Campaign:Oceans Exalted/Swift Death Descends

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  • Campaign: I'm On A Boat
  • Name: Swift Death Descends
  • Concept: Scavenger, Scout, Living Fighter-bomber
  • Breed: Pterok
  • Motivation: Wake the Ancients in the West
  • Positive intimacies: Flying (Fuck yeah this never gets old)
  • Experience: Unspent: 6.5/Total: 22.5


In the distant past, there was a dragon king who soared through the skies with his comrades, dancing on the currents of air and praising the sun above the clouds. Then a great war against impossible odds came, and this band of friends who had dodged lightning and rode storms took up arms without flinching to face down the forces of the universe itself.

The skies themselves split open, spitting white hot hatred through their flight. Their determination did not waver, but valor would not save them. As the war went on, one by one, the flight was struck down. But unlike the lightning they had danced with for so many ages, this horror burnt their very souls to ash. Friends of a thousand lifetimes were lost forever. Rivalries that had bounced back and forth for eons were cruelly cut short. Love greater than the sky itself was torn asunder. But the flight went on. Honor, pride, vengeance and justice demanded it.

After the war, the few survivors went their separate ways, needing no more reminders of what had been. Their hearts grew hard from the pain of loss. Some grew black as their despair dragged them into darkness, but others turned that hardness into strength, and they dedicated that strength to the Creation for which their comrades had sacrificed eternity.

An age has turned since those days. The Dragon Kings have fallen even further still, but thousands yet still remain with pride and glory in their eyes. Swift Death Descends devoted his heart to the cause of Heaven, and although the decadent gods betray his devotion daily and the Sun has turned his face from his favored people, this has not caused him to stray from his course.

His employment in Heaven was little more than errand running, but Swift carried it out with enthusiasm. His only friend left was the wind and the sky, and hurtling through the atmosphere at hundreds of miles an hour with package in tow was a fine excuse to get re-acquainted. However, as old memories start to resurface, one caught his attention. Chambers full of artifacts and fellow dragon kings, lying into crystal coffins to sleep away an age, to re-emerge when the world needed them. As he saw the chaos and destruction embroiling the land below, he knew Creation's need was more dire than ever. He had to find them and wake them.

But when he announced his sabbatical to his employer and set off into Creation, he realized he had no idea where exactly the sleepers lay. His memories were too vague, all he had was a vision of... islands and ocean. His destination was westward.

Shortly after beginning his search, he ran across a crew of pirates taking on a merchant vessel. At first he paid it no mind, until he saw the light of a Lawgiver flaring in the melee on the side of the Pirates. Old loyalties tugged at him, along with the fact that when solars were involved, no task was impossible. So, Swift Death Descended, and in the aftermath of the battle and a fairly confusing exchange, the Merry Shark's crows nest became a Dragon Nest.


Swift gives the impression of a fighter pilot. Infinitely confident and cocky, with a crude sense of humor and a love of incredibly dangerous practical jokes. In his quiet moments though (Which are few and far between, to the displeasure of his more serious comrades) he has an air of a shaken veteran, staring into the distance and carrying with him a somber and dark mood. It quickly vanishes though, often along with someone's prized hat, off to dangle from a mast over shark-infested waters until they climb up to retrieve it.


A walking pterodactyl. He wears gold-trimmed obsidian armor that appears segmented and complicated when he is in motion, but in flight, it takes on a sleek and streamlined appearance, as if someone had designed a stealth fighter around a dinosaur. His chest is lined with several bandoleers and streamlined pouches, carrying an assortment of throwing weapons from oversize shuriken to an assortment of grenades. The helmet has a complicated series of markings along it's nose, etched into the black crystal and filled in with white paint. They are similar to the 'kill count' a fighter pilot keeps on the side of their plane, but keeping track of every foe he has defeated or helped defeat in his many reincarnations. One of the symbols is almost painful to look at, and represents a slain Primordial. There are two notches beneath it.

