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Name: Sesus Chenow Zabasaz
Concept: Reformed Knight
Caste/Aspect: Fire
Motivation: Redeem the Solars and Abyssals
Positive Intimacies:
Negative Intimacies:
Anima: Engulfed in raging flames and surrounded by the roars and fiery visages of dragons.
Experience: 9/233


In earlier days of Zabasaz life he was an effective war leader and had aspirations to rule the Realm - while his aspiration has never left him, it had faltered when began a fateful adventure in the South with a Circle of Solars. While a Dynast of House Sesus in nature, Zabasaz overcame the Immaculate teachings and recognized both the potential and the goodness of the Solars so that he realized perhaps the name Anathema did not best fit them. The problem was, however, that the Solars never did overcome their corruption. He watched as while they did good, they also did twisted evil, executing helpless prisoners without remorse and engaging in dubious activities. Distressed by this, he departed from the Circle in order to set out on a spiritual journey helping people across the Low Realm.

One day, he sought to return to the Solars with a new task - he did not want to exploit them to reach the Imperial Throne any longer. Now, he wanted to redeem and restore what possibly was prior to the Usurpation. He wanted peace for the people, salvation for Creation, and the first step was keeping those Solars on task.


Zabasaz stands at just about five feet and nine inches and is a bit stocky for his height, a characteristic most common of Chenow's family. His head is totally shaved bald, save for the reddish black tint of hair beginning to rise once again. His skin has a red hue to it, as unmistakable as his crimson eyes. His jaw and chin are formidable giving him a commanding demeanor and his build is exceptional - nothing less expected from an Exalted.


Strength  ●●●●   Charisma     ●●●●    Perception   ●●
Dexterity ●●●●●  Manipulation ●       Intelligence ●●
Stamina   ●●●    Appearance   ●●      Wits         ●●●●●


Linguistics ●●   Awareness  ●●●●●  Athletics ●●●   Bureaucracy   x      Archery     ●
Lore        ●●   Craft      x      Dodge     ●●●●● Investigation x      Medicine    x
Occult      x    Integrity  ●●●●●  Melee     ●●●   Larceny       x      Performance ●
Stealth     x    Resistance ●●●    Presence  ●●●   Martial Arts  ●●●●●  Ride        ●
Thrown      x    War        ●      Socialize ●●●   Sail          x      Survival    x

Languages: High Realm, Flametongue, Riverspeak


Dodge (Flurries)          ●●●
Martial Arts (Dual-wield) ●●●


Mentor:   ●●● (Skilled Immaculate Monk/Order Member named 
Breeding: ●●● (+3 to personal essence pool, +5 to peripheral)
Manse:    ●●● (Mount Nishuk Resort and Windhands Gemstone)
Artifact: ●●●


