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  • Campaign:Golby's Beautiful Placeholder
  • Name: Xian-Li
  • Concept: Artificer Archeologist
  • Caste/Aspect: Solar Twilight
  • Motivation:To reclaim or rebuild every first age city, even the ones lost in the wyld, and Meru.
  • Positive intimacies: Books, Ruins, Artifacts, Knowledge
  • Negative intimacies: Wrecked artifacts (doesn't like the waste).
  • Anima: When Xian-Li's anima banner becomes visible, at it's most potent it looks as if a massive, armored figure emerges from her back to hover around her shoulders. The details vary over time, but it's consistently an armored torso and head, wielding in one hand a artificer's hammer, and in the other, a short daiklave. While insubstantial, the searing blues and purples of the anima are bright and blinding like all Solar Anima.
  • Experience: 0/584


Xian-Li grew up in the Scavenger Lands as the only daughter of traveling merchant. Her mother was a well-known and respected courtesan, before paring off with Xian-Li's father.

Since she grew up between Nexus and Lookshy, she was exposed to a great many things, like wondrous technology of the First Age and the power of commerce. When Xian-Li was old enough, her mother enrolled her in an academy by name of The Tea House of Upright Social Bearing.... However... Xian-Li didn't live up to her name. She was far too plain, ill-mannered, obstinate, and outright intelligent to be the demure kind of woman the academy was hoping to make out of her.

To put it far more bluntly, Xian-Li was an abysmal courtesan.

After leaving that 'school', Xian-Li ran for Great Forks, leaving her parents behind and enrolling in academies of Lore and Artifice and Sorcery. Due in part to her social alienation during her time at the courtesan academy, Xian-Li closed herself off, keeping to herself and her studies, most of the time focusing on her own pursuits and goals. This had the side effect of making her even worse at human interaction.

Exaltation story goes here

This in turn led her further and further away, til at one point she braved the challenges of Denandsor, but only managed, like many others, to reach the outlying workshops. There she found her short daiklaves. It was then that she also decided. 'This city will be mine.'

Since then, she hasn't had much contact with her parents, but to her knowledge, are still doing well enough. She never knew her father that well, as he was often gone while managing his merchant caravans. Her mother was and still probably a consummate socialite. Xian-Li does harbor a fair degree lingering resentment in her parents for not understanding her, more so her mother than her father. Her parents did and still do love her, but they've never really understood each other either.

Seeing courtesans tend to remind Xian-Li of her mother. On the one hand, Xian-Li idolized her mother as a picture of grace and refinement, secretly envious of her overall poise and manner. But at the same time, was utterly incapable of understanding her mother when it came to social mores. This lack of understanding drove a wedge between them.

Xian-Li, after graduating from Great Forks, summarized her overall lot in life by saying "Learning was all I was good at, but at least I learned because I wanted to." Amending to that statement. "My mother does not care for it."


Xian Li... Isn't.

She steadfastly describes herself as 'unpretty'. Though readily admits if she actually spent the time, she could be considered attractive, but she prefers to spend most of her time digging through caves and ruins and pretty much anywhere else she can find. So appearance doesn't matter that much.

She keeps her dark brown hair tightly braided, but it tends to come undone more often than she'd like.



Strength  ●●      Charisma       ●●   Perception   ●●●●
Dexterity ●●●●●    Manipulation   ●●●  Intelligence ●●●●●
Stamina   ●●●     Appearance     ●●   Wits         ●●●●


Solar/Abyssal/Infernal Block
Archery            Integrity   ●●●●●  Craft         ●●●●●  Athletics ●●●●●  Bureaucracy ●●● 
Martial Arts       Performance        Investigation ●●●    Awareness ●●●●●  Linguistics ●●
Melee        ●●●●● Presence    ●      Lore          ●●●●●  Dodge     ●●●    Ride         
Thrown             Resistance  ●●●    Medicine             Larceny   ●●●    Sail         
War                Survival           Occult        ●●●●●  Stealth   ●      Socialize   ●

Languages: Riverspeak, Old Realm, High Realm
  • Craft Fire: ●●●●●
  • Craft Air: ●●●●●
  • Craft Water: ●●●●●
  • Craft Earth: ●●●●●
  • Craft Wood: ●●
  • Craft Magitech: ●●●●●
  • Craft Genesis:


