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Welcome to 1d4chan

The wiki for all things /tg/


Welcome to 1d4chan, a site devoted to the description and archival of all sorts of things interesting and relevant to /tg/ (the "traditional games" board of 4chan), including articles on fa/tg/uy culture, memes particular to (or at least commonly used on) /tg/, games and systems played by its browsers, interesting fluff thereof, and writefaggotry posted to the board. In addition to this, users are free to use the wiki to store information about online campaigns they are running, or as a platform for collaborative effort on homebrewn game systems or settings.

General content warning: old school 4chan-related nonsense.

The wiki is hosted and administrated by Root, although his time is limited and he cannot monitor it non-stop. If an issue has arisen which you believe needs immediate attention (a prominent example would be if the site has gone down or is extremely sluggish, as it may be some time before he notices, or someone has uploaded illegal material to the server) then he can be reached by emailing root [at] 1d4chan [dot] org.


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Whilst 1d4chan is more lax compared to other wikis, even we have some basic standards needed to ensure that the wiki remains legible. Here is a list of conduct for you newbies to learn before you go and edit:

  • Are you literate?: A pretty ridiculous question, right? But unfortunately, this is a question that remains very relevant from time to time. Basic understanding of the English language is critical for your edits to be taken seriously. The editors here are willing to fix god-honest mistakes here and there, after all, we are all human, and sometimes we may miss on a grammatical error from here and there. The problem begins when entire paragraphs become completely unreadable due to a mixture of:
    • Lack of capitalisation.
    • Inconsistent use of capitalisation (i.e. space MaRine).
    • Severe and repeated spelling mistakes.
    • Lack of commas or any sentence breaks.
    • Lack of paragraphs resulting in a giant wall of text.
    • Sentences that just don't make any sense.
    • Using a language other than English (since our primary audience, /tg/, is an English board).
The only exception to the rule is if the spelling is done either in American or British English. Words like Realise and Realize are both considered correct under either of the two spellings, so unless you have super OCD, we should be pretty chill if you're writing an article in either the American or British variety. Other than that, if you are a genuine ESL and want to genuinely contribute, then the only advice we can give you is to type whatever you want on Grammarly or any type of grammar-correction software, correct your mistakes and then Ctrl+C - Ctrl+V on the page you want to edit. It is not in 1d4Chan's responsibility or the other editor's responsibilities to help fix your mess. You have to make sure the shit you type in is readable, or else your edits are going to automatically be reverted.
  • Strikethroughs are heavily frowned upon: Strikethroughs are generally heavily frowned upon, as it makes entire pages completely unreadable and it just looks fucking ugly to look at. The only exception to the rule is if the strikethrough is intentional and is meant to be part of a joke. And even then, 1d4chan has a limit on how much strikethroughs we can tolerate. Creating a strikethrough to win an argument is one of the quickest ways to get your edits reverted. If you don't know what a strikethrough is, it looks like this: Space Marines are Mary Sues.
  • No egoboos: 1d4chan is NOT for pages dedicated to specific browsers of /tg/, namefag or tripfag, regardless of how well-known or liked/disliked they are. The only exception to this is the drawfag page, which may list known drawfags and describe their usual subject matter. Please refrain from qualitative analysis of a given drawfag's talents or personality, as drama will inevitably ensue.
  • This is a wiki, not a forum: 1d4chan might be tongue-and-cheek, but even we have some basic professionalism here. Always remember that 1d4chan is a wiki. It is a website meant to inform the readers on random shit. It is not meant to be a forum for various sides to argue and bitch about. So no "Well Achsually" edits here. If you really disagree with the information written here, at least try to re-paraphrase the entire sentence that fits what you are trying to say without veering off into an argumentative debate.
