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Reason: A character sheet that has not been updated in ten years, for a campaign that is clearly not being played anymore


  • Campaign: Campaign:BLINDSIDED
  • Name: Inferno Rising In Silence
  • Concept: Duelist Infernal? Okay he's a Ligier Fanboy.
  • Caste/Aspect: Slayer. Favored Yozi : Adorjan
  • Motivation: To Best Ligier in Single Combat.
  • Positive intimacies: <3 ligier n malfeas n adorjan
  • Negative intimacies:
  • Anima: Her banner is a icon of the Green Sun.
  • Experience: 48/161


The woman who would become Inferno Rising In Silence was born in the Realm proper. She lived her life as a simple if tomboyish girl in the house of Cynis. She was a pretty normal girl... but living in House Cynis isn't exactly the most healthy place to be. As she grew into a young woman she was much the center of unwanted attention from family and customers to the house. She always insisted that she was not to be treated as such. No one ever listened, and she rarely got the respect she wanted. Until one night when a customer attempted to take advantage of her. She pushed him off, and reported the issue to her family... who immediately attempted try to sell her body to the man. She's not sure exactly when she lost control, but at some point something snapped inside of her. She went berserk, and snapped the neck of her offender before immediately beginning to rampage through the rest of her house. Some - most got away, leaving her dejected, bloodied, and disgraced in the middle of the destroyed whorehouse. It was then, that a blood ape stepped out to offer her the infernal exaltation.


Inferno Rising In Silence was a pretty little thing in life. Not quite stunning, but sort of just 'cute'. She's tall, at five-foot-eight in height, with a simple and light frame, with pale skin and originally light blue hair. Once she received the tainted exaltation she became a bit enamored with the Demon City who had exalted her. Her hair is now greenish color with flecks of brass weaved into it. She even went so far as to receive a Green Iron Heart implanted into her chest so that she could be closer to her father and master. She holds a deep affinity for Ligier, and seeks to prove herself to him most of all - perhaps even more than to Malfeas himself. She has the air of barely-contained Malfean rage boiling under her carefully constructed temperament.


Strength  ●●●(●●●●)Charisma     ●●●      Perception   ●●●
Dexterity ●●●●●    Manipulation ●        Intelligence ●●
Stamina   ●●●(●●●●)Appearance   ●●●      Wits         ●●●●●


Archery           Integrity  ●●●(●●)   Craft          Athletics   ●●●●●  Bureaucracy 
Martial Arts      Performance          Investigation  Awareness   ●●●●● Linguistics  ●●●
Melee     ●●●●●   Presence   ●●●●●    Lore      ●    Dodge          Ride        
Thrown            Resistance ●●●●●     Medicine       Larceny        Sail        
War       ●●●●●   Survival             Occult         Stealth        Socialize   

Languages : Old Realm, High Realm, Low Realm, Sea-Tongue


Melee (+3 Sword n Board)
Athletics (+3 while armored)


Backing (Malfeas) ●
Contacts (Malfeas) ●
Cult (Malfeas) ●
Unwoven Coadjutor ●●● (Adds +1 specialty, +2 social rolls vs demons, perceive cultists with per+social and add +2 dice to command them.)
Artifact ●●●●
Artifact ●●
Artifact ●●●●●
Artifact ●●●


1st Malfeas Excellency x 4. Forceful or ostentatious displays. Or dancing. Malfeas is weird.

Effortless Malfean Dominance : Works as essence flow for the first Malfean excellency. Each use of an excellency reduces its cost by 1 for the remainder of a scene.

By Pain Reforged : 1hl. Combo-Ok. Reflexive. Lasts for one scene. Ignore all bashing wound penalties. * see below in By Agony Empowered.

Pathetic Distraction Rebuke x2 : 3m. Combo-Ok. Instant. Reflexive. Ignores all penalties to Parry DV and adds the highest wound penalty the exalt should be suffering to Parry DV if By Pain Reforged is active. Each use between ticks reduces the cost of this charm by 1m.

Invulnerable Wounding Futility : 3m. Reflexive(Step 9.)Combo-OK. Counterattack. Activation destroys nonmagical projectiles as they hit the exalt. Against close-quarters attacks, however. The attacker suffers raw bashing damage = to the infernals soak against the attack - the raw damage of his attack. Cannot work against dodged attacks. Completely parried attacks use the weapons base damage with no successes.

Ablation of Brass and Fire : 4m. Combo-ok. Obvious. Perfectly parries any attack, carries the imperfection of the Demon City.

