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A new addition to the Tau arsenal
A new addition to the Tau arsenal

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Battlesuits are powered exoskeletons used by the forces of the Tau Empire.

Role on the Battlefield

Tau Battlesuits are not like Imperial Power Armor in their role. They serve as command platforms for O level officers as well as heavy mobile weapons platforms, able to swiftly relocate from firing position to firing position. Most of them are outfitted with jetpacks.


XV15 Stealthtsuit

Little more than modified Firewarrior Armor, it was outfitted with stealth systems allowing it to infiltrate. Also carries markerlights. These older units are being phased out.

XV22 Command Suit

Officially part of the Sealthsuit line, this heavier unit is quite expensive to produce, as such it is limited in use to commanders.

XV25 Stealthsuit

An improvement over the XV15, larger, heavier and better armored. Not as good as the XV22

XV8 Battlesuit

Your basic general purpose Tau Battlesuit, heavily armed and mobile. Can be outfitted with a variety of weapons.


A heavy weapons platform carrying missile launchers and Railguns.

VX9 Hazard Battlesuit

A new addition to the Tau arsenal

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