Campaign:Flailing About

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Wait What?

Hah hah oh god how do I shot Storytelling?

Kalga's running a game! Why? Because he wants to learn how to properly ST without cocking it up.

Vanilla Solar Game, you know the deal. Seduce some wenches, bag some hos, maybe do something not related to having sex with fake women. Hey, there's a deathlord, why not fight him?

This is a West Game, because that's my most familiar direction. The rest of the map is locked, sans for Story Events, until I unlock it. (When I learn enough about it to let you fuck with it.)

Game is (currently) scheduled for Tuesday 7:00 EDT to 10:00 EDT, or whenever the fuck it's called. Game can start earlier if everyone's there.


  • Game: #flailing
  • OOC and Dicerollan: #flailing-ooc


Lina! Yes, she's everywhere. Playing Sori Wehigi, Zenith caste

SombreChapeau- Creek Barique, Water Aspect

LincolnSmash - Talnos Aquinar, Night Caste

Gaidin playing Metal Monkey, Twilight Caste

Micuu playing Hunter Curran, Dawn Caste

House rules

1. Since this is a West Game, you all get Sail 1 for free. A Westerner who wasn't raised to sail was a Westerner raised wrong. # You can have 1 free BP to apply to one of the backgrounds Backing, Contacts, Familiar, Influence, or Mentor. If you use this free BP, you must explain what these backgrounds mean to your character and how these they tie your character into the world.

2. And this, also general accepted charm fixes (if any). Also these.

3. Della's Awesome Limit Breaking- When something pisses you off, roll relevant virtue and add successes to Limit gauge. Hit 10, receive +10 temporary WP. Keep control of your character. Be batshit insane. Ignore wound penalties, incapacitation and death for the duration. Enjoy.

4. Overwhelming: Divide the Overwhelming by 3, round up, add to Essence: this is the minimum damage. So, 9L/3 in the hands of an Essence 3 character does minimum damage of 4.

5. Eclipse Castes can start with Out Of Exalt Charms on an individually approved by ST basis. Any bought after chargen must have a teacher.

6. You can have 1 other free BP to apply to starting Resources. (Note: these are BP, not dots. You need a second BP to get a fourth or fifth dot.)

7. A character can start play with one item that has a Cost rating equal to their Resources rating. Such a purchase after creation would lower the Resources rating as normal.

8. Backgrounds can be bought with XP, 3xp per dot. Be reasonable, please. I expect players to be able to provide some kind of in-game explanation for their traits. I can veto any Background purchases if I want.

9.The act of spending or committing Peripheral essence is what adds to anima flare levels; keeping essence committed does not result in instant 16+ anima flare upon spending 1m.

10. Added to Dawn Anima Power: The Dawn gains +2 DV for each point by which her Essence is greater than that of her attacker's Valor.

11. Added to Twilight Anima Power: The Twilight anima power automatically reduces damage at the 11+ mote level only when the Twilight has been involved in caste-related or defensive actions such as Shape Sorcery or Guard actions, not sword-swinging front-line combat. The damage-reduction effect can be activated at any time for 5m per attack.

12. I will allow Merit's and Flaws, with the same conditions applying to rule 5.

13. Feats of strength is static str + athl plus successes on str + athl roll.

14. First dots in Abilities and specialties have the training time of 1 week.