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Name:Watcher of the Wayward Threads
Concept:Collector of and occasional meddler in stories
Shadowed Caste:Entertainer
Motivation:Observe the unfolding story of Rong, Dancer, Halak, Joeseph, etc. to its conclusion


(In the Style of Sidereal Sutras) Once there was an unshaped.

Who became so very bored.

He could craft so many stories

But he knew how each would end

Then, the Unshaped saw a glimmer

Then it saw a flash

And then it saw something... beautiful

The Unshaped saw Creation

And for once it knew stories to which it could not tell the ending

The Unshaped could not get close enough to truly observe the stories

So it took upon itself a shape

And now the Unshaped-no-longer wanders

Watches, learns, and thrives.


Like any Raksha, Watcher is quite good-looking, however, he is on the low end by Raksha standards. He is tall and lithe, but with visible (albeit compact) muscle. His hair is cut short and brown in coloration. Like most Raksha, his ears are pointed. His eyes are blue.

Watcher typically wears a scholarly robe but will often change wardrobe to fit the occasion if he feels it merits it. He carries a staff seemingly formed entirely from Sidereal-style sutras (on scraps of paper, however, the staff is surprisingly sturdy thanks to being composed of gossamer), a little irony that only he really appreciates (Sidereals find it irritating and possibly offensive and no one else really recognizes them).


Strength  ●●●●         Charisma     ●●●        Perception   ●●●●●●
Dexterity ●●●●●●●      Manipulation ●●●●●●●    Intelligence ●●●●●●●
Stamina   ●●●●●        Appearance   ●●●        Wits         ●●●●●●


Archery                 Awareness ●●●●●     Craft *            Performance ●●       Occult ●
Martial Arts ●●●●●      Sail                Lore ●●●●          Medicine             Linguistics ●
Melee                   Athletics ●●        Resistance         Investigation ●●●●   Thrown
Presence                Dodge ●●●●●         Integrity ●●       Larceny              Ride          
War                     Survival            Bureaucracy        Stealth ●            Socialize   


Craft (Glamour) ●●●●


To be determined




Artifacts: ●●●●●
Gossamer: ●●●●
Style: ●●●●●
Birth: ●●●●
Freehold: ●


Feeding Charms:

  • Ravishing the Created Form:1wp, Simple, Instant. Willing target only. Roll number of dice equal to feeding grace used, permanently reduce relevant virtue or willpower by 1 for each success and regain 10 motes of essence per success. Glamor resistance: (targeted trait + essence) Vs Willpower.
  • Banquet of Crumbs:N/A, Simple, Instant. Once per scene when in presence of strong emotions or immediately after roll dice equal to feeding grace, recover 1 mote of essence per success.
  • Oneiromantic Conjuration: 10m, Simple (Dramatic Action), Instant. Gain one gossamer from a sleeping Creation-Born, may only be invoked on any given Creation-Born once per scene.

Wyld-Based Crafting Charms:

  • Essence-Forging Art:3m, Simple, Permanent. Create mundane object in the Wyld.
  • Gossamer-Forging Art:5m+>=1g, Simple, Permanent. Create a gossamer object in the Wyld.

Wyldlife Birthing Charms:

  • Awakened Dream Manufacture:3m, Simple, Permanent. Create a creature in the Wyld.

Grace-Forging Charms:

  • Forging the Heart Grace:15m+1g, Simple, Instant. Creates a Heart grace.
  • Forging the Cup Grace:10m+1g,Simple, Instant. Creates a Cup grace.
  • Forging the Sword Grace:10m+1g,Simple, Instant. Creates a Sword grace.
  • Forging the Ring Grace:10m+1g,Simple, Instant. Creates a Ring grace.
  • Forging the Staff Grace:10m+1g,Simple, Instant. Creates a Staff grace.


  • Second Ring Excellency:2m/success or per dot of soak, Reflexive (Step 1 for Attacker, 2 for defender), One Shaping Action. Grants an automatic success per 2 motes spent on one Ring shaping combat roll (up to Ring Grace + Essence motes can be spent) or increase Parry Shaping DV by 1 per 2 mote spent (up to Ring Grace may be spent) against an incoming shaping attack.

Charms of the Mask:

  • Assumption of Dreams and Passion (Curiosity):10m+3g, Reflexive, Until terminated. Assume a body of Curiosity. Gain one auto-success on all social roles where invoking Curiosity is relevant. Glamour resist = Temperance + Essence Vs Manipulation.
  • Mad God Mien:N/A, Permanent, Permanent. Adds 2 gossamer to the cost of all assumptions, allows existence in creation without an assumption as if possessing an assumption. Adds 1 to the difficulty of all charms and shaping actions by others that alter your body in any way. Treated as an automaton by charms and powers of Creation-born. Outside Fate.

Charms of the Heart:

  • Bastion of the Self(Sword):10m+1wp/4g, Reflexive, one tale/Assumption. Grants immunity to Sword Shaping attacks and non-magical attacks. Cold iron negates. May be activated reflexively in Creation for 10m+1wp+4g and will last 1 day. Against magical attacks, add essence to appropriate DV.

Body-Strengthening Charms:

  • Ox-Body Technique:1g, Reflexive, Assumption. Adds one -1 and one -2 health level.

Transitory Mutation Charms:

  • Hundred Hand Style4m+2g, Reflexive, one day/Assumption. Reduces multiple action penalty by 1 to a minimum of 0.

Shaping Stances:

  • Wyld Communion:5m, Simple(speed 3), one tale/Assumption. Add 1 additional die to any stunt die roll. Lasts 1 tale in the Wyld and 1 scene in creation.




Essence: ●●
Regeneration: N/A
Personal Essence Pool: 20/20
Committed Essence:


Willpower: ●●●●●●●●
Temporary: □□□□□□□□



  • Compassion ●●●
  • Conviction ●
  • Temperance ●●●●●
  • Valor ●


  • Heart ●●●


  • Ring ●●●●●
  • Cup ●●●


  • Sword ●
  • Staff ●

Lure (Temperance):Resisting the temptation to regale anyone who asks with the stories he knows


Manses and Heartstones



Dodge DV: 7
Dodge MDV: 6
Soak: B/L/A
Pierced: B/L/A
Hardness: B/L/A


Example Attack (Speed X, Accuracy X, Damage XL, Parry DV X, Rate X, Tags X, Y, Z)


□ -0
□□□ -1
□□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated


Bonus Points

4 spent for Style 3->5
4 spent for Artifacts 3->5
2 spent for Gossamer 3->4
4 spent for Birth 1->4
1 spent for freehold 0->1

Experience Points


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