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Name: Ties That Bind, Ties That Break
Concept: Scientist-Politician, Colosseum Master
Caste/Aspect: Eclipse
Anima Banner: A great golden middle finger.
Motivation: Creation is for the living, not the other assholes.
Intimacies: Finding his mate, the people, the land, making friends
Experience: 0/0


Notable Events:

  • Born and raised Great Forks area, circa 743 RY
  • Worked as a bookie in his younger yeas for a fighting pit/colosseum.
  • Made a minor booboo, thrown into the pit against some dangerous animals with nothing but a pair of sticks.
  • Killed the animals, made it out mostly alive.
  • Replaced the general manager, threw him to the lions. Watched with pleasure as he put up his feet and hired a new bookie. Exalted for his efforts. Currently around the age of 22.
  • Worked to restore the arena
  • Hyperion was taken in as a young Blooded sent north from the Scavenger Lands to keep him safe in uncertain times. Unfortunately, his "guardians" didn't do shit for him, leaving him as soon as they made it decently far north where they could cut and run. This left a young barely Exalted Hyperion alone by himself with a near crazy old man, a wagon, and two horses. Upon Hyperion reaching the town, Ties took him in as his great benefactor (No homo.) Ties has since groomed him to fill as his personal protection and XO.
  • Went on various adventures
    • Manse found in the north, partially enveloped by a Wyld pocket. He stabilized the area using Lore charms, attuned. While in the manse exploring, stumbled into a badly damaged book in barely readable script detailing a portion of a process to recycle matter for reuse. Pondering this for many hours while he attuned, he eventually developed his Lore charm, letting him do, roughly, what was explained. The book was lost after his reading, destroying itself by dissimilation.
    • As he was further mapping the surrounding areas when he was waylaid by angry air elementals. They were very unclear about why, but as far as Ties could tell through their broken old realm, he had disturbed their territory and would pay for his transgressions. Ties ran away back to the manse. Realizing the mutual dislike between gods and elementals, he recruited the help some a few small, local gods who had been threatened by the elementals, who they believed were plotting to kill them for sanctums. Ties offered them the protection his manse provided, they agreed. Ties insisted on joining them. Soon Ties had two hog tied, badly beaten air elementals. He collected some minor exotic ingredients, and then used And You Will Be Something More Then You Could Ever Have Imagined on them; their materials turned into his tonfas and Bad Omens for Hyperion.
      • Bad Omens used up an entire ingot along with frozen lightning, the dieing breath and hide of an air elemental and blue jade.
      • Great Vengeance and Furious Anger used up the other ingot, split between the two, mixed with blue jade, tears of a raksha, the benediction of a northern god of war, and the bones of a thunder bird.
        • The Life and Times
          • With the manse in short traveling distance from the Jet Court of the Fair Folk, getting within the physical proximity of a Raksha in order to obtain some of their tears wasn't to terribly complicated, nor was actually getting inside the court, given the nature of his Exaltation. No, the problem was, how does one make a Raksha cry? This required study. Enjoying the protection of his Eclipse caste mark, Ties and Hyperion were allowed, if just barely, accommodations within the Court. With time, it was determined that the Jet Court favored Temperance, and that everything be perfectly temperate, to the point where all action was reaction, and any forethought was so... so bourgeoisie. This was the key Ties was searching for. Taking a bucket of red paint and a brush, he began to scrawl, with no others present, such phrases like "IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU'RE PLANNING TO FAIL," and "THINK BEFORE YOU ACT," and things to that general extent, using his Linguistics charm. There being no evidence to convict Ties of what he had done, coupled with the antithetical nature of his phrases, slowly drove the Raksha to utter frustration. It was during this period when he cultivated an acquaintanceship between a young female, as far as Ties could tell, Raksha by the name of The Grandest Impulse. It was from her who Ties harvested tears of frustration, after a particularly ambivalent display of affection and loathing. His mission accomplished, he left with Hyperion.
      • Saints and Martyrs - Benedictions of an Aging Leader and The Final Flash and Dying Crack of Thunder
  • 790 RY - the East is invaded wholesale by Green Sun Princes and Deathlords. Evacuating, Ties and Hyperion retreat to his manse in the north. Ties is distraught over the loss of his town and urges everybody to move north with him to safer territory.
  • 792 RY - Ties takes refuge in Haslan, inserting himself into local politics. Naturally as a Solar, and an Eclipse like that, he is able to gain influence at a constant, if slower then desired, rate.
  • 840 RY - Ties brokered an alliance between the North, and the West and Blessed Isle remnants. It is a long process to try to overcome centuries of prejudice and hate, but it is successful. This act cements Ties into Haslan culture, and earns him a significant boost in public approval. Ties performs the sanctification of the vow of cooperation.
  • 841 RY - Riding the enormous wave of goodwill Ties commands, he goes about securing another treaty with the major supernatural powers of the North: The northern gods, and the air elementals, and the Raksha of the jet Court. Facing challenges similar to humans, except bolstered by millennia of mutual loathing, but coming with a sense of purpose and the declaration that if they do not cooperate with each other the the humans of the North, they will be eradicated by whoever gets there first, be it the Yozis and their Green Sun Princes, or the Deathlords and their Abyssals. Confronted with this situation, the supernaturals agree, if glumly. There to sanctify the oath like he did for the humans was Ties.
  • 841 RY - Following his treaties, Ties is honored for his service by becoming the 13th member of the Haslan council, effectively controlling the Haslanti League, seeing as how the 12 chiefs tend to look to him for guidance. He tries to keep his influence light less the Haslanti become to dependent.