Theme Song


Strength  ●●       Charisma     ●●       Perception   ●●●●●
Dexterity ●●●●●●●  Manipulation ●●●      Intelligence ●●
Stamina   ●●●●●    Appearance   ●●       Wits         ●●●


Athletics     ●●●
Lore          ●●●
Occult        o
Thrown        ●●●
Dodge         ●●●●●
Awareness     ●●●
Archery       o 
Bureaucracy   o
Craft         o
Integrity     ●●●
Investigation o
Larceny       o     
Linguistics   ●●
Martial Arts  o
Medicine      o
Melee         o
Performance   o      
Presence      o
Resistance    ●
Ride          o
Sail          o
Socialize     o
Stealth       o
Survival      ●●
War           o     

Languages: High Holy Speech (Native), Old Realm, Seatongue



  • Artifact: ●●●●
  • Manse (Windhands Gemstone): ●●●
  • Celestial Manse (Gemstone of Shadows): ●
  • Salary: ●●


Quick Draw - 4 points. Drawing weapons is a reflexive action and does not add to multiple action penalties when part of a flurry.


Phobia (Tight Quarters) - 3 points. Swift doesn't like going belowdecks or in buildings that have ceilings lower than ten feet or hallways narrower than 3 yards.
Moderate Oath - 1 points. Swift prays to the sun every day as part of a promise to the other members of his Flight.


The Clear Air Path

Path Rating: ●●●
Breed Favored
  • ● Clarity of Sight
    • 3m, Simple, One Scene. +2 automatic successes to all sight-related awareness rolls. While the Step is active, the user can reflexively spend one mote to switch to Taste and Smell or Hearing and Touch.
  • ●● See the Winds of Essence
    • 5m, Simple, One Scene. As per All Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight.
  • ●●● Visions of Attack and Defense
    • 5m 1wp, Reflexive, Combo-OK, (Path Rating) Actions. Increase the DK's dodge DV by (Path rating/2). Any ranged weapon they attack with is assumed to have been aimed to the maximum extent of their ability (Usually a +3 internal bonus as if they had aimed for three consecutive actions).
  • ●●●● Perception of Subtle Flaws
    • (Success on a Compassion Roll), 4m, Supplemental, Instant. Add the DK's Path rating to the damage of one attack, and the attack ignores half of the target's armored soak. Each subsequent activation of this charm in a scene benefits from an additional +1 damage bonus. If the total damage from this Step exceeds the target's Stamina + Essence, then the DK may spend a point of willpower to make the attack's damage aggravated. If the target is an object or structure, double the damage dealt to it.

The Blazing Fire Path

Path Rating: ●●
  • ● First Light
    • 1m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Touch, Obvious, One Scene. Any part of the DK or a touched object glows, brightly illuminating the area around for 10 yards. -2 external penalty to stealth in a well lit area if the object is unconcealed, and makes stealth impossible in dark areas.
  • ●● Lesser Conjuration of Flame
    • 3m, Simple, Combo-OK, Obvious, Touch, One Scene. Any part of the DK or a touched object bursts into a medium-sized hearts flame (2L/Action, Trauma 2). If used to enhance the DK's natural weapons, it increases damage directly.
  • ●●● Bolt of Fire
    • (Success on a Valor roll), 1m per 2l, Simple, Combo-OK, Obvious, Instant. An essence attack with an accuracy of (Dexterity + Thrown + Path Rating) and a maximum range of (Path Rating x 20) Yards, with no accuracy penalties out to that range. It's damage is 2L per mote spent creating the attack, and no more than (Path rating) Motes can be spent in this way. For an additional 3m the attack creates a medium-sized hearth flame (2L/Action, Trauma 2) which burns for (Path rating) actions unless extinguished.

The Flickering Fire Path

Path Rating: ●●
  • ● Flashing Agility
    • 2m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, One Scene. Add the character's Path Rating to all Athletics and Join Battle rolls.
  • ●● Fiery Prowess
    • 3m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Instant. Add the DK's Path rating to a single Dexterity roll. A static value derived from dexterity may be increased by (Path Rating /2).


