Anvil Industry

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Anvil Industry
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A rapidly rising power in the conversion parts market, Anvil Industry is a UK-based model company that produces a wide variety of high quality models and conversion parts for 28mm models, mostly meant to be compatible with GW Space Marines and Imperial Guard. They've recently released their own wargame for these models called Afterlife.

Of particular note, however, is that Anvil has just recently kickstarted a full model range of their own brand of not-GW Battle Sisters called the Daughters of the Burning Rose. And I really mean "full." Regular Battle Sisters? Check. Dominions? Check. Retributors? Check. Seraphim? Check. Repentia? Check. Living saint? Check. Anvil has literally proxied the entire Battle Sisters range with a medieval knight aesthetic. And it is awesome.

Conversion Bits

  • Virtually everything for Space Marines. Torsos, legs, heads, arms, jump packs, shields, weapons, cloaks, backpacks, even techmarine servo-harnesses.
  • Virtually everything for Imperial Guard. Torsos, legs, heads, arms, shields, weapons, even techpriest servo-harnesses (a seperate one made to a smaller scale than the Space Marine harness).
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