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While one would predict that an army already crippled by 6E would fare no better in such a small game where their biggest tool (Massive swarms of disposable goons) is stripped away from them. This is a relevant loss, but the changes to the list made by the HoR team allows for the Nids to not only keep some of their numbers, but also gain some advantages that will keep them living longer.


  • Scuttling Swarm: Campaign Only. Tyranid players will lose small gaunts. This is an unalterable fact. To compensate for that, Hormagaunts, Termagants, and Gargoyles don't need to pay for replacements. Instead, after calculating all the losses, you can roll a d3 for every brood. They'll gain back that many models at no cost, making sure you're never truly inconvenienced...as long as the broods aren't dead.
  • Burrowing: Models with this rule can Deep Strike.
  • Vanguard Synapse: Since this is a small game, you're gonna need a lot of Synapse to make sure your goons aren't gonna get themselves killed because you're not there to babysit them. Instead, All Leaders now have a Synapse Range of 24". Enjoy it, but remember: Synapse =/= Inspiring Presence. You'll need to use both to survive.


  • Thornback: Model gets Hammer of Wrath. Always welcome if taken.
  • Hardened Carapace: Boosts armor save by +1, which is kickass. Zoanthropes can't take this though.
  • Corrosive Shots: A shocking upgrade, this makes all shots get Melta. This means that any transports that get thrown in have to beware this model from getting too close or else it'll be popped. Take this on a model you know will make it there to break it.
  • Reaping Talons: A cheap upgrade that allows re-rolls on 1 to-hit with your talons, which should have been available for free. At least this is an option.
  • Bio-senses: Grants Night Vision and enables a model to shoot at a hidden enemy. Really welcome on spyhunter models.
  • Leaping Stride: A good take for mobile troops, this gives a model a re-roll Initiative when jumping or climbing.

Leaders Only[edit]

  • Capillary Synapse: Not so much an upgrade as it is a special piece of scenery (See stuff like Micro Art Studios' Hive terrain) that might act like a Fortification. Once per game, you can plant this tower anywhere in base contact with your Leader during the Movement Phase. From then on, it'll be a friendly synapse creature that's otherwise unusable and cannot be targeted. A bit costly, but this is one of the best backup plans.
  • Bio-Electric Field: It's a 5++. No use on the Zoanthrope, but another Leader just might have a use for it.
  • Seismic Roar: An ability lifted from Last Stand's Hive Tyrant, this is an S2 AP- shockwave that hits anyone within 3". It's alright as a mob-clearer, but it won't be lethal.
  • Hive Node: While the expanded synapse is nice and all, NEVER forget that you also need to use Inspiring Presence. This gives you a bonus 6" on your IP, making sure that your troops stand their ground.
  • Terror: Cheap bonus Fear. It's just not that useful with half of all the armies being Fearless in one way or another.

Warrior Alpha Only[edit]

  • Colossal Growth: A major cost (25 points!) enacts a changeup in the way you run your Warrior Alpha: He gains +1T, Immunity to Strikedown, and HoW, but in doing so, loses -1I. He won't be any Hive Tyrant, but it'll make him as bulky as one.
  • Distended Pincers: An analog to the Power Fist, this is a Sx2 AP6 melee weapon with Unwieldy and re-rolls on 1 to-hit. Really frightening, but at AP6, you won't be able to kill MEQ without them killing you first.
  • Burrower: Gives the Warrior Alpha Burrowing, thus making him able to Deep Strike. Not a smart idea unless you've got some special Capillary set up planned or are herding some Rippers/Raveners on-field.
  • Shrike Wings: You get wings. Cheaper than Burrowing.
  • Bio-Feedback: IF you came from Last Stand thinking that this'll give you exploitable immortality, you'll be dead wrong. What this does instead is give you Rage for a turn if a friendly Warrior/Shrike dies within 6".

Broodlord Only[edit]

  • Forced Evolution: Instead of the randomness table of the Ymgarl Genestealers, this gives you a special boost for the game. The d6 result this gives leads to...
  1. Jack shit. Nice try, bucko.
  2. Fear. Umm....okay? Terror's cheaper.
  3. Counter-Attack. All right, but you're better off charging their sorry asses.
  4. Rage. Nice.
  5. Stealth. Totally cool here.
  6. Feel No Pain. Awesome.
  • Psychic Screech: A special psychic power, Psychic Screech is a Malediction that forces models within 12" to test for pinning with an extra d6. Alright, though taking it as a power is a bit dicey.

Zoanthrope Only[edit]

  • Psychic Surge: A psychic failsafe for a bit of a price, this forces all other Psykers to test Leadership or take an unsavable wound the moment the Zoanthrope Perils. A decent backup, though you're more likely to get denied that Perils.


