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Name:Audrey Krieger
Concept:Dragon-Blooded Trainer
Motivation: Make people happy.
Anima Banner:A brilliant sapphire halo.
Anima Effect:Essence autosuccesses added to Performance checks of self and allies within Essencex10 yards.
Experience: 2 attribute xp left, 3 free form xp left, 5 charm xp. 36 personal xp.




Strength     ●●      
Dexterity    ●●●●●
Stamina      ●●

Charisma     ●●●●●
Manipulation ●●
Appearance   ●●●●●

Perception   ●●
Intelligence ●●●●●
Wits         ●●●


Craft (Air) ●●●●●
Craft (Fate)●●●●●
Dodge       ●●●●●
Linguistics ●●●●●
Performance ●●●●●
Socialize   ●●●
Athletics   ●●
Presence    ●●
Lore         ●●●
Occult       ●●
Stealth      ●●
Awareness    ●●
Bureaucracy  ●●
Integrity    ●
Martial Arts ●●●●● + ●●● unarmored
Medicine     ●●


Acquaintances ●●●
A close-knit group welcomes her as warmly as they do their own. +3 concurrent astrology effects.
Henchmen ●●●●●
10 young combat-oriented dragon blooded.
Manse ●●●●●
1 level 5 manse, 1 level 4 manse, 1 level 1 manse.
Retainers ●●●●●
9 noncombative dragon blooded.
Salary ●●●●●

30 personal XP required.

Even if someone had essence 8 and attacked, it'd be essence 7, halved to 4, halved to 2, subtracted by 1.


  • Absence: 2m reflexive. Ignore all penalties to DV for a single action. DV is still 0 against an undodgeable attack, however.
  • Duck Fate: 10m reflexive. Roll Dex+Dodge against a difficulty of the Essence of an attack or harmful effect.
  • Sifu's Useful Fingers: 1m simple, indefinite. Make someone a Shadow Finger, giving +1 MA dot and +(sidereal's MA rating) to MDV. Can maintain up to Essence x2 shadow fingers at once. If they are attacked anywhere in the world, you'll know.
  • Lotus Eye Tactics: 1m or 3m reflexive and indefinite, it is Obvious to the sidereal when an individual has MA (or combat skills, for 3m) equal to or higher than her own.
  • The Lotus Blossoms: Reduce Essence/Martial Art requirements for charms by 1.
  • Second Integrity Excellency:
  • (Valor) Essence Replenishment:
  • Preservation of Resolve:
  • Unhearing Dedication:
  • Death-of-Self Meditation:
  • Crane Style: Karate kid, ahoy! 10 charms.
  • Prismatic Arrangement of Derp: 17 charms.
  • Citrine Poxes of Contagion: 13 charms.
  • Into Infinite Depths: Reflexive 6m, identifies what kind of creature the target is, what intimacies they hold towards you, what MA styles they know, and what MA forms they know.
  • Eternal Infatuation Dance: Reflexive 8m, indefinite, counterattack. In response to any social or physical attack, teleport to within one yard of the attacker, up to 20 miles per Essence dot (perfectly dodging a ranged attack in the process), and remain within one yard at all times. May only be activated once per action.
  • Dissolution of Value: 15m reflexive, indefinite.

So up to the Form-Type of Citrine Poxes would be 9 charms. Adding on Spiritual Perfection and Glorious Sidereal Protection means 11 charms. If its just everything, then 13 charms.

Charms to be Purchased Soon[edit]

  • Methodology of Secrets: 5m, get 3 specialty dots until next time she sleeps. Also, can be applied to astrology, in which case it applies to all involved rolls.
  • Trouble Reduction Strategy: 5m simple (compassion), select a number of allies with total essence = own. Can then use any desired dodge charms on their behalf.
  • Lion Mouse Stratagem: 3m reflexive. -3 external penalty on attempts to gauge her nature and skill, and +(Essence) to rolls to re-establish surprise. Unnatural mental influence costing 2 wp to resist for one scene.
  • Throne Shadow Form: 5m, simple, form-type. All shadow fingers within dex*3 yards are protecting her with a Defend Other action at all times. May launch coordinated attacks with shadow fingers, always diff 1, and may strike dematerialized spirits.
  • Shadow Lost in the Court: 3m, 1wp, supplemental. Enhances an attempt to re-establish surprise in a crowd (20 people or 2 shadow fingers), producing a -2 external penalty on attempts to spot the Sidereal.
  • Pneuma-Sealing Strike: 4m, reflexive. Supplements an unarmed MA attack, and if it hits, their breath is sealed, and they begin suffocating. They may make Str+Ath every 30 seconds at a diff of the MA's Essence rating. Until this happens, there's a -2 internal penalty to actions.
  • Deadliest of All Weapons: 3m, reflexive. Inflicts a (Special/one hour, 5, -/- -1) poison that causes the victim to be forced to tell the truth.
  • Clear Eyes Defense: 4m, 1wp, reflexive, one scene, counterattack. May counterattack whenever any who attempt unnatural mental influence. If it hits, it perfectly negates the unnatural mental influence.
  • Welcoming the Uninvited Guest: 3m, simple, speed 3. Disrupts stealth within MAx10 yards, unless they beat the sid's attack roll sux on a dex+stealth roll.
  • Finger-Stealing Handshake: 5m, 1wp. Simple, servitude, one scene. Roll Cha+MA vs the highest MDV of any hostile extra; if successful, Essx2 extras switch side and obey the sidereal, and count as shadow fingers until end of scene. Costs 3wp to resist. At Ess4+, works vs mindless automatons, though they add their master's Essence to their MDV.