Moderately tall, decently attractive. Black hair, brown eyes, clean shaved. Likes long sleeved shirts rolled up and a nice pair of pants. Imagine a US government official with an Eclipse mark on his forehead. His coat is black silk, over a white shirt, his pants regular black cotton, and worn black leather shoes with black socks. His tonfas are kept on a magnet on his belt loops, in easy access.


Strength  ●●●     Charisma     ●●●      Perception   ●●●●
Dexterity ●●●●●   Manipulation ●●●●●    Intelligence ●●●●●
Stamina   ●●      Appearance   ●●●      Wits         ●●●●


Solar/Abyssal Block
Archery              Integrity ●●●  Craft  See        Athletics ●      Bureaucracy ●●●●●
Martial Arts ●●●●●   Performance    Investigation     Awareness ●●●●●  Linguistics ●●●●●
Melee                Presence ●●    Lore ●●●●●        Dodge            Ride ●●●
Thrown               Resistance ●   Medicine ●●●●●    Larceny          Sail 
War                  Survival       Occult ●●●●●      Stealth          Socialize ●●●●●

Craft (Genesis) - ●●●●●
Craft (Fire) - ●●●●●
Craft (Air) - ●●●●●
Craft (Magitech) - ●●●●●


Craft (Genesis) - Humans ●●
Martial Arts - Blunt Objects ●●●


Allies: ●●●●

  • Northern God Bureaucracy
  • Hyperion
  • The Grandest Impulse
  • Northern Air Elemental Court

Artifact: ●●●●
Artifact: ●●
Artifact: ●●
Cult: ●
Followers: ●
Manse: ●●●●●
Resources: ●●●●


Second Lore

Lore Essence Flow

First Martial Arts

Martial Arts Essence Flow

Second Medicine

Second Awareness

Second Linguistics

Second Craft

Crack Mending Technique

Craftsman Needs No Tools


Harmonious Academic Methodology

Legendary Scholar Curriculum

Terrestrial Edification Program

Chaos-Repelling Pattern

Wyld-Shaping Technique

Wyld-Cauldron Technology

Keen Sight Technique

Unsurpassed Sight Discipline

Whirling Brush Method


Twisted Words Technique

Sagacious Reading of Intent

As I Write It, So Will You Obey
Cost: 8m, 1wp; Mins: Linguistics 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Compulsion, Social
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Twisted Words Technique
The Solar Exalt writes some piece of propaganda, such as a poster, a leaflet, or even a catchphrase or slogan, and then rolls (Manipulation + Linguistics) and notes the number of successes rolled. Upon viewing the propaganda, the target is socially attacked with a number of successes equal to the successes rolled by the Solar at the time of the propaganda's creation. This attack is resolved normally, and counts as Unnatural Mental Influence. Should the attack succeed, the target immediately develops an Intimacy towards whatever the propaganda was in favor of.