Essence: ●●
Regeneration: 8/12/16
Essence Pool: 27/34
Committed Essence: 7


Willpower: ●●●●● ●
Temporary: 6/6



Compassion ●
Conviction ●●●
Temperance ●●
Valor      ●●●


Obsidian Sheath
Soak: 10L/10B, Hardness: 5L/5B, Mobility: -0, Fatigue: 0, Attune: 7.
An attuned wearer's strength is increased by 3. Add four yards to Move actions and eight yards to Dash actions in combat. While flying, the user adds four yards per tick to their Climbing move speed and eight yards per tick to their Climbing Dash speed. For long distance travel, the wearer can sustain speeds of 100 miles per hour.

Skin Mount Amulet x2
These two implanted sockets rest on Swift's breastbone, each set with a hearthstone. In addition to the other benefits of hearthstones, they increase his mote pool by the heartstones rating times two.

Exceptional Throwing Blades: x20
Speed: 5, Accuracy: +2, Damage: +4L, Rate: 2, Range: 40
Wicked crystal shuriken the size of a mans hand line one set of bandoleers that cross his chest.

Miniature Firedust Grenades: x20
Speed: 6, Accuracy: +0, Damage: 4L/2, Rate: 3, Range: 10, Tags: F, G, 1 yard radius burst
These fun-size packets of joy are stored in half-cases along his stomach, each with a ring he can hook his fingers into protruding from a hard case with a padded interior. Pulling them from their bandolier activates their impact trigger.

Firedust Grenades: x10
Speed: 6, Accuracy: +0, Damage: 9L/3, Rate: 2, Range: 10, Tags: F, G, 2 yard radius burst
More serious, each of these grenades is stored in a padded case on his chest, each closed with a latch for added safety.

Firedust Petards: x2
Speed: 6, Accuracy: -1, Damage: 14L/5, Rate: 1, Range: 5, Tags: F, G, 4 yard radius burst
Two menacing cylinders are tucked in under his wings, each containing a firedust bomb. It takes a half-turn of the cap to access the bombs.

Manses and Hearthstones

Windhands Gemstone:

  • Air Manse, Rating 3
    4xp Flickering Fire 2

The bearer of this hearthstone can apply their Dodge or Parry DV to ranged attacks without any penalties, and to parry lethal ranged attacks unarmed without a stunt. This does not refresh DV, only removes DV penalties.

This Manse is Swift's old stomping ground in the north, an Aerie perched high on a mountaintop, only reachable by flight or a very determined climber. It has spacious rooms connected by wide three dimensional hallways, and a gentle warm breeze flows through it despite the chill outside. In the past it was a place for celebration, but now it lies empty, filled only with mementos of lost glory. He makes a yearly inspection of the manse to make sure everything is in order, chase out any squatters, and to reminisce about the days of greatness.

Gemstone of Shadows:

  • Lunar Manse (Celestial), Rating 1

The bearer of this hearthstone can summon a sphere of shadows up to two yards in diameter around themselves. The bearer can see out of the shadows clearly, but those looking in can only see indistinct shapes, increasing the difficulty to spot or recognize them by 2, higher if the surroundings are also dark and shadowy. Regardless of location, the bearer gets a +1 bonus to their Dodge and Parry DV's against ranged attacks while in these shadows.

This is a small apartment by the standards of yu-shan, or an incredible townhouse by the standards of Creation. It sits in the shadow cast by a larger building, mostly built to cap a demesne. It is Swift's house, although his Home is the sky. It is furnished with Dragon King technologies, some part of it's design, others picked up on his travels. There is a vault in the basement where his Salary is deposited, as it is rare for him to be present when it arrives. The hearthstone chamber is actually an unassuming broom closet in a dark corner, which only becomes obvious once you realize the carpet is self-cleaning, so there is no need for brooms, or a closet to hold them.


