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The Turtle Armour.

An Armoured Shell is the strongest and toughest form of all Tyranid bio-armour. Armoured Shells are powerful beetle-like carapaces worn by the largest of Tyranid organisms like Carnifexes for example. These creatures are akin to walking battle tanks, with an armoured shell tougher than ceramite. Anything less than anti-tank weaponry is useless against creatures with armoured shells.


It is unknown what the Armoured Shell is entirely made off, however, it is possible that it is an ultra-dense matrix of interwoven chitin and natural-bonding ceramic-like substances down to the cellular level. The result is an incredibly heavy and extremely inflexible shell that requires the mother of all shell-crackers to breach open. Like all Nid 'armour', the Armoured Shell could regenerate over time, so if you manage to pop it open, you better start shooting the fuck out of it to make sure it is dead.

They are considered a step-up to the Armoured Exoskeleton as there is truly no weak-spot for an Armoured Shell. The only way to kill a Nid wearing one is to hit it in the areas that are not covered in that shell. Unfortunately, these areas are constructed out of reinforced Exoskeletons, so unless your toting a Tank Destroyer, it is best to leave these beasts to the folks in charge of the big guns.

Thanks to their resilience, they are akin to Terminator Armour and/or Mega Armour for the Nids.

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