  • (First Excellencies) - Martial Arts; Awareness, Integrity
  • (Awareness) SENSE-RIDING TECHNIQUE - 5m, Simple - Charm user and victim roll opposed Awareness+Essence rolls. If user wins, he shares their senses until they leave Essence x 5 miles or until concentration is broken. If the roll ties, there's no effect. If the roll fails, the subject gets a reflexive difficulty 3 Awareness roll to realize someone attempted to ride their senses provided they're an Exalted. The user suffers a -3 penalty to be aware of things happening around him during concentration.
  • (Awareness) SENSE-DESTROYING METHOD - 4m 1wp, Supplemental - Charm user rolls Awareness+Essence at a difficulty equal to the victim's Perception. Each net success subtracts a die from a chosen sense of the target, and if the net successes exceed the target's Perception, that sense shuts down entirely. This can be used on the sense of Touch to neutralize wound penalties. Lasts one action per dot of permanent essence.
  • (Awareness) ESSENCE DISRUPTION ATTACK - 3+m 1wp, Supplemental - User rolls Awareness+Essence at difficulty 3 and victim must be within Essence x 10. Success means the user rolls Willpower+Essence at a difficulty of the victim's essence. Each net success adds one to charm and sorcery cost, plus the extra motes spent on activation (which caps at Essence.) Lasts Permanent Essence x 5 ticks.
  • (Integrity) OATH OF TEN-THOUSAND DRAGONS - Permanent - Apply Integrity to Mental Defense Value when a social attack is made against Zabasaz's loyalty to the Realm.
  • (Integrity) TEN-THOUSAND DRAGONS FIGHT AS ONE - 4m, Reflexive - For the scene, Zabasaz can make a Dragon-Blood in the immediate vicinity an intimacy for the rest of the scene. This can exceed normal limits but uses of this charm to make intimacies cannot exceed Conviction at once.
  • (Integrity) INVIOLATE DRAGON SPIRIT - 10m 1wp 1hl, Simple - Perfect Parry versus a social attack or unnatural mental influence if the attacker's Permanent Essence isn't higher for the latter, or overcome any mental influence (like an addiction) instantly.
  • (Integrity) CHAOS-WARDING PRANA - 5m 1wp, Simple - Scene-long immunity to Wyld Shaping effects that can be shared via contact and multiple paying of the cost to people nearby.
  • (Integrity) DEFENSE-FROM-ANATHEMA METHOD - 8m 1wp, Simple - Add Essence to Dodge/Parry DV and Mental Dodge/Parry DV from attacks from Anathema, even sorcery and charm-enhanced, for the scene.
  • (Dodge) THRESHOLD WARDING STANCE - 1m, Reflexive - Ignore environment penalties to Dodge DV.
  • (Dodge) HOPPING FIRECRACKER EVASION - 2m, Reflexive - After a successful Dodge, a reflexive Dash action without DV penalties.
  • (Dodge) VIRTUOUS NEGATION DEFENSE - 2m, Reflexive - Roll Dex+Dodge+Essence to help someone in leaping distance dodge an attack. If the roll beats the opponent's attack successes both subjects dodge, but if it gets a single success without beating the foe's attack then the attack strikes the user instead.
  • (Dodge) SMOLDERING KARMA STRIKE - 3m, Reflexive - After a successful dodge, immediate melee or martial arts counterattack.
  • (Dodge) UNASSAILABLE BODY OF FIRE DEFENSE - 4m 1wp, Reflexive - Perfect Dodge against dodgeable attacks, doesn't work when wet or against Water-aspected attacks.
  • (Resistance) OX-BODY TECHNIQUE: Permanent - Adds a -1 Health Level and a -2 Health Level
  • (Martial Arts - Fire Dragon Style) FLASH-FIRE TECHNIQUE - 1m, Supplemental - Add Martial Art dots to Join Battle roll.
  • (Martial Arts - Fire Dragon Style) SEARING FIST ATTACK - 3m, Supplemental - When damage is inflicted supplemented by this charm, cumulative -1 penalties are added to all of the victim's actions on top of their wound penalties.
  • (Martial Arts - Fire Dragon Style) FLAME-FLICKER STANCE - Reflexive - Each mote spent on this (maximum of essence) adds +1 to Dodge and Parry DV until next action.
  • (Martial Arts - Fire Dragon Style) PERFECT BLAZING BLOW - 3m, Supplemental - If a foe's DV is lower than Zabasaz's essence, this charm will make an attack hit automatically with no excess successes if the roll was a failure.
  • (Martial Arts - Fire Dragon Style) FIRE DRAGON FORM - 5m, Simple (Speed 4) - A scene-long form that adds half of the user's Martial Arts score to their Dodge DV and makes their Bashing attacks lethal.



Essence: ●●●●
Regeneration: 0/4/8
Personal Essence Pool: /
Peripheral Essence Pool: /
Committed Essence:


Willpower: ●●●●●●
Temporary: □□□□□□



Compassion ●●●
Conviction ●●
Temperance ●
Valor      ●●●

Flawed Virtue:
Limit Break: □□□□□□□□□□


Manses and Hearthstones


Dodge DV: 7 (9 versus Flurries)
Dodge MDV: x
Soak: xL/xB (-2 Mobility)
Hardness: xL/xB


  • Perkele, the Pernicious (Speed 4, Accuracy +2, Damage 13L, Parry DV 8, Rate 2, Tags 2, O, P, R)


□ -0
□ -1
□ -1
□ -2
□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□ Dying


+233 XP - Carry Over prior to Reroll
+15 BP - Reroll BP
-10 BP - Essence to 3
-4 BP - Awareness to 5, Integrity to 5
-1 BP - Specialties +2
-12 XP - Martial Arts to 5
-12 XP - Specialties +4
-20 XP - Strength to 4, Stamina to 3
-40 XP - Awareness Charms x4
-60 XP - Integrity Charms x6
-50 XP - Dodge charms x5
-30 XP - Essence to 4


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