Campaign:Enfolding Ice/Alethea Greenchild

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Campaign: EI Name: Alethea Greenchild
Concept: Former Monarch's Daughter Gone Batty Treehugger
Caste/Aspect: Full Moon
Motivation: Extending the reach of the forest's will
Intimacies: The Forest, The Silver Pact, Ivory
Experience: 4/25


Alethea Greenchild was once the daughter of a Regent controlling a small Castle on the frontier of Dynastic borders. Though they didn't control wealth to the extent of the any of the larger metropoli, they where still fond of hedonistic tenancies, indulging in vast banquets, traveling entertainment, and lavished luxuries. However all these luxuries where at the expense of the citizens and peasants of the controlling region. Kick a dog and it will cower, take away its food and it bites. Such was the fate of Alethea's family as crowds of the poor and hungry washed over the keep, defenestrating her Mother, Father, and eldest Brother. Althea though was fortunate to make it out of the keep through the sewers, and into forests, taking her father's sword with her. She may have been chased for days, but she never looked back, tirelessly fleeing into the quickening darkness of the forest's canopy.

Days passed while Alethea became one with her surroundings. She began to starve, unfamiliar with her surroundings. One morning as she slept, a gecko would crawl upon her, waking her from her near coma. Alethea caught that gecko, and without bothering to cook it, consumed it for sustenance . As she tasted its blood and her stomach filled with life saving protein she would also in that moment become exalted.

Months more passed by, hermitted away from mortal society in the depths of the woods. Her only link to her past life the sheathed sword that she carried on her back, a burden and reminder of the dangers of life in the "civilized" world, and also keeping her from losing her sanity. One day when peering into a pond, catching small breeding fishes with a spear she had fashioned she noticed her reflection... And the large Bear-man standing behind it. She was taken in and made a part of the Silver Pact.

Though she enjoyed the brief company of the Silver Pact she felt the urge to return to her home to forge forward the Forest's reach. She was bestowed with a gift from the Silver Pact, a set of Moonsilver armor to use in her crusade. She thanked them for the training, gifts, and most importantly, the friendship they'd given her during her stay, and set out back to her homeland.


Human Form: Thigh length orange wavy hair pools around Alethea's body from years of untamed growth. Though it is long, it is well groomed and mostly free of knots. Alethea's eyes are dark green and her flesh, once porcelain white is now a tanned brown from years in the wild. Alethea is athletic, as her environment allows her nothing less, however she does appear quite young, as though in her late teens or early twenties. Her back bears witness to a close ordeal with a cougar, now embodied in the form of a large scar beginning at the top of her right shoulder blade and descending down just above her tailbone. She is often seen with a longsword strapped over her shoulder and small bust, of which the emerald guard of the hilt cascades out like leaves stretching towards the sun. She can also often be seen carrying a spear and with a stone dagger at her hip. She also appears well mannered, despite her often uncivilized adornments. When in solitude she wears the tanned leather pelts of her prey, preferring the freedom it gives during the hunt. When she re-enters civilization she washes and grooms herself, and redresses herself in the lavished clothes she once cherished. During times of conflict she will wear her Moonsilver armor which is composed of emerald colored plates adorned with silver leaf-like patterns which cover her arms; extending from her shoulders to her hands, and cover her legs; extending from her hips to her feet.

War Form:

Other Forms:
Shark, Gecko, Spider, Snow Petrel

The Tell

In human form, and all other Heart's Blood forms, Alethea takes on the toothy grin of her Shark Totem. Her teeth appear as though they come to ivory points.


Strength  4  (+1)  Charisma     3        Perception   4
Dexterity 4  (+1)  Manipulation 1        Intelligence 2
Stamina   5  (+1)  Appearance   3        Wits         3

() = Shapeshifted only. Counts as natural score.


