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  • Campaign: Something Exalted
  • Name: Twofold Grace of Motion and Harmony
  • Concept: Double-Slut (literally)
  • Caste/Aspect: Ornamental Raksha (Compassion shadowed Temperance)
  • Motivation: Find the one person who can satiate her desires.
  • Positive intimacies: Lust, Passion, Diamond Tooth of the Noble Tiger, Being Subservient
  • Negative intimacies:
  • Experience: 4/4


Once, there was an Unshaped, floating through the Wyld. It quite liked watching Creation's antics; the love, the betrayal, the scandals. One day, after another, stronger, Unshaped attacked it and nearly killed it, it attempted to enter the Gate and come into Creation in a shaped form.

Unfortunately, this Unshaped entered in a way it was not meant to, and caused quite a problem: it shaped two bodies, but only one mind controlling it. This caused quite the stir among the Shaped who tend the gate and watch for new arrivals, for it was unprecedented.

Luckily, they were not hunted, no. They were accepted despite being so strange. They even made a friend, Diamond Tooth of the Noble Tiger. Isn't it nice to have friends in Creation?

She was the prettiest Raksha most had ever seen, but she was never all that good at fighting. So she asked her friend, "What can I do?" She replied. "Give yourself to me, and I will protect you." So she gave her friend two graces, to show how much she loved her friend.

But despite this, she wanted to become strong, and defend herself. She knew she was loved by many, so why not play to those strengths? She ventured into cold, unforgiving Creation, in a parody of a Raksha Quest, to find the one person who could teach her what she wanted to know.

Her journeys took her across the North, coldest of the cold, until she found what she had seeked: a master of the Seductive Lover Style. Being only mortal, the master could not resist to pass her skills on to such a sensuous and beautiful young pair of women; after all, is that not the point of the style, and the point of teaching?

And so the girl who was two returned to her friend, and has stayed by her friend's side since.


Grace is actually two Raksha who share one mind, and refuse to go more than two feet from one another. Usually they are found twined around one another in a parody of an embrace, but move with a singular grace and purpose. Being Raksha, of course, they do not understand Creation's social mores, and why they clothe themselves so heavily. They prefer clothing that would never even dream of inhibiting the enjoyment of onlookers at their form, which their Cup grace provides for them.


Strength  ●●●●     Charisma     ●●●●● ●   Perception   ●●●●●
Dexterity ●●●●●    Manipulation ●●●●● ●   Intelligence ●●●●● 
Stamina   ●●●●     Appearance   ●●●●● ●●  Wits         ●●●●● ●


Fae Block
Archery               Craft       ●●●●     Bureaucracy    
Athletics             Larceny     ●●●      Investigation  
Awareness             Linguistics ●●●      Lore            ●
Dodge        ●●●●●    Performance ●●●●●    Occult         
Integrity    ●●●      Presence    ●●●●● ●  Medicine       
Martial Arts          Ride        
Melee                 Sail         
Resistance   ●●       Socialize   ●●●●●
Thrown                Stealth     ●
War                   Survival     
Gossamer ●●●●
Low Realm 
High Realm

(Caste Bold, Favored Italics)



Freehold: ●
Style:    ●●
Artifact: ●
Gossamer: ●●●●●
Birth:    ●●●●


Cup: ●●●●
Staff:  ●


Feeding Charms

  • Ravishing the Created Form: 1wp 0g, Simple, Glamour, Instant. Roll dice equal to feeding Grace, each success reduces either a Virtue or Willpower by 1 and gives the user 10m.
  • Banquet of Crumbs: 0g, Simple, Combo-OK, Instant. In the presence of a mortal feeling strong emotions, roll feeding grace, each success replenishes 1m.
  • Heart-Stealing Kiss: 3m 1wp 1g, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Glamour, Instant. May ravish with a touch, but only gains 2m per success.
  • Oneiromantic Conjuration: 0g, Simple, Instant. 10m to regain one gossamer using the dreams of a nearby mortal.

Crafting Charms

  • Essence-Forging Art: 3m 0g, Simple, Combo-Basic, Glamour, Shaping, Permanent. Roll (Int + Craft[Glamour]) as Cup-Shaping, recieve items.
  • Awakened Dream Manufacture: 3m 0g, Simple, Combo-Basic, Glamour, Shaping, Permanent. Roll (Int + Socialize) as Staff-Shaping, create minions.
  • Gossamer-Forging Art: 5m 1+g, Simple, Glamour, Shaping, Permanent. Ring-Shaping as Essence-Forging Art, difficulty of # Gossamer spent on item. Create Gossamer items (2 +1 to add to Weapon stats and reduced str req by 1, no Mobility/Fatigue value on Armor, # dice equal to Gossamer spent on tools).

Grace Charms

  • Forging the (Grace) Grace: 15m 1g, Simple, Shaping, Instant. Forges Graces. Have all 5. Cannot forge Heart graces for Creation-born.

Transitory Mutations

  • Abomination: 6g, Assumption, Mutation. Grants the Great Mien mutation, detailed in the Inventory section.


  • Bastion of the Self (Cup): 10m 1wp 4g, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Mutation, Assumption. Protected from non-magical effects that weaken the raksha in some way, as well as Cup-Shaping attacks. Add Essence in dice to resist magical effects.
  • Assumption of Dreams and Passion: 10m, 1g, Reflexive, Assumption, Stackable, Until terminated. Add 1 success to social rolls evoking the emotion of lust.