Lore: First Age Denandsor +1
Occult: Geomancy +2
Melee: Short Daiklaves +3

Dice Pools/Static Values[edit]


Dexterity + 3 yards/tick on land. Climbing/Swimming is (Dexterity)/2 (Round down). Speed 0, DV -0 Reflexive action, used automatically during an Action. Effected by Mobility AFTER calculation. Add 3 yards/tick from Perfected Boots
On Land: 8 yards per Move Action.
Climbing: 2 yards per Move Action
Swimming: 2 yards per Move Action

(Dexterity + 6 +6 ) yards on land. Climbing/Swimming is (Dexterity). Speed 3, DV -2 Action, once per Action/Flurry. Effected by Mobility AFTER calculation, voids Parry DV without a stunt or Charm. Add 6 yards/tick from Perfected Boots
On Land: 17 yards per Dash Action.
Climbing: 11 yards per Dash Action
Swimming: 11 yards per Dash Action

(Strength +2 + Athletics) yards vertical, x2 horizontal. Speed 5, DV -1 Miscellaneous action, once per Flurry. May combine with Move. Effected by Mobility AFTER calculation. Add 2 to str before multipliers from charms, due to Perfected Boots.
Horizontal: 18 yards per Jump Action
Vertical: 9 yards per Jump Action


  • Background 1: Artifact ●● (Pair of short Daiklaves
  • Background 2: Artifact ●● (Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracers) <- Gave them to Snakebite, needs new ones.
  • Background 3: Contact ● (A Scavenger Lord in Nexus, who she passes some of her finds off to.)
  • Background 4: Resources ●●

Earned in Play

  • Background 5: Artifact ●●●● (Cache Egg, 10 cubic yards) (Plot Armored!)
  • Background 6: Artifact ● (Perfected Boots)
  • Background 7: Artifact ● (Ori Chain Shirt) Got it from Snakebite
  • Background 8: Manse ●●●●● (Central Manse in Denandsor) (Lacks plot armor, can be taken.)
Contact: Lance of Moonstone (Call me Stone)
Occupation: Scavenger Lord
Working out of Nexus, this man is Xian-Li's main source of income. He's a Scavenger Lord of moderate standing. 
Their normal arrangement is that Xian-Li brings the artifacts she finds on her expeditions back to him, to which he then sells,
kicking back part of the profit to her.



  • Melee First Melee Excellency (melee 1, Ess 1, pg 183): 1m per die, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant.
  • Character adds dice equal to motes spent with this charm, but not more than Attribute + ability.
  • Chargen
  • Melee Infinite Melee Mastery (melee 4, Ess 3, pg 183): 2m+;1WP, Simple, Scene Long.
  • For every 2m committed, reduce the cost of the first three Melee excellencies by 1m, to a minimum of 0m.
  • Melee Hungry Tiger Technique (Melee 2, Ess 1, Pg 190): 1m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Instant.
  • Allows a melee attack to count extra successes twice when determining raw damage.
  • Melee Dipping Swallow Defense (Melee 2, Ess 1, Pg 192): 2m Reflexive(Step 2), Combo-OK, Instant.
  • Nullifies All penalties that apply to Parry DV if applicable. This is only used in response to an attack.
  • Chargen
  • Melee Bulwark Stance (Melee 3, Ess 2, pg 193): 5m, Reflexive(Step 2), Combo-Basic, Until next action.
  • This charm causes the character to ignore penalties that apply to his Parry DV until her next action. Note that the effects of inapplicability are not a "penalty" on DV.
  • Melee Heavenly Guardian Defense (Melee4, Ess 2, pg 193): 4m, Reflexive(Step 2), Combo-OK, Obvious, Instant.
  • The character invokes this charm in response to an attack, and must not be unexpected. And the character must have a weapon in hand. This charm is a parry that perfectly defends against any attack, even if it's unblockable. Flaw of Temperance:
  • Melee Fivefold Bulwark Stance (Melee 5, Ess 2, pg 194): 5m 1wp, Simple, Combo-OK, One Scene.
  • For the Remainder of the scene, this Charm removes the onslaught penalty other characters' attacks impose on the Exalt's DV. It also reduces the defense penalty imposed by each action the Exalt takes by one, to a minimum of zero.
  • Melee Call The Blade (Melee 2, Ess 2, pg 191): 1m, Reflexive(Step 2), Obvious, Instant.
  • Allows the character to call a weapon they own within Ess x 10 yards and with an unobstructed flight path to their hands. Allows the character to draw a sheathed weapon as a reflexive action.