If the target already possesses an opposing Intimacy, every scene in which they encounter the propaganda instead counts a scene of rejection (as per the sidebar on page 201 of the core rulebook). Once the opposing Intimacy has been worn away, the propaganda's attack succeeds fully and imposes the new Intimacy. It costs 3wp to break this effect, which renders that person immune for a month. Attempting to impose some Intimacies such as "My trustworthy Solar master" adds the Servitude tag to this charm.

And You Will Be Something More Then You Could Ever Have Imagined 10m+, 1wp+ (Combo?) Dramatic Action, Lore 5, Essence 5

  • The Solars exist to rule Creation, and Creation exists to fulfill the Solar's purpose. Thusly, Creation exists to be used as the Solar sees fit. Conventional Exalts are content to use the natural resources bestowed by the Primordials in the original forging of the world. This Solar rejects that reality and instead substitutes his own where anything can be used as a building block for the Solar to take at his leisure. Spirits, demons, creatures of the Wyld or Malfeas or anything anywhere else can be turned into ingots composed of their essence. The process for this is relatively simple. The desired creature must be beaten within an inch of their life, and then using this charm, captured via a very painful, very dramatic action reducing the creature from his corporeal body into the aforementioned ingot the size of a regular gold bar. This ingot can then be used to craft objects, granting them properties like the ones it had in its life. By spending an additional 6 motes and 1wp, it is possible to retain part of the creature's sentience, giving the item a sort of connection to its owner. Whether this is a curse or a gift would depend on how one came into the essence-ingot. The powers granted by this is a combination player/ST fiat.


Essence: ●●●●●
Personal Essence Pool:
Peripheral Essence Pool:
Committed Essence:


Willpower: ●●●●● ●●
Temporary: □□□□□ □□



  • Compassion ●●●●
  • Conviction ●●●
  • Temperance ●●
  • Valor ●●

Flawed Virtue: Compassion
Virtue Flaw: Red Rage of Compassion
Limit Break: □□□□□□□□□□


Great Vengeance and Furious Anger

Silk Armor

  • Lovingly hand crafted by Ties himself, his silk armor is a well tailored sports coat. It's light, stylish, and protective.

Skin-Mount Amulet

Manses and Hearthstones[edit]

a 5 dot Solar Manse. It appears as a very large, very very grand high Gothic cathedral tucked away in the snowy North, in the middle of the large glacier.

  • Well Flavored Aspect - 1
  • Genesis Laboratory - 5
    • As Factory-Cathedral, Maintenance 5, Analytical Senses
  • Workshop Manse - Craft (Fire) - 3
  • Workshop Manse - Craft (Air) - 3
  • Integrated Utility Artifacts: Rating(s) equal to 10 - 3


Dodge DV:
Dodge MDV:
Soak: B:5 L:6 A:5
Hardness: B:0 L:0 A:0


Great Vengeance and Furious Anger (Speed 3, Accuracy 16 (+3), Damage +7L, Defense +4 (PDV 9), Rate 4, Attune 7, Tags MA, D, P)

Handmade by Ties. They confer no off hand penalty and reduce flurry penalties by 2 dice. When the attuned owner's Anima is flaring they can channel it through the tonfas to command Air Elementals. Treat this as a 14 dice attack with 3 automatic successes of Unnatural Mental Influence against only Air Elementals to impose a Compulsion of "Obey." Only rarely used by Ties due to his more sympathetic then average tendencies, compared to other Solars. Despite this, times are tough, and tough times require tough men, so, in order to avoid another sort of incident like his first meeting, he has the option and ability to compel Air elementals into service. The usual duration of the Compulsion is short, however there is no reason Ties couldn't keep blasting an Elemental until its will breaks and decides to serve. Regular Social Attack rules all apply, except these can shuck up to 3 willpower before standard methods become ineffective.


□ -0
□ -1
□ -1
□ -2
□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated