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Currant event: you're on this wiki. Probably fapping or something.

Nothing out-of-the-ordinary is happening at the moment. This is probably for the best, seeing as how most out-of-the-ordinary events are spambot invasions and hackers.

For current and archived wiki-wide discussion, see Talk:Main Page. For current (and not-so-current) projects, check out the Community Portal.


This is all synthesized from the main page's "news" section and the Main Talk Page archives.


This wiki was founded on June 26, 2008. Rejoice, or maybe curse the day. Check out Revision 1 of the wiki's main page.


Nothing much.


In June, a server move happened.

In August, server issues happened, but they were resolved in early September.


In August, a Russian malicious user (under the name "Emperor of Gay") caused 1d4chan (and Lexicanum) to display only a picture of a bird, claiming that the website has moved to a new address (some Russian wiki). He accomplished this by monkeying around with templates and spamming pagemoves like crazy. He also messed around with the Relic Entertainment community wiki. His stated goal was to "destroy all Warhammer sites", but he failed and we all moved forward. Wikifag deleted all the junk pages, but because of the page-moves, loads of legitimate pages got caught in the crossfire, so Wikifag restored the site from a pre-attack backup.

In September, another malicious user operating under lots of account names (mostly based on Warhammer and /tg/ personae) scrambled up a bunch of the templates and categories. It took a couple of weeks to get it all cleaned out.

In November, another server upgrade happened. Also, AssistantWikifag was deputized to deal with spam.


The deletion log in Summer 2012. Yeah, it was bad.

In March, Wikifag upgraded the site to the latest version of MediaWiki.

In June, Wikifag added new namespaces for Campaigns and Settings.

Over the summer, the spam worsened. Incredibly. Seriously, look at that image and weep.


In March, Wikifag performed some server maintenance and back-end cleanup. He also created namespaces for Quests and Stories in response to feedback at the almost-annual 1d4chan status thread (he created another namespace for /TG/heim later that month when that became a major part of 1d4chan traffic). He also replaced the previous Captcha system with the current /tg/-trivia-question system, finally ending the spambot menace.

In April, Wikifag used his powers over the advertisements to advertise the Engine Heart Kickstarter campaign to print physical rulebooks. The campaign ended in May, with funding successfully obtained. Around the same time, he added a sidebar ad, which put 1d4chan solidly in the black. He did the same thing in September for 404: Law Not Found, a card game created by a friend of his about robots.

In September and November, the spambots learned the answers to the trivia questions (their dictionaries got updated, or their controllers were targeting this wiki specifically and solved them manually since we only have a few questions at a time) and started spamming again, and Wikifag changed up the questions to keep them out.


In February, the spambots learned the answers to the trivia questions and Wikifag changed the questions in response.


We may have lost all records of this time period. Omnissiah have mercy.


Everything was pretty chill until some old loser who hadn't touched the site and a bunch of tad/pol/'s came and started editing the SJW and /pol/ pages, as well as starting fucking idiotic arguments. In response, Root protected both (thank you root). Time will tell if this is enough.


The site crashed for a couple days. Root was awesome and brought it back rapidly, though now it's all "mobile-friendly" and "modern". Site crashed again later, back online after a bit longer. Cause currently unknown.


The site crashed for much longer this time, almost 3 weeks. Causes are unknown and efforts to contact Root have proved useless. Eventually our brave God Emperor brought the site back.

During this year Root removed this website from search engines.