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* [[Heresy]]
* [[Heresy]]
* [[Rape]]
* [[Rape]]
* [[Slannesh|Tentacle porn]] (consensual and otherwise)
* [[Slaanesh|Tentacle porn]] (consensual and otherwise)
* [[Extra Heresy|Super rape]]
* [[Extra Heresy|Super rape]]
* [[Ribbon|Breast expansion]]
* [[Ribbon|Breast expansion]]

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Magical realm.pngThis article or section is about something involving/related to /d/.
Expect PROMOTIONS and possible mental scarring. Also rape.
AwesomeWTF.gifThis article contains something which makes absolutely no logical sense, such as Nazi Zombie Mercenaries, Fucking Space Orangutans, anything written by a certain Irish leper or Robin Crud-ace, Matt Ward creating (against all odds) a codex that isn't completely broken on every level. If you proceed, consider yourself warned.
PROMOTIONS-small.pngThis article contains PROMOTIONS! Don't say we didn't warn you.
This article is about something that is considered by the overpowering majority of /tg/ to be fail.
Expect huge amounts of derp and rage, punctuated by /tg/ extracting humor from it.
Commissar.gif This article or section is EXTRA heretical. Prepare to be purged.
Chaos star.jpg This article contains something widely considered by /tg/ to be absolutely disgusting, like pedophilia, rape porn, or any other disturbing topic, like bathing in your allies' blood.
Reason: Where weirdest perversions are the norm

"You find very few people who want to eat things that are really not food or to do other things with food instead of eating it. In other words, perversions of the food appetite are rare. But perversions of the sex appetite are numerous, hard to cure, and frightful. ...We have been told, til one is sick of hearing it, that sexual desire is in the same state as any of our other natural desires and that if only we abandon the silly old Victorian idea of hushing it up, everything in the garden will be lovely. It is not true. The moment you look at the facts, and away from the propaganda, you see that it is not."

– C.S. Lewis
/d/ in a nutshell.

/d/ is 4chan's "alternative hentai" board, and therefore should have very little to do with /tg/ or this wiki.

Except that it has everything to do with it because just about every fa/tg/uy (and ca/tg/irl! tits or GTFO) is a sexual /d/eviant.

And vice-versa.

There's a lot more overlap than one would expect at first glance.

/d/ is the closest faction we have to real life cultists of Slaanesh. It is also often referred to as /tg/'s secret Waifu.

A small warning: if you go to /d/, you might develop mutations new fetishes. Such is the corrupting nature of Chaos. Fortunately, these should be purely pavlovian and as such will go away if you just stick to vanilla stuff for a while.

The rules state that no Western-style art may be posted, since most of it is shitty (said art is instead limited to the recently made /aco/ board). Occasionally an anon will post something worth looking at that is, in fact, somewhat decent.

/d/ has been working on a new logo lately. You can contact the person behind the revision at the e-mail address opnewdlogo@hushmail.com if you're interested in helping.


A typical /d/ image.

/d/ is the Hentai (Alternative) board for most of the *chans (most notably 4chan). This board is functionally where any hentai that is too extreme for /h/ winds up. What exactly constitutes "too extreme" is a matter of subjectivity, and virtually everything can be found on /d/ at some point or another save for the stuff that breaks the global 4chan rules (see below). Of particular note, /tg/ is a fan of muscle girls and Monstergirls, both of which are kind of common here. Dedicated Warhammer 40,000 porn is occasionally found along truckloads of '(insert monster from Monster Manual here) X human' depictions and PROMOTIONS flow like wine in a Bacchanalian revel.

/d/ and a few facets of it are routinely referenced/made fun of in Ribbon.

/d/-tan is often depicted as a hermaphroditic (2 dicked) monstergirl with tentacle-hair. She enjoys raping /x/.

What You Can Find On /d/

A brave Imperial Guardsman makes the unfortunate mistake of visiting /d/ without a flamer.
Chow mein.jpg

*Actually not shitting ones, as scat is not allowed; see below.

Things Not Allowed on /d/, of all things

The /tg/ Overlap

Common aspects of /tg/ that result from cross-pollination with /d/:


Proof that no force is safe from the corruption of vorefags.

