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Now in the Legends section of GHB2020.


The common keywords in these warscrolls are DESTRUCTION and GITMOB. Most units also have the GROT, keyword, except for Snotlings who have the SNOTLING keyword.


  • Grot Shaman: Amusingly for a shaman that small, his melee attack is not even that bad (4+/4+/-1/D3), and can even get the Giant Wolf to give him more mobility and two more attacks. When he suffers a wound (mortal or not) on a 5+ can deviate it on a unit within 3", and his spell takes a GITMOB unit within 16" and gives it +1 to wound rolls and -1 to their Rend values. Kunnin', indeed.

Grot troops[edit]

  • Grots: Can choose between spears and shields or bows and Slashas. Their shields give +1 to their saves, but they work only as long as there are at least 10 models in the unit. If the models are 20+, everyone gets +1 to hit, which becomes a +2 if they're 30+. Banner gives them +2 Bravery as long as there are no enemies within 3", while the Hornblower gives them +2 to running.
  • Nasty Skulkers: Little assassin-like guys which can be hidden in any GITMOB GROT unit with at least 5 models and can be revealed at the beginning of any combat phase, and by doing so they can even attack first during your opponent's turn. Their attacks will miss very often, but every 6 to hit is a mortal wound scored. Admittedly, they're not very strong but can cause some unexpected mortal wounds to heavy armored enemies, and tarpit things pretty well (the enemy unit will have to divide their attacks between the skulkers and their hiding unit). Note: you can hide more nasty stalkers in one unit, or hide nasty stalkers in ANOTHER unit of nasty stalkers who is hiding in ANOTHER unit of nasty stalkers on the battle. Yes, you can make 36 attacks before your enemy and go on with the nasty stalkers inception. this is reeeeally cunning.
  • Grot Scuttlings: They actually have no GITMOB keyword whatsoever, but let's place them here for simplicity's sake. This four-legged dudes come in the Silver Tower box and are able to have different weapon settings within the same unit (getting the box forces you to have two guys with a Stabba, two with two Stabbas, two with a Grot Spear and a Stabba and two with bows and Stabbas). They're basically regular Grots as above, except their regular abilities are replaced with the ability to reroll every 1 to wound and give -1 to the enemy hit rolls in combat as long as there are at least 5 models in the unit.
  • Grot Wolf Riders: As with regular Grots, they can choose between spears and shields or bows and Slittas. Their shields activate as long as there are 5+ models, they can pile in within 6" and the spears get +1 to wound rolls in the turn they charged. Charge them in after having used the Goblin Warboss' command ability for thirty wolf attacks and twenty spear attacks. With big units and shields, these guys can get almost as hardy as heavy cavalry (4+ Save and 2 wounds), while being considerably faster. With their 6" pile in, you can easily surround small elite units, just like wolves in real life; add some Nasty Skulkers to get more killyness and all of a sudden you've got a very threatening unit. Their only problem is their low Bravery, but they're so hardy it isn't as damaging as it may seem.
  • Grot Wolf Chariots: The cheese of a wolf-based Grot army. Not only they have tons of attacks, but they can also run, shoot and charge in the same turn. Due to their Loping Charge rule, they get to reroll rolls to run moves and charges. Any unit mounted on a wolf (including HERO units) within 8" also get this ability.

Snotling troops[edit]

  • Snotlings: Little annoying things whose attacks are not that useful, and they also get +1 to hit in melee if there are allied ORRUKS within 6".

War Machines[edit]

  • Snotling Pump Wagons: Slightly more useful than regular Snotlings, but still have only 4 wounds each. If you roll a double when moving or charging, they get a +6 to the roll and their Ram Spikes and Scythed Wheels deal 2D6 attacks for this turn. They keep getting +1 to hit with the sticks if there is at least a friendly ORRUK within 6". A unit of pump wagons can actually be fairly deadly with the sneaky stabbin' spell applied and some Orruks near by.
  • Grot Spear Chukka: This is fun. Not only the attack is very good (4+/3+/-2/D3), but also get +1 to hit against any HERO and can reroll failed hits if there is at least another Spear Chukka within 3".
  • Doom Diver Catapult: Another fun thing. If you fail the hit roll, on a 4+ you can choose another unit within 10" from the one you targeted and it counts as you landed the hit on that unit. Also, it can be aimed at units out of its line of sight and deals D6 damage instead of D3 if you have another Doom Diver Catapult within 3". Put two of them and a Shaman at the back of your army for surprisingly effective artillery support.
  • Grot Rock Lobber: Last one. Most killy one (deals 3 damage with Rend -2), can shoot at units it can't see, gets +1 to hit against units with 10+ models and if you have another Rock Lobber within 3" you get an extra attack on every 6 to hit. Also benefits hugely from Shaman support and being taken in batteries.


Army Building[edit]

Just don't. If you want to play an army of sinister little green maniacs, Gloomspite Gitz has everything you want and more, without the burden of being discontinued and having the entire line be made up of ancient models.


  • Greenskinz
  • Gloomspite Gitz: Includes all of their mushroom-addict and arachnophile cousins, Squigs, Troggoths, and the mighty Aleguzzler Gargant. Sporesplatta Fanatics do a good job at blocking line of sight.