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Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Imperial Guard(7E)

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This is the 7th Edition's tactics. Previous editions' tactics may be found on Warhammer_40,000/Tactics.

Why Play Imperial Guard[edit]

When recruits are inducted into the Imperial Guard, they are given four things. Their regulation flashlight (commonly referred to by the troops as "lasguns" for some reason), their regulation cardboard box (which certain regiments have taken to cutting up and wearing into battle, calling it "flak armor"), a large stack of toilet paper (which the recruiters refer to as the "Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer"), and the regulation extra large wheelbarrow that allows them to cart their massive brazen balls into battle. From a gameplay perspective, the Imperial Guard army is a flexible force known for having either hordes of cheap infantry, waves of tanks, or a medium in between. The army is easy to learn while having a lot of options and tactics being discovered frequently (melta veterans in Chimeras are not the sole option in the Guard army after all). That's why you play the Imperial Guard. Additionally, you are the second most powerful army in Apocalypse, and the standard by which all other apocalypse armies are measured. You are absolutely spoiled for Forge World choices with everything from the dinky little Lightning Fighter to the unholy death machine that is the Imperator Class Titan. And why is Chaos better than you? Because of a small footnote by the side of the Vindicator Linebreaker Formation. In short, it details that Chaos armies may use ANY AND ALL Imperial Datasheets as long as they have spikes on them. Building your Lightning Fighter wing? Chaos get that with their Hell Talon support. Imperator Titan? Chaos can subvert one with fuckhueg spikes. Fortress of Arrogance? Chaos Yarrick makes you his bitch. Daemon Lords? You don't get those. For once, Chaos is the one giving, not receiving. So the only way to be better than the Imperial Guard in Apoc is to use Imperial Guard units plus daemonic bullshit. Still a win for IG. Another win is the Escalation expansion for regular 40k. IG can now take one Baneblade or one of its variants. No Fortress of Arrogance however. But hey, with the most Lords of War choices out of all the armies AND you don't have to pay Forge World prices, why argue?

Warlord Traits[edit]

  1. Grand Strategist: d3 units of the primary detachment can Outflank.
  2. Old Grudges: Choose one codex, warlord and unit have Preferred Enemy against units of said codex. Pask starts with this one.
  3. Draconian Disciplinarian: Friendly Astra Militarum units within 12" of the warlord don't have to test after 25% of casualties. Yarrick starts with this trait.
  4. Implacable Determination: Warlord and his unit have Relentless. Straken starts with this.
  5. Bellowing Voice: Warlord can give Orders; if he could already do so, their range is boosted to 18 inches.
  6. Master of Command: Warlord can give Orders; if he could already do so, he can use an extra Order each turn.

Fighter Aces[edit]

In Skies of Death, you now have a bonus rule allowing you to pay 35 points for one of 3 special traits for any Flyer or FMC (FGC is still debatable). The Tempestus can use the same traits, so their Valkyries can be just as handy as yours.

  1. Covert Deployment - Arrive from any edge when arriving from reserves. Great for a surprise drop.
  2. Defensive Flyer - +1 Front Armor. Jivin'.
  3. Inspiring Presence - Fellow models within 12" of a Fighter Ace with the same codex gain Fearless. Save those Guardsmen, bring them to the front.

Heirlooms of Conquest[edit]

Note that only unnamed Company Commander from a Company Command Squad and an unnamed Lord Commissar can buy heirlooms and you are limited to one of each Heirloom per army.

  • The Emperor's Benediction: This Lord Commissar-only MC Bolt Pistol has Precision Shot to make him better at BLAMming certain enemies from range as well as being as strong as a Heavy Bolter. With BS5 on a Lord-Commissar, the master-crafted rule means it is almost guaranteed to hit something unless your roll 1s on both to-hit rolls. Also, it's a 5 point upgrade. GLORIOUS PISTOL OF THE EMPREROR that is quite cheap.
  • The Tactical Auto-Reliquary of Tyberius: CCS only. If the bearer issues an order and rolls doubles for the Ld test, he gains Inspired Tactics for that turn. But if it's a double 1, you lose its benefits for the rest of the game. Seeing how broken orders can be, this is troll-tastic.
    • Alternate Take: assuming you took a Commissar for boosted Ld, there is an extremely low possibility of you rolling doubles, especially with the usually limited orders because it specifies only the Senior Officer can use the TART. Far too random, and not worth even the paltry 25 points which can net you a reliably Stubborn Commissar or a Ministorum Priest.
  • Laurels of Command: CCS only. Giving friendly units within 6" the ability to choose whether or not they pass a morale test is good. Having those same units make a pinning test if the bearer dies is not. Hide out of sight like a bitch, and you won't ever worry about getting killed. In summary: costs as much as a Priest, has a 6" range, makes everybody panic if the bearer dies. Hmmm... no.
  • The Blade of Conquest: Lord Solar Macharius's personal sword is AP 3, S+1, and master-crafted. It costs as much as a power fist, while not being that much better than a power axe, since you generally won't be hitting first with your I3. Again, costs as much as a Hatred+Fearless, war hymn giving Priest which will fare you 10x better in close combat. It may be worthwhile to take it alongside the Deathmask but you're investing quite a lot into a Lord Commissar/Company Commander who is doubled out by S6 or higher. Keep scrolling.
  • The Deathmask of Ollanius: It may look creepy as hell, but you will use it anyway because it gives you a 4+ invulnerable save, Fear, and It Will Not Die. Also, using it is, in-universe and out, keeping the story of Ollanius Pius alive. However, given the fact that you already have a 5++, and IWND on a T3 character doesn't make much difference, it's not an auto-take.
  • Kurov's Aquila: CCS only. The user and all friendly units within 6" have Preferred Enemy and the bearer can reroll one failed Leadership test per turn. That means Template and blast template overspill. Whoops.
    • One good strategy involves camping inside a bastion to extend the radius incredibly far while the MoO looks out the window dropping artillery strikes. Just remember you can't give orders while embarked. Also, it's 60 points, the same price as a bare bones CCS. It is the most expensive of the heirlooms, and should only take it if you're running a Plasma heavy list (It's not like your list isn't point-sinking anyway).
    • To get the most out of this item, consider blobbing your squads and making a line with basic guardsmen from the main blob to the edge of the aquila range and concentrating big guns around the CCS: this way you are pretty much extending your preferred enemy field to almost your whole army. Can get hilarious when, say, you have 8 squads with plasmas and 3 squads of 3 punishers with preferred enemy.

Other Heirlooms being brought by named characters are:

  • Bale Eye: Commissar Yarrick decided if the Orks thought he could kill with a glare, he damn well made it so! It's essentially a Hot-Shot Laspistol that can be fired alongside Yarrick's Stormbolter!
  • Power Field: Yarrick's second Heirloom. Confers a 4+ Invuln on Yarrick.
  • Payback: Sgt. Harker's Rending Heavy Bolter. Rending is good.


Special Issue Wargear[edit]

Solid choices overall for the Imperial Guard, this is the list Lord Commissars and Company Commanders may take from in addition to the Heirlooms of Conquest.

  • Camo Gear Essentially grants Stealth, It stacks with stealth and shrouded, it increases all cover by +1 and gives 6+ cover in the open. It's not very expensive so is usually an auto take.
  • Carapace Armor - While a step up by granting a 4+, being 5 per model makes it a rather pricey method, so ignore the idea unless you absolutely need a team on the field. Of course, Company Command Squads except for the Company Commander get it at a discount price, so there is indeed that to consider.
  • Krak Grenades - Because Guardsmen aren't Space Marines they have to shovel out an extra points to get these things. A squad of Guardsmen with these can glance AV12 (and have a reasonable chance to penetrate AV10) and below to death in a heartbeat though! Lord Commissars start out with these by default, be mindful of that.
  • Melta bombs - Impractical because a Guardsmen shouldn't usually be going up against monstrous creatures or tanks. At least it's 5 points because with veterans it's too situational and a point sink for them.
    • Alternate Take: Sergeants can take these too. If you're taking a Priest with your blobs, it's recommended you take these to deter any Walkers/MCs your opponent will inevitably throw at you to slow them down. Also makes Knights think twice before they come to stomp on you.

Armor and Invulnerable[edit]

  • Flak Armor - The basic cardboard armor with an excellent and manly 5+ save.
  • Carapace Armor - See Special Issue Wargear above.
  • Power Armor - The standard MEQ 3+ Armor Save. Only Techpriests have it. Straken also has a 3+ Armor save but his wargear say he has Flak armor, when all he has is an Adamantium bionic right arm...and abs of steel. Yes, that's why his Flak Armor is 3+!
  • Refractor Field - 5+ Invulnerable Save. Company Commanders, Lord Commissars, and Primaris Psykers get these. Colonel "Iron Hand" Straken and Creed also have this by default.
  • Rosarius - 4+ Invulnerable Save. Only the Ministorum Priest gets this.

Ranged Equipment[edit]

This is the gear Commanders, Commissars, and Veteran/normal sergeants can take from.

  • Bolt Pistol - At 1 point, this is almost universally a better choice than the Laspistol your guys come with. It allows your guy to keep his multiple attacks while getting 1 S4 AP5 shot. Compare that to S3 AP- and you're jumping for this. However since Guard tend to abhor Melee, weigh carefully against its big brother below. Commissars and Lord Commissars get these by default.
  • Boltgun - Yeah, now we're talking! The primary small-arm of Space Marines is also available to Imperial Guard sergeants, Commissars, Lord Commissars and Platoon/Company Commanders. It costs the same as the pistol variant. So 1 measly point for rapid fire S4 AP5 shots. Not much, but far surpasses the crappy pistol-sized Flashlight your Sarge usually comes with. [Lord] Commissars can swap out their Pistols with this for free. If you don't mind losing the extra attack, adding to a unit's ranged Dakka is never a bad idea.
  • Plasma Pistol - Guaranteed to wreck the shit of a TEQ who gets too close. However, unlike Space Marines, Guardsmen lack the good saves unless you get Carapace Armor, so Gets Hot! is more likely to kill Guardsmen. Also costs as much as 3 normal guardsmen, and the exact same cost as its rifle counterpart. How about no.
  • Shotguns - Available to Imperial Guard veterans and Company Commanders. Technically it's under this category, but only the aforementioned units get them. Only S3 unlike the Space Marine scout variant and its range stinks.

Special Weapons[edit]

Often taken alongside lasguns for extra firepower, one can be taken per squad. Command Squads can take up to 4 of these. Veterans and Special Weapon squads can take 3 of these. Tempestus Scions can take 2 of these. Rough Riders can take one but who the hell uses Rough Riders anyway?

  • Sniper Rifle - Always wounds infantry on 4s and is AP6. It's the cheapest option at 2 points, but with mediocre BS Ratlings can do it much better because they can run after shooting which Guardsmen cannot do. Also, thanks to 7th Edition Sniper Rifles no longer have Rending or pinning. However rolls of 6 to-wound are still AP2, and the weapon is S4 when resolved against vehicles. Not good unfortunately, but with some luck you can find your guardsmen shooting down a terminator and almost ten times his points back. It's good idea to equip yout PCS with these since they are going to sit with their thumbs up their asses behind their platoon anyway. Can't be taken by Rough Riders or Tempestus Scions.
  • Flamer - Guaranteed to wreck the shit of mass infantry (Orks, I'm looking at you). It doesn't roll to hit so the 1 option a basic infantry squad can use better while veterans usually can take much more effective gear to capitalize on BS4. Also allows for some very painful Overwatch. Minimum of one should be taken in multi-squad blob.
  • Grenade Launcher - The older brother of your standard grenades and the little brother of a missile launcher. Can take a S3 AP6 small blast or a S6 AP4 Krak grenade. Pass for flamer.
  • Hot-shot Volley Gun - It's the new Storm Trooper exclusive Special Weapon. It's Salvo 2/4 and AP3 but is S4 so it's good if you're using the Stormtroopers as a defensive fire base or for camping on an objective with them.
  • Heavy Flamer - Only Platoon/Company Command Squads and Veterans can take them but I'll leave this here. S5 AP4 template weapon which makes Orks and Tyranids cry as their infantry fall like a house of cards in the wind. As with the flamer, superior BS of CCS and Veterans is wasted here unless you have a specific plan for them (like anticipating hordes, and lots of them). The Heavy Flamer takes up one of your 3 special weapons choices nowadays, so it stands as an effective niche choice. However it is powerful "suprise batbeque" choice if you kit your PCS with Hflamer and flamers and drop them from vendetta among enemy infantry.
  • Meltaguns - As before with all Imperium Armies, it's your close range anti-tank or anti-TEQ if you don't have plasma. Always remember to check if the vehicle is 6" away so you can use the melta rule (Roll 2D6 for vehicle damage if you're within 1/2 the gun's range, applies to Multi-melta too).
  • Plasma gun - Your primary anti-TEQ gun. However, unlike Space Marines, Guardsmen lack the good saves unless you get Carapace Armor, so Gets Hot! is more likely to kill Guardsmen. May be too expensive and definitely too risky.
  • Demolition Charge - It's Special Weapons team exclusive or comes with the Demolitions Doctrine. It's a desperation S8 AP2 large blast for them. Often used to finish off Tanks, but if taken with the Demolition doctrine you may as well get stuck in with Melta Bombs for they do the job better. Hilarious if it scatters back onto the user's squad. Also it's expensive as shit at 10x the cost of a sniper rifle.

Heavy Weapons[edit]

Can be taken by Heavy Weapon teams, so 3 in a Heavy Weapon Squad, and 1 per Command/infantry/Veterans squad on the table. You can stick the Heavy Weapons in with normal squads since a HWS is pretty fragile for its points value.

  • Mortars - A S4 AP6 Small Blast with Barrage so it's good for killing things out of line of site and it has a solid range. Effective at taking out footslogging infantry like Orks, Tyranids and Daemons. Unfortunately, the Wyvern is literally 5 points more than a full Heavy Weapon Squad of 3 Mortars, and does the same job with Twin-link and Shred. At least Mortars don't take up a Heavy Support slot.
  • Heavy Bolter - It's good at anti-infantry in general but against light tanks the Autocannon serves you better. Also it's available on every vehicle you have. Look elsewhere for a Weapons team.
  • Autocannon - Costs as much as a Heavy Bolter at the same AP without the extra shot. However, S7 means it's great at wounding infantry and stands a fair chance at penetrating light vehicles. Well rounded and versatile option that often finds a home in Imperial Guard lists.
  • Missile Launcher - The most versatile of the heavy weapons choices. Can choose between a S4 AP6 blast or a S8 AP3 Krak missile. Infantry or vehicles will suffer!
    • Flakk Missiles - For extra points you can get missiles with the skyfire rule. But don't do it since they're too expensive. Just take more Autocannons.
  • Lascannon - The Lasgun's big brother. It's your main source of long ranged anti-tank, as it is in the Space Marine Codex.

These can't be taken by Heavy Weapons team but for all intents and purposes are counted as such:

  • Multi-Melta: Surprisingly can be taken by Forgeworld Drop Sentinels, and can be taken by Servitors. It's a 24" melta that can roll 2D6 for penetration within 12" due to the Melta Rule.
  • Plasma Cannon: Available to Servitors and as a potentially expensive Sponson on the Leman Russ. Costs the same as a Plasma Gun (and Pistol...) for a S7 AP2 blast that can get hot. Still useful to take out clumped squads of Space Marines.

Melee Weapons[edit]

Usually this is not where you want your Guardsmen to be since they're I3, S/T3 and with 1 attack, but being an Imperium army they too get access to Imperium-standard gear. Company/Platoon Commanders, and any types of Sergeants and/or Commissars can take these.

  • Power Weapons - Comes in standard Axe, Lance, Sword, and Maul forms. Honestly, if you're looking here, you should probably grab an Axe. At I3, you're probably striking last already (except against non-MoS Cultists, Sisters of Battle, other Guard or Tau. You strike before Necrons and Ork Boyz too but if you're in combat with either, you're gonna get crunched) and having S4 and AP2 will probably serve you well. The Guard Codex allows Rough Riders to take Hunting Lances which let them strike at S+2, Initiative +2 and AP3 but good luck getting into close combat in the Dakka days of 40k.
  • Power Fists - Despite how expensive it is after a price hike, Power Fists are usually the better options since I3 means a majority of armies strike before your guys do. But, weigh carefully against Power Axes. 10 points extra for S6, or slightly cheaper at S4 and have an extra attack? Be warned, non-Veteran Sergeants can't take these.
  • Force Weapons - Primaris Psyker only. Comes in 3 flavors: Axe, Sword, or Staff. The Staff is probably the best choice to go with because S+2 and hitting at initiative makes up for AP4. The Force Axe allows you to strike at S+1 AP2 and you generally won't be hitting first at I3 so unwieldy isn't as much a downside to ignoring all armor. The Force Sword being only S:User in spite of AP3 seems like the worst choice, but if you get Iron Arm or Hammerhand, it becomes oh so much more attractive. At least Primaris Psykers get any one of these for free.


Banners/Flags for your army. Have a parade before you drown your enemy in fire. Technically considered Special-Issue Wargear by the codex, but can only be taken by specific squads. Funnily only available to units that don't need them.

  • Platoon Standard - Platoon Command Squad and Militarum Tempestus Command Squad only. Counts as causing an additional wound in close combat for the purpose of calculating assault results. Nigh useless, as either Command Squad cannot be reliably equipped for Assault, (Partially true. Normal PCS can have any member grab a Laspistol+Chainsword for 2 attacks/model base, not any better off in CC to be frank) nor will you be reliably winning close combat with a PCS/MTCS, even with the help of a blob Infantry Squad loaded for bear. Keep your points, spend on bodies and guns.
  • Regimental Standard - Company Command Squad only. In addition to the Platoon Standard rules, the Regimental Standard also creates a 12" re-rollable Morale/Pinning/Fear test bubble. Useful for the Morale test re-roll, and could win you a sweeping advance or two with a Straken CCS. May give you overlapping results with a Lord Commissar, Kurov's Aquila, or the Draconian Disciplinarian Warlord Trait.


  • Desert Raiders (Forge World) - Not so much of an item as an upgrade for command squads and infantry. It allows you to emulate the Tallarn Desert Raiders by getting Move Through Cover and re-roll 1s to-hit on shooting, but may never take Carapace. This is a cool idea if not expensive at 20 per unit, as it allows you to hop around cover like no tomorrow while pissing off anything without Ignores Cover.

Vehicle Equipment[edit]

On top of the standard dozer blade, smoke launchers, extra armour and pintle mounted weapons, the guard also got some neat new wargear for vehicles.

  • Augur Array: Basically prevents deep striking units from scattering around the vehicle. Considered how little the guard has in the way of deep striking units and the cost of the equipment, this can be a pass. If you do take it, put it on a vehicle that has good armor (Leman Russ) or can move fast (Hellhounds). Useful if you have a deep strike heavy ally detachment or you play LOTS of Scions in your list.
  • Camo netting: Gives the vehicle a +1 to cover saves. Useful on just about everything. Put on a Leman Russ to maximize the survivability of tank. Also note that cover save is no longer restricted to just staying still. Note that it stacks both with Stealth and Shrouded, meaning that Psychic mindfuckery can lead you to 3+ cover on open ground.
  • Enclosed Crew Compartment: A must for your arty. Makes open-topped vehicles no longer open-topped. Your Basilisk is no longer one hit by a missile launcher! ...Wait why did you have your Basilisk out in the open? Stuff it behind rocks ASAP!
  • Fire Barrels: This is a neat piece of wargear. Basically gives the vehicle a one time use flamer against charging units. At the low cost of 10 points, the barrels will generally not disappoint, although the lack of Soul Blaze is interesting. Sentinels can't take them. Meh on the longer ranged Leman Russes. Autoinclude on Hellhounds (specifically if you opt for Heavy Flamer) and other Hellhound variants.
  • Recovery Gear: For 5 points, you get a 1 and 6 chance to make a vehicle no longer immobilized. Take it, do not even argue. Watch your opponent's face when your Demolisher tank he just immobilized comes back into action. Use with tech priest to get a second (if not worse) chance to get the vehicle moving again. With how many vehicles the guard has, a 1 in 6 chance is better then no chance. Be warned that it does not restore a Hull Point. Still useful if you have some points to spare and can't plug in a Techpriest with a couple of Servitors.
  • Relic Plating: 3 points for Adamantium Will, protecting your tanks from annoying psychic powers like Puppet Master. Except that only one vehicle DOES receive the rule - but RAW, other vehicles get to benefit from it as well. Still a auto-include on any mechanized unit that you're sinking points into, particularly LR squadrons with Pask or a generic tank commander. If vehicles are used in squadrons, best to give all tanks the upgrade. Having the squadron rely on one vehicle to have Adamantium Will is risky, as that tank will be automatically singled out for attacks.
  • Pintle Weapons: Though not an auto-include, the pintle weapons do need to be noted. For 5 points, most vehicles (meaning everything but sentinels) can take either a storm bolter or a heavy stubber. Avoid getting the storm bolter. Heavy stubbers have an extra attack, longer range, and cost just the same as a storm bolter. Yes, storm boltars have better AP, but is AP5 really worth more over range and number of attack? Also, pintles are only really worth having on chimeras and leman russes. Putting a pintle weapon on a basilisk or Emperor forbid, a Deathstrike missile launcher is a waste of points. The only reason you would put a pintle on those vehicles is to avoid losing the main weapon to weapon destroyed rolls. If that is the case, just take camo netting instead.