  • The Musician: ●●●●●
  • The Crow:
  • The Sorcerer:

Current Astrological Effects[edit]

  • Artless Prodigy Blessing of the Musician, Sorcerer, and Crow: Apply a -3 to target number, or +3 to DV. These are three separate ascending destinies, applied separately and maintained by three separate intelligent, cunning pattern spiders, who have such as their sole duty. The effects trigger on any actions that are according to her plans, that she has approved of (or was benignly apathetic about), or that she, in the opinion of the pattern spiders, seemingly would express approval of. These three destinies, which required approximately 8 subjective years to create, are designed to last unto the 100th generation and endure for 2000 years. They affect all of Audrey's celestial circle-mates, plus 113 dragon-blooded (which includes all of the direct henchmen and retainers of PCs in the chronicle), plus an astrological direction corresponding to the Wyld beyond the Western Elemental Pole, also known as the Wyld Wyld West. Within Creation such an astrological working is impossible, but as nearly everything in the Wyld is outside of fate, there is little Essence Burden to deal with. In addition, successive generations of Dragon-Blooded within the Wyld West will be born with the blessing affecting them to some degree, as they begin their lives as Essence 1 children. However, the first-generation dragon blooded will only receive 2 iteration of this destiny, and the second-generation ones will only receive 1.


Essence: ●●●●
Regeneration: 4(8 when resting)/hour
Personal Essence Pool: 11
Peripheral Essence Pool: 32
Committed Essence: 0


Willpower: ●●●●●
Temporary: □□□□□



  • Compassion ●●●●●
  • Conviction ●●●
  • Temperance ●●●
  • Valor ●●●

Primary Virtue:Compassion
Flawed Fate:Serenity
Limit: □□□□□ □□□□□
Paradox: xxxxx □□□□□


Dodge DV:6
Dodge MDV:8
Soak: 1B/0L/0A
Pierced: 1B/0L/0A
Hardness: 0B/0L/0A


Kata gems give -2 to essence costs of Form charms, Starmetal Perfected Kata Bracers give -2 to essence costs of SMA charms once a Form-type has been activated of that sort, and her Master's Sutra of Citrine Poxes of Contagion and Prismatic Arrangement of Creation allows her to spend 1 willpower to activate each, then reducing the charm costs of those styles by 10m and 1wp per action. Finally, the Precision of Form gemstone reduces essence costs of a given SMA by 2, but locks you into that MA's charms; removal is required to use other charms. She knows the Student's Sutra of Sapphire Veil of Passion as well, which just reduces it by 5m. So in total:

Parry DV will be 23 (+3 shield?), attacks will be 25 dice +10 auto sux (ignoring 6 DV),

Citrine Poxes of Contagion: 1 mote (deactivated later). Glorious Sidereal Protection: 1 mote. Flare of Invulnerability Method: 1 mote per action; can't regain more than 5 per action.


Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form: 1 mote. Demense and Manse Form: 1 mote. Four Magical Materials Form: 1 mote. Soul Fire Shaper Form: 1 mote. Games of Divinity Form: 1 mote. Demense Emulation Practice: 6m, 1wp, 1 hl.

Inner Dragon Unbinding: 2m, reflexive step 1. Breaks debilitating magical effects, and enemies must succeed at an Essence roll, diff of her Essence (usually 10) to affect her with a Charm, spell, or charm-supplemented attack. Spiritual Perfection: 1m, reflexive step 9. Halves post-soak, post-rolled damage, or reflexively protects against any disabling effect on body or mind.



  • ●●●● Stone of Inhuman Beauty: This iridescent white oval adds four dots to the wearer’s Appearance, raising it to a maximum of 7. In addition, the bearer cannot be made to look anything other than beautiful: nothing short of Solar Circle Sorcery can even temporarily reduce his Appearance. If dressed in rags and covered in mud, he appears handsomely disheveled; if disguised to look horribly scarred, he seems to bear noble wounds that must obviously have come from performing some grand feat of heroism. other people always notice the bearer unless he uses stealth, Charms or the cover of darkness to conceal himself. This is good when giving a speech… not so good for a discreet meeting with an informant.