Bladeguard Veteran

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The Veteran Squad of Primaris Space Marines. The Bladeguard Veterans are Primaris First Company veterans that are armed with power swords, storm shields and heavy bolt pistols.

Forces of the Primaris Marines
Command: Helix Adept - Judiciar - Primaris Ancient - Primaris Apothecary
Primaris Captain - Primaris Chaplain - Primaris Librarian - Primaris Lieutenant
Primaris Techmarine - Vanguard Librarian - Vanguard Lieutenant
Troops: Aggressor - Bladeguard Veteran - Eliminator - Eradicator - Hellblaster
Inceptor - Incursor - Infiltrator - Intercessor - Reiver - Suppressor
Structures: Hammerfall Bunker
Vehicles: Gladiator Tank - Impulsor - Invictor Tactical Warsuit - Invader ATV
Primaris Outriders - Redemptor Dreadnought - Repulsor Tank - Storm Speeder
Super Heavies: Astraeus Super-Heavy Tank
Flyers: Overlord Gunship
Spacecraft: Space Marine Landing Craft
Allies: Space Marines