Campaign:Enfolding Ice

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Exalted campaign run by ResplendentDestiny on 6667 #exalted (suptg).

Show's over folks, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here.


It's the end of the season of Wood and it's still snowing. The North is cold, but this isn't that far north. If this goes on, the cold will kill crops and cause famine. The East can ship grain, and the Guild would be greatly pleased by this, but the long-term prospects are not good...

Currently based in Whitewall. An NPC list is available. There are also custom charms. The rather long-winded and overly-precise houserules can be summarized as:


Other links: mass combat reference, RDbot command reference


If you need a char sheet, copy this; you can also link me anything I can read.

Write your name on IRC, and your character caste, concept, and motivation. Link the char sheet when it's done.

No Sidereals or casteless Lunars, one rogue Abyssal maybe with a good reason, others are negotiable but I'd prefer Solars. Players should have a reason for sticking together and for being in the North or Northeast (Halta, etc). The motivation doesn't have to be directly related to the premise, but don't expect to get a personal quest in the South.

Main characters

These are people who show up enough for me to reasonably plan on them existing.

  • Zeplin666 - Undrowning Bear's Laughter
  • Dif - Rhakekossshkek - Pterok Dragon King looking for mystery and wonder.
  • Kalga - Ralleni- Changing Moon with a sweet hat. Available whenever I'm on. I'm not doing anything important.
  • LawnPygmy - Giselle Vonflamme - Spunky, punky-haired sorceror-technician looking for parts to build her golden clockwork vision of the future. Available from 1730 to 0545 CST.

New folks

New folks are new.

Warning: people beyond this point should consider themselves on a waitlist. (Though it seems people always disappear.) Feel free to throw yourself in here, but you may not be able to play if there are too many people.

  • Currently full.


Rest in peace.

Inactive characters

oh god what are they doing here i am not good with schedule
If you feel like showing up again, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

  • LawnPygmy - Cretul Pratka
  • SymmetryrtemmyS - Ivory Boulder King - Mobile throwing Dawn. VERY aggressive in keeping the law. Availability info in link.
  • FTAGHN - Alethea Greenchild
  • Gorbash Kazdar - Burning Heart Mei
  • Lina - Lasemu
  •  ??? - Star
  •  ??? - ???
  • Raiddx - Aiko - Cheerful loli Zenith. With a big freaking ice weasel. Available most any time, except Thursday afternoons, and Saturday evenings. CST aka GMT-6
  • Kalga - Keiran - Eclipse caste Martial Artist. Currently being dragged around by his yandere Mate Rill.
  • Golby - Serenity of Winter - Quiet, yet compassionate Night Caste ninja chef, seeking the world's finest, most perfect ingredient. Available on afternoons and all day weekends, CST. Or GMT -5, I think is the timezone.