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TFDG is running the game.


  1. Exalted-Smartsha


Current-day Creation. Rumors that the Solar Exalted are returning to creation have flooded the Wyld with glorious, forgotten, powerful thoughts once again. But there is turmoil... some of the Shaped worry that if left to linger for too long, the Solar Exalted could re-establish the grounds reclaimed by the Wyld in the Balorian Crusade. You, a team of some of the most powerful shaped around (who have nothing better to do), are being sent into Creation to make sure that doesn't happen... and perhaps even add a bit more land to the Wyld.


Lol I dunno. At some point sometime somewhere in the wild blue yonder.

Killersquid: Wednesday Until 7EDT, Thursday after 4EDT, Friday and Saturday. Times likely to change if I get a job
Jammy: Wednesday 4BST - like 9BST, the game would have to end by like midnight BST.
Elias: Mon-thursday after 4 CST(gmt -6), friday after 12-1 CST, saturday is a crapshoot, and sunday sometime after two CST, though life shits on me sometimes i'll try to warn with as much notice as i can if i can't make a session

Exalt types[edit]

Fair Folk. Only Fair Folk.

Who's In?[edit]

Kyu :
Killersquid: Oath-Swearer


You will begin with Essence 3, and 100 experience.
You are smart, powerful Raksha having been chosen specifically for this STEALTHMISSION, so. You all get one additonal dot of stats to be placed where you wish. (Intelligence is suggested)
We're going to call you Heroic Nobles, so, for giggles, take the 33 BP given to Heroic Commoners.
Do not purchase any points in the Style background. It will be awarded to you based on performance.

House Rules[edit]

Three die stunts are only applicable if everyone playing agrees it's a three-die stunt.
Benchmark Essence. I'll give it to you when you damn well earn it.
More to be added as I feel like it.

Training times are much smaller, but still exist. Usage of a charm, ability, or attribute may aid in lowering training times.
In addition, you can save your XP to spend in-game as part of an appropriately(for the thing being raised) awesome, successful stunt, removing any training time.

  • Addendum for Raksha. If you would be allowed to gain Willpower from a stunt, you may instead choose to gain an equal amount of gossamer.