  • Integrity: Integrity-Protecting Prana (Integrity 1, Ess 1, pg 199): 5m, 1wp, Reflexive(Step 2), Combo-OK, One Day.
  • This charm protects the character from any Shaping effect that directly alters her mind, body, spirit or traits. This includes instantaneous Shaping Effects and any new alterations caused by long-term Shaping Effects. It also protects against any undodgeable, unblockable Shaping Attacks.
  • Chargen
  • Integrity: Second Integrity Excellency (Integrity 1, Ess 1, Pg 184): 2m Per Success, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant.
  • For every 2 motes spent up to (Dex+Craft), add one success to the pertinent roll.
  • Integrity: Spirit Maintaining Maneuver (Integrity 4, Ess 2, pg 200): 5m per 1WP, Reflexive. Prerequisites: Any Integrity Excellency
  • This Charm allows the Exalt to refuse Unnatural Mental mind control effects and Virtue Compulsions at a reduced willpower cost. This charm reduces the Willpower cost by one point for each five motes spent. If the Exalt pays the entire cost in Essence, she does not accumulate Limit.
  • Integrity: Unyielding Clarity of Self (Integrity 5, Ess 4, Custom): n/a, Permanent. Prerequisites: Spirit Maintaining Maneuver
  • This charm is an upgrade to Spirit Maintaining Maneuver. The charm's duration changes to Indefinite. Additionally, this charm lets Spirit Maintaining Maneuver assist in defending against mental influence, Natural or Unnatural, that tries to damage or sway you from your Motivation.


  • Resistance Ox-Body Technique (Resistance 1, Ess 1, pg 208):--, Stackable, Permanent.
  • This charm adds one -1 and two -2 health levels.
  • Chargen


  • Craft Second Craft Excellency (Craft 1, Ess 1, Pg 184): 2m Per Success, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant.
  • For every 2 motes spent up to (Dex+Craft), add one success to the pertinent roll.
  • Chargen
  • Craft Infinite Craft Mastery (Craft 4, Essence 3, pg 185): 2m+, 1wp, Simple, One Scene.
  • Each two motes commuted to this charm reduces the mote cost for the first three Craft Excellencies by one, to a minimum of 0.
  • Craft Craft Essence Flow(Craft 5, Essence 4, pg 187): --, Permanent, Instant.
  • This allows the character to use the first three Craft Excellencies as natural powers instead of charms, eliminating the need for combos. The character must have purchased the excellency to use it.
  • Craft Crack-Mending Technique (Craft 5, Ess 3, pg 212): 10m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Touch, Instant.
  • This charm supplements any valid dramatic action to repair an object. This Charm allows the character to accomplish (Essence x3) hours worth of normal repair work for each hour invested. It allows the character to mend cracks and seal broken pieces together without glue or nails.
  • Craft Object-Strengthening Touch (Craft 2, Ess 1, pg 212): 5m, Simple (Speed 5), Combo-OK, Touch, One Scene.
  • The things of the world strive to serve the Solars well. This Charm makes an object more difficult to break. It increases the number of successes necessary to damage the object by the character's Essence. It increases the [Strength + Athletics] rating to break the object with a feat of strength by the character's Essence. No combination of Charms that includes Object-Strengthening Touch can increase these totals by more than the Character's Essence.
  • Craft Craftsmen Need No Tools (Craft 4, Essence 3, pg 213): 7m, 1wp, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Instant.
  • This charm supplements a craft action. It removes the need for tools and the penalties for working without them. The character still needs raw materials. This charm can enhance a craft action to build something, in which case the character accomplishes (essence x3) hours worth of work for every hour invested.
  • Craft Words-As-Workshops Method (Craft 5, Ess 4, Oadenol's pg 28): 16m, 2wp, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Obvious, Shaping, Varies.
  • With this charm active, as the character works he names whatever small things she needs - advanced tools, alchemical substances, common materials - and they appear in her hands, ready for use. Motes spent on this charm remain committed as long as i takes to resolve a single roll. For artifact creation, this general means one season. This charm allows the character to function as if he had a Master's Workshop (+0 penalty on craft rolls).
  • Craft Wonder-Forging Genius (Craft (any)5, Ess 5, Oadenol's pg 29): --, Permanent.
  • Purchase of this charm reduces the required ability minimums of a given crafting or repair project by one dot. So a four dot artifact that requires lore 6 instead takes lore 5. It also lowers the Craft, Lore and Occult requirements to design Manses by 1 dot each. This charm can be purchased twice.
  • Craft Wonder-Forging Genius (Craft (any)5, Ess 5, Oadenol's pg 29): --, Permanent.
  • Purchase of this charm reduces the required ability minimums of a given crafting or repair project by one dot. So a four dot artifact that requires lore 6 instead takes lore 5. It also lowers the Craft, Lore and Occult requirements to design Manses by 1 dot each. This charm can be purchased twice.
  • Lytek Spirit of the Artificer: --, Permanent.
  • This charm reduces the required ability minimums of a given crafting or repair project by one dot. So a four dot artifact that requires lore 6 instead takes lore 5. It also lowers the Craft, Lore and Occult requirements to design Manses by 1 dot each. This charm can be purchased twice. It also allows the Solar to design and build N/A Artifacts.


