially the Grey Knights don't exist. Unofficially, Grey Knights were ordered to fire on dozens of civilian ships because there was a fraction of a shadow of smidgen of a chance that they were tainted by Chaos. The Space Wolves protected the civilians. Naturally, the Inquisition made it worse. Then old Loggy chops a Grey Knight Grand Master's head off and kills four Justicars, the ugly downward spiral of WTF!?s started there. Eventually, an understanding was reached where the remaining civvies weren't murdered but just mindwiped a bit and Inquisitorial ships would never again come to Fenris or the wolves would tear them a new asshole.
  • Imperial Fists and the Iron Warriors - Imagine their rivalry akin to World War I. The Imperial Fists are the Brits who love making defenses, while the Iron Warriors are the Germans who also love making defenses but also love destroying stuff. Also, Perturabo hated Rogal Dorn for being Daddy's golden boy and his constant boasting of the fortifications of the Imperial Palace. Perturabo eventually bested Dorn and the Imperial Fists by making a huge space fortress that Dorn then tried to attack in an effort to bring Perturabo to justice. Inside the fortress was nothing but inwardly-faced gunlines, meaning the entire thing was a trap and wound up cutting down enormous numbers of the Imperial Fists before they could retreat. The Imperial Fists were too fierce for the Iron Warriors to destroy without making the ultimate sacrifice however, proving that they get shit done. Perturabo, naturally, found his plan fucking hilarious.
  • Thousand Sons and the Space Wolves - The Space Wolves despised the Red Sorcerers for their practice of magic, and didn't question a goddamned thing after Horus had intentionally given the Wolves incorrect orders (to destroy the Thousand Sons, as opposed to talking Magnus down). Suffice to say, the Space Wolves caused colossal damage to the Thousand Sons, and in the process, destroyed one of the largest repositories of knowledge in the entire fucking Imperium, including a huge amount of information that would have helped the Imperium better fight off its enemies. Horus' dick move forced the Thousand Sons to eventually turn to Tzeentch just to survive. Though the Wolves' offense devastated the Sons, the Legion would nonetheless resurface to attack the Space Wolves: they led a siege on their homeworld and succeeded in causing considerable damage before being driven off. During this offensive, they managed to destroy a series of laboratories, including one that held an entire generation worth of the Space Wolves' Gene-Seed (as well as the cure for the Wulfen curse), and Magnus himself was responsible for killing the Space Wolves' chapter-master.
  • White Scars and the Space Wolves - Thousand Sons were the biggest bros of the Scars during the Great Crusade, their primarchs were total bros too, so when they figured out that Wolves destroyed Prospero, killed most of the (still totally loyal) Thousand Sons, forced surviving ones into going heretic, and don't even feel any guilt or remorse about it, none were surprised Scars kept a huge grudge against the Space Yiffs. Also the during the crusade, the Scars hated being compared to the Wolves because of the apparent link to barbarism. The Wolves themselves also have a thing or two to say about the multiple times Scars hadn't come to help when they could, starting from when they left Wolves alone against entire Alpha Legion fleet.
  • Iron Hands and the Emperor's Children (possibly) - Considering that Fulgrim killed Ferrus Mannus (who, before Fulgrim's betrayal, were VERY close friends), the Iron Hands did not take kindly about that. Also, getting all repressed and logical over the next 10,000 years caused Slaanesh to take breaking them as a challenge.
  • World Eaters and The Emperor's Children - In addition to following rival deities, the Emperor's Children lost huge numbers of troops to the World Eaters at Skalthrax. Really, all you need to know is that Kharn and a Flamer were involved, and that before this incident, the World Eaters were a much more coordinated warband.
    • World Eaters and World Eaters - This event caused the World Eaters to break up into warbands
  • Emperor's Children and the Iron Warriors - Given that Fulgrim tried to sacrifice Peturabo's soul to Slaanesh to fuel his ascension to Daemon Prince...
  • Dark Angels and Fallen Angels FOUL TRAITORS - Do not get between them and a member of their chapter that fell to Chaos FOUL TRAITOR TO THE IMPERIUM WHO CERTAINLY HAS NO CONNECTION TO THE SONS OF THE LION. It can only end in tears.