  • No wars in the article: When editing a page in 1d4chan, always remember that there are other folks who are really passionate on the things they do, that includes opinions as well. If you find yourself in an edit war or anything similar with another user, move your argument to the article's discussion page. It is best to find a compromise at all cost if possible. If you observe a dispute over an article and have an opinion one way or the other about it, comment on the discussion. Whatever you do, always keep the dispute in a civil manner. Whilst most users here are thick-skin enough to handle a ad hominem attack here and there, it is generally frowned upon to start spamming expletives repeatedly, going to the user's talk page and continuing on with abuse or start to flame other users caught in the general direction. Do NOT act like an abrasive asshole. Even if your arguments are sound, you are not winning anyone over if you act like this. 1d4chan is not your personal psychiatrist, so the only advice we can give to you in such an event that makes you heated, is to step back, cool off, chill and then return and try to de-escalate and find a compromise with the other disputer if possible. If the disputer remains stubborn and unable to compromise, then the next appropriate cause of action is to escalate this to Root, where Root and other users can judge on who is in the wrong. Root prefers to get input from as many people as possible before he has to make some sort of administrative decision about a given issue. (See also 1d4chan:How to win an edit war.)
  • No vandalism will be tolerated: Well this might on the surface, looks like another "No Shit" rule. It is still something that needs to be stressed. If you are new here, especially if you are an anon, please be careful when you want to delete massive blocks of text that you may disagree with. Whenever a large chunk of information gets deleted, it is one of the quickest ways for everyone to raise an eyebrow. If you have a reason on why you would want a large section of information deleted, before you publish your edits, please write down why you want that information deleted on the Summary bar right below the edit box. Doing so helps keep other editors informed that you are a genuine editor and not a vandal, bot or troll, which may save you from being accused of the latter and get unceremoniously permabanned. Do take note that you may be dealing with grizzled editors who have been editing this website for several years to over a decade, and they have seen enough mass brigading of vandals from the past to instinctively revert any of your edits if they are uninformed. Do also take note that some editors may not like your deletions, so be prepared to have this dispute being discussed in the discussion page.
  • Learn how to image format: We in 1d4chan love our images. But simply uploading an image is not enough. You must learn how to properly format it. Nobody likes it when an image takes up half the entire page, because you simply couldn't be assed to properly resize it. Editors would also get annoyed if you add in a thumbnail but couldn't be bothered to write anything in it. A thumbnail exist to write a brief descriptor, so write anything in it, or don't bother with the thumbnail to begin with. Whilst your image edits won't be as reactionary as some of the problems written above, it is still considered intensely annoying to other editors around here.
  • Make sure that new pages are relevant to 1d4chan: If you want to create a new page, make sure that the contents are actually relevant to either /tg/, 4chan or at the very least, Nerdom as a whole.
  • Campaigns in the Campaign: namespace: If you intend to use the wiki as storage for pages about your campaign, your main page should be at Campaign:Name and other related pages should be at Campaign:Name/Stuff. Your pages should also link to each other to avoid them appearing on the orphaned pages list. Wikifag won't punish users for forgetting to do this, but it helps keep the wiki tidy!
    • Use the Setting: namespace for articles related to homebrew (as opposed to offical) settings, following the same syntax.
  • Deleting pages: If you find a page that needs deleting, put the {{deletion}} template on it (by including that markup at the top of the page) and it will be added to the deletion category. Pages that should be deleted are pages for campaigns that are no longer running or no longer needed for that campaign, and pages of very low quality or subject matter unrelated to /tg/. Note that the criteria for "related to /tg/" is somewhat lax, and well-written pages that justify even a tangential relation to /tg/ are likely to be allowed to remain. ({{offtopic}} is your friend here.)
  • Block Policy: See the Policy page for a clarification of what behaviors are considered block-worthy. In short: vandalism and (excessive) edit-warring warrants a block of a few days, and link-spammers get permanently blocked. Use the talk page instead of the "undo" link.


Server network config decided to up and die when I was in the middle of moving house. Unfortunately that was an extended process and I spent a lot of it without internet access (and with more urgent stuff to worry about). Sorry for the extended downtime. --Root (talk) 10:12, 27 April 2023 (UTC)