  • Lore First Lore Excellency (Lore 1, Ess 1, pg 183): 1m per die, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant.
  • Character adds dice equal to motes spent with this charm, but not more than (Attribute+Lore).
  • Chargen
  • Lore Second Lore Excellency (Lore 1, Ess 1, p184): 1m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant.
  • Character may spend up to (Attribute+Lore) in motes, for ever 2 motes spent, add a success to the pertinent roll.
  • Lore Lore Essence Flow(Lore 5, Essence 4, pg 187): --, Permanent, Instant.
  • This allows the character to use the first three Lore Excellencies as natural powers instead of charms, eliminating the need for combos. The character must have purchased the excellency to use it.
  • Lore Ultimate Mastery of [First Age Denandsor](Craft 5, Essence 5, DotFA): 3m+1wp, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Obvious, Instant.
  • This charm is applied to a roll employing the relevant specialty. The Solar automatically gains a threshold success of at least 0. This means that after using this charm, the roll cannot fail. It does not modify the difficulty of the roll nor provide extra successes over difficulty. If used as a perfect defense against attack, it has one of the Four Flaws of Invulnerability.
  • Lore Harmonious Academic Methodology (Lore 5, Essence 3) 10m+2wp, Simple (Dramatic Action), Obvious, Touch, Training, One Week.
  • Enlightened Lawgivers bring wisdom to the masses. This Charm involves training an organized social group such as a class, ministry or guild. This action requires five or more hours of effort in any given week to bear fruit. In each week of training, the trainer picks one trait to train
    Conviction, Temperance, Perception, Intelligence, Craft (Air, Earth, Fire, Water or Wood), Investigation, Lore, Linguistics, Performance, Presence or Socialize. This Charm increases that trait for each member of the unit by one dot, to a maximum of 4. The Solar can train with the group or as a solo character, increasing her own traits. She cannot increase others’ traits past her own.
  • Lore Harmonious Academic Methodology (Lore 5, Essence 4) -, Permanent, Obvious, One Week.
  • The Solar scholar has a special mastery of training. This Charm enhances the Exalt’s ability to train others. This Charm allows him to use Harmonious Academic Methodology to train others in any of the following:
    Social and scholarly Abilities he possesses at 4 or more. In addition to the Abilities already available through Harmonious Academic Methodology, appropriate Abilities include Awareness, Bureaucracy, exotic Crafts, Integrity, Larceny, Medicine and Occult.
    Virtues. The Exalt can train any Virtue to a maximum of 4.
    Attributes. The Exalt can train others’ Charisma, Manipulation and Wits to a maximum of 4. She can even train Appearance with an appropriate rationale.
  • Lore Chaos Repelling Pattern (Lore 3, Ess 3, pg 216): 8m, Simple, Combo-OK, Obvious, One Hour.
  • The character's immediate vicinity-out to (essence) in yards - functions according to the laws of Creation, even in the Wyld, Malfeas, or otherwise.
  • Lore Wyld Shaping Technique (Lore 5, Ess 3, page 216): 20m, 1wp, Simple(Dramatic Action), Combo-OK, Obvious, Shaping, Instant.
  • This charm forces a region of chaos to take form as the Exalt Commands. Wyld-Shaping Technique is an extended dramatic action. The dice pool used equals (Intelligence+Lore). Each roll requires 5 hours of effort, and the character pays the charm's cost with each roll. This roll has a base difficult of 1 in regions of Pure Chaos, 3 in the Deep Wyld, 5, in the Middlemarches, and 10 in the Bordermarches. The lawgiver can spend accumulated successes at any point to complete part of her construction. This charm cannot speed the creation process more than tenfold, but is specifically permitted to supplement this process with Craft Charms like Craftsmen Need No Tools.
  • Lore Wyld Cauldron Technology (Lore 5, Ess 4, pg 217): -, Permanent, Instant.
  • This charm enhances Wyld-Shaping Technique, allowing the character to make permanent and real things.


  • Occult Terrestrial Circle Sorcery():
  • Sacrificed the use of mundane tools and equipment that she didn't make herself.
  • Tries to use/wear things that have her personal mark on them, not things she's found or bought. Still pragmatic about it though.
    For example, her buff jacket was damaged in the fight w/ the abyssals, instead of repairing it and wearing it again, she decides to retire it (sends it home?) or donates it or something. And instead makes a new, better jacket to replace her old one. In the case of artifacts, it'd be stupid to ignore the usefulness of found artifacts, but often looks to rebuild them to her own standards.

Terrestrial Circle Sorcery[edit]

  • Terrestrial Demon of the First Circle:(): 20m+
  • Terrestrial Thunder Wolf Howl():10m, anywhere within 100 yards, 20 yards across.
  • Terrestrial Emerald Countermagic():10m or 20m, caster or in progress Terrestrial Circle Effect
  • Terrestrial Flight of Separation():10m, caster
  • Terrestrial Ritual of Elemental Empowerment():, object


  • Athletics Graceful Crane Stance (Athletics 1, Ess 2, Pg 222): 3m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant.
  • This charm lets the character automatically succeed on any attempt to keep their balance. In addition, it lets them to keep their footing on a surface as strong and wide as a human hair. The Exalt treats the given surface as a three foot wide ledge capable of supporting a thousand pounds of weight when determining what movement and athletic actions can be taken.
  • Chargen


  • Larceny Lock-Opening Touch (Larceny 3, Ess 1, Pg229): 3m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Instant.
  • This charm supplements a lock-picking action, and removes the need for tools by using Essence. Though using it without tools makes it Obvious. It makes your action an automatic success. If this action is opposed by another Charm or magical effect, add (Essence) in automatic successes to the (Dexterity + Larceny) roll to oppose the rival magic.
  • Chargen


  • Bureaucracy Second Bureaucracy Excellency (Bureaucracy 1, Ess 1, p184): 1m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant.
  • Character may spend up to (Attribute+Bureaucracy) in motes, for ever 2 motes spent, add a success to the pertinent roll.
  • Bureaucracy Speed the Wheels(Bureaucracy 3, Essence 2, pg): 8m, Simple(Dramatic Action)
  • The Solar Speeds the process of a Bureaucracy. Normally, an organization must first take a Begin Project dramatic action - ranging from minutes to months in it's duration, depending on the organization's structure, = before it can start actual work on a project. The Solar Communicates his desire for speed resolution to the organization, and his player rolls ([Intelligence/Charisma]+Bureaucracy), adding the Solar's Essence in automatic successes. The difficult of this roll is 1. If the person responsible for this project deliberately engages in delays, subtract an external penalty equal to [that person's Intelligence + Bureaucracy], divided by 2. The Solar is aware of such delaying tactics, however.
    If the Solar Succeeds, this Charm divides the time needed to begin the project by [Essence +1] with a maximum possible time of one season.
  • Bureaucracy Insightful Buyer Technique(Bureaucracy 3, Essence 1): 3m, Simple(Dramatic Action), Combo-OK, Social, Instant.
  • This charm provides information on market values. To the extent that the Exalt understands what the target item, shipment, import or export is - and to the extent that he understands the relevant markets -this Charm gives the Solar a perfect knowledge of it's value in those markets. This information is sometimes worth the Charm's cost in itself, but the main effect of this Charm and information is to reduce external penalties applying to the mercantile action by an amount equal to the Solar's [Essence]. Whether the Solar is trying to buy a good sword for herself, outfit her army in exceptional steel, trade off yeddim for silk before plague kills the beasts or sell of the produce of his nation's labor, he can overcome penalties from scarcity, volatile markets and trade barriers.
  • Bureaucracy Frugal Merchant Method(Bureaucracy 1, Essence 1): 1m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Instant.
  • This Charm supplements a normal or dramatic action to estimate something's quality and price. Examples include the normal action to estimate the quality of a gem and the dramatic action to evaluate a shipment of silk and spices. This Charm gives perfect awareness of the target object's quality and condition. This awareness gives one bonus success on any price haggling if her bargaining opponent is honest (and using Charisma) and three bonus successes is dishonest (and using Manipulation).


  • Linguistics Sagacious Reading of Intent (Linguistics 1, Ess 1, pg 233): 3m, Reflexive(Step 2), Combo-OK, Social, Instant.
  • This charm summarizes the intent behind a given statement, written or heard. It is a one-sentence summary of what the author hopes to gain. If the Exalt invokes this charm to defend against a social attack, and the attacker's purpose is fundamentally hostile to the Exalt or the Exalt's motivation, this charm perfectly negates that attack.
  • Chargen
  • Linguistics Whirling Brush Method (Linguistics 1, Ess 1, pg 233): 4m, , Supplemental, Combo-OK, Social, Instant.
  • The diplomats of the Unconquered Sun write with a swift and elegant hand. This Charm supplements a dramatic action to write something down - be it a copy of an existing book, the transcript of a live conversation or an original work. This Charm allows the character to write [Essence x10] normal speed.


Hungry Guardian Stance 1wp
Hungry Tiger Technique: 1m, Supplemental, One Action
First Melee Excellency 1m per dice, Reflexive, Instant
Heavenly Guardian Defense 4m, Reflexive(step 2), Instant
Surprise Anticipation Method: 1m, Reflexive, Instant
Rapid Fabrication Method 1wp
2nd Craft Excellency, 2m per success
Craftsmen Need No Tools: 7m+1wp
Words as Workshop Method: 16m+1wp
Deft Jigsaw Reconstruction 1wp
Second Craft Excellency: 2m per success, Reflexive, Instant
Crack-Mending Technique: 10m+1wp, Supplemental, Instant


Essence: ●●●●●
Regeneration: 4m/hour while relaxed, 8m/hour while sleeping, +20m/hour when in Denandsor Manse
Personal Essence Pool: 23/23
Peripheral Essence Pool: 45/54
Committed Essence to Artifacts: 9m
Committed Essence to Charms:
Total Committed Essence: 9m

  • 6m: Short Daiklaves
  • 4m: Hearthstone Bracers
  • 1m: perfected boots
  • 2m: Ori Chain Shirt


Willpower: ●●●●● ●●●
Temporary Willpower: XX000 000



  • Compassion ●●
  • Conviction ●●●●
  • Temperance ●●
  • Valor ●●●


  • Compassion □
  • Conviction □
  • Temperance □
  • Valor □

Flawed Virtue:
Limit Break: XXX□□□□□□□


(Exceptional)Reinforced Buff Jacket
(cost ●●+●)
Soak: +5L/8B, Mobility: -1, Fatigue 1,

Fine Lock picks: +1 when picking locks

(Perfect) toolkit
(cost ●+●●)

Adds +2 dice to all craft rolls


Pair of Orichalcum Short Daiklaves
Artifact ●●

Speed 4, Accuracy +5, Damage +4L, Defense +1, Rate 3(6 when paired), Mins: Str ●, Attune 6*, Cost ●●*, Tags N/A

  • Attune 6 for the pair.

Pair of Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracers
Artifact ●●, Attune: 4m
Gives a 3-die bonus to all dodge attempts.
Attacks have their damage increased by two dice while wearing the bracers.

Note: Gave Hearthstone Bracers to Snakebite, need to make a new pair.

Perfected Boots
Artifact ●, Attune: 1m
Repair 1
This artifact has been made since the early days of the First Age, but most modern examples were manufactured in Lookshy. Almost half of the Dragon-Blooded ground troops fielded by this martial state wear a version of this artifact. Once the wearer commits one mote of Essence to this item, these boots become the most comfortable footwear she has ever worn. This artifact keeps the wearer’s feet cool and dry in all conditions, and she will never develop blisters while wearing them. In addition to comfort, these boots also allow the wearer to both run and march considerably faster than normal.
In combat, the wearer adds three yards per tick to all move actions and six yards per tick to dash actions. When walking long distances, the wearer can march at a speed of 10 miles per hour and can cover up to 100 miles in a day, allowing the wearer to overtake carriages and to easily keep up with all but the fastest mounted characters. In addition, the wearer adds two to her Strength when calculating jumping distances. This bonus adds directly to the wearer’s Strength if the jumping distance is multiplied because of Charms, additional artifacts or anima powers. One of the primary advantages these boots provide for Lookshy is that heavy infantry who wear these boots can easily keep up with cavalry troops, allowing Lookshy forces to be exceedingly swift and mobile.

