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In the /tg/ sense, Caliban can refer to either of three things; a planet in Warhammer 40000, a race in Ravenloft, or a monster in Pathfinder.

The Pathfinder Caliban is a deformed, ogre-like Monstrous Humanoid introduced in the adventure module "Tears at Bitter Manor" and subsequently forgotten. Possessed of the ability to temporarily inflict crippling deformities with its touch and to produce an unsettling scream, as well as being tough, brawny and surprisingly mobile (Athletic & Nimble Moves feats, Swim 20ft), they are technically the male counterpart to Golarion Changelings: hag covens use twisted ritual magics to create calibans as monstrous minions; these "sons of hags" are brought up to be steadfastedly loyal to their malevolent and oft-abusive matriarchs, serving them as grunt labor. Still, they aren't inherently evil, and occasionally break away, but their deformed appearance means they find no place in conventional society as a general rule. Unlike changelings, calibans are sterile; only hag rituals can produce new ones.