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White Wolf

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White Wolf
Year Established 1991
Notable Games World of Darkness, Exalted, Scion
Website http://www.white-wolf.com

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White Wolf is a game publishing company formed in 1991, known primarily for the World of Darkness and Exalted.

The Game System is non-percentile d10. It manages to make the simplicity of rolling a fist full of d10s and hoping for at least one numeral result sound complicated. A typical challenge may want you to roll 8-10, if you have say a five skill, roll 5d10 and hope for one to be 8-10. Because of the loosey-goosey rules, it could require more then one eight, something higher, something lower, maybe a specific number. This is why White Wolf is good.

White Wolf also has point buy with three categories of stats that you separate by tier in how many points you want for that stat. Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. Something like eight points, five points, and three points. It may be more or less.

Typically White Wolf releases shit with A LOT OF FUCKING FLUFF. So much fluff that the manual itself is just these gigantic pillow with pages inside of it. These hulking grimoires of GRIMDARK will talk all about how the world of darkness is a shitty place to live. (>>Implying real life is such a great place to live...) And to stick to attracting fat goth kids, you play as vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, ghosts, etc. However, as Games Workshop was already the undisputed master of GRIMDARK before any White Wolf employee was so much as a sperm in their father's ballsack, they just come off as being silly.

Everyone copies off White Wolf and White Wolf never gets credit. The movie Underworld, for example, ripped off their werewolves vs. vampires thing. But Sony eventually lost a lawsuit over this. Later Twilight would do the same thing, but White Wolf didn't sue because they didn't want to associate with glitter vampires. White Wolf is the red headed stepchild of RPGs, but has a lot more plot to it. Unfortunately, this attracts even worse players than typical neckbeards (e.g., wannabe actors and bad poets).

Every time a white wolf employee plays a game at a convention, their characters will be blatant mary sues/marty stues (depending on gender), the only way their sueishness could be more obvious is if they had giant fucking neon signs saying "GOD DAMNED MOTHER FUCKING MARY SUES!!!"

They are also entirely unable to layout a book. Such as putting contents pages after 30 pages of novel/comic at the start of the book, or forgetting about things like indexes.

In 2006 they were bought by Icelandic internet spaceship giant CCP Games with an eye towards creating a World of Darkness MMO. Sadly this worked about as well as could be expected and in an ensuing financial crunch (caused by what else, gross mismanagement) White Wolf took the brunt of a massive wave of layoffs. As of 2011 the division is teetering on the edge of oblivion, having been largely gutted out by CCP and re-purposed to keep WoD on life support. 2014, CCP killed the WoD MMOG.

Since 2011 White Wolf made a 20th anniversery edition of Vampire The Masquerade which sold enough copies for them to do the same for Werewolf and Mage, was offically disbanded as a company and turned into a branch with a new company called Onyx Path Publishing being created to handle making these books while CCP leases them the rights to make books for the games they created to begin with. They also discovered Kickstarter and Indexes and have been making liberal use of both of them.