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  • Campaign: Ami's Unnamed Game
  • Name: Glory Fortress
  • Concept: Still-surviving first age Zenith.
  • Caste/Aspect: Zenith.
  • Motivation: To show creation the glory of the Unconquered Sun, and encourage his worship.
  • Positive intimacies: Her manse. The UCS.
  • Negative intimacies:
  • Anima: A stylized pure-golden fortress.
  • Experience: 0/0


Glory Fortress was a young exalt at the time the usurpation of the dragonblooded happened. She had been exalted only a scant few months! She was young, sweet, and full of life - learning every thing she could from her solar brothers and sisters. There was a bit of bad blood, though, between her and an older, more powerful exalt. Apparently her previous exaltation had done.. well, something to get on his bad side. Something bad enough to make him be oh-so-cruel to her whenever they passed by each other. She tried her best to forge a new friendship with the Dawn, but he would have none of it. He humiliated her in public, by calling out the names of her lovers. She let her anger get the best of her that day, and swore that some day she would have her revenge. Unfortunately for her - she didn't get her chance. The Great Feast was held, but she and a few of her closest friends opted out to console her. They caught wind of what was happening, and made way into Glory Fortress's manse for some modicum of protection. Her two friends died defending her, as she activated the manse's defensive grid. She cried, and cried long in mourning for her lost friends and fellow solars... but there was little she could do, as a young exalt to help. She crawled into the protective sleeping-tomb built into the bottom of her manse, and sealed it... waiting for the day that the chaos outside would end, and her fellows would come to wake her.

As for her old Dawn-caste Rival? Who knows what could have happened to him?


Glory Fortress is a pretty little thing. She has soft, short blond hair cut close to her head to better resemble a shining sun. Her bright, water blue eyes shimmer with a loving innocence. She's a bit tall for a girl, at five-foot-nine, and a little broad shouldered. But as she says, all the better to carry the armor of the Unconquered Sun into battle with. She would do anything to help a friend, and longs for the day she can make right her inability to help her friends during the Usurpation.


Strength  ●●●      Charisma     ●●●●●    Perception   ●●
Dexterity ●●●●●    Manipulation ●        Intelligence ●●
Stamina   ●●●      Appearance   ●●●●     Wits         ●●●


Archery           Integrity    ●●●●  Craft     ●●●●●    Athletics          Bureaucracy 
Martial Arts      Performance        Investigation      Awareness ●●●      Linguistics  ●
Melee    ●●●●●    Presence ●●●●●     Lore      ●       Dodge     ●●●●●    Ride        
Thrown            Resistance   ●●●●  Medicine           Larceny            Sail        
War               Survival           Occult             Stealth   ●●●      Socialize   

Languages: Old Realm(Native), High Realm.

Craft: Earth


+2 Craft Earth Specialty, Sculpture


Artifact: ●●● (Grand Daiklave)
Resources ●
Manse ●●
Artifact ●● (Oricalcum Lamellar Armor)
Artifact ●● (Orichalcum Hearthstone bracers)

Merit: Past Lives ●●●
Flaw: Enemy (FAFL) ●●●●●
Flaw: Nightmares ●●● (Of the dragonblooded usurpation.)
Flaw: Beacon of Power ●●●●


Call the Blade 1m Reflexive. Obvious. Instant. Calls an owned weapon within ess x 10 yards to the exalt's hand.

Summoning the Loyal Steel 1m. Simple. Speed 3. Combo-OK. Indefinite. Commit 1 mote to banish a melee weapon to Elsewhere. Call it back as a miscellaneous action, freeing the mote.

Durability of Oak Mediation 3m. Reflexive. Instant. Combo-OK. Grants hardness 8 against an attack.

Spirit Strengthens the Skin 1m per die removed. Removes 1 die per mote spent from raw damage of an attack

Second Presence Excellency 2m per success.

Iron Skin Concentration 2m. Reflexive. Combo-OK. Instant. Obvious. Roll Resistance+Stam vs opponent's essence. Success = no damage. Failure grants +4A/+8b/+8l soak

Second Melee Excellency 2m per success

One Weapon, Two Blows 1m. Reflexive. Combo-OK. One Action. Adds one rate and one acc to a weapon until the next action

Peony Blossom Attack 2m per attack. Combo-OK. Obvious. Instant. Allows to make a flurry without penalty at 2m per bought attack, up to Ess+1 attacks.

Second Craft Excellency 2m per success



Essence: ●●
Regeneration: Normal +4 for hearthstone.
Personal Essence Pool: 12/12
Peripheral Essence Pool: 15/30
Committed Essence: 15


Willpower: ●●●●●●
Temporary: 6/6



Compassion ●●
Conviction ●●●
Temperance ●●
Valor      ●●●

Virtue flaw: Conviction
Limit: □□□□□ □□□□□
Limit Break Condition: Hearing blasphemy against the UCS.


Sieged by the Unhindered Fortress Speed 5 Acc + 3 Dmg 12/4 L Defense +1 Rate 3. Attune 8. 2,O,P,R
Orichalcum Lamellar Armor 10L/11B soak 6L/6B hardness Mobility -1 Attune 3
Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracers +3 to DDV calculation. Give +2 damage dice Attune 4

Manses and Hearthstones[edit]

The Harem Oratory: Her home is now little more than a badly-tended crypt underneath what is now part of (CAMPAIGN STARTING PLACE). It used to be used as a place to preach the word of the Unconquered Sun, and as a place for nobles to 'relax' and enjoy themselves during the rather unorthodox sermons. Glory Fortress inherited it from her pre-exaltation self, and kept it in good working order. She did her best to clean up the place of worship so it could be a proper place to be, but the manse still insist on creating it's old hearthstone. It could be quite a nice place with some fixing up, as the demanse which powers it is still quite functioning.

Hearthstone :Sphere of Courtesan's Constellation. ●● Gives a +2 bonus to performance and presence rolls.


Dodge DV: 8 while not wearing armor.
Dodge MDV:6
Soak: 0A/11L/14B
Pierced: 0A/8L/9B
Hardness: 0A/6L/6B


GRAND DAIKLAVE Speed 5 Acc + 3 Dmg 12/4 L Defense +1 Rate 3. Attune 8. 2,O,P,R (Reflects orichalcum bonus)


□ -0
□ -1
□ -1
□ -2
□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□ □ □ Dying


2bp on melee
2bp on presence
1bp on resistance
1bp on integrity
2bp on dodge
2bp on craft
3bp on temperance
4bp on Charisma
2bp on Artifact
2bp on artifact
3 bp on past lives
1bp on craft specialty
-5 bp on Enemy
-4 bp on Beacon of Power
-3 bp on nightmares.