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Archaeologists are guys who for seemingly no reason search dangerous tombs, forgotten cities, and other random mysterious locations. While it is commonly thought they are in it for the treasure, they rarely leave with anything as they run from the site due to tribesmen, Nazis, dinosaurs, horrors from beyond the stars, etc. They commonly have a bullwhip and pistol. Being one in any setting involving Cthulhu (with the exception of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem) invariably means a slow and painful death at the claws of monsters beyond reason.

You should be willing to beat things to death with a shovel or slit their throats with a trowel before considering this career in an RPG.


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Archaeologist is one of the more notable Bard archetypes. It trades the typical Bard party buffs for selfish ones and Rogue skills. It does pretty well in a skill monkey role, just as long as you don't expect it to support the party.


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An archetype that any class can take. A good one to take if your doing a lot of dungeon delving. In addition to being good with traps and learn magic to help with exploration, you are also gain bonus when rolling about the culture (Like knowing where they keep their treasures, or how to say "I'm your god" in the native tongue).

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