Scar-Writ Saga Shield x 2 : ---. Permanent. brings lethal soak up to (Stamina) and gives hardness (stamina). Also adds (essence) to bashing and lethal soak.

Virdian Legend Exoskeleton x 2 : 10m 1wp. Indefinite. Removes mobility and fatigue penalties from armor while adding +10l/+10B soak and an equal amount of hardness against nonmagical attacks.

Nightmare Fugue Vigilance: --- Permanent. The character need not sleep any more. Any rolls to regain willpower while sleeping are at -1.

By Agony Empowered : ---- Permanently improves By Pain Reforged, allowing the exalt to ignore wound penalties from lethal health levels as well. Damage rolls over into aggravated from lethal before being able to kill the exalt, though he does not ignore these penalties until ess 5.

Insignificant Embers Intuition: 2m. Instant. Combo-ok. Reflexive. Discerns strength and aspect of the essence a target with a per+aware.

Green Sun Nimbus Flare: 3m. Supplemental. Combo-ok. Obvious. inflicts 2 lethal levels of damage if an attack hits (in step 10)

Wrath-Stoked Bonfire Soul : ---- Permanent. Increases the damage on GSNF to (essence) instead of 2.

Godscorch Invective : --- Obvious, Permanent. Any attack enhanced by GSNF may target and affect dematerialized beings. Any dematerialized being who suffers damage from this attack remains visible to the senses for the remainder of the scene but still lacks solidity until they actually materialize.


Wind Born Stride : Increases dash speed by (essence) per purchase, in addition dash is a dv-0 action.

Death-Dealing Journey: 3m. Reflexive. Indefinite(Velocity) Allows the exalt to dash reflexively, instead of move. Immediately ends once you drop below maximum speed.

Who Strikes The Wind: 3m. Reflexive. PD dodge against any expected attack, can only be done while dashing.

Joy In Violence Approach: 1m per success. Adds +bought successes and + purchases of wind-born stride to Join Battle rolls. In addition, it provides a WILLPOWER if you start the fight.

Self-As-Cyclone Stance: 4m 1wp. Extra action. DV-0 magical flurry of (weapon rate) actions that only carry a penalty of (action number) ie, -0, -1, -2, -3. Not action number + number of actions.

Running To Forever ------. Dashing now counts as rest, and meditation.



Essence: ●●●●
Personal Essence Pool: 18/18
Peripheral Essence Pool: 15/41
Committed Essence: 26


Willpower: ●●●●●●
Temporary: 6/6



Conviction ●●●(●)
Temperance ●●
Valor      ●●●

Urge: Slay anyone who does not show due respect to the infernal.
Limit: □□□□□ □□□□□


Chaos Targe : Art 3. Adds +3 to all DV's. Allows you to apply your PDV to normally unblockable attacks. Attune : 5m.

Mist Razor Daiklave : Art 2 +5 accuracy +6l damage Defense +2 4 rate. Attune 5m

SUPERHEAVY PLATE : art 5. Soak : +15L/15B hardness 10l/10b mobility -2 fatigue 2 attune :8 +2/+2 soak and +1 hardness if orichal.

Green Iron Heart: Art 4. Str and stam + 4. conviction by one and integrity by two. -1 comp Attune 8.

Manses and Hearthstones


Dodge DV: 8 with shield. -2 from armor if Viridian Legend Exoskeleton is not active/
Dodge MDV: 7.
Parry DV: 11
Parry MDV: 3.
Soak: 0A/36L/36B with both viridian and superheavy on. -10/-10 without viridian.
Pierced: 0A/24L/24B with both viridian and superheavy on. -5/-5 without viridian.
Hardness: 0A/10L/10B Hardness is 25L/25B against nonmagical/nonartifact attacks with viridian active.



□ -0
□ -1
□ -1
□ -2
□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□ Dying


2 bp on melee
2 bp on athletics
3 bp on specialties
2 bp on awareness
2 bp on presence
2 bp on resistance
2 bp on war

16 xp on 1st malfeas excellency x 2
8 xp on scar-writ saga shield x 1
24 xp on ess 4
16 exp on viridian legend exoskeleton x2.
8 xp on insignificant embers intuition
8 xp on Green Sun Nimbus Flare
8 xp on Effortless Malfean Dominance
8 xp on Wrath-Stoked Bonfire Soul
8 xp on Godscorch Invective
9 exp on art 4, and 4+5.
8 xp on Wind-Born Stride
8 xp on death-dealing journey
8 xp on Who Strikes the Wind?
8 xp on Joy In Violence Approach
8 xp on Self-As-Cyclone Stance
8 xp on Racing To Forever.

Shopping list

Adoorjam charms :3