The order system, is one of the most important and most raged about additions to the Imperial Guard codex. When you are about to declare a Ld check for an order, get your troll face on. The fact is, is that sisters are only decent now because of faith points. Now the same will be said about guard and the orders system. With orders your lasguns become 30-50% more effective. No, this isn't a joke. You get to ignore cover or rerolls against armored/monstrous enemies. Your units can grow Space Elf ears, shooting then running, or turn Space Commie blue and split fire all over the place. Your run move is guaranteed to be decent, or you can pin the hell out of anything not fearless. Oh, wait. Don't forget anyone can be a makeshift sniper now. Some call it broken, but you can not give orders to those inside vehicles. So the most broken list of guard currently, can not make full use of them. Anyway, orders are the shit. And you don't even need lady luck on your side. With the right vox system ( Doesn't work when an officer orders his own unit ) and use of other leaders Ld *COUGH* commissar *COUGH*, you should be able to roll a saving grace.

There are two special rules for rolling doubles of certain kinds:

  • Inspired Tactics: Roll 2D6 like you would for any Orders test. On a double one, all Orders for the rest of the turn automatically pass.
  • Incompetent Command: Roll 2D6. On a double six, you cannot issue orders for the rest of your turn. It is not pretty when a blob squad fails to issue remaining orders when Genestealers/Boyz/melee deathstar units are bearing down on you.

The orders are as follows:

  • Bring it Down! - Senior Officers only. Grants a squad Tank Hunters/Monster Hunters when engaging a Monstrous Creature(s)/Enemy Vehicle(s).
  • Fire on my Target! - Senior Officers only. Grants a squad ignores cover ability. Suck it Tau, Orks, and Dark Eldar! Due to the specific wording, it also applies to Jink saves, because a Jink save improves a vehicle's cover save by 2. Dark Eldar Cardboard boxes, Jetbikers, and Eldar Skimmers can kiss their asses goodbye.
  • Get Back in the Fight! - Senior Officers only. Let's you basically get a squad that's falling back or gone to ground to instantly regroup. If the unit was falling back, it does not make a 3 move like it normally would.
  • First Rank, FIRE! Second Rank, FIRE! - Your most frequently issued order, Rank Fire basically gives you guardsmen an additional shot if they are using Lasguns or Hot-Shot Lasguns. There are few things that match the expression of the opponent's face when you get to roll 28 dice at the same time, which means that even at BS3 and Strength 3 (and possibly AP3 in the case of hotshot lasguns), the enemy is in the sea of possible pain. Use with combined squads for extra hilarity, and don't forget to ask your opponent if you can borrow his dice.
  • Move! Move! Move! - The targeted squad must Run, and chooses the highest result of three dice when doing so. For example, you want to run with a big blob and contest an objective? Your odds of making it within 3" are now better.
  • Smite at Will!- Targeted Squad makes a shooting attack with the Split Fire special rule. Useful if you forgot to make a separate Heavy Weapon Squad with a specialized weapon set.
  • Forwards, for the Emperor!- Targeted Squad makes a shooting attack and must immediately Run after making it. This is how you move those heavy weapon teams and still get their regular shots. Alternatively, move your guardsmen out of the way of your Tank so an enemy unit cannot declare 5+ cover from intervening models, squeeze off shots with this order, then bubble-wrap the tank again with the run move.
  • Suppressive Fire!- The Targeted Squad makes a shooting attack with the Pinning special rule. Due to the new Ork Mob rule and their horrendous Ld7, you are now matched with Eldar for Anti-Ork capabilities by combining this order with your Lasguns. Otherwise, all other armies have fearless or too high Ld for Pinning to really work.
  • Take Aim!- The Targeted Squad makes a shooting attack with the Precision Shots special rule. With 7th edition, it has been clarified to need a 6 to land a precision shot. Useful for piling up large amounts of wounds on a sergeant or model with a special weapon you don't want near your stuff, or pick out Chariot drivers in case someone was playing Daemons and thought that seeker cavalcade was a good idea.

Tank Commanders get their own set of orders that only affect the unit the Tank Commander is attached to:

  • Full Throttle!- Tank commander's unit moves flat out, moving 6+d6 (ignoring the limitation from being Heavy vehicles). Nice if some unit ended up catching your tanks by surprise and you need to get out of there fast.
  • Gunners, Kill on Sight!- Tank Commander's unit shoots and the Tank commander must shoot at a different target from the rest of the unit. Pretty much Split-Fire, but for tanks. Has potential.
  • Strike and Shroud!- Tank Commander's unit makes a shooting attack, and then all vehicles that have not used their smoke launchers previously must use their smoke launchers. Useful if you haven't used your smokes, and enemy has caught your unit off-guard but you dont want to sacrifice your shooting for 5+ cover.

Unit Analysis[edit]


  • Company Command Squad: This squad provides leadership to the many. It orders around those who can order around others. This unit gets orders. It gets an ample selection of gear, and some nice buff bodies. This includes a 20pt large blast, penalize the enemy reserve rolls and bonuses to your own. This unit can have its leader switched out with other named leaders with awesome powers and gear. Simply because most other HQ choices lack the capability to survive on their own, either due to lack of invulnerable save and/or relatively weak statline in comparison to HQs of other factions, this should be your HQ of choice. If you want to kit out one, do note that the Company Commander buys his equipment ( Krak grenades, carapace armor, camo gear ) separately from the veterans, and for a different - more expensive - price. Do not skip this because it may invalidate your army list. Also NEVER forget buying camo gear for the commander!!!
      • Officer of the Fleet: Why AREN'T you using these?! Officer of the Fleet is a great asset to add to a command squad. Apparently astropath/officer combos were too much trolling, so now the Officer must pass a command test to either give you a +1 to your reserves or force a -1 on enemy reserve rolls, and could seriously jeopardize their well-thought schemes. However, he won't stop drop pods and if the enemy doesn't reserve anything you've bough an expensive meat shield. So a bit more random, at Ld7 it's a bit of a risky gamble, and forces you to choose buff or bane. Still an auto-include. In combat, the Officer is as good as dead - use him as another warm body to stop a shot for your commander in the back of the squad. Contrary to what has previously been written, the Officer of the Fleet does NOT have the Character special rule, thus he cannot accept Challenges on the Company Commander's behalf (Page 31 and the reference of the IG Codex make no hint of it), so unfortunately no challenge hilarity. He is also a massive fuck you towards Daemons players.
      • Astropath: New codex changed shit, this guy no longer gives a +1 to your Reserves. With the new Psychic phase, this guy gets an extra Warp Charge into the pool for just 25 points, and Telepathy is great for manifesting Psychic Shriek as well as having the Command Squad deny on 5s (RAW, Psyker rule adds +1 modifier to Deny rolls). He can only manifest Telepathic powers, though. Roll Invisibility once every six games and watch your opponent groan (like when you kill a Nurgle Daemon Prince with five veterans and a sergeant). Probably the only one of the 3 Advisors you don't want to use as a Look out Sir! meatshield for he is the most consistent with is Psychic powers and his denying abilities. Also if you feel particularily trollish then use this guy to summon daemons since he can take powers from Malefic Daemonology as of 7th edition. Oh that 20 point astropath? Now a 275 point Bloodthirster of Insatiable Raeg!
      • Master of Ordnance: This guy is like a tiny Basilisk. Once per turn he is able to call down a Basilisk-type attack on the enemy, always subject to scatter - 3D6" and "only" 2D6" when scoring a hit - through you can still substract his BS if you have LoS. Not very good unfortunately, but can be fun for spamming pie plates unless you want to have a primaris psyker babysit them with prescience - which is a viable option, but you are bound to resent the inflated point cost and hassle of it all. However, since the bombardment has an unlimited range, if you place Master of Ordnance ANYWHERE, it can be used to troll Ork and Tyranid swarms with a Strength 9 plate of instant death (which can now ignore cover with orders), since it's likely to land on something or other. If the Master of Ordinance wants to put the big guns on something else, the Order "Smite At Will!" provides split fire to allow him to do so. Again, once in close-combat or perhaps, if your Company Command Squad gets dismounted or shot at, just push him in front of a bullet. He's useless if there's nothing to shoot at or if you have to run around since it can't be fired on the move. Something worth considering is dropping an Inquisitor with an Psyoccolum into the squad. Use the Master of Ordinance to snipe Psykers, reducing the scatter by 10 when having LoS will help make up for the poor accuracy.
  • Lord Commissar: Lord Commissar is a Independent buffed out Commissar, the key ability of him makes everyone around him LD10 and Stubborn. And that is awesome. The main issue is that he is a kill point himself and he takes away a slot of HQ for more Company Command Squads. Let it not be said that he doesn't have his own uses, though. You want a blob-platoon to do REALLY well? Bind 'em into one giant squad, put a Lord Commissar in there and run it all over the place killing everything in sight. Seriously. 30 guys means 3 Sergeants with Power Weapons, 60+ attacks on the charge and a Lord Commissar with a Power Weapon as gravy. Combined Squad of 50 lead by Lord Commissar is likely to make the opponent cry. It's also Stubborn, so watch your friends complain about how the squad is still coming at them despite missing half of the guys once in it. If you're feeling particularly threatened, stick him in the middle of a Combined Squad so he will never be shot at (except by Snipers and Precision shots. Also, Independent Character grants 2+ LoS! just in case...), and you can ignore challenges in favor of a slightly less potent Leadership of generic Commissars in the squad - particularly useful, as unlike Chaos Champions and such, you will lack the capability to take damage that will easily go through your armor (Initiative 3 forcing you to take first hits doesn't help much, either). For this same reason, using Lord Commissar to keep Conscript Squads useful is not a good idea due to lack of distraction sergeants and poor Ld. Just be aware that he can't be Warlord if you've taken any Company Command Squads.
    • Important notes regarding Summary Execution! - Firstly, Summary Execution allows you to reroll your leadership the first time you fail it. So a Regimental Standard works wonders by staving this ability off a little longer. However, now when you use it, you have to roll a d6- on a 1-2, your opponent gets to choose who gets BLAMed instead of you. It's not a pretty sight when you accidentally execute the guy with the meltagun right when a tank is bearing down on you.
  • Tank Commander: The Tank Commander is a whole bucket of fun for any mechanized army. An upgrade to any Leman Russ, he changes the type of that unit to HQ from Heavy Support, has BS4. Awesome. He can be a Warlord (Regardless of Ld since he hasn't any stat except BS, through he acts as Ld9 for the purpose of orders), and is a character, so gets precision shots and Look Out, Sir! (as the rule does not exclude tanks for whatever reason.) Look out Sir! only works on wounds (unsaved or otherwise), so yeah. Still awesome. Must have 1 other Russ in his squadron and up to 2. Awesome. Issues a special set of orders to himself and his squadron, as described in the "Orders" section. And he only costs 30 points (not counting the cost for the tank squadron itself). Awesome. Overall, the Tank Commander is a very good, but extremely expensive option as he and his Squadron can very easily soak up points rather quickly.

Special Characters[edit]
  • Commissar Yarrick: Awesome, fluffy man. Costs quite a bit but far less than what he cost in 5th ed codex, putting him only at 5 more than a regular Lord Commissar with a 4++ save, Carapace Armor, Storm Bolter and a power fist, making him fairly cheap for what he brings. Very close combat oriented. He can come back from the dead... a lot. He has some nifty gadgets. Yarrick also has a reputation of being nasty as crap in close combat; he can take on Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka one-on-one and have a fighting chance of coming out on top. He's got an official Power klaw, a decent WS, he's got Eternal Warrior and his come back from the dead bullshit, and is a senior officer. Additionally, his Baleful Eye(counts as a Heirloom) now acts like a hotshot laspistol and he carries a power field for a much-needed 4+ invulnerable save (also a Heirloom). However, he is no longer Fearless ( And doesn't get Stubborn in return ) and can be overrun in close combat with some bad Ld rolls. Furthermore despite now being able to issue orders like an Officer, he cannot be your warlord if you have another Senior Officer in your army due to the Chain of Command rule (Some argue it's poorly written, but Chain of Command overrides Yarrick's Senior Officer rule since it's for issuing extra and better orders only). But if he is your warlord he has a Draconian Disciplinarian warlord trait negating somewhat the loss of fearless rule. He can also Summary Execute (not that it fits his fluff, but whatever) so use that to your advantage as well. If you take Yarrick, you better take him as a warlord. Otherwise he ends up as an expensive Commissar with few of the perks of a Commissar. Want a CCS too? Creed doesn't have the Senior Officer rule, so if you have both, you can choose your warlord!
  • Ursarkar E. Creed: For a decent point cost, one Company Commander may be upgraded to Creed. Creed is pretty nifty for a couple of things now, although he can't do his classic Tactical Genius-ing any longer (at least, not without the right Warlord Trait). Instead, he can issue 3 orders per turn, AND gets two Warlord Traits (which he can roll on two different charts for), AND rerolls all failed orders. His two hotshot laspistols now mean that he benefits from Gunslinger. Do note that since a roll cannot be rerolled more than once, his special rule prevents him from benefiting from vox-casters. Thus, if you have no other officer in your army ( Full vet' or mechanized ), of his cost of 80 can be deduced the cost of all vox-casters you would have taken, making him fairly cheap in this configuration.
    • Sergeant Kell: Kell now can only be used by a force that already contains Creed and acts more like a bodyguard than a support unit. He can still allow units to use his leadership ( 8 - useful when trying to order squads without leaders that wouldn't otherwise benefit from a commissar, like special/heavy weapon teams, Conscripts or ratlings ) in an Order test and he now automatically succeeds LoS! rolls if the wound is allocated to him instead of another member in the unit (i.e. Creed). He can also auto-pass Glorious Interventions (which he must perform when possible). His cost includes a Regimental banner, both a power fist and a power sword and 2 wounds.
  • Colonel "Iron Hand" Straken: The new Codex gave Straken a couple of nice buffs with Monster Hunter and Smash he can now hold his own against armored units and MCs, and all units within 6 inches of him gain Furious Charge and Counter-Attack. (Keep a few Ogryns or Bullgryn near him to make the most of this bubble.) With 3+1 attacks basic, at S6, I3 and AP2: Straken makes Hammernators crap their metal pants. Of course, he is unlikely to survive unless his squad is optimized for such an occasion, so it would be a good idea to have 3-4 Melta Guns (being able to bring down some terminators before an assault far outclasses the extra attack from the pistol) and Nork Deddog to accompany him. Alternatively with Implacable Determination, his command squad has Relentless (allowing Relentless Snipers/ Plasma Gunners or a Relentless Lascannon/ Autocannon for some dakka then charge action, or better yet, a master of ordnance for a Baslisk blast before charging!) This way, you can charge most CC units and get away with it. Eldar, Dark Eldar and Necrons may give you trouble though. Also, you may have to bite your tongue if you come up against a squad full of power weapons, i.e Space Marines or Grey Knights especially! Instead, pull back, shoot them to pieces, and then throw a pie plate on top of them because otherwise, you'll be forced to challenge them and he's not gonna survive that. Don't forget you can always measure their threat distance to be sure.
  • Nork Deddog: Nork is one o' da smartest Ogryns. He and da commanda have a bond. When he dies, he attacks every bad guy trying to hurt the commander. If your command squad is going to be in the fray of battle, take this somewhat expensive body guard. Now gets along well with Commissars ( But using Summary Execution in a CCS is a VERY bad idea anyway ) to the point they can never execute him. Now he also gets FnP, HoW, Stubborn, and can sacrifice his regular attacks (including the ones he gets when he dies) to perform a headbutt that has a profile of S+3, AP3, and Concussive. (Yes, this means he can now ID a Space Marine Captain.) Like Kell, he also has to make Glorious Interventions and automatically passes them. However due to majority unit toughness his toughness is essentially 3 so don't expect great things from him, except if you expected him to not die from S6 shot.
  • Knight Commander Pask: The Guard's tank ace has some new tricks that give whatever tank he's riding in a bigger boost than that of a basic Tank Commander. Pask's tank can reroll to penetrate armour, and it also gains additional bonuses depending on the tank:
    • Leman Russ, Vanquisher, Demolisher, and Eradicator can reroll to-hit rolls. In the case of all but the Vanquisher, this will be the scatter dice.
    • Exterminator and Punisher gain Rending. A rending Punisher ( 20 S5 shots, benefitting from Pask even more if he's warlord) with him is so popular it is known as a Pasknisher.
    • Executioner gains an alternate firing profile: 36" S7 AP2, Heavy 1, Large blast, Blind, Gets Hot!
    • Just be warned, what ever his Tank is, make sure he is used. If you search forums and all the Facebook groups and shit there is a 99.9% chance that it has Pask as the warlord in army lists. He's an extra 40 points on top of the points you already paid for a generic Tank Commander, plus the Russes you must buy. He'll bloat the cost of a squad so it cannot be emphasized enough; make sure you get your point's worth!!!
  • General Myndoras Odon (Forge World): Patton of 40k. Killed a bunch of Eldar on some ice ball then died next campaign when his transport flipped (Patton died in a car crash after the war). A kinda cheap upgrade to a CCS (not counting the upgrades to the squad, Odon is only 30 points) but the gear on his squad is chosen for you: krak grenades, a vox, a meltagun & a reg banner. You can still pick advisors so stick at least a MoO with him for laughs as he can't take a heavy weapon. He's sorta a poor man's Creed. With the same standard orders, the same Ld & can give up to 3 orders per turn, he but trades Creed's ability to re-roll orders for a double order radius of 24". He's not a tactical genius but he re-rolls Seize the Initiative. If you have points to spare, give whatever you plan to order a vox. Oh & he can take a dedicated Chimera or VALKYRIE! Take the Valk & let some vet/spec wep squad jack it. Take him as one CCS & Creed/Kell in another for two massive order bubbles with bubbles of re-roll morale/pinning.
  • Colonel 'Snake' Stranski (Forge World (IA1)): Mechanised, scoring command squad. 225 points for the Colonel, 4 vets and their Chimera and, as above, you can't choose the upgrades for the squad or transport (Med-pack and lasgun, vox and lasgun, 2 meltaguns). The Colonel has a nice little rule - when firing from the Chimera, his 2 plasma pistols count as Twin-Linked.

Regimental Specialists[edit]

0-3 of each of these units that don't take up any slots. All are independent characters.

