BM-27 Uragan

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We are the Sovety, and we hate you...

The grandchild of the venerable Katyusha multi-rocket launcher, the BM-27 is a semi-modern missile platform in service to Russia and other former soviet states. It was the USSR's first modern spin and fin heavy stabilized rocket launcher system, whatever that means.

In Team Yankee[edit]

Da Stats

The BM 27 Uragan (Hurricane) is essentially a BM 21 Hail on steroids. With all the protection of a cardboard box we’ve come to expect from an unarmoured truck, it should be kept well back from the front lines. Given what this thing fires, this should not be a problem.

With a range of 120”, the hail can drop an AT 4, firepower 3+ Salvo on the neighbouring table if need be. It can also lay down a smoke bombardment, and comes with minelets as standard. This all translates into an immensely versatile artillery unit. With the template size to pin multiple units, but also the hitting power to kill them, accept no substitutes for divisional arty. If killing is not what you need at this moment in time, it can also provide excellent utility in covering your forces with smoke, or the enemy’s axis of advance with small explodey things.

Point costs are 3x for 7, 6x for 14.

In Real Life[edit]

The 9P140 Uragan also referred as BM-27 is a 220mm MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) designed and manufactured by the Russian defense industry.

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