AT83 Brigand Super Tank

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AT83 conversion with a Battle Cannon, a tank bristling with underwhelming expectations.

Considered a 'step-up' and bigger brother of the AT70 Reaver Battle Tank, which really isn't saying much nor highly of the AT83 despite having the name 'Super' in its identification. The AT83 Brigand Super Tank was a type of Battle Tank produced by the Forge World Urdesh. One of the principle forge worlds of the Sabbat Worlds, when Urdesh fell under the sway of Chaos so too did the AT83 Brigand, becoming one of the ubiquitous machines used by the Blood Pact and later Sons of Sek. After looking at all the products Urdesh comes up with and taking a single glance at what is supposed to be their big ticket tank, one ends up wondering if Urdesh was just called a Forgeworld out of pity for the poor motherfuckers trying to make tanks in their backyard on the planet.


AT83 with a Demolisher Cannon.

Unlike the smaller, more primitive AT70 Reaver the AT83 was considered the equivalent, at least on paper, to the Leman Russ Battle Tank. This included the use of auspex guidance, weapon stabilisers and torsion bar suspension, making them one of the best battle machines used by the Blood Pact. Let us reiterate it again, this is a tank that is of equal firepower to the Leman Russ Battle Tank, yet judging from its name, is actually a Super-heavy tank in pure tonnage. So we have a Super-heavy tank with absolutely underwhelming firepower for its size. Oh gee, Malcador Heavy Tank you're off the hook for now, cause we got a new king of underwhelming shit here ladies and gents.

On the other hand, it’s size and tonnage may actually be comparable to the Leman Russ and is simply called a “super tank” for the sake of marketing. Either way, one can only pity the crews who end up with this “Super Tank”.

Due to being the fusion of the AT70 and the Leman Russ, it is safe to assume that the AT83 possess only a hull mounted Lascannon and a turreted Battle Cannon or Demolisher Cannon depending on the task needed to accomplish.

Prior to being conquered, Brigands were used by PDF forces as mainline battle tanks in cases of heavy insurrection or xenos invasion. Since being conquered, Urdeshi AT83 Brigands are most often used as command vehicles in charge of squads of AT70 “Reaver”. They also form units of their own to fight Imperial armour forces. Usually by being blown up in massive numbers and trying to stop the Imperium's advance with walls of their own wreckage.

Realistically though, the Blood Pact’s heavy emphasis on air superiority and support probably would mean that a heavily armored Leman Russ analogue is all that was needed and the Reaver was probably hard to contest when your own tanks and artillery were busy being dead or bombed out of existence. Also, if we go by the “super tank” as being more literal, its turret may have been large enough to not need that expensive hand-made inertia dampener that Leman Russ battle tanks require for their battle cannons’ recoil. Which would enable this tank to probably outmatch Leman Russ production while offering equivalent quality.


When the forces of Chaos captured Urdesh during the middle of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, many Urdeshi-designed weapons and vehicles were produced in great numbers to equip their forces, including Brigands. Among those who used the tanks was the Blood Pact which just so happens to be the biggest user, which was often engaged in heavy fighting with Imperial forces, especially against the Tanith First and Only led by Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt. With the recapture of Urdesh by Imperial forces, use of the AT83 by the Blood Pact would eventually decline.

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