Campaign:IMPROMPTU GAME/Watcher of the Wayward Threads

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Name:Watcher of the Wayward Threads
Concept:Collector of and occasional meddler in stories
Shadowed Caste:Entertainer
Motivation:Observe the unfolding story of Rong, Dancer, Halak, Joeseph, etc. to its conclusion




Strength  ●●●●         Charisma     ●●●        Perception   ●●●●●●
Dexterity ●●●●●●●      Manipulation ●●●●●●●    Intelligence ●●●●●●●
Stamina   ●●●●●        Appearance   ●●●        Wits         ●●●●●●


Archery                 Awareness ●●●●●     Craft *            Performance ●●       Occult ●
Martial Arts ●●●●●      Sail                Lore ●●●●          Medicine             Linguistics ●
Melee                   Athletics ●●        Resistance         Investigation ●●●●   Thrown
Presence                Dodge ●●●●●         Integrity ●●       Larceny              Ride          
War                     Survival            Bureaucracy        Stealth ●            Socialize   


Craft (Glamour) ●●●●


To be determined




Artifacts: ●●●●●
Gossamer: ●●●●
Style: ●●●●●
Birth: ●●●●
Freehold: ●


Feeding Charms:

  • Ravishing the Created Form:1wp, Simple, Instant. Willing target only. Roll number of dice equal to feeding grace used, permanently reduce relevant virtue or willpower by 1 for each success and regain 10 motes of essence per success. Glamor resistance: (targeted trait + essence) Vs Willpower.
  • Banquet of Crumbs:N/A, Simple, Instant. Once per scene when in presence of strong emotions or immediately after roll dice equal to feeding grace, recover 1 mote of essence per success.

Wyld-Based Crafting Charms:

  • Essence-Forging Art:3m, Simple, Permanent. Create mundane object in the Wyld.
  • Gossamer-Forging Art:5m+>=1g, Simple, Permanent. Create a gossamer object in the Wyld.

Wyldlife Birthing Charms:

  • Awakened Dream Manufacture:3m, Simple, Permanent. Create a creature in the Wyld.

Grace-Forging Charms:

  • Forging the Heart Grace:15m+1g, Simple, Instant. Creates a Heart grace.
  • Forging the Cup Grace:10m+1g,Simple, Instant. Creates a Cup grace.
  • Forging the Sword Grace:10m+1g,Simple, Instant. Creates a Sword grace.
  • Forging the Ring Grace:10m+1g,Simple, Instant. Creates a Ring grace.
  • Forging the Staff Grace:10m+1g,Simple, Instant. Creates a Staff grace.


  • Second Ring Excellency:2m/success or per dot of soak, Reflexive (Step 1 for Attacker, 2 for defender), One Shaping Action. Grants an automatic success per 2 motes spent on one Ring shaping combat roll (up to Ring Grace + Essence motes can be spent) or increase Parry Shaping DV by 1 per 2 mote spent (up to Ring Grace may be spent) against an incoming shaping attack.

Charms of the Mask:

  • Assumption of Dreams and Passion (Temperance):10m+3g, Reflexive, Until terminated. Assume a body of Temperance. Gain one auto-success on all social roles where Temperance is relevant. Glamour resist = Temperance + Essence Vs Manipulation.
  • Mad God Mien:N/A, Permanent, Permanent. Adds 2 gossamer to the cost of all assumptions, allows existence in creation without an assumption as if possessing an assumption. Adds 1 to the difficulty of all charms and shaping actions by others that alter your body in any way. Treated as an automaton by charms and powers of Creation-born. Outside Fate.

Charms of the Heart:

  • Bastion of the Self(Sword):10m+1wp/4g, Reflexive, one tale/Assumption. Grants immunity to Sword Shaping attacks and non-magical attacks. Cold iron negates. May be activated reflexively in Creation for 10m+1wp+4g and will last 1 day. Against magical attacks, add essence to appropriate DV.

Body-Strengthening Charms:

  • Ox-Body Technique:1g, Reflexive, Assumption. Adds one -1 and one -2 health level.

Transitory Mutation Charms:

  • Hundred Hand Style4m+2g, Reflexive, one day/Assumption. Reduces multiple action penalty by 1 to a minimum of 0.

Shaping Stances:

  • Wyld Communion:5m, Simple(speed 3), one tale/Assumption. Add 1 additional die to any stunt die roll. Lasts 1 tale in the Wyld and 1 scene in creation.




Essence: ●●
Regeneration: N/A
Personal Essence Pool: 20/20
Committed Essence:


Willpower: ●●●●●●●●
Temporary: □□□□□□□□



  • Compassion ●●●
  • Conviction ●
  • Temperance ●●●●●
  • Valor ●


  • Heart ●●●


  • Ring ●●●●●
  • Cup ●●●


  • Sword ●
  • Staff ●

Lure (Temperance):Resisting the temptation to regale anyone who asks with the stories he knows


Manses and Heartstones



Dodge DV:
Dodge MDV:
Soak: B/L/A
Pierced: B/L/A
Hardness: B/L/A


Example Attack (Speed X, Accuracy X, Damage XL, Parry DV X, Rate X, Tags X, Y, Z)


□ -0
□□□ -1
□□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated


Bonus Points

4 spent for Style 3->5
4 spent for Artifacts 3->5
2 spent for Gossamer 3->4
4 spent for Birth 1->4
1 spent for freehold 0->1

Experience Points


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