  • Primaris Psyker: Can upgrade to Mastery Level Two, comes with free force weapon, cheap and adds +1 to a Squad's Deny rolls. What's not to like? Keep in mind that the new Force Staff rules make the Psyker strike at Strength 5, with AP 4, and with Concussive Force (Thunder Hammer rules). Gone are Lightning Arc and Nightshroud making him even more of a support character. He can take from Pyromancy, Biomancy, Telekinesis, Daemonology and now he gets access to Divination. Enjoy rerolling hits on everything. Gets executed in case of Perils of the Warp if there is a Commissar(-lord/Yarrick) in the same squad, so no FnP save and the fact he has 2 wounds ( His stats are surprisingly good, maybe because GW forgot to change them with the step down from the HQ FoC slot ? ) won't save him. Also, don't forget he's Ld 9. If you fancy using Heavy Weapon Teams, but hate how often they ignore your orders, just attach and enjoy.
  • Ministorum Priest: These guys are your cheap unit buffers. They are Zealots (Fearless and Hatred) and they can use war hymns in the assault phase to additionally augment their unit (reroll to wound, reroll failed saves, or grants the Preacher Smash, which is hilarious, albeit for the most part impractical). Rerolling Saves in assault is really handy in fact, since re-rolling 5+ saves is nearly equivalent to power armour, anything without a Power Weapon (Orks without Choppas / Berserkers without Chainaxes) will find the Guardsmen tough to shift. The hymns now affect Ogryns - and bullgryns. These guys are best used in offensive units, since Fearless does prevent you from going to ground (don't put them in a blobs hiding in cover with objective or units behind aegis lines). Don't rely too heavily on those hymns, because he can only choose one hymn at the beginning of the Assault Phase and the war hymns are tested on his Ld7. Comes with a Laspistol, but can upgrade to a Plasma gun for a few extra points or an Autogun for free. Unless you care about the Priest getting an extra attack in Close Combat along with an hymn, adding to the unit's ranged dakka isn't a bad idea.
  • Techpriest Enginseer: Like your Basilisks, Hydras and any other vehicle? Then the Enginseer is a must have. The Techpreist Enginseer has gone from being the least valid HQ in the codex, to an auto include for many builds. His main strength is his ability to "fix" immobilized and weapon destroyed results. Oh, and he can also give vehicles Hull Points if they've lost any... FUCKING AWESOME! The only real down-side with him is that he has a little problem keeping up with some faster moving units (Hell Hounds and Chimeras mostly) but he can always run his little mechanical legs or if you want, buy him some fucking transport. Servitors are also better; and by better, we mean half the price, nice. Take him with 4~5 servitors and watch "Robe"o-Cop (see what I did there?) fix things to kick ass for him; still pretty bad ass. If you really want a vehicle or group of vehicle to stay alive, say a Demolisher squadron, Knight or even a Lord of War choice ( Through it's a lot more effective if the vehicle can't Explode!, obviously ), several Enginseers can benefit from the same Servitors, so say you got 1 techpriest with 4 servitors ( Enough to auto-pass the repair check ), simply doubling the cost to take 2 more enginseers will actually triple the amount of things you can repair. This squad, right behind a wall of hulls, will survive, and will repair everything at hand, and if it is a transport Lord of War ( Notice they can embark several squads ) such as a Doomhammer, for the mere cost of 80 points and 7 transport spots, it regains 3 hull points per turn.
    • Servitors: Well-armored and start with power fists, which are actually viable since they increase the Techpriest's chances at repairing shit. A cheap way to put some plasma cannons onto the field. But there's a catch- if the Servitor squad doesn't have a Techpriest in it, the Servitors have a 50-50 chance of being unable to move, shoot, or assault that turn (Though they will still fight if already locked in close combat).
    • Fun thing, take servitors with plasmacannons and use the order Fire on my target to get 2 S7 AP2 Ignores Cover blasts, its fun against heavily armored gloryboys and ruin camping blueberry scum!
    • The Enginseer can now skip its shooting phase to grant a vehicle Power of the Machine Spirit for one turn. Hilarity ensues if you use this with a Baneblade. Does that actually do anything? Answer = Super-heavies can fire at multiple targets anyway, so it does nothing. Allows Leman Russes with Ordnance primary weapons (Ordnance weapons make you fire all other weapons as snap shots. Heavy allows you to always count as having remained stationnary, which allows it in no way to ignore the Ordnance restriction - if it would, the same would apply, in a lesser extent, to any other type of vehicle, which would make the rule totally useless) - Regular & Demolisher - to fire one more weapon at full BS and optionally fire it at a different target, as opposed to snap shots. This would allow these LR to truly - or at all - benefit from a hull-mounted Lascannon or Heavy flamer - Or sponson Multi-Meltas/plasma cannons, but only one out of two would be affected. However, a Vanquisher can now slap on a trio of heavy bolters and, thanks to PotMS, actually do what you'd think it naturally would. Put the right guns on the right targets.
    • Enginseers are auto-include, with at least 2 servitors if you take Imperial Knight or Superheavy in your list, because those high value targets are going to need some fixing after the enemy gets his groove on!
    • Trojan Support Vehicle (Forge World): This ammo carrier can be purchased as Techpriest's dedicated transport. It has cardboard armor despite being built on Chimera chassis, and is armed with only hull mounted heavy bolter. But that's not the point. The point is that it can bestow Preferred Enemy (Everyone!) rule to a single tank or artillery model in 6". This works best with things which pack a lot of dakka - like Leman Russ Punisher. Also good for re-rolling gets hot on plasma Russ.
  • Commissar: Not exactly 0-3 like the other advisors, nor are they Independent characters, however you get one per Company or Platoon Command squad in your army for 25pts. He can be attached to pretty much any squad other than Ratlings or Psykers but has to stay there for the entire battle. He grants the squad Stubborn (so don't bother with Ogryns) and can OPT to summarily execute a squad member to automatically pass a Ld test after rolling for one. Only problem is you have to roll a D6. On a 3+, you choose, 1 or 2, your opponent chooses. Not great if this happens to a squad with one melta-gun when a land raider full of terminators is bearing down on them. The freedom to put them in any unit you like gives you the flexibility to add a little melee / morale boost to any squad that you might not put a different advisor in. Don't forget that Commissars can swap their bolt pistol out for a bolter at no extra point cost. Unless you want your Commissar getting an extra attack in melee, adding to the squad's ranged dakka isn't a terrible idea.


All Imperial Guard Troop Choices are so versatile, you can write whole separate articles on tactics for any bit of the following alone which we eventually will at this rate!

  • Infantry Platoon: Basic core of the army. Consists of a multitude of parts and options. Think of it as a force organization chart in your force organization chart, so you can write yo list while you can write yo list. Can add on extra squads of Heavy and Special Weapon Squads to support the Infantry Squads' lasgun spam. You could also put your heavy weapons in Infantry squads, but then you'll have to waste lasgun fire if you need to engage heavy opponents and tanks. Note: Everything here has Objective Secured in a battle-forged army. These guys are invaluable on that aspect alone. Say, did that Eldar player wipe out that 50 man Infantry blob? That's cool, remind him of that 36 point Sniper SWS on the far objective when the game ends.
    • Platoon Command Squad: (1) This unit can be tricked out much like the CCS (barring options for Camo-Cloaks or Carapace), yet do not have the accuracy of Veterans. Additionally, the Platoon Commander is less efficient at issuing orders, only being able to make one per turn from a limited pool of choices. Not great, but they do have their moments of glory. Actually, the fact that you can have one for each platoon you have, and with the latest Codex their options are not as limited. Ordering a Heavy Weapons Squad to move and shoot in the same turn? Yes please. Since the amount of orders he can use are limited, use this squad to order those orders, meaning your CCS can be free to use the "better" orders. Pretty neat. Also, for only 20 points, you get a 5 man squad with 4 flamers, basically saying a giant FUCK YOU to hordes, and has use as a counter attack unit. I say pretty damn good if you ask me, just keep them running behind your infantry platoon and issuing orders and he'll be fine and dandy.
      • Fun little thing to try out: For 40 points extra, run a 5 man squad with 4 meltas and make Terminators and Tanks weep.
    • Infantry Squad: (2-5) If you play blob guard, this is going to be your bread and butter, if you play a balance of blob and mech, you are still going to take these dudes, because they make it happen. They are paper thin, only hit half the time, and they run away if it can't be helped. But its for fucking sure that they can be made a monster. They can become Stubborn and get a Ld of 9 with a Commissar, the squad can be combined with other squads of the same kind to make huge tar pits. With 30 men, First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire can make them fire 84 shots in one turn. That's a whole lot of diddly. They can take a heavy weapon and a special weapon. This can be combined to make many different options. A basic set up would be a Grenade Launcher or a Flamethrower, to be able to provide additional firepower to the backbone of lasgun spam. On top of that, If the squad is going to be a gun line, add in an Autocannon for front-line squad, or LasCannon/Rocket Launcher for the guys cowvering in the back. You can get plenty of Power Weapons in there as well, for the Sergeants and Commissars, but you cannot get your hands on a Power Fist in an Infantry Squad. With 6th ed update, Bolt Guns are now just a single point upgrade for a Sergeant. Throw away that laspistol, grab a real man's gun. Fucking annoying when it comes to tallying up points though. Also, NEVER give these guys any special weapon other than the flamer or grenade launcher. Given that special weapons cost the same to put on veteran squads, and they have higher ballistic skill, it's just wasted points giving them melta/plasma guns. Again, don't give them Heavy weapons. Given that the cost of the heavy weapon is the same for the heavy weapon teams, and that they can fire at seperate targets, don't bother giving them any weapon outside of a heavy bolter/autocannon.
      • Alternate Tactic: If you REALLY want to hold the line, these guys will do it. Take a 50 man blob, take a Commissar (or two), 5 meltas, and a vox, as well as 5 lascannons. Now throw in a Space Wolf Rune Priest Primaris Psyker, roll on divination and with Psychic Focus get the Primaris Power by default, and finally add an aegis wall. Now laugh as each shooting phase your squad throws down with FRFSRF 60 lasguns, 5 melta, and 5 Lascannon shots... with rerolls to hit... also the whole thing has a 4+ cover, 2+ GTG save. If they assault you, laugh as you start picking up 100+ dice for overwatch. This has been known to bring grown men to their knees.
    • Conscripts: (0-1) A platoon may take one unit of Conscripts, or human Grots as they're affectionately called. If there is anything thinner than paper, it would be Conscripts. Good thing there are a lot of them. They are two point cheaper per model than a regular guardsman, so only take them if you are full on the others. Priest or Commissar is a must. Do not expect them to pull miracles, but with Rank Fire, they can ignore their terrible BS of 2 (Beware LD5, but you took a Commissar, didn't you?). I don't know about you, but 50 Fearless bodies for around the same cost as a ten man squad of Tac Marines with some goodies isn't something to sneer at. A little sidenote: why do they cost 3 points a model? 1 for lasgun, 1 for flak armour, 1 for frag grenades, human filling free, since this is Imperium of Man. Also do not forget to claim your cover save : These guys will give your infantry a 5+ cover save whenever they stand between them and those shooting, so a single rank of those guys is a portable 5+ save (But don't forget it works both ways, so be sure they're not in the way when you want your firepower - in the case of short ranged weapons, they may well be dead by the time you can use them anyway). Enjoy your mobile aegis. In the case of vehicles, it may require you to slightly pack those guys, either tighetening the ranks or resisting the urge to stretch the whole squad across the board, reducing their survavibility/other utility (But honestly you never expected them to survive, and if it makes your opponent not fire on the rest of your infantry, thinking he's hitting you hard, let him believe so) but possibly claiming a 25% obscuring of the targeted facing (5+), even on Russes, but especially on Chimeras/Hellhounds and their low profile. These saves obviously stack with camo-cloaks and nets, which upgrades it to 4+, quite fantastic if you can reliably get it on vehicles.
      • Alternate Tactic: Take 50 of them plus a Commissar for 175 points. Don't use them as much for shooting, try to get them as fast as possible close to the biggest, meanest close combat unit the enemy has. Now just sit in front of them. Charging into them means taking 100 lasgun shots in Overwatch (where their shitty Ballistic skill doesn't matter) and spending several turns punching through them. If the opponent doesn't take the bait, throw a frag grenade and charge in. Take two squads with Commissars for 350 points. They will quickly earn their points back tying up those nasty CC threats.
    • Heavy Weapon Squad: (0-5) This is where the awesome firepower comes from. Some don't like them because they die rather quickly if they are in front of the Squad. (AND WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU HAVE THEM THERE?) This can be solved by putting them in ruins or other such cover. But if you buy Heavy Weapon Squad instead of putting heavy weapons in your Infantry Squad, they can target big things and not waste the lasgun fire. On top of this, there is a spilt fire order to get around this restriction. Lascannons are nice here. Missile Launchers are good if you can't decide what to do with them. Autocannons are good for giving Monstrous Creatures and MEQs a hard time (your opponent can only make so many armor saves when your guns wound on 2s for the latter and the former isn't known for fantastic armor) and can put up a good fight against your average transport (especially if you can get a side or rear hit in) and if you kit out a whole HWS with them, they put out enough shots to not make a basic Guardsman's BS3 too terrible. In fact the only one that isn't that good to take here is the heavy bolter which not only is already provided by almost every vehicle you can field, costs the same as the Autocannon, and while it does give an extra shot, it has a foot less range and is two strength lower than the autocannon. They'd be worthwhile if they were only 5 points, but they aren't, so pass. They are slower than Sentinels, but they are cheap for what they do (per-model), can be modified to engage any threat, and don't take up an important Force Organization slot by themselves. Don't forget that you can give them a normal commissar or PP and pass checks for those tasty and delicious orders. Also with prescience or BRING IT DOWN order, a full lascannon squad can reliably bring down flyers from the sky. If you are indeed using some combined with orders to boost them, you might as well take a Company standard because they will have to pass a Ld7 ( Unless you stick a PP with them, but it quickly gets expensive ) morale check with their first loss ( Don't be fooled by W2 : Most things that will target your back line will Instant Death T3 ).
    • Veteran Weapon Squad: Same as the default Heavy Weapon Squad, but with a higher BS so you can land more Autocannon shots. Only available because of 2 vets per squad forming Weapon teams.
      • Don't take flakk missiles if you weren't going to take a missile launcher normally. They are only slightly better than a group of autocannons against flyers (a squad of autocannons averages 1 hit, flakk missiles 1.5), at a cost of 45 points extra points. That's only 5 points short of a primaris to add on and make those autocannons twin-linked (averaging around 2 hits) and more able to receive orders. Take a Hydra tank instead.
    • Sabre Gun Platforms (Forge World): These guys could replace Heavy Weapon Teams in your platoon. They cost more, but with twin-liked guns they are also deadlier, have skyfire/interceptor, and being artillery, they can endure absurd amount of enemy shooting. On the other hand they are immobile (but can somehow scout move), and die like bitches when charged by ANYTHING (even Fіre Warriors). Sabre platforms require careful positioning, because of their zero mobility, but they are great source of anti-air and fire support. ALWAYS take second guardsman to each gun: your enemy could and would outflank Sabres to shoot down lightly armored crew instead of W2/Sv3+ guns.
    • Special Weapon Squads: (0-2) It's a 60 point team of meltaguns (everything else can be provided better by Veterans) or a 36 point objective holder. Find them chimeras and drive them forwards so they can make cheap melta drive-by's with less accuracy than Veterans. There is only 6 of them (and only 3 can carry melta), but they can bring specialized firepower when it's needed. Give them a Demolition charge and drop their Chimera in the middle of the enemy formation. Next turn: Laugh Maniacally (provided that Chimera withers the oncoming hail of fire or the opponents fatally ignores it). Or put them into a Vendetta, equipped with two flamers and a demo charge. Actually the only real use of them is a suicide squad in a Vendetta. The reason being, Veterans can fit into a Chimera as well, while shooting better, and having the option to be more survivable if you give them docrines.
  • Veteran Squad: Key to most mech lists. Slightly superior to regular guard due to higher BS of 4 and have an even better selection of gear and options. Stick them in chimeras and try to see where Lady Luck will take them. Only downside to this choice is that you only have six troop choices if you go full Vet before reaching 2000 points (with 60 points for a stock squad, it's a point which can be reached very easily). You could also do the smart thing and mix 2-3 Veteran Squads with an Infantry Platoon, giving you unholy amounts of Melta (Veterans), Chimeras and bodies everywhere (Everyone). They're generally less specialized than storm troopers, but they score with Objective Secured benefits and can get much more gear. Always take at least two. If you want to make Tyranids players cry more than they already do, take 3 squads, footslog them and give them each 2 Flamers and a Heavy Flamer, give the other 6 vets shotguns and take the Forward Sentries doctrine, setting them up as assault screens. Your opponent will think twice about sending Genestealers (or, Emperor Forbid, Hormagaunts) anywhere near you.
    • note about 6th: Doctrines became even cheaper. If you didn't include them before you have no excuse now.
    • Speaking of Doctrines, let's review the choices!
      • Grenadiers: Gives the Veterans Carapace Armor (4+ Save) for 15 points. Increases survivability. Don't even argue, just take it if you're going Mech or using them offensively.
      • Forward Sentries: For 10 points the squad has Camo gear which increases their cover save and comes with snare mines, which cause any enemies charging them to make a disordered charge and lose the extra attack. Good for for defensive playstyles and holding objectives while maximising your cover saves. You may have to bite your tongue when that Tau player uses his Markerlights to ignore cover flat out.
      • Demolitions: The entire squad gets Melta bombs. Great for taking down tanks and monstrous creatures in Close combat if you can survive going last due to Unwieldy on Melta Bombs. Also, one vet carries a demolition charge which is good for dropping a S8 AP2 5" pie plate on an approaching squad of Termies along with the obligatory Meltagun spam. Just be warned you may risk blowing up your own squad in doing so. Also, it's the most expensive doctrine at 30 points. More situational than the other two, but properly apply it and you're golden!
    • Alternate tactic - If you're ok with the points-sink (330 points, 10 wounds & 4HP), you could take a vet demolitions squad and chuck them in a Land Raider Redeemer you jacked from an Inquisition Henchmen warband. Think of them as super Emperor-loving, 'splosion carrying, motherless bastards. For more dakka, bring meltaguns. If they make it, 3 meltaguns and 10 meltabombs can make anything short of a Bloodthirster whimper right before bursting into millions of pieces. And if they die? Meh... at least the tanks are still behind the conscripts.
    • Gunnery Sergeant Harker: One Veteran Squad can take Harker, and his old buffs have been completely altered. Harker prevents his unit from using the Grenadiers doctrine, making his unit lack the survivability to exploit its massive firepower since Bolters will negate their save. The only thing you're getting is a 55pt relentless Heavy Bolter that has Heavy 3 Rending and a very slightly buffed Sergeant - +1 WS/S and Krak grenades, through using Krak means he doesn't fire his RENDING Heavy Bolter - which could make for a good frontline Veteran Squad if it wasn't for their lack of a better save than the average 5pts guardman. The one thing that made him just about playable in the old codex was his ability to have veterans that infiltrated and get a 2+ cover save in ruins with forward sentries. In this codex, he has lost this rule completely and swapped his feel no pain for rending - total waste of points.
      • Note: you can nearly take an entire heavy weapons squad of heavy bolters or autocannons for his points cost (Harker hits 2 shots per turn, heavy bolter squad hits 4.5, Autocannons statistically have 3 hits but are almost guaranteed to wound). This is better in any circumstance unless playing a list with no platoons.