Vore is one of the more prominent of fetishes seen on /d/. At its core, it's a sexual fetish about people either eating each other whole or being eaten alive by animals, monsters, Furries or what have you.

...Yes, this is a real thing. Hell, it's so mainstream (within /d/) that not only are there usually multiple threads dedicated to specific niches of the vore fetish on /d/ at any given time, but that 8chan had a whole board dedicated to vore before they got vanned. This came about after their version of /d/ was so inundated with vorefags it decided to tell them all to piss off somewhere else (the same way that /d/ was created to tell the futafags to piss off somewhere else)! So great is the popularity of vore that thinly veiled vore threads often insidiously sneak their way onto /tg/.

Now, you're probably wondering why vorefags come to /tg/ of all places? Well, this is not a kink that is possible to engage in, for obvious reasons, in real life. So, vore fetishists are invariably attracted to roleplay, like many paraphilics before them. And since they already engage in ERP on the regular, branching out into more normal (and less sticky) forms of roleplay is a fairly common practice. It doesn't help that most fantasy games are actually very compatible with the vorefag's magical realm. For creature-vore lovers, there's all manner of monsters to threaten to (or succeed at) devouring their players - especially monsters with the Swallow Whole special attack. In a little game called Dungeons & Dragons (and more obliquely, in Pathfinder), the Dragons in the title are a great example of just such a creature! For non-creature vorefags, the abundance of magic and fantastical playable races means they can easily work vore into their games, with more first-party rules to work with than actually having vanilla sex. Hell, vorefags have literally written netbooks all about playing their magical realm at the table! FAPP has a character class that specializes in vore!

Not even Warhammer 40000, long considered one of the backbones of /tg/, is free of their slimy touch. Indeed, the Tyranid faction draws them like iron filings to a magnet, since not only is their entire faction themed around consuming all life, they readily support that theme with units capable of swallowing enemy models whole in battlefield, and even official fluff stating that even the lowly Gaunt strain is capable of swallowing a human whole, if presented with sufficient safety, time and opportunity to do so. As Slaanesh officially has "Gluttony" as one of its sub-aspects, a vore-themed Chaos Champion would actually be legitimate (if magical realmy) - and there are references to Slaaneshi rites featuring cannibalism in canon. Then there's the canonical Callidus Assassin historical figure "Mother Gullet", who earned fame/infamy by swallowing a would-be rebellious governor's beloved infant son whole and escaping with him - although, ironically, the 8e reprint of the Codex: Assassins book would clarify that she actually spat the boy out once she was safely away and he was returned once the governor fell back in line, whereas earlier versions of the story had left it ambiguous if she'd digested him or not. And then there's what the really crazy fans get up to - case in point, the "fanart" above, which was created by one fan to embody their idea for a minor militant order of the Sisters of Battle nicknamed "The Sisters of Gurgle", who commit vore "FOR THE EMPEROR!".

As a result of all this, whenever a monster or monstergirl thread starts on /tg/ that revolves around a creature with a prominent fandom in the vore community, you should soon expect vorefags to sneak in and start gushing about their approval for such things. This is particularly true of threads about dragons, giants, sphinxes and lamias - or lamia-kin, such as nagas, mariliths and lillendi. The proper way to deal with vorefags on /tg/, as with all unapproved fetishes, is as follows:

  1. Identify anons who ask for specific scenes or stories which contain vore in already-lewd threads (monstergirls et al.).
  2. Call them out for dragging a thread into their magical realm, and tell them to shut up or go back to /d/.
  3. if things escalate, mods or janitors may be required to lock threads down and ban posters.

Remember: "He who posts lewds on a blue board has forgotten the face of his father."

/d/ Music

Yes, there are songs that are quite /d/ such as:

/d/ quotes

"It isn't gay if it's a feminine penis." — Anonymous

"What's the point of a futa with no dick?" — Anonymous

"What? You dont like dicks? Faget" [sic] — Anonymous

"We shall call it bitchwall for that is LULZ" — Anonymous

"I stuck my dick in a toaster for 5 dollars once" — Anonymous

“I stuck my cyberdong in a toaster for 5 thrones once.” - Magos Jeseri

Memes started by /d/


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