Cache Egg
Artifact ●●●●, Attune: None
Repair 1

Created to store treasured or particularly useful possessions Elsewhere, both to keep them “nearby” at all times and out of the reach of thieves, these jade vessels have the shape and texture of large eggs. Opening or closing a cache egg requires a touch and costs one mote. Up to half the shell may be opened from any point on its surface. The interior is hollow and may be filled with any inanimate cargo up to its maximum volume. If the shell is completely sealed and the vessel contains nothing living, a character may touch it and spend 20 motes (uncommitted) to banish the vessel as a diceless miscellaneous action, causing it to flicker and vanish from the world into the non-space of Elsewhere. While banished, the egg retains an arcane link to the character who banished it, allowing her to recall it at any time into a space large enough to contain it by spending another 20 motes as an action. Recalled vessels return in physical contact with their owners, where they may be opened and their contents reclaimed. Objects stored Elsewhere experience no passage of time from the moment they are banished until they return to Creation. Characters cannot have more than one egg linked to them, and banishing a second vessel while the first remains Elsewhere shatters the earlier connection, most likely exiling the egg and its contents to remain forever apart from the world. Celestial Exalted can sometimes recall cache eggs banished by prior incarnations of their Essence, but doing so is extremely difficult, requiring a successful (Intelligence + Lore) roll at difficulty 10 and Storyteller approval. Some First Age Exalted took advantage of this feature to leave behind “time capsules” for future incarnations containing journals, dreamstones or prized treasures they wanted to bequeath to their future selves.

Mental Shield Arrays
Artifact ●
This has not been implanted yet in any character

These tiny magitech devices take the form of small disks or jewels with metal settings, depending on the intended style. They can be installed either on/in the skin as decorative jewelry, or implanted in the scalp or skull for security and stealth. Either procedure has the same difficulty.

These artifacts have no attunement cost.

A person may have 1 of these arrays for every dot of permanent essence. For 2m committed per array, subtract 1 success from any Unnatural Mental Influence that may effect the user.

10/15 minutes/2/3

Manses and Hearthstones[edit]

Since she doesn't have a manse, she doesn't yet have a hearthstone.


Dodge DV: 7 (dex+dodge+Ess+Specialty)/2 round up, subtract mobility penalty
Dodge MDV: 8 (will+integ+Ess)/2 round down In Denandsor, MDV is effectively 10
Parry DV: 8 (dex+melee+specialty+weapon defense)/2 Round up
Soak: 7A/8L/8B (add armor and 0A/(Sta/2 round down)L/(Sta)B)
Pierced: 3A/4L/7B (add half from armor and full from stamina)
Hardness: 3A/3L/3B (armor only)


Short Orichalcum Daiklaves: Speed 4, Accuracy +5, Damage +4L, Defense +2, Rate 3(6), Tags n/a

below reflects character/equipment/specialty increases

Short Orichalcum Daiklaves: Speed 4, Accuracy +18, Damage +6L, Parry DV 8, Rate 3(6), Tags n/a

Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy +1 , Damage +0(4B) , Defense +2 , Rate 3 , Tags: N
Kick: Speed 6, Accuracy +0 , Damage +3B(7B) , Defense -2 , Rate 2 , Tags: N
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy +0 , Damage +0(4B) , Defense +0 , Rate 1, Tags: C, N, P


-0 □
-1 □ □ □
-2 □ □ □ □ □
-4 □
Incapacitated □
Dying □ □ □


(Here is where you write down your experience points and how you spent them)

bonus points[edit]

  • 2bp - craft earth 1, wood 1
  • 2bp - Melee 5
  • 2bp - Athletics 4
  • 2bp - Larceny 3
  • 1bp - Background: Contacts
  • 1bp - Specialty, Short Daiklaves +2
  • 3bp - Valor 3
  • 2bp - Willpower to 8