Dedicated transports[edit]

  • Chimera: This is the gem of the MEHTAL BAWKS world. It makes the Guard competitive at high end play. Heavy Bolter Snap firing with Multilaser? This has become the hate machine it was supposed to be. But nothing stops you from Snap Firing Multilaser with Flamethrower. Or use Hunter-Killers to demolish enemy vehicles. Saw a small price increase and got a new rule Lasgun Arrays : 6 models can use the 2 arrays to fire lasgun shots regardless of the chimera's movements ( They can still only fire Snap shots in case of crew shaken/stunned ) using the transport's BS, each array being able to fire independantly from the other or the Chimera itself. Still amazing. Other points of this fine vehicle:
    • Good value (point-wise). You can spam them, get lots and lots of multilasers (it will please you), and a solid wall of AV12 metal in front.
    • Makes otherwise-slow Guardsmen mobile.
    • You can fire all your important shit (special weapons, which is, Melta and Plasma) out the top hatch, but only 2 models can fire according to new rules. Letting you fry while staying safe from retaliation. Heck, Commanders can even give orders measured from any point of the Chimera's hull (p. 39).
    • They also count as tanks, meaning that once your troops are in position, you can tank shock the enemies off the point and even crush some Ork vehicles and scare off the mobs.
    • Forge World blessed us with two extra turret weapon options - TL Heavy Bolter and... Autocannon! Rejoice!
  • Taurox A new metul bawks. It's got 11/10/10 (With armor like that, it's more like a glass bawks. Thankfully it can reroll Dangerous Terrain, so that your troops might still have some chance to actually get to where they're needed), but it comes standard with BS3 Twin linked Autocannons while being 15 points cheaper than a Chimera. Don't use it for your command squads because it isn't a command vehicle.
    • Mobile fire support: Use Taurox as a Autocannon HWT for your squad if you want to keep your squad moving, and use the taurox as mobile cover once your squad has left the bawks (Interfering models give 5+ cover save, combine with Camo net vets for 4+ cover on open ground)
    • Two fire points on each side, so a total of 4 making it good for vets after all. They are also not a tank or a fast vehicle (except Taurox Prime, which is limited to Stormies ONLY). Instead, give it to every squad, so they all have a cheap box to block enemy movement and an Autocannon to support them. If Chimera's goal is to get you closer to the enemies so you can hit them with a sword, Taurox is a wonderful fire support unit. Also, it only allows for 10 models to be transported, so you cannot have ICs accompanying the squad.
  • Taurox Prime The more dakka version of Taurox (appropriate, considering it looks like an ork battlewagon). Comes default with a weaker version of Leman Russ Gun (S7, AP4, blast). Can be upgraded to be a LR Punisher's weaker brother (10 shots at S4), or be armed with a Missile Launcher that shoots twice. Also comes with a twin-linked volley gun (which can be replaced by a TL autocannon). Can only be taken by new Stormies, but comes with a BS4 out of the box and it's Fast (Move at Combat Speed means it fires all weapons at full BS, Cruising Speed fire 2 weapons at full BS). More expensive than its Guardsman-friendly brother, but can be worth the points, if you need to plug in a point hole in your list, and you just can't fit a Leman Russ.


  • Ogryn Squad: Big meaty men things with pretty awesome assaulting guns, Terminator Marine Nob equivalents of sort. Assaulty wall of meat that crumples most things it collides with, including blobs and tarpits. Lovable to the end, which will be soon, seeing as these guys are a firing magnet and usually don't fit into Chimeras - expect them to footslog if you take a full squad. Keep them the fuck away against anything that could Instant-Death them, and get them into melee as soon as possible. However, even there they might have some problem against opponents like Necron Warriors, but at least they will be keeping them busy and away from glancing your Leman Russ tanks into scrap. Apparently priests war hymns now effect effect Ogryn now so attaching one can now potentially grant Ogryn reroll to wound, reroll to save or smash for the preacher. This makes a high toughness squad tougher (a reroll of a 5+ save [33.3% pass] is considered more or less the same as a 3+[66.6% pass])and better in combat, while granting potential access to smash. For a relatively cheap preacher it could go some ways of improving some of the issues with Ogryns. Namely lack of AP close combat weaponry.
    • Also worth noting are the special rule changes. On the one hand, Ogryns are still Stubborn (Not Bad) and they've gained Hammer of Wrath but they're now Very Bulky and have lost Furious Charge (Fuck). This means that Ogryns can't gib T3 models on the charge anymore. It also means that Ogryns can't use transport reliably. If you know you will be up against Tau, NEVER bring Ogryns. They will be shot to pieces and with not cost effective way of getting them to charge Tau, Ogryns just can't kill them like they used to.
    • If you do want to take Ogryns, it's best to take a squad of 4 Ogryn , fit them behind and ready to embark into a Chimera you jacked from a Platoon Infantry Squad>,and rush them towards the enemy, hopefully through some cover. Drop Ogryns next to their goal, torch the designated squad/secondary squad that supports your designated target, and let the Ogryns crumple their way through. With toughness of 5, most of the infantry weapons will have hard time wounding, provided they do hit (which can be a godsend against Tau). Remember that once you win the combat, Ogryns can be fired at, so try using the Chimera to catch bullets.
    • Or have a ten Ogryn blob with 2 Primaris Psykers (Biomancy and/or Divination) and watch them kick the enemy's ass so hard, that their grandchildren are gonna feel it. Mind you, at such point cost it's likely that the enemy could do quite a bit of damage before you get to them.
    • Interestingly enough, Straken now gives units within 6" of him Furious Charge, meaning that you can still gib T3 models on the charge so long as they're close enough. To really apply this tactic you need both squads to be reasonably intact and for them both to be near each other. To put it blankly, one of two things will happen, Both squads will die horrible deaths or both squads will charge your opponents front lines and wreck shit up (Even Space Marines will struggle to save how many S6/4 wounds you can inflict doing this). A risky tactic, but one that can catch people off guard.
  • Bullgryn Squad: The Ogryn Squad's more melee-oriented relatives if equipped with mauls and brute shields or mobile cover with grenade launchers and slabshields. Enhanced with a 4+ armor save and comes with Hammer of wrath, relentless, and very bulky. Their slabshields gives +1 to cover for anything behind them and improves their armor save by one if they are in b2b with another model from the unit. Mobile Aegis line. Use them to give your advancing armor column, which of course has camo netting, a 3+ cover (Taking into account the expendable guardsmen you require) and screen incoming enemies. The power maul version is for smashing skulls and the Brute Shields give the Bullgryns a 5+ Invulnerable Save (FAQ removed the close combat only restriction) and the ability to re-roll Hammer of Wrath hits. Right now the Maul/Shield combo appears to be the better option if you're willing to pay the extra points per Bullgryn.
    • With our new access to divination, this squad can become quite the melee deathstar they should be! Take a 6 man bullgryn squad, add a cheap priest and a ML2 primaris psyker and roll on divination. Bam, for 380 points, you have a fearless, 3+ armour (when stacked), hopefully 4+ invul save unit with 24 T5 wounds, puts out 25 S5 attacks on the charge, that rerolls hits and can either reroll armour and invul saves or wounds. This unit in combat will NOT die if kept away from Str 10 atacks.
    • Alternate take: Bullgryns with the default items have a 3+ default save when in base contact with another Slabshield Bullgryn, the same as Space Marines. Only AP2 weapons can hope to shift then in close combat when a 3+ is combined with Toughness 5. Beware Powerklaws and Demolisher Cannons, though!
  • Ratling Squad: Your dedicated snipers. Bump up the squad to 10 BS4 Sniper Rifles for 100 points, and you'll get a pretty good payoff. By simple statistics, you should land at least 6 shots, and at least one AP 2 shot and 1 wound that you can choose to allocate to priority targets. Use this to take out high-point, low-numbered enemy squads. Despite what AP6 may make you think, shooting Gaunts and Grots is just a waste of time. To lessen the problem of T2, place ratlings into Ruins for a 3+ (with stealth) cover save, but try to have them cover as much firing area as possible. Don't send them into close combat - despite what I4 may make you think, they don't have a Close Combat Weapon, so their pistol does not give them an additional attack. Place them on a second floor of a ruined building and laugh how enemy keeps scattering off harmlessly into the air. Finally, don't buy the silly metal hobbit models, but make a kitbash of some small models with Guardsman bitz or just use regular sniper models. They can also run after shooting, so you can run them from cover to cover. Ratlings do have another usage other then just snipers. Placed these halflings on a aegis defense line or Bastion. Their BS skill of 4 is pretty average for the weapons they will be manning. More importantly, is their cost. At 30 points for a three man squad with BS 4, this is practically a steal. Granted you won't be using much of their running ability. All and all, ratlings can a good cheap way of taking out sergeants and other models with weapons you don't want near (or far) from your forces.
  • Wyrdvane Psykers: Their old fixed selection of powers are gone, Wyrdvane Psykers make up for it by being able to roll on the Biomancy, Divination, Pyromancy, Telekinesis and Daemonology disciplines. Changes to the way disciplines are drawn mean you always get the Primaris Power (and therefore two powers in total) due to Psychic Focus rules. Meaning they have more versatility than before. Have the potential to be a decent supporting unit, especially as they are now much cheaper (120 points for ten - the cost of a Leman Russ Eradicator). Also, they get +1 to their Deny the Witch! rolls if a witchfire or malediction targets them due to Brotherhood of Psykers special rule.
    • Malefic Daemonology is the "FUN" option, since you'd get the primaris plus a 50% chance of one other conjuration power, so you can use these guys to bolster your army with free units each turn. Yes a Primaris Psyker could do the same thing, but they are probably more valuable to you as utility casters now. Just always bear in mind that casting Daemonology risks perils on ANY double, not just sixes.
    • Stick 7 of them in a Chimera and drive them around. 6 of them shoot through the lasgun array and one of them throws witchfire powers from the rooftop. You can even stick a Primaris Psyker with other witchfire powers in there to share that fun fire point of 2. And then, after you pat yourself on the back and tally up the points cost, compare what else you could have spent those points on and tell the Commissar what you have done. *BLAM*
  • Tempestus Scions Platoon: Everything has changed. They've got the same stats, but now come in platoons, if you so choose. For 1 Elite slot you can get up to 5 squads, that's a lot of boots on the table!
    • Tempestus Scions: ( AKA, Storm Trooper Squad ) (1-3) They lost infiltration, but kept deep strike and move through cover and they got 4 points cheaper. And they can take orders. Yeah. First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire with hot-shot lasguns. Hell yes. (Adam Troke future proofed it.) They can take more special weapons too! Also, now can take a power fist, but at an increased cost (and the troopers no longer carry pistols and CCWs with their lasguns, making them less viable for CC).They can take a Chimera, a Taurox, or a Taurox Prime. Now, whether or not they are actually useful, remains to be seen, but a Taurox Prime makes them fast (if you need that for a Deep Striking shooty unit) and gives them a hell of a punch. But it'll cost you.
    • Tempestus Command Squad : (0-1) Like Platoon Command Squad, but with stormtroopers: can issue Junior Officer orders in a 12" bubble, but also Deep Strike, Move Through Cover and has BS4 and Carapace Armour AND can pack four special weapons (but cannot increase it's size). They can also get the same options as a Platoon Command Squad (Medic, Voxcaster, Platoon Standard). May give stormies the support they always lacked or threaten dug up units with four meltas/plasmas. Also, the Tempestor Prime (Stormtrooper Captain) strikes at Initiative four and any Ld tests for Stormtroopers are taken on his Ld9 within 12" of the CS. Has potential.
  • Hades Breaching Drill (Forge World): Recent update hit it hard. No more S10 goodness, no more melta cutter shots, and if it fails to wreck a vehicle or the building its popping from under, it would just die. You can no longer ride vets (and therefore score objectives with them) using Hades - it comes with its own shotgun-armed veteran team, and they even cannot charge from the hole it leave behind. On the bright side, Hades is no longer lumbering, meaning it actually can ram something, and it gets Chimera armor instead of Rhino.
  • Field Artillery (Forge World): Immobile artillery. Dirt cheap and durable. Heavy mortars are what you expect them to be - stronger mortars with bigger blast. Like ones on Griffon, but without accurate bombardment. Quad guns on the other hand spams enormous amount of weaker anti-infantry blasts with extra -1Ld for pinning test penalty (for total -2). 12 S5 blasts would kill a ton of bugs/orks/other guard (especially under «fire on my target»), and have a good chance to pin down heavier infantry (like, say, terminators). Take them to nostalgia about the passed times of Thudd Guns.
  • Salamander Command Vehicle (Forge World): Fast scouting open-topped vehicle with Chimera armor. It can burn some infantry with flamers, but it's not a Hellhound - the main reason to use command Salamander is it's ability to reduce enemy cover save by one. This works great with heavy tank/artillery lists.
  • Atlas Recovery Tank (Forge World): Basically Leman Russ tractor - this thing is designed to tow immobilized tanks and help Techpriests in their field repairing attempts. Towing is fun but mostly useless, but double repair rolls per turn is good in heavy mech list.

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Scout Sentinel Squadron: With such weak armor, most likely they are going to die on the second turn. Fun choice of weapons. Key part here is that they have Scout - so three Sentinels outflanking from the side or scouting into cover blasting away, causing havoc in the enemy ranks, is a good idea. But still - they are going to die. They are open topped. They are going to die. They have 10 armor. They are going to die. They have two Hull Points. They are going to die. But they may as well take a tank or two down with them. If you want to be insane, having Heavy Flamers all around can result in hilarious infantry murder. Otherwise, most of the time you'll take them as a 40 point autocannon on legs since they are cheap and effective against most things.
  • Armored Sentinel Squadron: Armored Heavy Weapons Team, practically. Can move around and fire, unlike Heavy Weapon Teams, but you only get one for the price of the whole squad. Can do decent in close combat, stomping on or bogging down the enemy. Now this works only with fearless units without krak grenades or other S6+ weapons (like, say Thousand Sons, gaunts, or Ork boys without klawnob). Even better choice of awesome weapons when compared to Scout Sentinels, such as plasma cannons - though, you can overheat and lose one of the two Hull Points you have, making you even more dangerously paper-thin. Use Lascannon against vehicle, Rocket Launcher or Autocannon if you can't decide what you want to do with them. Never hurts to take Hunter-Killers in case you end up fighting vehicles. Take in threes so they can be generally more efficient in anything you want them to do. 6th ed preview pictures show little change, besides a significant price drop to the unit and weapon upgrades. Officially made amazing (150 points for three Armoured Sentinels with Plasma Cannons.)
    • Remember rules for squadronned walkers : 90° firing arc ( 45° swivel in both directions The rulebooks says 45°, not 45° in both directions ) and resolving hits like infantry. This means that with a 3 ( Or 2 in some conditions ) sentinel squadron you can organise them in a "fan" formation so that the closest to a firing unit is always showing its front ( With AV 12, it means only soft AT weapons and upward can hope damaging you ) and still allow the 3 sentinels to fire at a target.
    • Amazing when going for an army with lots of vehicles as they are both a cheap way to bring devastating weapons on the field ( You may lack in number of weapons if using a lot of vehicles ) and will inevitably need AV to be taken down, AV that will be crucial to your opponent. They have the same AVs as Chimeras and will offer a tough choice to your opponent as to which they should take down.
    • Forge World allow both scout and armored Sentinels to take Multiple Rocket Pods. Big frak blasts does horrible things to infantry blobs, but with 24" range it's too risky even on armored.
  • Drop Sentinel Squadron: Scout Sentinels lack of survivability with Armored Sentinel point cost. Why? Because they can deepstrike! Or for even more hate, ride on Sky Talon Valkyrie. Skip all weapon choices and take Multimelta - Scout Sentinels and Tauroses are better at killing things with fire.
  • Tauros (Forge World): Dirt cheap buggies with twin heavy flamers and Scout USR. If you want to scout flamer sentinels to ruin someone’s day, this guys would do it much better, for they are faster and deadlier for only +5 pts each. Though, don’t expect them to survive any longer: with AV10 all-round, open-topped and only two Hull Points, they are dead men riding. The Tauros can be upgraded to a Tauros Venator, adding two extra wheels, +1 front armor and a twin-linked Multilaser or Lascannon. You are likely to be able to trick enemies into running after you, while you are blasting a Lascannon at them. Then you die because even AV11 is still laughable.
    • Alternate Take: The Tauros Venator is a damned fine fire-support unit. Being fast, and coming with 2 Hunter-Killer missiles as part of the bargain, it can act as a fire-support annoyance for targetting vulnerable rear armor or for sniping a pesky independent character. Lascannons and high mobility make for a fine combination too - if you exploit the max range of the Lascannons, something is going to get cooked in short order. Keep it away from enemy fire and use its mobility and range, and you'll find it hilariously good at taking out specific targets.
  • Rough Rider Squad: Poor misbegotten Rough Riders. Yes they're cavalry, yes they're dirt cheap, yes their sergeant can take a Power Weapon, yes they can have 2 special weapons, yes they might end up with a 24" charge range, if they get extremely lucky... but they are ultimately a one-trick pony that is difficult to hide in cover, is fragile in close combat (statline-wise, basically being Guardsmen... and that's it), near-useless against actual dedicated assault troops (go ahead and charge Genestealers with them), and should they be tarpitted, tard out in moments and die painfully. Alternatively, you can use them as a one-time anti-vehicle suicide squad, since Sergeant can carry Melta Bombs. Still, you can probably find a much better Fast Attack slot choice. 6th edition makes their Hunting Lances power weapons, but having a chance to kill half a squad of marines ONCE is not worth it, especially when we have much more effective options like Tempestus Scions with Hotshot Lasguns and Leman Russ Battle Tanks, this means we have no problem with marine units.
    • The new codex has not been good to the Rough Riders; Imagine going from being stabbed to death, to being shot. For some retarded reason, RRs have become more expensive and have lost the only thing that made them good with the last codex, MOGUL KAMIR! Avoid like the plague.
  • Hellhound Squadron: The Hellhound tank variants give you access to Fast Tanks. This has a lot of advantages, as you use them for movement-blocking, tank-shocking, or simply blasting enemies to oblivion. A low profile makes finding cover for it relatively easy, though cover-hugging isn't exactly the best use of this tank. There are three variants, each with a unique turret weapon, and the choice of hull-mounted Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer, or Multi-melta. Also, now with 7th Edition, Template weapons passing over fire points on buildings or touching an Open Topped vehicle inflict D6 randomly allocated wounds that are resolved at the strength and AP of the template weapon to units embarked in those transports. Now a must include if you want a cup of your Dark Eldar or Ork opponent's tears.
    • The standard Hellhound is a very handy infantry-killer. If they're not Marine-equivalents (and even they will be hurting once the wounds pile up and they start failing saves) they will die. What's that? You opponent has Rangers/Heavy Weapons Teams/snipers holed up in a building somewhere giving your commanders and high-value units a hard time? The Inferno Cannon laughs at cover. The range of the IC means that you can expect them to hit enemy infantry starting on turn 1 (move 12", fire 12", cover another 8" with flame template). Run in support of longer-ranged anti-tank weapons for popping enemy transports, Hellhounds can also serve to finish off units from disembarked vehicles. In 6th edition fast vehicles can now fire 2 weapons at full BS at cruising speed, so enjoy the possibilities of hull weaponry combinations. Using a Company Commander with Grand Strategist warlord trait to outflank a squadron of these is hilarious against horde armies. Do it - that's an order.
    • The Banewolf sacrifices the extra range of the Hellhound's template for its own poisoned AP3 flamer template. Banewolves will kill any infantry short of Terminators or similarly well-armored units. Their armor and speed give them unparalleled ability to be used for flushing enemy infantry from cover. This said and done, this may be the one variant you can afford to specialize; having a hull mounted flamer gives you the chance to throw two really mean flame-templates. This tank is the epitome of offence over defense - on one hand it can destroy an entire SM tactical squad in one turn. If there is an independent character in the squad, force them to take all the hits for the squad by attacking from their side, melting them alongside anyone else who "Look Out Sir" into their own gooey death. On the other hand - it can easily be put down by a Lascannon head-on. They are well known for making Tyranid and Chaos daemon players cry as you gib their monstrous creatures with as much ease as their cannon fodder. But then again, what doesn't make Tyranids and Daemons (Not anymore since they can just respawn said MC and cannon fodder) cry in 7th edition?
    • The Devil Dog is the last one out, eschewing a short-range flamer, for a Melta Cannon, a blast weapon with the Melta rule. These tanks are great for sending into the center of an enemy armored formation and intimidating your opponent into breaking up, lest he find himself losing multiple tanks! Alternatively, assuming one has reliable long-ranged anti-tank, the Devil Dog can be used for finishing off survivors of destroyed enemy transports. Add a hull-mounted Heavy Flamer, and the Devil Dog can flush troops out of cover (though not as efficiently as the Banewolf). While not a flashy vehicle, it gets the job done. Probably the best variant for most games that includes vehicles on both sides.
  • Centaur Carrier Squadron (Forge World): Fast small transports, they can fit only 5 men inside each, and are designed to quickly move immobile artillery and it's crew through the field. Sadly,you don't need to move your artillery carriage that often and keeping a squadron of towing machines totally compromise a whole point of cheap ordnance.
  • Salamander Recon Squadron (Forge World): Fast scouting tanks, they comes with AV12/10/10, Autocannon and HB. Being Fast, they can fire both on cruising speed, so a squadron of them can threaten any light vehicle in great range. Being Scout and Fast they as well as AV12 they can do Sentinel job - but unlike sentinels they are better riding in the open rather then wandering through terrain.
  • Fliers: With the new IA:Aeronautica book the IG is the most flier-happy army in the game, with only the Orks seriously threatening their title. Fliers can be divided into two categories: "Gunships" and "Jetplanes" - Gunships get a beefy AV of 12, Hover Mode and Vector Dancer USRs, while jet planes get supersonic. In 40k games it is best to stick with gunships as the extra mobility of Jetplanes mainly comes into play only in abnormally large or apocalypse maps.
    • Valkyrie Assault Carrier Squadron: Goddamnit, why don't you have one (because it's inferior to Vendetta, below)? Valkyrie seems like a relatively expensive flying Chimera, but it is well worth it. It has BY DEFAULT Extra Armor in its profile, which means the bad bitch can never be stunlocked. If you keep your Valkyries zooming around the table, it's rare for them to die. Keep them alive to support your armor with a hard-hitting blast from its Multiple Rocket Pods. Valkyries eat infantry and shit brass and work best with Stormtroopers or Veteran Squads, deep-striking the squad in the most annoying place possible, and then flying off to rain hell on the enemy. Unfortunately, it's totally outclassed for anti-infantry by the Hellhound. That said, it does upgrade (sort of) to the...
    • Vendetta Gunship Squadron: As of the new book, the points cost of the Vendetta went up, so it isn't the glorious auto-include it used to be. It's transport capacity also dropped to 6 because while you could clearly fit as many in there as you could a Valkyrie, the Machine Spirits will sodomize you if you do so. In the end, it's still basically a flying Predator. Will you still use it? Depends on how you like your anti-air.
    • It should be noted that both the Valkyrie and Vendetta can take a pair of Heavy Bolter side sponsons. In most cases, these heavy bolters will rarely be used. In both aircraft, the Heavy Bolters give the crafts some protection on the sides. With Valkyries, the sponsons add an extra bit of anti infantry firepower. On Vendetta's, the Heavy Bolters add weapons that can be disabled in place of the Lascannons. In either case, Heavy Bolter Sponsons are not auto include for either craft.
    • Valkyrie Sky Talon (Forge World): Dedicated flying transport for Tauroses and Drop Scout Sentinels. For 70 pts each they are cheapest fliers in the entire game, and they don't even take any force chart slots, as they are treated as dedicated transports. Swap their rockets for MRLs, and mow down infantry. Just remember, that you probably should not deploy them with their cargo inside.
    • Vulture Gunship (Forge World):Essentially a 40k Apache Gunship, comes with strafing run USR, nose mounted heavy bolter, and 4 wing pylons that are divided into two sets of 2 pylons that give space for one twin-linked weapon (one pylon on each side) and one set of missiles. This machine is very modular, able to adapt to ANY situation; Green Tide getting you down? Well, instead of two twin-linked weapons, you can actually attach a twin-linked punisher cannon! The ammo boxes do take up the other missile pylons, but twin-linked and BS4 against ground targets means 18 shots hit instead of Leman Russes 10 (on average without Pask). I would personally recommend buying spending too much on all possible weapons and not gluing them in place - maybe use magnets or some other such method, just make sure you can change the Vulture's armament easily to ensure it is never left wanting in a battle. Because the main strength of the Vulture is its adaptability.
    • Thunderbolt Fighter (Forge World): The Imperium's standard for Fighter craft, this workhorse of the Imperial Small Craft Fleet is meant to be able to do any job asked of it, whether it be bombing, ground attack, interception, or air superiority. But it is a bit pricey, and properly kitted Vendetta or Vulture could do ONE of it's jobs better. But this neglects the true strength of the Thunderbolt, sheer immediate versatility, while the Vulture can claim to be versatile, it's likely going to be kitted out to do one role on the battlefield, while a Thunderbolt can do four simultaneously. But the place where Thunderbolts really shines is in Apocalypse, where they are the bane of superheavy fliers (be wary of Harridans, they'll laugh at your Autocannons and the Lascannons are at best only going to take one wound off.)
    • Lightning Fighter (Forge World): A nippy little air fighter, it defines the trope of "fragile speedster" with a small armament, paper-thin armor and only two HP. It is supposed to the cheaper and longer ranged companion of the Thunderbolt, carrying more missiles to compensate for a fewer number of guns to allow it to (briefly) pack the same amount of firepower, it does however, has serious survivability issues, and even the Big Shootas on an Ork Bomma will send one crashing down. And of course once it blows it's missile load it's firepower drops dramatically, but hey - do you expect this thing to last for much more than one turn?
    • Aquila Lander (Forge World): Who the hell designed this piece of shit? For 10 points more 15 points less than Valkyrie you get an all around worse transport flyer with pathetic armor, weak guns and a claustrophobic transport capacity of 7,but also supersonic. It could be taken as dedicated transport for a Company Command Squad, but without the "Command Vehicle" rule there is no reason to do so. Conversely, can be used as a very immersive (expensive) objective marker, along with the Arvus Lighter below, for an 'evacuation' scenario or similar.
    • Arvus Lighter (Forge World): Oh, you thought the Aquila was a piece of shit? Meet the Arvus: No armor. No weapons. No supersonic. And no fucking role on the battlefield - it is quite literally the worst flier in the whole of 40k. It looks pretty however, so it's likely meant to be more of a shelf-warmer/display piece than anything you would actually bring onto the battlefield. Again, can also be used as a pretty objective marker for specific scenarios involving having to get people/objects off-planet.
  • Mukaali Rough Rider Squad: (Forgeworld) Objectively better Rough Riders for two main reasons: 1- they have Toughness 4 which means that they have a 50% chance of surviving being punched by a space marine rather than a crappy 33% chance that normal rough riders get. and 2- they have two wounds each, which practically doubles their survivability on anything S7 or less. Of lesser note, they do have a S5 Hammer of Wrath attack which means that charging is with them is slightly improved, they fall back shorter distances, which will rarely factor into anything and their Initiative is lowered to 2, but that means nothing since Hunting Lances always strike at I5. They still suffer the same downsides as regular rough riders though, such as paper-thin armour that won't help against the majority of weapons out there and their hunting lances only work once, so they still have no use after the very first charge. Their cost is appropriate for 2-wound cavalry though, just don't build your strategies around them, they will still die against any half-decent melee unit.