Dodge DV: 7 (8 vs. ranged attacks)
Dodge MDV: 5
Soak: 10A/11L/16B
Pierced: 5A/6L/11B
Hardness: 5A/5L/5B


Exceptional Throwing Blades:
Speed: 5, Accuracy: 12, Damage: 9L, Rate: 2, Range: 40

Miniature Firedust Grenades: x20
Speed: 6, Accuracy: 10, Damage: 4L/2, Rate: 3, Range: 10, Tags: F, G, 1 yard radius burst

Firedust Grenades: x10
Speed: 6, Accuracy: 10, Damage: 9L/3, Rate: 2, Range: 10, Tags: F, G, 2 yard radius burst

Firedust Petards: x2
4xp Flickering Fire 2
Speed: 6, Accuracy: 9, Damage: 14L/5, Rate: 1, Range: 5, Tags: F, G, 4 yard radius burst

Speed: 5, Accuracy: 7, Damage: 8L, Rate: 3, Defense: =, Tags: N

Wing Buffet
Speed: 5, Accuracy: 8, Damage: 9B, Rate: 1, Defense: 4, Tags: N


□ -0
□ -1
□ -1
□ -2
□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□ Dying
□ Dying
□ Dying
□ Dying


2bp on Artifact 4
8bp on Dexterity 7
2bp on Salary 2
4bp on Quick Draw
5xp Dodge 4
7xp Dodge 5
4xp Flickering Fire 2

Shopping list


8xp Strength 3
12xp Strength 4
16xp Strength 5
20xp Perception 6
24xp Perception 7
12xp Wits 4
16xp Wits 5
8xp Intelligence 3
28xp Dexterity 8


5xp Athletics 4
7xp Athletics 5
5xp Thrown 4
7xp Thrown 5

5xp Awareness 4
7xp Awareness 5
5xp Lore 4
7xp Lore 5
6xp Integrity 4
8xp Integrity 5
2xp Resistance 2
4xp Resistance 3
6xp Resistance 4
8xp Resistance 5
3xp Stealth 1
2xp Stealth 2
4xp Stealth 3
6xp Stealth 4
8xp Stealth 5

==== Specialties ====4xp Flickering Fire 2
9xp Dodge (Evasive Maneuvers +3)
9xp Thrown (Death From Above! +3)
9xp Athletics (Cutting it close +3)
9xp Awareness (They look like ants down there +3)
9xp Integrity (Bitch I've stared down Primordials, You Ain't Got Shit +3)


15xp Danger Sense (5pt Version)
9xp Paragon of Valor
9xp Paragon of Conviction
9xp Legendary Dexterity

Virtues and Willpower

9xp Valor 4
12xp Valor 5
15xp Valor 6
9xp Conviction 4
12xp Conviction 5
15xp Conviction 6
12xp Willpower 7
14xp Willpower 8
16xp Willpower 9
18xp Willopower 10


8xp Flickering Fire 3
10xp Blazing Fire 3
7xp Technomorphic Transcendence 1
5xp Technomorphic Transcendence 2

Essence 3

16xp Essence 3
12xp Intelligence 4
16xp Intelligence 5
12xp Clear Air 4
16xp Clear Air 5
12xp Flickering Fire 4
16xp Flickering Fire 5
15xp Blazing Fire 4
20xp Blazing Fire 5
10xp Technomorphic Transcendence 3
15xp Technomorphic Transcendence 4

Beyond Essence 3

24xp Essence 4
32xp Essence 5
40xp Essence 6

32xp Dexterity 9
20xp Strength 6
20xp Stamina 6
28xp Perception 8
20xp Wits 6

9xp Dodge 6
9xp Thrown 6
9xp Athletics 6
9xp Awareness 6
10xp Integrity 6
10xp Resistance 6
10xp Stealth 6

18xp Valor 7
18xp Conviction 7

20xp Clear Air 6
20xp Flickering Fire 6
25xp Blazing Fire 6
25xp Technomorphic Transcendence 5

Total: 1086