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The Badlands are a great stretch of mostly flat land geographically below the Empire and the Border Princes and north of Nehekhara which is filled with a whole lot of not much. Most of this area of the Old World is grasslands, mesa, savannah and the occasionally craggy, Utah-style desert, only occasionally broken up by mountainranges and the absolute fuck-off-hueg numbers of Greenskins that live here. Oh, and monsters. Big fucking animals like Wyverns and shit. No surprise the Orcs love it so much.

It can be considered something of the "main territory" of the Greenskins, seeing as they are the only somewhat-sentient beings that live here, apart from assorted human tribals and a few Dwarf holds here and there. Large Waaaghs! in the Old World tend to come from the Badlands, which basically means that a rough, harsh landscape filled with all sorts of nasty critters and monsters got too boring for a bunch of hooligan berzerkers... Bad news for the rest of the Old World.

Notable Locations

  • The Tower of Bones: A tall, thin tower made of, well, bone. Situatied in the middle of absolute nowhere, this huge and weird structure functions as a focal point for Waaagh magics, making it a common pilgrimage destination for the more religious Orcs, especially Shamans. No one knows who build or made it, but it's certainly something weird and unsafe for the common soul
  • Barak Varr: The only bastion of order and civilization in the Badlands, Barak Varr is a Dwarf hold in the northern border of the region, its walls going into the Black Gulf. Behind several heavy iron gates lies their near-invincible fleet of ships, which they never use - They're Dwarfs, what did you honestly expect?
  • Karak Eight-Peaks: That's right, everybody's favourite three-way combat arena's located in the eastern mountains bordering the Badlands! Who'd have thunk? It's massive halls are currently divided between Belegar Ironhammer and his Dwarfs, Skarsnik and the Crooked Moon Tribe and Queek Headtaker with a metric shitload of rats.
  • Black Crag: Located just north of Eight-Peaks, Black Crag was once the third-largest Dwarf Hold, but now it's basically the largest stronghold of Orcs in the Old World, and perhaps the whole Warhammer World! For a long time it was held by a fat, lazy git by the name of Gorfang Rotgut, but during a battle against Thorgrim Grudgebearer, he sadly lost his head somewhere, which unfortunately caused him to die. Shame.
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