Lunar Block
[]Archery             []Craft        2      []Bureaucracy   1
[F]Athletics   4      []Larceny             []Investigation 
[]Awareness    2      []Linguistics  1      []Lore          1
[]Dodge        2      []Performance         []Occult        
[]Integrity           []Presence     1      []Medicine      1
[]Martial Arts 2      []Ride         
[]Melee        3      []Sail         
[]Resistance   2      []Socialize    1
[]Thrown              []Stealth      3
[]War                 [F]Survival    3


Natural Weapons 2


Artifact:      3
-"Moonsilver Reinforced Arm and Leg Plates" Artifact: 2
-"Moonsilver Daiklave" Mentor: 1
Reputation: 1
Heart's Blood: 1
Solar Bond: 2


(Strength)First Strength Excellency: 1m/1d, Reflexive, Instant. Adds 1 die to a Strength roll for every mote you spend.
(Strength)Impressions of Strength (Ogre's Loving Caress): 2m, Supplemental, instant
(Strength)Unstoppable Lunar Wound: 2m/d, Reflexive(Step 10), Instant. Turn 1 die of damage to an automatic level of damage
(Stamina)Third Stamina Excellency: 4m, Reflexive, Instant. Reroll Stamina and take best, double stamina for static values.
(Stamina)Ox-Body Technique: Permanent, Four -2 health levels
(Stamina)Armor Forming Technique: 1m/3soak, Reflexive, One Scene/War Form Duration
(Stamina)Hide-Toughening Essence: 1m/2soak, Reflexive, One Scene, 2b/2l up to Essence.
(Stamina)Relentless Lunar Fury: 1m-1wp, Reflexive, Essencex2 Actions, 1 automatic success to all combat actions, no wound penalties until below -1, ignore fatigue.


Name of combo 1
First move of combo - Second move of combo
Description of Combo right here.

Name of combo 2


Deadly Beastman Transformation: Adds 1str/1dex/1stm to natural attributes when shapeshifted.


Shark Fangs Bites do lethal damage, +3L
Enhanced Sense(Smell) Gain two dice on awareness relative to smell.
Skin Color Skin turns gray and white.
Fin +1 Athletics/Swimming

Gills Can breath under water and on land


Essence: 3
Regeneration: 4/4
Personal Essence Pool: 12/15
Peripheral Essence Pool: 31/36
Committed Essence: 5


Willpower: 6
Temporary: □□□□□□



* Compassion 2
* Conviction 3
* Temperance 1
* Valor 3

Flawed Virtue: Curse of the Hungry Wolverine
Limit Break: □□□□□□□□□□


Bindings of the Huntress
Description: These Long Emerald colored and Silver adorned Moonsilver plate sleeves and leggings where passed down to Alethea by her Mentor Rul Bearsnout of the Silver Pact.
Stats: Soak +10L/9B, Hardness 8L/8B, Mobility -1, Fatigue 1
Background: Artifact(3)
Description: Alethea's father came across this artifact and knew of its importance to both the Lunars and the Dragon Bloods. As such he stored it away in his vaults waiting for a time when he'd need it. Alethea took Abesh'Kahan from the vault when she escaped her family's fate. Abesh'Kahan is a Silver bladed longsword with the guard of the hilt fanning outward like Emerald leaves. The sword is made of Moonsilver.
Stats: Speed 5, Accuracy +3, Damage +6L, Defense +2, Rate 3 Background: Artifact(2)

Tanned Leather Garments(Pants, halter, and fur pelt sarong)
Stone Dagger(Tool)

Manses and Hearthstones


Dodge DV: 5
Dodge MDV: 2
Soak: B:11 L:15 A:0
Hardness: B:8 L:9 A:0


Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 4, Damage 4B, Defense -, Rate 1, Tags C, N, P
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 4, Damage 7B, Defense 2, Rate 2, Tags N
Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy 5, Damage 4B, Defense 4, Rate 3, Tags N
Abesh'Kahan (Daiklave): Speed 5, Accuracy 9, Damage 10L, Defense 6, Rate 3, Tags -
Bite(War Form Only): Speed 6, Accuracy 7, Damage 8L, Defense 2, Rate 1, Tags N


-0 □
-1 □□
-2 □□□□□□
-4 □
Incapacitated □


+9 First Session
-8 Martial Arts 1, Specialty: Martial Arts(Natural Weapons) 2
-10 (Charm) Hide Toughening Essence , -3 Lore