  • 16 Essence 3
  • 24 Essence 4
  • 32 Essence 5
  • 24 perception/wits 4
  • 8 Stamina 3
  • 3 Temperance 2
  • 16 craft fire 2-5
  • 16 craft air 2-5
  • 9 craft water 2-4
  • 1 craft earth 2
  • 1 craft wood 2
  • 7 Athletics 5
  • 18 Awareness 3-5
  • 18 Integrity 3-5
  • 12 Lore 4-5
  • 12 Occult 4-5
  • 1 Investigation 1
  • 9 Bureaucracy 1-3
  • 3 Resistance 3
  • 4 Dodge 3
  • 6 occult specialty +2
  • 3 lore specialty +1
  • 3 melee specialty +1
  • 8 infinite melee mastery
  • 8 bulwark stance
  • 8 fivefold bulwark stance
  • 8 call the blade
  • 8 heavenly guardian defense
  • 8 infinite craft mastery
  • 8 craft essence flow
  • 8 CNNT
  • 8 Crack-mending technique
  • 8 words as workshop method
  • 8 Wonder-Forging Genius
  • 8 Wonder-Forging Genius
  • 8 2nd lore excellency
  • 8 lore essence flow
  • 8 chaos repelling pattern
  • 8 Wyld-shaping technique
  • 8 Wyld-cauldron technology
  • 8 ultimate mastery of First Age Denandsor
  • 8 Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
  • 8 elemental empowerment
  • 10 surprise anticipation method
  • 10 2nd integrity
  • 10 spirit maintaining maneuver
  • 10 unyielding clarity of self
  • 10 2nd bureaucracy
  • 10 frugal merchant method
  • 10 speed the wheels
  • 10 insightful buyer technique
  • 12 4 charm combo HGD, 1st melee, Hungry Tiger, SAM
  • 9 2 charm combo Rapid Fabrication Method: CNNT, WaWM
  • 6 2 charm combo 2nd Craft, Crack-Mending Technique
  • 12 cache egg plot armor
  • 1 Added 2nd Craft to Rapid Fabrication Method
  • 8 object strengthening
  • 3 Earth 3
  • 5 Earth 4
  • 7 Earth 5
  • 8 whirling brush method
  • 7 Water 5
  • 3 Investigation 3
  • 3 Wood 3
  • 8 Harmonious Academic Methodology
  • 8 Legendary Scholar Curriculum
  • total xp 584
  • spent xp 584
  • remaining xp 0

Golby's Rulings[edit]

Common, or low-rating Exotic Ingredients Cost as much as the Artifact's Rating in Resources to buy.

when used, Craftsmen Need No Tools overrides the listed interval for a given project. As soon as the required work hours are completed, regardless of how many actual hours are spent, the interval is finished.

Assuming I have the required materials and the motes to invoke the charm, I am allowed to work on the next interval immediately.

CNNT works on the research phase, as long as it's "Standard" research. e.g. No reverse engineering, or taking someone else's schematic

Golby considers all standard research as typical crafting; no exceptions need to be made for the first half of my banked successes.

The 16 motes Words as Workshop Method remain committed for the duration of the charm. The charm ends after the interval. Ergo, they decommit after the roll is completed. Which is X hours spent crafting times [Essence x3] as defined by CNNT.

Xian-Li cannot make PSVs until she's Essence 7, Lore 7

Shopping List[edit]

  1. 8xp - Courtier's Eye Technique
  2. 8xp -

Crafting Projects[edit]

Denandsor Archives Power Core
Artifact ●●●
Cumulative Difficulty: 9/40 (earned/total)

A first-age power core, based on a wrecked power core found in an archival room within Denandsor's central manse.

Jump Harness
Artifact ●●
Cumulative Difficulty: 0/30 (earned/total)

Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracers
Artifact ●●
Cumulative Difficulty: 15/30 (earned/total)

Skinmount Amulets
Artifact ●●
Cumulative Difficulty: 0/30 (earned/total)

Plasma Tongue Repeater x2
Artifact ●●
Cumulative Difficulty: 0/30 (earned/total)

Hundred Hands Equipment Harness
Artifact ●
Cumulative Difficulty: 0/10 (earned/total)

Fiber-Weave Tactical Suit
Artifact ●●
Cumulative Difficulty: 0/30 (earned/total)<br/