  • 1 Leader
  • 1-30 Core
  • 0-3 Special


  • Warrior Alpha: Your go-to Tyranid Leader, this Warrior +1WS can take the broadest assortment of weapons of the entire list, so tooling him out for your job shouldn't be too big a hassle. In addition, you can grab Warriors and Shrikes as Core choices for extra Synapse and if they're within 6", they can use his WS/BS over their own unless they got it higher. Though he starts off cheaper than the others, beware kittingh im up too much, because he can easily cost more than your entire army put together.
  • Zoanthrope: In place of the loss of the brood, the Zoanthrope is now a basic ML2 Psyker with options for any two powers from the Hive Mind. As with before, it's probably wise to take Warp Blast to help pop vehicles, but the other power is probably best used for the power that best fits your army's biggest needs. As long as he's out of the front lines, he'll last.
  • Broodlord: In a breath of fresh air, the Broodlord can finally take some extra biomorphs to keep him in the game. Aside from ScyTals, Toxin, and Adrenals, you can also grab him Regen (Damn costly) and Acid Blood to make sure that he's at his best in melee. As with the big book, he's stuck with Horror for a power, which isn't so hot compared his buyable power.


  • Genestealer: They're Genestealers: Utter rape in assault against anything, pretty much shit at anything else. Keep them to cover, assault when you know you have the shot.
  • Gargoyle Brood: 5 non-learning gaunts with wings, they're not going to last long against anything they don't kill first, so maybe consider giving them a Shrike or flying Warrior Alpha to keep them from going nuts.
  • Termagant Brood: 5 disposable non-learning shootas. Without the Tervigon nearby, they're not going to be the auto-take they once were. Also gone is their ability to diversify their guns, as they're now bought for the entire brood, with only 1 per 10 being able to get a stangleweb for 5. Take for fire support and extra Overwatch shots.
  • Hormagaunt Brood: 5 little assaulting non-learning monsters. Though still frightening attackers with some of the cheapest boosts out there, this thing is the fastest thing on legs with its 6+d6" Run, which is a big boost. Pairing up with a Zoanthrope that knows Catalyst can make sure that even a few of these little bugs can last long enough to bite something else.
  • Ripper Swarm Brood: A non-learning squad of 3 Ripper Swarms. Bringing them in for anything close to a full-on attack would be a waste of points, as these things are utterly terrible at fighting. What they can do, though, is keep things occupied long enough for someone else to attack. They can get Burrowing so they can Deep Strike and grab something's attention away from your more valuable guys, or buy wings and become Sky-Slashers. It's probably wiser to buy the Burrowing, as it's not only cheaper but also more useful as a distraction. Just pray that there are no Templates or Blasts to kill you with.


  • Warrior: Without a Warrior Alpha to keep them Core, it's probably more advisable to take another unit, as the limited space of the Special Slots makes taking only necessary units top priority. These guys can grab unique weapons to help mulch up MEQ and with certain arms, they can kill something heavier, but again, better options exist. In an Alpha Army, they're more likely to be a big boost, as the bonus Synapse will make your small guys a bigger threat, but only until they get big guns that WILL kill you.
  • Shrike: Like Warriors, these guys are likely to be overlooked with better Special options on the list. Mobile, but unless you can keep them there, they're bound to die quickly. Group with a Flying Alpha to give them a better shot at killing things quicker.
    • A note about Warriors/Shrikes. If you use these in a Campaign where the Warrior Alpha is your leader, these guys can't be grouped up probably because their Synapse allows autonomy.
  • Ravener: Fast, Deep Striking, and able to hop over Terrain, Raveners are good at surprising the enemy. They can take a gun to help harass enemies that try to hide, but it's not going to help them survive against anything that can overwatch them or beat them to death in combat.
  • Hive Guard: A welcome addition, these guys are the ones to take against an enemy taking transports. Thing is, that's all they're truly good at. Their AP4 guns won't help with killing MEQ, and the Shock Cannon doesn't ignore cover.
  • Venomthrope: The walking cover factory, these guys are probably one of the top choices for the Special Slot. They can give any models within 6" Shrouded, which gives them a fighting chance to ignore anything fired. Keep them near a big mob, and make sure they aren't the only things to assault.
  • Pyrovore: Still not really getting a point here, you're wasting points for a walking flamer that does nothing else. Even Volatile really doesn't' do anything more and often will be more of a pain with the smaller scale.
  • Biovore: Still solid despite the loss of the brood's barrage buff. These things can spit out mines that can still run around as squads if they miss. If there's no tanks in the area, then these will likely be a better pick than the Hive Guard.
  • Lictor: Probably the least changed from the big book, these guys are sneaky killers with all their rules, including Deep Strike. They're still good as homing beacons for your surprise rippers/raveners and all his rules mean that he can keep moving around to distract an enemy. Just don't think that he's invincible, because he's only got a 5+ on him and no way to fix that without cover.