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Drawomancer is running the game. Contact him at or on AIM at Drawomancer.


  1. owod-Southies


oWoD, Vampire: the Masquerade. Ignore all the other super books and their meta. I'll use them on a case by case basis if at all.

What's It All About?

East coast United States game, might go as far north as Maine or Canaderp, and as south as Florida. Get ready to blow shit up around our nation's capital!


lol idk you tell me

Issidro:(Times in CST) Tuesday-Thursday from 2PM onward. Friday 2PM-8PM

Who's In?

dunno, maybe if someone would JOIN...


Mitch the fucking Henderson


Core, Clanbooks, Sabbat books.

House Rules

  • Let's just ignore 1's because I don't feel like keeping track of that shit.

Bonus BP & XP

Do something cool. Bring in theme songs, artwork, etc. for your character and the group. Get bonus BP and XP! Very simple.