Heavy Support[edit]

  • Leman Russ Squadron: Leman Russ. It's a big tank. Holds the proud title of best tank in the galaxy for its size and cost. Side effects include: Templates, lots of dice, lots of AV, lots of choices.In 6th edition, Leman Russ lost "Lumbering Behemoth" rule, and became a Heavy vehicle, instead. This means that you are limited to only 6 inches of movement. However, you can fire all your non-ordnance weapons at the same turn, as if you haven't moved, meaning that non-ordnance Russes (Exterminator, Punisher, Executioner, Eradicator, Vanquisher) are made even more rapetastic, at slight disadvantage of Ordnance ones (Battle Tank, Demolisher). For some reason the non-ordnance Russes have seen some points cost decreased in the new codex, while others stayed the same (or even gotten a points increase as is in the case of Demolisher). Remember this, and kit out your tanks accordingly.
    • Leman Russ Battle Tank: Though it comes in many flavors, the basic tank is the most useful. With its S8 AP3 72" gun and thick armor, it is good against anything for decent points. This is your runner-and-gunner, your go-to tank, and the majority of your Leman Russ pool at any time should be these. Kit 'em out with heavy bolters all around, since you are going to be forced to snap fire non-cannon weapons, so up the volume of fire.In addition, the new codex has granted Tech Priests the ability to give vehicles power of the machine spirit, this could go some ways to allow the vanilla Russ to fire at least one other weapon at full BS. A Leman Russ firing a battle cannon and lascannon at full BS with snap-shots from sponson heavy bolters can be threatening to infantry, vehicles and Monstrous creatures respectively.
    • Leman Russ Exterminator: Armed with a 4 shot twin-linked Autocannon means this thing is death incarnate for 4+ armour and light vehicles. Kit it with 3 extra Heavy Bolters for beautiful infantry shredding. If you feel like it, add Pask - and watch it destroy Predators and Falcon grav tanks with ease, while standing a chance to glance rendingly penetrate Land Raiders (!). While twice the points and not as long-ranged as a Hydra, it's got better front and side armor and isn't hindered by the lack of the Interceptor special rule (so it can shoot at things on the ground, where majority of enemy forces usually are). It doesn't have Skyfire or a Targeting Computer, so it may be lacking in roles usually occupied by Hydra, but you will still put a big dent on anything you do end up hitting.
    • Leman Russ Vanquisher: A Melta (which always provides +1d6 armor penetration) with a devastating range. Thus a bit costly for 1 shot at BS3 (works well with Pask, but only useful against vehicles). Not very useful really considering the amount of melta you should already have, if you use it primarily against vehicles. Give it a Lascannon as well as Plasma Sponson - and you get a unit perfectly fit to fight against Heavy Infantry. Combine with Pask for instant Monstrous Creature solution. Because you are firing 4 guns that get reroll to Wound, at BS4. Don't forget to take a Heavy Stubber to remove that last wound off the enemy Trygon.
    • Leman Russ Eradicator: Kind of a Hellhound that hits worse, is slower but better armored. And you can add a Lascannon for versatility. Strange tank that has a weaker version of Battle Cannon that eats your enemies' cover saves. Consider for Cities of Death games or when fighting cover-camping Tau/Eldar. Can be useful for gunline enemies hiding behind fortifications as well. Now at 120 points making it cheapest Russ off them all. (If you're thinking of taking this for shooting horde units behind cover, scroll down and take a look at the Wyvern. In exchange for 2 less S and AP and a smaller blast, you get 4 shots that reroll to hit and to wound). However, the Eldar Fast Vehicled and Bikes will suffer dearly if they get hit - Eradicators make Dark Eldar cry (as they at best get a 5++ to protect themselves).
    • Leman Russ Demolisher: For +20 pts. to the basic Russ you get a cannon that lays waste of everything on the battlefield and immunity vs S4 melee units - though sometimes 24" is too close to the enemy. The Demolisher is tried and true, and should ALWAYS lead the armored charge into the enemy. Works great alone, works even better in threes. You don't really need to upgrade it, since fucking DEMOLISHER CANNON doesn't get much assistance from other weapons, but being able to finish off the scattered survivors by hail of ill-aimed gunfire can also be useful.
    • Leman Russ Punisher: Shares the cons but only few of the pros with the Demolisher (it does keep the additional back armor, which helps). Heavy 20 may sound cool, but on average, you end up with 10 S5 hits with no AP (making it difficult to even glance vehicles to death, but why would you target vehicles anyway?), and only 24" range so while you do demolish what ever you shoot at, you're now within Melta/assault range. Everything except Grots is butchered better with the cheaper and better ranged Battle Tank. However, unlike most Russes, it gets better if you sink the points in it: Add a tank commander, and now 13 and 1/3 of those shots hit. Have a psyker and divination nearby, and that goes up to 17 and 7/9ths hits with a commander, 15 without. Add Pask and now you have rending and the ability to reroll penetration, meaning it is easy to glance AV 12 to death. Add on a full triple Heavy Bolter set and a Heavy Stubber, and the machine will reduce to dust anything, from Terminator Squads to full-size Ork Mobs every turn, and will stop 'Nidzilla in it's tracks through sheer dice output. Well, that or you'll be killed by the enemies anti-tank and waste 250 points on something the rest of your army should be doing anyway. Also, by far the coolest looking Russ.
      • Can also be a fun choice against fliers, if much less cost-effective than the Hydra or Fortifications' Emplacements. When driven by Pask the Punisher becomes an extremely versatile machine, able to successfully engage just about anything, and on average, glance most things AV14 to death.
    • Leman Russ Executioner Not quite as god tier as it once was because the main cannon now has Gets Hot (since the Techpriests on Ryza got drunk and forgot how to make good Plasma weapons that don't overheat one day during the hangover), but still capable of chucking down sizeable amounts of Anti-TEQ hate. However it's now only 155 points, a significant reduction from the last book. Pair with Pask for a blinding plasma blast (see Pask above) for even more hate and to re-roll 1s, making Gets Hot! a lot less of an issue (though this is ill advised, given your HQ will easily bloat itself up to (and possibly past) 500 points since Tank Commanders must take a Squadron of Russes with them) All that said, while no longer the auto-include Russ anymore that it was in the last book, it is still capable of making TEQ heavy armies weep. To be taken with caution as part of a healthy balanced diet of Russes.
  • Leman Russ Conqueror Squadron (Forge World): It's kinda light version of Leman Russ Battle Tank - Conqueror turret cannon comes with less range, less blast radius and less strength, but it is heavy and has in-built co-axial storm bolter to boost accuracy in the short range firefights. And unlike regular Lemans it's not heavy, meaning it is not slow as hell. Overall not a good choice, unless you have a lot of BLoS terrain pieces in the table. Though, due to its speed and non-ordnance nature of main gun it totally rock in Cities of Death missions, where regular Ruses tend to stuck in deployment zones doing nothing.
  • Leman Russ Annihilator Squadron (Forge World): Another "non-heavy" Leman - this time with twin-lascannon turret. Just like his Predator namesake tend to be overpriced for what it do.
  • Destroyer Tank Hunter Squadron (Forge World): IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZOR! Ordnance 60" twin-linked lascannon seems tempting, but like LR Annihilator it's just too expensive. Just take Basilisk instead - its tank busting is almost the same, backed with indirect fire and ability to rape infantry blobs. Has a slight advantage over the Vanquisher against all armor values except 14, and is more durable (though significantly less flexible) than a Medusa with breacher shells. Cool and fluffy as hell, but not really worth taking in serious games.
  • Thunderer Siege Tank Squadron (Forge World): It's Leman Russ chassis with hull-mounted demolisher cannon. Unlike LR Demolisher it has no front/side sponsons, but for some reason it's also NOT heavy - meaning you can move it 12" and even flat out another 6" to get round two shot. Obviously this is your Vindicator, and like all IG vehicles its all around better then his SM analog, due to the combination of superior armor and sufficient speed.
  • Ordnance Battery: "Infantry win firefights. Tanks win battles. Artillery wins wars," or so the old saying goes. The Imperial Guard is noted for being able to bring really big guns to the battlefield, their firepower able to remove small sections of the opponent from the playing field. This said and done, the Imperial Guard artillery units are slow (sometimes outright static) and fragile for their cost due to being Open-Topped, a drawback which becomes increasingly noted should one wish to take artillery in a Squadron (and with the exception of the Griffon, Ordnance has the same cost issues with squadron up vehicles); this said, one can remove the Open-Topped Status. Artillery in itself will not make a Guard army due to its fragile nature, but they provide excellent firepower should the rest of the army be able to protect them. There are numerous artillery-pieces available, including the following:
    • Basilisk: Jokingly called the penis-enlargement gun by veteran Guard Players, the Basilisk is noted for having a really big gun. This gun is also known for being long-ranged, having the option for direct or indirect fire, and having AP 3 (meaning it can kill Marines in the open, or pummel Crisis Suits). However, having the worst minimum-range requirements has the potential to often relegate the Basilisk as a direct-fire weapon, a task the Medusa tends to do better in most cases for a marginal upgrade in cost; this said, the Basilisk's direct-fire does have a longer range than the Medusa. Unless it's apocalypse, you don't need more than 36" though, so get a Medusa, or a Leman Russ Battle Tank, which can do the same or even better job, considering that either way, you are dropping S8 AP3 Big Blast at the enemy within '72 at most. Now in new codex earthshaker cannon has a range of 36-240" enabling you to hit kids at the next table.
    • Colossus: (Forgeworld IA:1) Games Workshop has a checkered history when it comes to Marine-Killer weapons. Their emphasis on certain units being designed for killing Marines in the open, has lead to horridly inflexible units like Vespids, Flash Gitz, Thousand Sons, and now the Colossus. At first glance, the Colossus looks like a fun gun. With the ability to ignore cover, and Marine Power Armor saves, it will utterly devastate Marines should it land properly. On the other hand, having a wide minimum range and the inability to fire directly means the Colossus falters against a lot of Marine Armies. With the exception of some foot-slogging Space Wolf armies, many Marine armies are very fast, and noted either for operating as a mechanized army, fighting by Drop Pods, speeding forth towards your lines on Bikes, deepstriking in by Jump Packs, or otherwise excelling at fighting at short range. While the Colossus can be used for indirect-combat if kept isolated from the rest of the battleline with an infantry unit or two to watch over it, it isn't too popular in tournament armies for this reason.
    • Griffon: (Forgeworld IA:1) The cheapest artillery-piece the Guard get, the Griffon is also the most accurate on most accounts; the ability to reroll Scatter Dice is a handy ability in most cases. Like the Colossus, the Griffon is unable to fire directly, yet its shorter minimum range makes it more usable against rapidly advancing armies. Should a player wish to take a Griffon (or a pair of them, which isn't as point-intensive as squadding other artillery), they work as part of a handy one-two combo for finishing off infantry from a destroyed transport, or in support of Hellhound-equivalents being used to Tank-shock enemy infantry into clustered formations.
    • Medusa: (Forgeworld IA:1) A pure direct-fire weapon, noted for having Strength 10 and AP 2, the Medusa is arguably the most popular form of Ordnance on account of its raw firepower. While having the same issues with accuracy most blast weapons have, whatever it hits will suffer on account of it. For those who wish to trade accuracy and flexibility for raw tank-busting firepower, the regular firing mode can be replaced with Siege Shells, turning the Medusa into a heavy tank hunter. With an AP 1 blast template, and the normal Ordnance bonus replaced by rolling 2d6 for armor penetration, the potential to kill enemy vehicles is incredible, and the threat of losing multiple vehicles to a well-placed shot does a lot to intimidating opponents into spreading their vehicles out. This said, like with the Devildog's Melta Cannon, the accuracy issues inherent with the Medusa mean it tends to work best in support of, rather than being the primary source, of ranged anti-tank.
  • Heavy Artillery Battery (Forge World): This is artillery variants of Basilisk and Medusa and in 6th edition, artillery is awesome (until someone charges it). They are immobile and need crew, which could be killed (though, they use gun's Toughness 7 against enemy shots), but they are also cheap. And for being non-vehicles, they can take orders. Earthshakers and Medusas with "Bring it down!" and "Fire on my target!" could make for miracles on the battlefield if used properly. Or die pointlessly, if used incorrectly. Oh, and don't forget that they only have ld7 with no Sergeant or Commissar options, so you NEED a Lord-Commissar or Kell to make them listen to your orders most of the time.
  • Hydra Flak Tank: The tank offers 2 Twin Linked Hydra Auto Cannons [72" range S7 AP4 Heavy 2 Skyfire] and a hull mounted Heavy Bolter (or HV Flamer) on an Open Topped Chimera frame. For 5 bolt pistols more than a Chimera. There is contention as to whether Skyfire is a benefit or not within the community to a degree that boils down to differences in local meta. It is good at hitting Flyers and FMCs, Average at hitting Skimmers, and bad at hitting everything else [4 TL BS 1 = 1.22 hits]. No longer ignores Jink. Extended [72"] Range is nice for 2 out of 3 deployments.
    • Tactical Thought: Combined with an Techpriest a single hydra [total points 110] can have a nearly guaranteed chance [avg 1.5 hits] of forcing grounding tests on two enemy FMCs. Seeing that each said test should fail roughly 1/3 of the time and the fact that a 72" turret weapon can aim nearly anywhere on the board gives this unit some use.
  • Wyvern Suppression Tank: BLOB ARMIES BEWARE! The new tank for 6th edition. Shoots two twin-linked Stormshard Mortars: 48" Str 4 AP6, Heavy 2 with Blast, Barrage, Ignores Cover, and Shred. That's right, rerolls to hit AND wound. And for even more fun, they can come in squadrons of 1-3! The cherry on top? They're dirt cheap. Gaunts/Boyz Beware!
    • Tactical Thought: Before thinking the Wyvern is only useful against blobs, remember what this tank brings to the field. A single tank fires 4 blast templates that are twin-linked and shred. Even with their saves, MEQs will have to roll real well to not loose a large number of troops. A well spread out MEQ Squad will probably lose 2-3 wounds per tank, making the Wyvern redeem its point cost by turn two. Also barrage, what it does is focus all blasts from a single unit (that is 12(!) blasts with reroll to wound and to hit from 3 wyverns) in a small area. Go ahead and force some unlucky squad to take a fuckton of potential wounds (remember, it's a blast weapon so more like 60 potential wounds if Small Blasts cover 5 models per blast) with Look out sir! for their leader, with some luck you can snipe enemy commander on turn 1. Many say broken. I say fantastic. Even TEQ will shudder at having to roll potentially 40 saves.
  • Manticore Launcher Tank: Mixed-bag. Good for the points, bigger blast range then hell, but can't deal with marines. Drop it back by your Basilisks or Heavy Weapons, since it's not gonna do much good at the front lines. Good points are simple: They're not open-top, compared to artillery. They have HUGE blast ranges and they can virtually ensure that you're going to be making people spread out their firepower - great for you to focus on one group at a time. Downsides are just as bad as the upsides, though. Limited ammo CAN be a problem (rarely, either because either Manticore or the enemy ends up demolished). If enemy is spreading their units out, it causes you to lose a lot of rocket's effectiveness. Seriously, it can only shoot 4 out of 5-6 turns (unless your opponent isn't retarded, in which case it'll be gone a great deal sooner). Overlooked a lot, but can be powerful on those first few crucial turns. On a high note, Manticores DEMOLISH Necron Warrior elements or Ork/Nid/Guard blobs.
    • Forgeworld finally allow to squadron Manticores up to 3. Not like it's always a wise decision, as squadron must fire at one target, which can lead to overkill.
    • Standard Storm Eagle rockets now can be swapped for Manticore Missiles and Sky Eagle Rockets - both come with 15 pts discount. First are the massive S9 AP2 7" blasts of pure rape, which is almost as devastating as Medusa, have Basilisk range, and one of the few 7"-blasts outside of Apocalypse. Second are crunch wise long range twin-linked ordnance lascannons - great for busting heavily armored flyers, otherwise almost invulnerable to Hydra fire.
  • Deathstrike: The Deathstrike Missile Launcher tends not to be taken in a lot of tournament builds, being viewed as too unreliable a weapon. Its main selling point is that it (eventually) fires a Strength 10 AP 1 APOCALYPTIC BLAST (y'know, the type of thing you would expect from a Titan), ignoring cover, and operating at full Strength against any and all vehicles caught in the explosion; should it go off, it has a high chance of devastating the opponent. On the other hand, it's chances of properly firing are random at best, it won't be firing on turn 1, and the Deathstrike is a one-shot weapon. It mostly gets used either for casual games on account of this unreliability, as a gamble, or for psyching the opponent out into spreading his forces out. But if you're a favored champion of the dice gods, received the blessing of Admiral Awesome, the benediction of Lady Luck and have balls of ceramite, you might just hilariously wipe half of your opponent's forces early in the game. In 2k+ games, combine 3 Deathstrikes with 4 units of Demo Charge-packing Special Weapon Squads in Vendettas, and watch your enemy's face drop as he realizes the the might of pie plates - as he has to deal with either 3 nukes or 12 S9 AP2 large blasts + 12 twin linked Lascannons on turn one Vendettas are flyers, Flyers won't show up until turn 2 at the earliest. Unless you get first turn of course, in which case he has to deal with 3 nukes having already been hit by 12 large blasts. And from then on, it only gets better...
  • Gun Platforms: Short was our rejoicing with unstunnable and durable automated artillery - now they are back to AV10-round 2HP immobile vehicles, and suddenly all stops buying Hydra Platforms. Though there is still saving grace - platforms got cheaper camo-netting, so they can be nearly as tough as they was before if parked in thick cover or behind fortifications.
    • Earthshaker Artillery Platform (Forge World): Cheaper Basilisks. Good as long as they are away from enemy, but if you don't feel enough tactical foresight to keep enemy in distance, stick with old mobile Basilisks.
    • Hydra Flak Platform (Forge World): No more interceptor, so this is just more fragile immobile discounted Hydra. Low model height now become a big problem, as it would cause LoS problems, and when now you need to keep platforms in cover, you can not solve LoS problem just by putting platforms on top of the hill.
    • Manticore Rocket Platform (Forge World): Unlike Regular Manticores, this comes stock with Manticore Missiles, and can only swap them for Sky-Eagles. Use them to spam 7" blasts of hell, as this platforms comes with the biggest discount. With such a devastating power it's even worth it to hide them behind Bastion for camo net improved 2+ cover save.
  • Tarantula Sentry Gun Battery (Forge World): - You get a battery of three immobile twin linked Heavy Bolters, with the option to add three more and swap them for a Multi-melta for free, or pay for TL assault cannons or TL Lascannons. Being automated, you have very little control over what they actually do in the battle, they select their own targets based on pre-set criteria, you basically just get to choose at deployment what their arcs are: 360 degrees but at 18" range, or 90 degrees at 36" range, so you're rarely going to be blasting things across the table with these things. Unlike gun platforms they remain to be automated artillery, but got their toughness lowered to 6. Overall a terrible choice, as while cheap it packs very little firepower yo don't even control, and competes with much more potent choices for HS slot.
  • Rapier Carrier Battery (Forge World):- This IS the shit. Cheap in both points and money, it is treated as Extremely Bulky infantry like the Cyclops, but is a lot more fun. You DO want this in a Chimera, and you want it to fucking STAY there, because it can still fire its 36" S9 AP2 Ordnance 1 Laser Destroyer when inside. And the best part? The Destroyer is twin-linked. At 40 points and £25, why in the name of Slaanesh's self-removing pants are you not taking at least 1? You want to reliably kill tanks from inside a safe little Chimera?! Knock yourself out.
  • Sentinel Power Lifter Squadron (Forge World): Assault sentinels... wooo! They are the cheapest of all sentinels and comes with basically close-combat autocannons. Funny and fluffy, but it's not really worth spending HS slot on them.
  • Cyclops demolition squad (Forge World): Small kamikaze remote controlled tanks. They count as infantry (but extremely bulky), so you can put yo tanks in yo tanks, to play mech while yo play mech. For extra lulz find some homerules for Capitol Imperialis and put Chimera with Cyclops in it into Capitol. Not like it's a valid strategy - Cyclops are fragile and their operators are even more fragile (thank god, you can hide them inside Chimera). If you get lucky enjoy suicide-bombing cover-ignoring Basilisk shell into some Space marine squad, but otherwise stick with more conventional big guns.
  • Avenger Strike Fighter (Forge World): Your dedicated AtG Jet Plane with a tasty Strafing Run rule. It comes stock with an absolutely useless defensive rear-mounted Heavy Stubber (can help knock a flying monster out of the sky tho...), two Lascannons, and the AVENGER BOLT CANNON, which is basically half of a VULCAN MEGABOLTER. This means it packs SEVEN Megabolter and two Lascannon shots at BS4 for only 150 pts, to ruin the day of anything with less than AV14 or a 2+ armour save. And if it's not enough, you could fit additional guns, missiles or bombs under it's wings. Do you really need any other reason to buy it? (It's also a sexy model on the table.)


