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/u/-tan twins

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Gender/Physical Description: The /u/ girls are a pair of polymorphous twins who attend an elite Catholic all-girls school and are always seen together. Lily has long blonde hair. Her sister, Shizuka, keeps her purple hair short due to her love of sports. Both sisters sport mystical "Yurivision" eyewear. Lily is always seen with a pair of reading glasses, though it’s known the only books she reads are written by authors such as Sarah Waters and Radclyffe Hall. Likewise, Shizuka always has her lucky pair of sports goggles. This allows them to activate their yuri vision turning even the straightest girls into hardcore lesbian couples, at least in their mind anyway.

Personality: Lily is a proper young lady. She always keeps her uniform in pristine condition. Younger students look up to her, but most keep their distance. Their idol is cool beauty that is to be observed from afar and never approached. Those who break this rule discover that the facade of a proper young maiden hides the mind of a devious pervert, who will happily whisk any cute girls away into her room for various activities. Shizuka is her opposite, a tomboy who excels at all sports. Her favorites include archery, karate, kendo and soccer. More prone to hostility then her sister, she believes that someone is always attacking her and attempting to steal her crush, even if there is no one around. However, she does approach romance more innocently then her sister,stuttering and blushing during a confession. Very rarely will she venture farther than holding hands underneath the cherry blossoms.

Both Twins are members of the girl’s club, an unofficial club for individuals who prefer interpersonal relationships of romantic nature between members of the feminine gender. They often host events for the other clubs who view these as good opportunities for training, relaxation or recruitment. The Mahjong club especially are frequent clients as all the girl's club members are powerful opponents, thus valuable recruits and excellent training partners for the nationals. Its president is a good friend of Shizuka, and they can often be found together, hatching a plot to directly raise one of her club member's powerlevel. As president, Lily is in charge of setting up these meeting and various other ceremonies for the club. Shizuka heads the sport’s division. As such, she assist in training of all sports teams and will even fill in for a player if need be. All of the teams coveted her when she first entered high school, but her sister was quick in encouraging her to join the Girl’s Club.

The /u/ twins were separated at birth and brought back together in high school. Lily grew up in France and Shizuka was raised in Japan. This has led them to quarrel more and more recently. Lily believes that all cute girls should be enjoyed, while Shizuka argues that only Japanese girls posses true beauty. Regardless, they will still be together, because they love each other and have no intentions of getting hit by a train or dying in a fire.

Relationships: In general, the twins enjoy stalking observing cute or attractive girls, and ignore men. However, if a male attempts to approach one of their chosen, Shizuka is likely to lash out. Lily will try to calm her sister but Shizuka often ignores her. On the other hand, a female approaching one of their haremettes will often be encouraged, because second only to the twin's desire for each other is their desire to be surrounded by loving lesbian couples.

As for the other boards; /a/ and /u/ have gotten into multiple fights over other girls, leaving /u/ with a feeling of distrust even when /a/ agrees with them. Lily enjoys sharing a cup of tea with /co/ and /tv/, but Shizuka insists that they are out to turn all lesbians straight. This is one topic the two frequently dispute. Despite any disagreement, both twins will come together in their love for little sister /c/. The extent of this relationship is currently unknown. Generally, the /u/ twins enjoy other female-centric boards, but never for long periods of time, especially Shizuka.

Jobs: They are both high school students. Lily tends to do well in school, while Shizuka gets by. Where she really shines is in her sports.