Emotion Manipulation (Dreams and Passion)

  • Elegant Muse Attitude: 1g, reflexive, Glamour, Mutation, Assumption. For a 1m cost, add a 2d bonus to actions she takes consistent with the emotion of lust.

Cup Charms

Cup Combat

  • Heart-Cutting Style: 1m (1g), Supplemental, Combo-OK, Glamour, Mutation, Instant (Assumption). Double successes on a Cup or Staff-shaping attack. (Innate Power: 5m to ignore the Appearance MDV Penalty in Social Combat for one person for one scene.)
  • Dissonance of Principles: 1m/die (1g), Supplemental, Combo-OK, Glamour, Mutation, Shaping Battle (Assumption). Spend motes up to twice your valor, then make a Cup or Staff shaping attack. The attack rolls no damage, but it's successes (plus motes spent using this charm) are compared to the target's Temperance, which is used as soak. The number above their Temperance becomes an internal penalty for the remainder of the scene. (Innate Power: As the normal charm use, but in Social Combat, and lasts one day. The target may ignore the penalty for one scene for 1wp, and may it ends when the target has spent WP equal to the user's Essence.)
  • Thousand Tiny Hooks Technique: 3m (0g), Reflexive, Combo-OK, Glamour, Mutation, One Shaping Attack (Assumption). For 3m, Add the user's Essence to all rolls to inflict, maintain, control or attack with a Cup or Staff Entanglement attack. (Innate Power: 3m, roll (Manip + Perform) against the target's MDV. If the attack works, all social attacks by the user against the target are undodgeable, and the target cannot use his MDV in any way against such attacks.)


Combo Name 1wp 0m+

  • Charm Name
  • Adamant Skin Technique
    Cause Gem to explode.


Essence: ●●
Regeneration: In Creation: None Outside:???
Essence Pool: 15/15 (20)
Committed Essence: 5
Gossamer: 8/20


Willpower: ●●●●● ●●●
Temporary: 8/8



Compassion ●●●●
Conviction ●
Temperance ●●●●
Valor      ●●●

Virtue flaw: Compassion
Limit: □□□□□ □□□□□
Limit Break Condition: Providing services to the needy.


  • Cup Grace: Affectation of Friends and Lovers, the clothes she (both of her) occasionally wears.
  • Ring Grace: The Love She Gives to Others, a single green flower she often has in (one of her) mouths or hands.
  • Sword Grace: Wrath of a Lover Scorned Without Thought, A studded club.
  • Staff Grace: Love Hoarded for Oneself and None Other, A long, knobby walking stick. (Given to Diamond, cannot engage in Staff combat)
  • Heart Grace: The Deepest Depths of Love and Affection, A brooch with a picture of herself inside (both of her).
  • Figment: Her Love Wrapped Around Her Little Finger, a bangle that seemingly both wear at the same time.
  • Mutant Warleader: The Fighting Spirit of Ecstasy, a wyld-mutated woman in gossamer chain swathing. (Mutations: Inexhaustible, Raksha Ears, Serpentine Tongue)
  • Shaping Armor: Affectation of Poise and Style, An almost completely transparent shirt covering both her chests. (Art 1)
  • Perfect Gossamer Superheavy Plate: Her Lover's Protection, An extremely tight-fitting bodysuit on both of her.


Great Mien: For a 5m 1wp cost, add +1 to the user's Charisma and +2 to the user's Manipulation, and reduce the cost of all social charms by 2. In addition, Mortals have to roll Valor at a difficulty of the user's Essence. If they fail, the user gains one success to all social rolls against them. This effect is obviously supernatural to any who see her.

Manses and Hearthstones



Dodge DV: 6
Dodge MDV: 7
Soak: 12A/14L/16B (add armor and 0A/(Sta/2 round down)L/(Sta)B)
Pierced: 6A/8L/10B (add half from armor and full from stamina)
Hardness: 0A/0L/0B (armor only)


Punch (Speed 5, Accuracy 6, Damage 4B, Parry DV 7, Rate 3, Tags N)
Kick (Speed 5, Accuracy 5, Damage 7B, Parry DV 5, Rate 2, Tags N)
Clinch (Speed 6 Accuracy 5, Damage 4B, Rate 1, Tags C,N,P)


□ -0
□ -1
□ -1
□ -2
□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□□□□ Dying

one Dying level per dot of Stamina

Shaping Combat

  • Dodge (Heart) DV: 6


  • Unarmed (Mileu) (Speed 5 Acc 12 Damage 5 Parry DV 7 Rate 3 Tags N)
  • Her Love Wrapped Around Her Little Finger (Figment) (Speed 5 Acc 12 Damage 8 Parry DV 7 Rate 3)
  • Soak: 19
  • HLs: 8


  • Unarmed (Raw Will) (Speed 5 Acc 9 Damage 5 Parry DV 2 Rate 2 Range 0 Tags N)
  • Soak: 18
  • HLs: 8


  • Soak: 19
  • HLs: 2


  • Unarmed (Personal Prowess) (Speed 5 Acc 5 Damage 6 Parry DV 6 Rate 3 Tags N)
  • The Fighting Spirit of Ecstasy (Mutant Warleader) (Speed 6 Acc 5 Damage 7 Parry DV 8 Rate 2)
  • Soak: 16
  • HLs: 6


  • 1BP: Presence 6
  • 2BP: Perform 5
  • 2BP: Birth 4
  • 2BP: Gossamer 4
  • 2BP: Gossamer 5
  • 3BP: Valor 2
  • 3BP: Valor 3

Shopping list

it's also helpful (but optional) if you write out charms you intend to buy