  • Aegis Defense Lines: In case you forgot to get a Hydra or chose to actually get Anti Air with an Interceptor rule, Aegis will help you out with the annoying fliers. In addition, you get a nice piece of cover for Guardsmen, which you can use as a forward assault base of sorts, or to hide behind (argue with your opponents that your Leman Russ gets a cover save as well). Pretty cheap point-wise, and can be a good choice if you want to have some basic foothold without turning into Gunline Guard. Combind with "Get back in the fight" orders and GTG for 2+ cover guardsmen.
  • Skyshield Landing Pad: On one hand, you practically give your Guardsmen an Invulnerable Save(!) - on the other, you don't have many units that can Deep Strike. Could be worth it, if you have some Deep Striking allies. Park your basilisks or manticores on it, or alternatively a deathstrike missile launcher if you feel your trollface isn't getting enough use. The Aegis defence line also provides an awesome forward base that you can load with heavy weapons team for instant 4+ cover and never have to move!
    • With the "Ready For Take-Off" upgrade ( Only 5 points ), this becomes a very good fortification that is probably a must have if you planned to use it and a Vendetta. Deploy the Vendetta(s) in it ( In Hover mode for the first turn ) and don't move it/them : You got yourself AV12 4+ Invuln Twin-Linked full-BS lascannons all around with a very good LOS. Next turn ( It is quite unlikely a Vendetta has been taken down by now ), zoom out and do Vendetta stuff as you would normally. This gets you a guaranteed 2nd turn Vendetta for the "cost" of having it sitting on the landing pad with a 4+ invulnerable save on first turn, during which it will still be able to fire its payload at full BS. If you plan on taking Vendettas but don't like spending points on reserve roll trickery ( Which puts you on par with Skavens concerning reliability ) you can easily rationalise incorporating that Skyshield into your army ( Park your officers, heavy weapons teams, tanks, artillery on it, whatever : 4++ is GOOD - AV14 4++ isn't going anywhere ) for a fine piece of fortification that will act as an excellent Vendetta force multiplier.
  • Imperial Bastion: Ridiculously cheap, can mount a Quad Gun that can pop transports and flyers, gets 4 free heavy bolters which can be legally placed all on one facing, gives your men the advantage of height and cover, and if you play air cavalry the Comms upgrade is a must, letting you modify your reserve rolls by +1. Place Veterans inside and use it to overlook most of the battlefield, while the rest of your army is moving about/shattering enemy's sky.
  • Fortress of Redemption: Expensive both in points and actual cost, this huge model doesn't exactly bristle with guns as you would expect. But now, you are able to dominate everything on the table - tanks will be sniped with the '96 lasgun, fliers will be decimated by BS4 AA guns (you did garrison Veterans in there, right?), and everything else will have to eat Heavy Bolters. And that thing launches Missiles (frag and krak). Oh, and all Imperial units get various buffs and saves, meaning that this thing is the ultimate say in the world of Gunline Guard. On the negative side, this thing turns the field into a giant clusterfuck the moment at least one of it's sections breaks apart.
  • Imperial Strongpoint: Can't decide whether you want the Imperial Bastion or Aegis Defense Line? Why not take both. With the Stronghold Assault expansion, you can take both and more. For just one Fortification slot, you get a required Aegis Defense Line, a Imperial Bastion, a optional Skyshield Landing Pad, optional Honoured Imperium, and options to include more of the listed. For IG gunline armies, this is beautiful. This is basically the poor man's Fortress of Redemption. The major problem though is IG ballistic skill. With all this heavy ordnance, you want to get as many Vets as possible to man these guns. Also, don't expect to move that far. With most of your cover and weapons unmovable, you will just have to wait for the enemy to reach you.
  • Honoured Imperium: Ok, no. While it might be nice to place a giant statue or church rubble and receive Stubborn for your Guard and Imperial Allies, think about your choice. For your ONE fortification choice, you would take one statue that CANNOT fire back over fortifications THAT CAN FIRE BACK! And while fearless is nice for guard, units have to be within 2 inches to even benefit from the Stubborn rule. Best used with gun-line guard and even then you will have the problem of blast templates. You do get a 3+ cover save if behind the fortification, but chances are you are using the giant statue that breaks LOS making the cover save basically unnecessary. Use your points on a Commissar. If you are truly wanting to use this fortification, then go all in and get the Imperial Strongpoint. In fact, if you want Stubborn, get a Commissar!
    • This might be slightly useful with vehicles, if you have a predator positioned just right that you don't ever plan on moving for example, otherwise you will never use this cover save ever.

Super Heavy[edit]

  • Marauder Bomber: Flying Fortress of 40k. Imagine the massive bombers that dropped massive amounts of bombs on cities during the Second World War - the Marauder is basically the same thing, but with much bigger and less dinky and useless guns (for the setting). It also happens to share the same name as one too. It's not good for its point cost though, even in apocalypse. Those bombs just don't hurt tanks, and that's something you need to be able to kill. Does come with the ability to switch out the heavy bomb payload for two Hellstorm Bombs, big Inferno templates full of Str7 Ap3 goodness. Useful for when that annoying guy brings a whole company of Space Marines and you want them to DIE NOW. Unfortunate side effect is the tiny payload size. Oh well. As per new Apoc rules super heavy tend to explode in hilariously high range (with D strengths in the 5" epicenter) you can just keep this thing zooming above enemy forces and dare him to kill it.
    • Maurauder Destroyer Heavy Attack Plane. While the standard Maurauder is the Imperium's B-17 (if thats a B-17, I would love to the imperium's lancaster. imagine a bouncing demolisher shell!!!), this one is the AC-130. Regardless, with a load out like this it's more akin to the bastard forbidden love child of a Manticore and a Hydra flak tank that's trying too hard, since it's armed with six massive rocket on the wings and three twin-linked autocannons in its nose. Instead of bombing, this sucker flies in and strafes anything unlucky to be on the ground, with hellstorm of fire, and then flies away. Better than the bomber in every way (looks, armor values, possession of actual AA mounted guns and glorious bombing runs).
  • Baneblade: The Baneblade is one of the most feared tanks the Imperium and Chaos posers have to offer. Sporting a Baneblade cannon, co-axial Autocannon, Demolisher Cannon, two Lascannons, three twin-linked heavy bolters, optional pintle mounts, AND optional Hunter-killer missile, its a rolling fortress of death. Comes standard with three structure points, AV14 front, AV13 side, and AV12 rear in the Apoc book. Can be commandeered by a Commissar to REALLY motivate your troops. With the Escalation expansion, IG players can take one Baneblade or one of its variants.
    • Hellhammer: Baneblade without the Baneblade cannon. The Hellhammer cannon is shorter ranged but has a smaller template, better strength and AP. But why take this when the Stormsword right down the corner is so much better? Well, unlike all of the other Baneblade variants, the Hellhammer has a turret. The extra flexibility offered by being able to engage any target while keeping the thicker armor pointed towards the main threat could swing your decision.
    • Banehammer: Holds great potential for fun in trolling Mech armies with it's Tremor cannon. With a 60" range and S8 AP3, the Tremor cannon may not seem like much - but that's when it's special rule "Earthshock" comes in. Everything within 4d6" of it's 7" blast gets caught within a shockwave zone which is treated as dangerous terrain to vehicles and difficult to all else. Not the best super heavy to take, but is fun. Shoot it at hordes and force your opponent to forgo moving phase for the sake of own sanity.
    • Banesword: Designed especially to reach out and ruin someone's day. With a range of 180" on it's main cannon (called the Quake Cannon) as well as S9 AP3, Barrage, and 10" Blast, someone is going to have a really bad day. And for shits and giggles, you can kill that annoying Tau player's army 2 tables over, instead of wasting the shots of your Deathstrike Missiles.
    • Stormsword: Best at street fighting and siege warfare, what this bad boy lacks in range (a sort of pathetic (for Apocalypse) range of 36") is made up for in firepower. Its cannon launches a enormously painful S10 AP1 10" blast primary weapon shot which denies cover saves and instagibs vehicles on a 3+, at the very least ripping off a weapon. It will also turn anything with less than T6, inside out. So, in other words, it's a great way to say "Screw you!" to that annoying Vindicare Assassin, who is camping in the ruins. The blast template is in fact so huge that it is actually physically incapable of missing it's original target with its main cannon - which is awesome. Firing this thing once can wipe it's cost in units off of the gameboard, which is even more awesome. Pretty much everything you love about the Leman Russ Demolisher is taken up to eleven on this baby. If you can get these guys in range, they will never fail to impress with the incredible amounts of destruction they will unleash upon the enemy.
    • Doomhammer: This super heavy isn't sure if it's supposed to be a scary ass tank or dedicated transport... so it does a decent job as both. With a transport capacity of 25 models, it certainly isn't too shabby, especially with it's fire points (well, fire point, really) allowing 10 models to blast away from it. It also counts as open topped for (dis)embarking purposes. Its primary cannon (named the Magma Cannon - yeah, it's the Volcano Cannon's baby brother) has a range of 60" and is S10 AP1 5" blast. So yeah... Something caught between a Stormsword, Stormlord and a Shadowsword. For a jack of all trades, this is a decent choice (though the Baneblade is probably better at it).
    • Shadowsword: Much alike the Baneblade, but instead of a turret and hull weapon, mounts a huge Volcano Cannon (yes, it is as powerful as it sounds). The Volcano Cannon stats are simple: 120" S:D AP2 Large Blast. Yup. It is the Titan Killer and is possibly one of the most useful Baneblade-based vehicles. Can trade a pair of lascannons for targeters to boost its BS by one. This is a very useful unit, especially when combined with lots of tanks in a non-apocalypse game, because it becomes the king of distraction carnifexes in this configuration : 180" range D weapon, 9 HP, rather cheap by Baneblade variants standards, and needs heavy firepower to bring down. For just over 1000 points, you can get yourself 3 Demolisher russes and this baby : Either your opponent focuses the russes and gets blown off the table ( If you bought the targeters, it has over 50% chance to hit its initial target, almost certainly bringing it down with Strength D ), or he.she tries to get the Shadowsword and gets in range of the Demolisher cannons, deepstriking unit not being that useful as they will strike against AV12 backed by 9 HP and most likely suffer a nasty retaliation.
    • Stormblade: Taking the Shadowsword chassis and sticking the Plasma Cannon from a Titan on it. (They call it a Plasma Blastgun, but that sounds pathetic.) Allows for two firing modes: Rapid and Overload. Rapid gives you 2 shots at 72", S8 AP2 with a 7" Blast and Overload drops it down to 1 shot with 96" range S10 AP2 Apocalyptic Blast. So if you need to clear out a horde of non-super heavy tanks at range, this'll be high on your list.
    • Stormlord: It's a Shadowsword chassis with Vulcan Mega bolter instead of Volcano cannon (Yes, the Mega Bolter is as insane as it sounds: Imagine a Vulcan Minigun with Heavy Bolters for each barrel), the Mega Bolter is: 60" S6 AP3 Heavy 15, AND if the Stormlord doesn't move, it can fire twice at different target or the same target! However, the most lulzy thing about this beast is that it can transport FORTY models, though don't get too crazy about this, as the rules say it only counts as open topped for embark/disembark purposes, so you can ally with some nasty melee units like assault terminators and get an awesomely massive charge out of it. However, up to twenty models can fire from the top-bay on the top, so you can count this as a mobile firebase for your squads and/or artillery, though moving the tank still counts as movement for your units (though pivoting doesn't, when you want to point that Vulcan cannon at stuff).
    • Fortress of Arrogance: This special Baneblade gets to cart Yarrick's ass along for a hefty 940 pts (even counting the old man's cost), which he can embark and disembark like an open-topped vehicle without any of the damage penalties. It's armed with lascannon sponsons, a Hunter-Killer, heavy bolters on the sponsons and hull, and a storm bolter (For Yarrick to shoot out the single firing point). In addition, this is made for Ork stomping by halving Ork charge ranges while giving all Guard units within 12" of him Ld10.
    • Traitor's Bane: the king of Hellhammers, found in Warzone: Pandorax, this is a Catachan superheavy. On top of all the usual Hellhammer kit it comes with two extra sponson guns with lascannons as a matter of course and all heavy flamers are "Synched", which are still twin-linked, but are also S6 AP3, so when this tank gets close to things short of TEQ they are all dead. As an added bonus, it is a Stealth Tank!!! Which gives it a 6+ cover save when not in cover, and when against aircraft or flying creatures it gets Shrouded instead!
    • Baneblade 212 "Arethusa": A special Baneblade from IA1, this is a BS4 Baneblade with a co-axial autocannon with the main cannon, TL Heavy Bolters with the Demolisher cannon, two sponsons with Lascannons and TL Heavy Bolters, and a pintle storm bolter. While the ability to ignore Shaken and Stunned on a 4+ is nice, the main gift is the ability to make one weapon TL every turn, which with BS4 makes it irresistible. Seriously, the only hodback is that you can't use it on TL stuff, so that means TL Demolisher, and A TL BANEBLADE CANNON. It's 100 points more than a plain one, but DAMN if it doesn't make you moist.
  • Malcador: Basically a bigger Leman Russ, half the size of a Baneblade. Like the Russ, it has a Battle Cannon, but has the option for Sponson Heavy Stubbers or Sponson Lascannons (Hint: This is the correct choice). Malcadors have a limited turret traverse, due to their weird design.
    • Malcador Defender: Instead of a Battle Cannon, has a bunker on the top with five Heavy Bolters and a Demolisher Cannon in the hull. Use it to transports Conscripts or smaller Combined Squads.
    • Malcador Annihilator: Has a twin-linked Lascannon turret weapon, and a hull-mounted Demolisher Cannon. May feel a bit schizophrenic despite seeming like a mainly anti-vehicle platform.
    • Malcador Infernus: Take a Malcador, throw out the turret, and give it a Titan-sized Inferno Cannon. It's a GIANT flamethrower tank, like a Hellhound on steroids. Also has Sponson weapon options, which is good to finish up the burned up squads.
    • Valdor Tank Hunter: Like a smaller Shadowsword, or specifically, like a bigger Destroyer Tank Hunter. It has a massive laser cannon. Has a single sponson mounted awkwardly on one side, firing arcs make it only useful for self-defense. Suffers slightly from the Vanquisher Syndrome of not being able to target enough things fast enough and having only has BS3. It does possess primary weapon D3 which vastly increases chances of successful penetration (Or Primary weapon 1 if you go by IAA rather than IAIG2nd), and AP1 highly increases chance of of the enemy vehicle being destroyed outright.
    • Minotaur Artillery Tank: Basilisk on crack. Carries two Basilisk cannons on a Malcador hull. Don't ask why. Ask: "Why not?"
  • Macharius Heavy Tank: Comparable to the Malcador, except with moar gunz. Standard Macharius has two sponsons and a TWIN. LINKED. BATTLE. CANNON. Unlike the Malcador, the Macharius has a full 360-degree traverse, so it can fire in any direction from its position. Also has hull-mounted twin linked Stubbers in the front.
    • Macharius Vanquisher: TWIN. LINKED. VANQUISHER. CANNONS. Also has sponsons on either side. Hull-mounted Heavy Stubbers also. Hilarious anti-tank firepower. Also experiences Vanquisher Syndrome.
    • Macharius Vulcan: Mother of god. For ultimate cheese, get a Stormlord with Vulcan Mega Bolter, and get a couple of these to roll with it. This Macharius has a Vulcan Mega Bolter on its turret, plus the sponsons and hull Heavy Stubbers. Removes Tyranid players from the Apocalypse games in the radius of a few miles.
    • Macharius Omega: A Macharius assault tank, basically. Has no turret for its PLASMA BLASTGUN. Has sponsons weapons also. Burns through bio-titans and monstrous creatures like they're nothing.
  • Gorgon Assault Carrier: The ultimate party bus. The Gorgon can transport entire platoons instead of just a single squad. Has two twin-linked Heavy Stubber turrets on the very back, and has the option of either sponson-mounted weapons or twin-linked Mortars. One thing to note is that the Gorgon is permanently open-topped. This can be good or bad, depending on how many Ogryns you packed inside. Also, you should notice AV10 rear armor, which means it would die like bitch to krak grenades or thinks like Deffkoptas. Sadly, according to IA1:2nd, passengers specifically cannot fire out of Gorgon despite being open topped, maybe because AV14 transport with 8 3-man heavy weapon teams would be totally broken.
  • CRASSUS ARMORED ASSAULT TRANSPORT: Picks up where the Gorgon slacked off. Has two Heavy Bolters (which you could should replace with better guns) on its nose, sponson weapons and it's completely closed. Carrying capacity of 35 (compare to Gorgon's 50). The main reason you should prefare CRASSUS ARMORED ASSAULT TRANSPORT is speed. It's 12". For super-heavy vehicle. It's pretty much the IG's equivalent of a Land Raider (it costs exactly the same point-wise), and like the Predator vs Leman Russ, the CRASSUS ARMOURED ASSAULT TRANSPORT is more powerful, more durable, and generally better at it's job, which is also hilarious when you think about it.
    • Praetor Armored Assault Launcher: CRASSUS ARMORED ASSAULT TRANSPORT with its transport capacity replaced with huge rocket launcher. Like the Minotaur is a super-Basilisk, the Praetor is a super-Whirlwind. Its backside houses a Multiple-Rocket Launcher, armed with either brutal S8 AP3 pie plates, less powerful horde-eating 7"-blasts, or anti-air krak missiles - in all modes its fire two twin-linked missiles per turn. And you can choose armament at the game starts, making Praetor very versatile. It also has two sponsons on the nose, just in case.
    • Dominus Armored Siege Bombard: Another Crassus-with-huge gun. This time it packs a battery of three giant mortars on its back, which could fire only one S10 AP3 pieplate on move or three of them while static. It could be much more cost-effective and durable artillery than a squadron of Basilisks, but only if you keep it stationary. Worth noting, there is still no model of this thing.
  • Vortex Deathstrike Missile: While not technically a superheavy, firing one of these off will lead to an ass-kicking usually reserved to only the heaviest of guns. Literally, nothing in the game hits as hard as this. Basically a Deathstrike missile launcher with the plasma warhead replaced with an intercontinental-sized VORTEX warhead. While being fragile in the extreme, unable to go off in turn 1, having to take a lord commissar and an entire infantry platoon to keep it safe, and a single shot wonder, it is still completely worthwhile. A 10" blast of fuck-any-and-all-types-of-saves-or-get-out-of-death-free-cards will remove anything it touches. Even baneblades and gargantuan creatures will be seriously ass-fucked when this says hello. Take only if you think your balls are as brazen as an imperial guardsmen
  • Titans: TITANIC GOD-MACHINES OF PURE RAPE. They pack awesome firepower on ungodly durable platforms, but hell they are expensive. One thing you should remember: Titans are NOT indestructible. Despite being TITANS they are quite fragile for such point cost. Their void shield could soak a lot of anti-tank shooting, but they work only against shots from 12" and more, not to mention close combat. KEEP YOUR TITANS AS FAR FROM ENEMY AS POSSIBLE - a lot of things could kill them if they come close enough. Meltaguns are problem. Hummershield/chainfist terminators are big problem. Warscythe Lychguards are a massive problem. Daemon lords and Revenant Titans with swords are death. Hell, I once saw a single veteran squad with meltabombs grav-shuted near a Reaver titan and kill it in one turn. Also, keep in mind that all titan weapons (except Mega Bolter) are blasts, so they cannot hurt fliers (except Manta, since now it gained "Massive target" rule which means that all shots resolved against it are resolved at base BS and thusly not snapshots).
    • Warhound Scout Titan: Buy three!!! Make three!!! Can equip two arm weapons: Give it two Turbo-Laser Destructors and watch the fireworks as it kills everything else on the field.
    • Reaver Battle Titan: Buy make one! Gets two warlord-class arm weapons and one warhound-class carapace weapon or giant Rocket Launcher/Vortex Missile on its back.
    • Warlord Battle Titan: MAKE ONE!!!!!11111!!!!!11!!1!!!!11!!!!!11!!!!111 One of these, will obliterate it's cost in say, Predator Annihilators or Baneblades, without a single scratch. It mounts two of the Warhound's weapons on its back and two of its own weapons on its arms, which pack more range and fire more shots each turn.
    • Imperator Battle Titan:If you play against one of these, just give up... I mean, the other Titans scale up by adding on guns, but this God-Machine carries six carapace weapons (use the Warlord's weapons for that, there's not point using the Warhound's), it has two arm weapons - and even it's weakest arm gun will at the least let out 6 strength 8 AP3 shots. There is no safe place against it, its weapon's range allows it to hit anything 36" away and beyond. Even if the enemy team fills every square inch of the board with anti-tank weapons, this thing will come out on top without taking so much as a glancing hit to it's armor, with all the void shields they need to get through first. Load up on Laser Blasters for the carapace and Vengeance Cannons for arms and this can let loose an insane TWENTY-SIX destroyer shots. You still should beware close combat monsters and meltahouses - with minimum fire range of 36" Imperator cannot shoot down any approaching TEQ's, scarab swarms, or those overpowered deepstriking corsair Fire Dragons (unless you put some good fire support units into his leg-bastions, which you really should). You will never get a model for this thing, not in a thousand years, but you can proxy one, just ask your two meter (seven foot) pal over and get him to cosplay. And remember - chicks dig giant robots You're not fooling anyone Princeps.

