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WHEN IS A GOOD TIME FOR YOU TO RUN AROUND BEING EXALTED? If it's not a Tuesday or Thursday we are in business. post it here.
kasdaye - Mon, Tue, Fri and Sun are all clear. Wed, Thurs and Sat are time-dependent


  • Lina: Maybe a little. Will do my best.
  • Toloran: I can make it to Saturdays just fine. Preferably early Saturdays rather then late but any is fine.
  • TFDG: Not really. THIS Saturday I may still be in transit from vacation, so, forgeeve me if your chosen time is when I am on ZE PLANE.

What the Dick Butt?[edit]

HatHat is going to try to ST! come watch him fail badly.

Delicious Sidereals game, work in Yu-shan, poke dbs around, get yelled at by ketchup when he finds you cracking jokes. Infernals and Abyssals? Pssshhhht this is 500 years before those fuckers pop up, this means the Solars are still in a vacuum bag as well.

Please do not abuse the ST.


  • Game: #SidSalad
  • OOC and Dicerollan: #SidSaladOOC


  • kasdaye - Almera Idel, Chosen of Endings
  • Lina! Sidereals, you expected otherwise? - Knife of the South, a brash youngster who seriously has a pride problem.
  • Oh my god Clarence is interested like the fist of the north star, but it depends when this game is running omigodomigodomigod
  • TFDG is in. Shining Parcels Of Your Heart, Chosen of Journeys, may or may not be UPS worker.
  • Leviathan: Clever Monkey Smashes Prior Assumptions, Chosen of Battles. Ex-street tough with straightforward demeanor and a desire to make things work better.
  • Toloran: Glass Night Shard, Chosen of Serenity. Silver Faction member with a hatred for the Fae.

House rules[edit]

Suggest some:

1. Don't even fucking consider asking Cans I plays a SOLAR? DBs are just as out for you can't go to Yu-Shan little Prince of the earth, and Lunars are just silly.

2.Speed fix A weapon's speed cannot be reduced to lower than three by powers that reduce a weapon's speed (unless the Charm explicitly specifies Speed 1 or 2). For each point that the speed would be lower than three, increase the Rate by one.

3. Backgrounds Purchasable by xp 3 per dot, you must give a reasonable explanation for bought backgrounds, earned backgrounds are EARNED through playing.

4. Training Times are halved, due to the God of Training being on an upswing in power.

5. you may be exalted but you do NOT have huge strength, you are a ninja, huge strength is silly for a ninja.

6. Do not wank with any resplendent destinies or acquaintances just to Specshul Snowflake. >:|


8. Chosen of Battles Anima This works its magic at the end of Step 8, just like Twilight-caste Animas

In last week's Episode of "Delicious Sid Salad"[edit]

Episode 1: Getting Lost and Presents[edit]

Our main characters met in secret to figure out what to get ketchup for his birthday! Among this circle of misfits we have Knife of the South ("Knife"), the Chosen of Journeys who's impetuousness is only matched by his courage! Next is Shining Parcels of Your Heart ("Heart"), another Chosen of Journeys whose delivery service reaches to all of creation and who has more contacts then an electrical chair! Next we have Clever Monkey Smashes Prior Assumptions ("Clever Monkey"), a Chosen of Battle who has an amusing tendency to jump over things and get carried places! Lastly we have Glass Night Shard ("Glass"), a Chosen of Serenity who can't seem to stop flirting with anything that has boobs!

After speeding down the canals of Yu-Shan on a boat of a water-flower goddess (and injuring a canal god in the process"), the circle reached the Cerulean Lute of Harmony in search of one of Heart's contacts: Delightful Presents, the Goddess of Gifts. After digging her out from an avalanche of boxes and Heart picking up a fashionable hat, Delightful Presents sent the circle on an errand to retrieve a crystal flower from gem as a gift for her sweetheart. After a traveling charm goes awry the party ends up not near gem, as they intended, but stuck on an island in the middle of an active volcano! What ever shall our brave (*cough*) circle do now?