  • Thousand Sons and World Eaters: Khorne hates sorcery, and so the World Eaters hate the Sons. Sadly for the World Eaters, they're usually well out of the Sons' league; the Thousand Sons tend to pick conflicts selectively, which means the followers of Khorne have rarely even had the chance to fight them. Also, it doesn't do much to appease Khorne's bloodlust, since there is no blood or skulls to offer, just dust.
  • Blood Ravens and EVERYONE: Apart from Captain Titus of the Ultramarines, almost every Marine Chapter mentioned in having contact with the Blood Ravens have not been on good terms. Most likely due to their rampant kleptomania. This animosity extends beyond the Space Marines, and into the rest of the Imperium as well; Imperial Guard forces hate them for exterminating the Kronus Liberators, and the Inquisition doesn't like them for their secrecy.
  • Blood Angels and the Emperor's Children - Fabius Bile stole the blood of Sanguinius from the Blood Angels' Fortress-Monastery as part of a plot to make a clone of the God-Emperor. As the neophyte initiation process for the Blood Angels requires the consumption of some of the aforementioned blood, the Blood Angels and all their Successor Chapters have sworn to find and kill Bile at all costs. (For a while, it looked like they succeeded- that is, until they found out that Bile had begun cloning himself.)
  • Iron Hands and Raven Guard and Salamanders - The Iron Hands are still pissy about the whole Isstvan V thing. They believe that had the Salamanders and Raven Guard followed their Primarch Ferrus Manus they would have won at the dropsite massacre. Completely overlooking the fact that they were surrounded, outgunned and outnumbered nearly 3 to 1. They don't like the Raven Guard in particular for their use of stealth and subterfuge.
  • Marines Malevolent and Salamanders - What happens when the worlds greatest assholes meet the worlds greatest humanitarian marines? Hilarity that's what. The hate fueled rivalry that was first widely known came during the Third War for Armageddon where a squad of Marines Malevolent used their Whirlwinds to fire upon an Ork occupied camp, where they knew about the fact that camp contains hundreds of Imperial civilian hostages, most were women and children. Oh and guess what their response was, something to do with "Meh, we only serve the Emprah only" and "We didn't know there were "that" many civilians". As you can imagine, this both horrified and royally pissed off the Salamanders, and when these two Chapters met again after the war, Chapter Master Tu'Shan, to put it simply, bitch-slapped the Captain of the Marines Malevolent in front of Everybody in the City., prompting much sniggering and cheering among both Guardsmen and civilians alike. Because of such reaction to complete Dickwards, the Salamanders were considered as the Heroes of Armageddon by popular vote.

Bros To the End[edit]

As there are several chapters and legions who despise one another, there's a few that get along damned well.

  • Raven Guard, Salamanders, and Iron Hands - True since the great crusade, where these three found they worked extremely well in-concert - The Raven Guard acting as the advance and cutting off critical locations and eliminating command units, the Salamanders in providing the heavy punch to follow this up, and the Iron Hands providing the tide of firepower to support both. That being said, the Iron Hands' relationship with the Raven Guard and the Salamanders has deteriorated since the Horus Heresy; they believe that had their allies not retreated from the Drop Site Massacre, Ferrus Manus would not have been killed and Horus would have been defeated before he could pose a threat to the Imperium. (It doesn't take a genius to realize that this would have just led to the complete annihilation of their Legions in practice.)
  • Space Wolves and Dark Angels - Lion El'Jonson and Leman Russ didn't like one another, fought a lot, and had a typically adversarial brotherly relationship after the Lion killed a planetary governor that insulted Russ. After a particularly nasty fist-fight over it, the two became fast friends and rivals. Though the Space Wolves and Dark Angels have a never-ending bout of one-upsmanship with one another, it's mostly good-hearted and they can usually count on one another's support - unlike a very similar rivalry between the White Scars and Raven Guard.
  • Blood Angels and Imperial Fists - Both fought and died in the defense of the Imperial Palace. Broforce = very yes.
  • Ultramarines and Imperial Fist - Similar to the Space Wolves and Dark Angels above, beef about the codex aside, the two chapters have always been on very good terms.
  • 'Dark Angels and Dark Angel successors - because of the existence of the fallen, the Dark Angels and their successor Chapters work closely together, to the point where each Chapter Master is a part of the inner circle, and so they coordinate their movements not as a chapter, but as a legion. HERESY! *BLAM* THE DARK ANGELS HAVE NO SUCH RELATIONSHIP WITH THEIR SUCCESSOR CHAPTERS. THIS WOULD BE INAPPROPRIATE OF A CHAPTER THAT FOLLOWS THE CODEX ASTARTES. SPECULATION ABOUT THE EXISTENCE OF AN "INNER CIRCLE" (I'VE NEVER HEARD OF IT, HAVE YOU?) IS SIMPLY PALTRY ATTEMPTS TO SLANDER THE DARK ANGELS REPUTATION OF BEING A LOYAL CHAPTER THAT WOULD NEVER CONSPIRE IN SUCH A WAY

A song has been dedicated to the greatness of the Spess Mahreens:

To be sung to “Jeremiah Weed” by Dos Gringos

When I was a youngin’, my daddy said to me,

Son, I wanna know what it is you wanna be,

I said, “I’ll never wear a tie, but I like the color green!

I think I’m gonna-wanna be a fuckin' Space Marine!”

Chorus: Vox 1! Vox 1! A Chaos Lord I spy!

Vox 2! Vox 2! That fucker’s gonna die!

Vox 3! Vox 3! The only friend you’ll ever need

Is a superhuman Xenos-killing Space Marine!

If you like green, a Dark Angel you’ll be;

If you like red, it’s the Blood Angels for thee;

If you like blue then get a fucking clue!

Ward can’t write and neither can you!


The greatest Space Marine, that ever I did see,

Came in one day and took his place at the altar next to me.

I knew he was a killer; I could tell it when he kneeled.

He took the Chapter’s relic that into battle he did wield!


Everyone is curious, they all wanna know,

Does it make you smarter, will it make your body grow?

It will bring you glory, and it will bring you fame,

All to be done in the Emperor’s name


Written by Mike and Yong-Uk (Traitorus Exterminatus)

Other specializations of Space Marines[edit]

I'm in ur w0mb, fertulizan yo eggz

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