Note that Tau have some really nasty Apocalypse fliers which are due for an update soon and already seem designed to destroy anything you can field (which they kind of were in fluff). See [[1]] for details. Counter with Praetor Armoured Launcher using Pilums


Militarum Tempestus[edit]

The first official supplement or minidex to spring from the Astra Militarum. Like the Legion of the Damned or Inquisition "Codexes" it's sparsely populated, but unlike those armies does not give a secondary allied detachment so with these guys it's all or bust. 7th edition rules fix that. Loses almost everything from the main codex though but allows you to take Tempestus Scions squads as TROOPS, Commissar Lords and Tempestus Command Squads as HQ, Tauroxes and Valkyries are FAST ATTACK. Thats it, nothing else. Drops Vendettas for some reason.

  • What it's really good for though is dataslate formations, since two come with the Codex, so it gives you scoring Scions units that don't take up Elite slots like they would in an Astra Militarum army.

Warlord Traits[edit]

  • 1. Dauntless Commander - Fearless USR
  • 2. Grenadier - Thrown grenades are twin-linked, while melee grenades get Tank Hunters
  • 3. Intrepid Commander - Units within 12" are Stubborn
  • 4. Grav Commando - Army may re-roll reserves for Deep striking units, also Warlord may re-roll deep strike scatter for his own unit.
  • 5. Drill Chief - Hot Shot Las weapons get an additional 6 inches of range so long as they do not move.
  • 6. Inspired Commander - Warlord gets +1 Leadership.


  • Directed Firestorm - Ordered unit gets twin linked weapons
  • Autonomous Fire - Shooting attacks get Preferred Enemy
  • Close Assault - Unit gets Crusader USR
  • Advance on Target - Unit gets Fleet USR
  • Suppresion Doctrine - Ordered unit can only fire single shots with hot-shot lasguns, but get Sniper & Pinning.
  • Elimination Protocol - When shooting at Vehicles or Monstrous Creatures, all shots are Rending.


  • Airborne Assault - 1 Platoon Command Squad + Commissar + 3 Scions Squads + 4 Valkyries. Re-roll deep strike scatter from Grav Chute Insertion, also each unit that disembarks (in any fashion) gets Split Fire & Twin-Linked for the following shooting phase. 820 points minimum.
  • Ground Assault - 1 Platoon Command Squad + Commissar + 3 Scions Squads + 4 Taurox Primes. The entire formation starts embarked and is rolled for as a single unit in reserves. Units get twin-linked and cause pinning on turns they disembark from the Tauroxes. 640 points minimum.


Hey, do you like Dark Eldar? Ever wanted to go Imperium for some odd reason? Then the Militarium Tempestus is for you, son!

On paper, the Militarium Tempestus has the ability to strike hard and fast, and with AP3 shooting at BS4, anything short of Space Marine Terminators need to beware them, and their ability to Deep Strike is just icing on the cake. However, Tempestus armies depend upon having a plan and executing it successfully - and if the plan works, you'll have cut the enemy off at the head. If it fails, then a 4+ Armour save and a squishy Toughness of 3 will mean the enemy's retaliation will cripple you - and you do not have the numbers of the IG or the reliable saving throws of the Space Marines to balance this out.

Playing these guys in short is like playing as Dark Eldar - if you can strike hard and fast enough, you will cripple your opponent. However, if you screw up anywhere, it is you who will screw yourself over, so be careful.

On a side note, team up with Inquisition or Grey Knights for Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, or Sisters of Battle and Inquisition if you remember Witch Hunters.


With 7th edition rules, any Imperium army can ally perfectly with Guard. Every single Space Marine (all variants) and Sisters of Battle unit is available to back up your Guard, and Eldar, Tau, Orks, and Chaos (in case you're feeling heretical) can be used as well, but no one likes them. You can also ally with Necrons if you're don't care about logic and just want to make opponents cry at the amount of firepower you're going to put out every turn.

Battle Brothers[edit]

Every army of the Imperium, which is as follows:

  • Blood Angels - Nice because you can get death company to go rip people's head off while they're at it. Stick a chaplain in a blob and they're fearless (not cause of the chalice, but because the chaplain is fearless). Stick a Sanguinary Priest in there for FNP and +1WS to your guardsmen. Mephiston can do everything your army can't. Love it.
  • Grey Knights: If all you want is tough marines, Deathwing Termies (from the Dark Angels) are probably better since they can reliably hit the field on turn 1 or 2, and they're more gun-tastic anyway, after CC has been nerfed so much by 6th edition. However, value is found with an excellent beat-stick to save your asses incase it comes to Close Combat. Also, Hammerhand on a squad of Guardsmen from a Terminator.
  • Dark Angels -
    • SWEET MERCIFUL EMPRAH, AZRAEL Ahem, if you're feeling particularly trolltastic, you can attach Azrael to a 50-man blob of guardsman for 50 4++ invul saves fearless, and furious charge (The Codex doesn't say the Invuln, Fearless, and FC is exclusive to Dark Angles units!). Then just grab some deathwing termies (or ravenwing if you're kinky like that) and deepstrike them behind enemy lines, and watch the madness ensue. Throw in a psyker with prescience for rerolls to hit, or better yet a priest to reroll the 4++, giving you better saves than storm shields and making your opponent weep bitter tears. This cheese has officially upped Dark Angels to the number one allies for IG (in this writer's opinion at least).
    • With 6th edition, Dark Angels allies have gotten even more trolltastic through the addition of Bullgryns. Step 1: Get an expensive squadron of 3 tanks. I recommend Demolishers and maybe a punisher, as their range will no longer be a problem. Throw in a Tank Commander as well. Be sure to give them camo netting. Step 2: Acquire 6 or more Bullgryns. Have them walk in front of the tanks, two per each tank. Additional units can cover the side as well. Step 3: Commandeer a Darkshroud from the Dark Angels and stick it in the middle of your tanks. Your tanks will have cover save of 5+ from the units, +1 from the slab shields, +1 from the camo netting, and +1 from the Darkshroud. That is a mobile, 2+ cover save. Throw an techpriest in there, and the unit will gain full invincibility. Sure, it's 945 points for just the basics, (+90 for enginseer/servitors, +140 for side protection) but entirely worth it to watch your opponent's bitter tears turn to a rage rivaling even the angriest of the Angry Marines as you have 3 more or less invincible tanks firing 3 S10 AP2 large blast, with split fire. I'm willing to bet that they forgot to bring along their anti-tank weapons with ignores cover. Unless they are Tau, in which case you better take out those marker lights or suffer the consequences. If you cannot take out marker lights somehow, a cheap Techmarine with Powerfield Generator hiding behind the tank squads will give them all a 4++ for a bargain price. 9 points of relic plating will give psykers a hard time too. Combo with aforementioned Azrael shenangians to put your foes in a coma.
      • Considering that the Darkshroud also has a 2+, a smart opponent lacking ignores cover options will target the bullgryns first. They've got a 3+ armour save from base contact, as well as a 6+ cover from the Darkshroud. Can be improved to 4+ with some of the expendable guardsmen that you are required to bring along as a troop choice. They're tough motherfuckers with three wounds, but at T5 they can still be instakilled by S10, so mind your scatter and be aware of the heat your opponent is packing. Some desperate fool might try to tie them up in combat, or even try assaulting the tanks. This can be further deterred by the addition of a cheap priest. Even with the bullgryns gone (after drawing enough fire and lasting long enough to make it too late for your opponent), the tanks still have a 5+ in plain sight--which smoke launchers will improve to 3+ in a pinch (strike and shroud, anyone?). Nothing to scoff at.
        • Alternate Take: The Rampart Detachment formation from Sanctus Reach does the exact same job as the above cheese, while cheaper for 490 plus the Russes (300 for Vanilla Squadron of 2, +30 for Camo Netting) without having to pay the allies tax. 2 Squads of 5 Slabshield Bullgryns with Camo-Netting gives the Tanks 5+ Cover (Intervening Models), 4+ Cover (Slabshields), 3+ cover (Stacked bonus of the Formation), and 2+ cover (Camo Netting). Compare that to the 945 points plus the side protection and Techpriest costs, and the compulsory allies squads you bring with the above.
    • Throw in a priest with some deathwing you don't plan to deepstrike (at least without a drop pod) for a cheap set of rerolls. A bit fragile, but they are much cheaper and provide better buffs than a chaplain.
    • Can be done with any Marine list, but I'll put this here. With 7th edition, Battle Brothers can take allied transports. You can fit 5 Ogryns/Bullgryns and one priest in a land raider crusader--with all the fun that only an assault vehicle can offer. Anyone willing to run the numbers to see how they compare to Deathwing termies/knights in such a situation?
      • Land Raiders are 250 points. Deathwing Knights are 46 points each and Bullgryns are 1 point cheaper, until you give them expensive Power Mauls and Brute Shields. In which case only bare bones Ogryns will be the cheaper option. Unfortunately Ogryns lack the Invulnerable saves of Knights and if the enemy brings AP in Close Combat, they're done for. Not to mention I2 on Ogryns/Bullgryns compared to I4 Deathwing means Ogryns most certainly won't hit first. Deathwing Knights are far better in practice and points efficiency in this writer's opinion. Also, basic Ogryns cost the same as Terminators. 3 guesses which one is better value for their points (Hint: Unfortunately it's not the big lugs).
  • Spess Puppies - If you don't mind the yiffing, they've got some nice firepower to add in the form of Longfangs. Grey Hunters are a nice option too with counter-attack to save your gunline's ass when it comes to close combat. A possible tactic is x-hibitz's gunline--bubble wrap fo yo bubble wrap. Rune priests are, of course, the big draw here.

However, the best source now has to be new Inquisition. Why?

  • You only need to take an Inquisitor minimum in the detachment, it may as well be like selecting special and generic characters from this Codex.
  • Have a ton of absurdly useful goodies, including:
    • Servo Skulls that prevent the enemy from scouting or infiltrating within 12 inches, as well as reducing scatter on your pie plates by D6 when shooting at units within 12" of them. Only 3 points each.
    • The Liber Heresius, which can give your blob hilarious shit like splitfire, counterattack, hatred, fear, or scout, though only once per USR.
    • The Psyoccolum for giving an ENTIRE UNIT OF 50 GUARDSMEN/CONSCRIPTS BS10 when shooting at units with Psykers inside, so say fuck you to Joe Schmoe with the Daemon Prince or the faggot with SpiritSeers.
    • Ordo Xenos Inquisitor, equipped with a conversion beamer. He can benefit from the split fire orders when attached to a guardsmen squad, meaning that you are free to make full use of the S10 AP1 blast. He gives them stubborn and they can use his Ld 10 for orders, so he basically acts as a commissar as well. Spend another 30 points, and he is a primaris psyker too, with +1 ld. You can also throw them into a chimera, letting the Inquisitor fire out the fire point while the rest of the guardsmen target something else with the arrays. If you don't like the odds of his hitting something (52% against a normal based unit, 61% against 40/60mm, and slightly more for tanks), try prescience or well-placed servo-skulls. Note that it appears that 7th edition makes it so that blessings cannot be cast on units inside transports or when in a transport. Overall, he can kick some serious ass.
    • In fact, all the Ordo Inquisitors are combo commisar-primaris psyker combos, but better and more customizable. And they are cheap.
  • The henchmen selection is mental and incredibly varied, allowing for a warband that pumps out enough firepower to drop jaws. Up to 3 Servitors with Multi Meltas, a Jokaero Weaponsmith, 3 SW Acolytes, and priests that can also take various shit like combi-weapons, meltabombs and Eviscerators!
  • Spam divination inquisitors, with a full allotment of primaris psykers, and say fuck my shitty BS. Followup with 2-3 Land Raiders filled to the brim with crusaders and/or (definitely and) death cult assassins, with a priest or 2 for shits and giggles (and eviscerators) and rush them forward. Suddenly the other player has stopped focusing on that rerolling gunline full of inquisitors and psykers and is worried about getting hatefucked by a bunch of death-cultists.

People who can't give you divination but might be worth a look:

  • Spess Mahreens: The new suppliments there are alot more things you can do:
    • Pick a Space Box of AV14 all around of your choice. Place 3 Tech Priests inside with at least 3 servitors for an auto-pass on repair rolls. Make your enemy cry blood as the damn Land Raider never FUCKING DIES!
    • Iron Hands - Clan Raukaan are the ally of your choice if you either play infantry or mechanized!
      • 1:HIM!!! Bring him, bring his biking Command Squad.
      • 2:The Iron Hands are great when it comes to repairing your vehicles.
      • 3:The TEMPERD HELM gives an 24" bubble where units forced to make morale checks can use the wearers leadership instead of their own (I'm talking 24" RADIUS) and the ability to make a single unit re-roll 1's to hit within 12" this is a great boost to your infantry.
        • Devastator DESTRUCTION - get a devastator squad, give them Lascannons, put in a Divination-based psyker in the squad and have a Company Command Squad nearby. What you do next is that you boost the devastator squad with Prescience (its important thats the psyker have JOINED the squad) after that use the CCS order "Bring it down" on the psyker, the psyker then gains the rule Tank Hunter/Monster Hunter for this shooting phase, and the rulebook specifically says that if one model have TH/MH then the rest of the unit have it as well. Pesky Land Raiders melts like butter in a blacksmith's furnace (aka Explosively) and even Baneblades dont stand a chance.
  • Sisters of Battle: Cool, but tricky. Acts of faith are always fun.
  • Knights: Nothing much to say except yes. You've already got the firepower to back it up, meaning you can send your knight into the center of your enemy's formation to crush things in CC.
  • Officio Assassinorum: While not an official army, this dataslate gives the guard some specialized killers. Vindicares have the range and firepower to pickoff threats that can assault your troops, Callidus to pop out, Culexus for anti psyker killing, and Eversor for just plain killing.

There is a very, very unfriendly way to do allies: from the FAQ on Forgeworld, any type of Guard can ally with each others with Battle Brother level, which means Codex Guard can now allies with Death Korps of Krieg: Siege Regiments, Death Korps of Krieg: Assault Brigade or Elysian Drop Troops and as well as... Death Korps of Krieg: Armoured Battle Group and Armoured Battle Group to get a maximum of 8 more tanks! Use this as your advantage so you can field bunch of artilleries in your Codex IG FOC while another bunch of tank in your ally ABG FOC in high point battles. Beware this may result in a loss of friends in your local community.

Allies of Convenience[edit]

  • Eldar: They can get powers your psykers can't give you (Telepathy better than Astropaths) but they can't come within an inch of you and you can't benefit from warlord traits. Good for providing more anti-tank options and providing very fast threats like Jetbikes and, worst of all, the dreaded Wraithknight.

Desperate Allies[edit]

  • Tau: Not much reason here to be honest. Youre not exactly lacking for shooting, and Tau cant offer CQC abilities or psychics. Now Crisis suits and Riptides can be fun, but theres better options than the bluies.
  • Dark Eldar: Meet the emo cousins of your Ally of Convenience. Poison weapons are cool, as well as Dark Lances. Don't use them for line holding, they at best get a 5+ with a Feel No Pain. Also, they're very speedy and very scary.

Come the Apocalypse[edit]

  • Orks: Assault monsters! Best used by shuffling them up the board as a good distraction while your Arty and tanks blow the enemy to pieces as they try and kill the Green tide. Remember you must deploy at least 12" apart and can't come within 6" of them without having to stop and quiver, wondering if the Ork Warboss changed his mind and wants to test his Powerklaw on your metal box. In all honesty though, make sure the Orks are wiped out before they get into Close Combat, otherwise the Guardsmen can't shoot the enemy and you've nullified the Guard's main strength.
  • Necrons: Put out so much Anti-tank firepower that your Opponent's tears will satiate your thirst for days.
  • Tyranids: Like Orks, your big shooty units cover their advance but ensure they die just before getting into Assault while the Guardsmen pound the enemy into dust, but you can't come within 6" of them without stopping, like a worse version of One Eye open.
  • Chaos Space Marines: These guys have many fun options, but their expensive nature and lack of speed at times means you'd better keep your distance from the Heretics.
  • Chaos Daemons: Yep. That's right. You can ally with Chaos while staying 6" away while the Daemons spawn utter clusterfucks. Extra lols if you "allied" the daemons with few squads of Malefic Daemonology Wyrdvane Psykersquads acting as mediums.


Tactics for the Imperial Guard have been expanded upon through out the years resulting in a plethora of different stratagems. First to explain a few of the different rules of the IG and their different uses. As well as some army compositions and strategies.

Army variants[edit]

  • Blob Guard

Blob Guard is a rather simple concept: Have more bodies than your opponent has bullets. The fact is, IG has access to grunts that can be as cheap as 3 points (Conscripts, lots of conscripts). You will overwhelm them in model count, in deaths a turn, in shots fired, you will have at least twice as many Heavy Weapons as they will. All of their Anti-Tank weaponry that was meant to take out the 150 point Leman Russ? It killed a few guardsmen with lasguns, good job. The problems that come with such an awesome army composition is the lack of speed and how effective the enemy Anti-Infantry weaponry will be against you. A decent thousand point list might consist of 2 20 man Combined Squads with a Commissar and Priest each, about 9 or so Heavy Weapon Units, and your three or so Command Squads (2 Company Command/1 Platoon Command) loaded out with Special Weapons. Works best in a Cities of Death games: All that cover, all those cover saves, your men will live a bunch longer, and confound the enemy to no end.

  • Mech Guard

Mech explores the wonders of armored vehicles. The core of the army would be a Company Command Squad and 2 squads of Vets, all in Chimeras. And the rest would consist of anything from Leman Russ tanks to Vendettas, to artillery, Fast Attack choices, or more troops in Chimeras. There are few sublists:

  • Tanks Strong

Leman Russes. Leman Russes of all kinds, everywhere. If it exists, there is a Leman Russ created specifically to murder the ever-living shit out of it. Punishers and Exterminators reap infantry blobs. Vanquisher removes tanks from the battle. Eradicators make cover useless. Executioners melt terminators into slag. Demolishers and Battle Tanks are omnivorous in their diet of destruction. Oh, and you can mix and match tanks within their respective squadrons. All squadron members must shoot the same target remember, so kit them accordingly!! If you want to, add Pask to any of the squadrons for instant HQ. Remember to point your front armor towards the opponent, do not get flanked, don't get too close to melta, and enjoy removing parts of the enemy army every turn. You can keep at least one Heavy Support slot for the sake of Hydras, or if you feeling ballsy, just rely on the Aegis Defense line.

  • Flight of Vendettas

You will confuse your opponent when he realizes that on turn one, you will have little more than Company Command Squad and Veterans in Chimeras. Maybe you'll shoot an Artillery Strike during your turn. But that doesn't matter. Because, once the second turn comes in, you roll three dice, look at your opponent, smirk, and turn on the music. Enjoy the cheese of 9 flying, twin-linked LasCannons. However, due to the Vendetta price increase and transport capacity neutering you need a 2000+ point game to pull this off. If under 2000 points, you can drop a squadron and either place more Veteran Squads inside Valkyries (as Vendettas only hold 6 infantry models) or get some Artillery/Hydras in to support your airborne forces. This strategy is not highly effective against hordes, for a rather obvious reason, but in that case you can take Valkyries with Multiple Rocket Pods. Take Bolter Sponsons and watch your opponent's mouth start foaming in futile rage.

  • Vets Meltaspam

Put Vets in Chimeras. Give them Meltas. Fill up Force Organization chart under Troops. Do same with Company Command Squads and Storm Troopers. Despite what you may think, you shouldn't really use Gunships for this, since you can't employ the melta drive-bys with them. Unless you predict really high value target with flying transport, in which case take vendetta.

  • Hammer and Anvil

This army is for those who can't choose between the two. A main force hits head on, while supported by tanks and artillery, and Vets come in from a supporting side. As they say, hit from the air, sea, and ground. A list might include, a Company Command Squad, along with a squad of Vets in a Chimera, A squad of 20-30 Guardsmen with a Commissar and Priest, a Leman Russ variant, and a Wyvern or Basilisk. Do note that this can work very well in low points game since tank commanders as HQ can actually free some point for you. Meaning that in 500 point game you can easily squeeze two stock Leman Russes with a commander upgrade and two stock Veteran Squad and still have some points for special or heavy weapons. You can even down grade to two Leman Russ Eradicator giving you extra 110 points to spend on extra gear, weapons or 2 Chimeras.

  • Artillery Apocalypse

Take a few infantry squads with just standard guardsmen, say around 20-30 troopers, do not upgrade at all, these are meat shields. Fill up your remaining points with the Imperium's single most destructive medium, Basilisks, "But wait!!" you say "Baneblades/Titans/Shadowswords are more destructive". And yes, you'd be right, HOWEVER, when you have, say, 10 1000 10000 1,000,000 (Billion) Basilisks per Battle Titan, well - you get the picture. Whilst while your enemy is dossing around trying to kill your infantry, your numerous Basilisks pound them into dust. AP3 and large blast means all standard infantry fall like chaff to these bad boys, whilst S9 means most man-sized units suffer instant death. This mind-blowingly massive amount of firepower is, however, completely useless if the crew is being hacked to pieces by deep striking terminators or some other such buttholes. So this formation is best for large, pitched, foot-slogging battles, where your foes will be lucky to even reach your infantry lines if you've spent half your points on Basilisks. So, enjoy crumpling Space Wolves. Few Sabre batteries are advised, since they can intercept deep striking units fairly well and can withstand incoming fire when put into cover.

  • "Time to introduce them to little Hansel"

Take Whatever You Want, but when it comes to the heavy support slot take the following. Ordnance Battery(ies) One Griffon Heavy Mortar and two Colosus Siege Mortars. The Griffon is to fire First. Don't like the scatter roll? ReRoll it. Follow up with the Colosus shells. Str 6 Ap 3/4. Aegis Defense Line? Bitch please. Power Armour? I think I came. Asuryan? Yo' face is stupid, allow me to show you why the galaxy belongs to man. Only available to Forge World Black Market Dealers, nowdays.


This is for all those who have played all or most of the above styles. What you want to is what you normally wouldn't do, that only just falls short of effective. Then with the last 200 points that you so kindly spared, you have spammed cavalry. Why? Because fuck you and this game. Remember to play this if it works.

What to buy[edit]

Always start out with what 1d4chan recommends, 1 HQ 2 Troop Choices, that is a Company Command Squad or a Lord Commissar (The Power Fist Commissar will suffice for cheap HQ) and 2 separate Squads kitted out as Veterans. However, bundles are your best friend, namely the battle force Defence Force. This gives you two squads of 10 and a leader pack, as well as heavy weapons and a Leman Russ which can be customized into any of its variations and a Chimera. This will be helpful if you are going blob or mech. You can make them vets for a quick 500pt army. You can even save the heavy weapons for vehicle modifications later when you buy tanks if you go for mech. Next thing would most likely be another Leman Russ and another chimeras if going mech,and another defence force if you are going blob. If you truly want to go Mech though, the Steel Host set gives you 5 Leman Russ Battle Tanks, 1 Hydra Flak Tank and 2 Leman Russ Demolishers if you're willing to sell your arm, leg, kidney, and testicle. Also, the cheap 5-man Guardsmen packs are great for building a 50-man horde (Conscripts anyone?)! The Armored Fist bundle gives you a discount price for a mechanized Squadron of Veterans too.

Also if you dip, or one of your friends dip, ask them for the metal lids to the tobacco containers. These are the exact size of the heavy weapons base. Making it extremely easy to take advantage of all the heavy weapons in the pack. Just use the bending knee for the dude shooting, and put the other dude as a standing man. Green stuff some sandbags or a wall to take place of the tripod stand.

As far as organizing your army, you ought to know better that you don't have to pimp out every platoon FULL of men. Usually, two large Platoons decked out will do the job, BUT you can take smaller platoons in order to get more Junior officers on to the table for more orders. That all said, let's calculate the body count if you spammed every slot.

HQ: CCSx2 (18 models; Commissar, Chimera, and all Advisors: Officer of the Fleet, Astropath and Master of Ordnance which are MANDATORY)
Priest x3
Enginseer x3 (With 15 servitors 5 each. Give two per Enginseer plasma cannons. Because you can.)

Primaris Psyker(ML-2) x3

Elites: 3x FULL Militarum Tempestus platoons, plus Taurox Primes for all. Bitches (117 models)

Troops: 6x FULL Infantry platoons (6x5-man PCS + Chimeras, 30x10-man Infantry squads + Chimeras, 30x6-man Heavy squads (it's two guys on one base, be glad I'm not counting the gun model), 18x6-man Special squads, 6x50-man Conscript squads, and 6x Commissars. 960 models, bitch)

Fast: 3x Rough Rider squads (30 models)

Heavy Support: 9x Leman Russ EXECUTIONERS WITH FULL PLASMA-SPONSONS (STFU. You want them)

Grand total: 1,158 models, INCLUDING Chimeras. Yes. You can have one-thousand models on the table. THIS IS THE GUARD. OUR INFANTRY ARE BLOBS.

But unless you're a millionaire or you've been in the Guard since 2nd edition, you aren't pulling this off. ALSO IT COSTS ~13,870 POINTS TO FIELD ALL THIS SHIT JESUS AAAND you're looking at $7'500+ USD(2015) for all this shit. Start buying lottery tickets if you want to even think about doing something like this.

Ideal generalized army list that you should start with:

HQ: 1x CCS

TROOPS: 2 Infantry platoons of two Infantry squads each

FAST ATTACK: Scout Sentinel x2, Valkyrie and Hellhounds if you wish.

Once your army has reached this point, start looking at where you want to go with it. You'll have a decent base for starting the typical MechVet army that is shining right now. If you want to get Leman Russes, get three, split between two Battlecannons and a Demolisher. Max out melta. It's the best thing in the game currently. Just do it.


  • Catachan Ambush Patrol (Apocalypse) - An Infantry Platoon and 1-3 Vet Platoons, preferably all modeled as Catachans.
    • They all get Shrouded until such a point where they either move through cover, shoot, or charge, when they lose it. They also make anyone who charges them through difficult terrain to make dangerous terrain. In short, they're still redshirts, with a little better use when camping.
  • 'Emperor's First' Tank Company (Apocalypse) - A Leman Russ leads three full Leman Russ Squadrons. Tank Commander optional.
    • All the Squads are Armoured Spearheads of their own, making each one get a leader. Also, the lone russ gets BS4 and can give it to anyone within 12" of him. The last rule is the ability to let them roll Thunderblitz if more than two of them all ram/tank shock the same guy before rolling anything else once per turn.
  • Emperor's Talons' Recon Company (Apocalypse) - A lone Scout Sentinel leads 3 full squadrons of Sentinels of any other make.
    • Like the formation above, the lone one acts as leader with BS4 and Stealth, and anyone within 12" of him gets both of these, helping survival slightly. Also, they get Preferred Enemy against one enemy when they deploy.
  • 'Emperor's Wrath' Artillery Company (Apocalypse) - A Chimera leads three full Ordinance Squadrons full of either Colossi or Basilisks.
    • When the Arty is within 6" of the Chimera, they can exchange their shots for a single 24-240" S9 AP3 Ordinance X (X being the number of Colossi or Bassies firing), Apocalyptic, Cover-ignoring, Pinning blasts. It's a risky measure, but it does make big blasts.
  • 'Imperial Shield' Infantry Company (Apocalypse) - A CCS commands 3+ Infantry platoons.
    • At the end of each break, every company can regain d3 casualties up to their starting strength. In short, it's a weaker form of Chenkov at the command of this group. Then again, this is pretty much how normal people play the AM.
  • Lord Castellan's Supreme Command (Apocalypse) - Creed and Kell join a CCS with two guards, an Astropath, an Officer of the Fleet, and a Master of Ordinance in an Imperial Bastion and laugh it up.
    • This thing is essentially like a Dawn Of War HQ on board. Creed can order anyone on the field (ANYONE), Ordinance can make d3+1 bombardments each time he shoots, and they get two assets each break.
  • Sanctioned Psyker Battle Elite (Apocalypse) - A Primaris Psyker controls 4+ regular Battle Psykers (Replace with Wyrdvanes?).
    • This formation gives one thing: A unique Warp Charge 3 power called Temporal Distort. It's a power with 36" range that can either bar enemies from charging or add +6 to an ally's run and +2d6 to their charge. It's...a useful power, especially for support.
  • 'Steel Fury' Baneblade Company (Apocalypse) - 3-5 BANEBLAAAADES!
    • When in Arrowhead pattern, they gain a Combined Fire Bonus (Measured by how many Baneblades shot their main cannon at a target) when rolling vehicle damage. Rest assured that any non-superheavy in their way will DIE.
    • When in Broadsword Pattern, anyone stupid enough to charge them must take a Morale test, with a -1 bonus for each Baneblade in formation. Then again, who'd be retarded enough to try, short of Lysander?

Warzone Armageddon[edit]

  • 'Imperial Vengeance' Armoured Company (Apocalypse) - A CCS and 3 Infantry Platoons (each with a PCS and two Infantry squads), all with Chimeras.
    • An economical formation with economical uses. The men get Stubborn and Counter-Attack within 12" of an objective, and any friendly vehicles within 12" of the CCS Chimera can move 12" Flat-Out on open ground.
  • Armageddon Stompa Hunters (Apocalypse) - 3-5 Armoured Sentinels. That's models, not squads.
    • When in Arrowhead pattern, these Sentinels can elect to aim at a superheavy and fire twice at them,giving up the ability to fire the next turn. They also get bonuses on superheavies by giving all Armoured Sentinels within 12" of the lead Sentinel +1 on all pen rolls against superheavies.

Warzone Damocles[edit]

  • Hellstorm Squadron (Apocalypse) - 3-5 Hellhounds, and only Hellhounds.
    • Combining these hounds together gives them the option to replace their shots with their cannons with a single ID hellstorm template so long as it's within 12" and within the lead Tank's LoS. It's pretty clear from this that they're here to murderize entire blobs, and they're all gonna die.
  • Steel Phalanx Tank Squadron (Apocalypse) - 3-5 Leman Russes of any sorts can join this group.
    • The ability to make squads out of all these Russes lets them roll Thunderblitz if more than two of them all ram/tank shock the same guy before rolling anything else once per turn. But we all know that the odds of this being your reason for taking this isn't that high. You just want all that glorious Dakka together. The Emp's First is a better one by far.
  • 'Rain of Fire' Direct Support Battery (Apocalypse) - 3-5 Basilisks. Sense a pattern here?
    • First off, this gives you rerolls on the scatter die, which is always a plus. However, in doing so, the Basilisks now have no minimum range and half the max range, making them meant for close range fire, making the reroll on scatter a blessing when your army tends to rely on blobs of doom.

Warzone Pandorax[edit]

  • Deathstrike Vortex Missile Battery (Apocalypse) - 3-5 Deathstrikes are armed up.
    • The formation is unusual in that they can only fire one single-use missile (A 12-960" Ordinance 1 S:D AP1 Large Blast Vortex) a turn starting with turn 2, with the option to save missiles for another turn. But these babies carry a major risk: if the vehicle gets a weapon destroyed, the vehicle blows up immediately, replacing the model with a Vortex as if it were fired on the vehicle.
  • 'Emperor's Mercy' Commissariat Squad (Apocalypse) -A Lord Commissar gets a retinue of 3+ lesser Commissars.
    • As is fitting for Commissars, they all get fearless, since they do not want to blam themselves. They also ups the Aura of Command to 12", giving everyone within it Furious Charge and Hatred. But if someone does fail morale within 12" of the group, they get to blam someone, just like they were within the unit. It's a very helpful command squad.
  • Xerxes Airborne Support Wing (Apocalypse) - 3-5 Valkyries are grouped in, all with Multi-Missile Pods in exchange for any transport capacity.
    • In exchange for their transport capacities, at least two of the Valkyries can combine their shots into one Heavy X 72" S4+X AP6 Apocalyptic Barrage (X being the number of participating Valkyries), meant for melting hordes everywhere.

Sanctus Reach - The Red Waaagh![edit]

  • The Steel Host - A Tank Commander goes leading three Russ squadrons and a Hydra.
    • This is more meant for ranged Russes, but the ability to confer Preferred Enemy to anyone within 12" of the Commander is a good gift no matter what you equip.
  • Rampart Detachment - A PCS leads two 5-manlet Bullgryn squads.
    • Plain and simple, this is a force with major defense, with Fearless, Fear, Counter-Attack, and +1 to cover for anyone covered even partially by the formation and their meaty shields. Meaning anything behind a unit of badass space ogres with those manly shields get a 3+ cover save, extra camo cloak trolling gives you a 2+!