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A Castle refers to a medieval European fortress (though the term is also applied to a variety of non European fortresses as well), usually used as the residence and seat of power of some noble household. Castles are distinct from fortified towns and cities with walls, though towns often grew around castles and castles called citadels were sometimes constructed specifically. The word comes from the Latin castrum, referring to the fortified bases in which the Romans stationed their legions.

Parts of a Castle

  • Walls
  • Moats
  • Turrets
  • Keep
  • Armories
  • Granaries
  • Dungeons
    • Some of the dungeons that went overboard with the torture equipment could easily have been /d/ungeons.
  • Traps (burning oil from above, giant boulder, spike walls and stuffs)
  • Kitchens
  • Rest room (knights needs to poop you know?)
  • Parapets

Types of Castles

  • Motte and Baily: A fairly basic type of castle in the Dark Ages. A hall of either stone or wood (the Baily) is built on top of a hill, a basic wooden wall is put around it, at the base of the hill was built some stabled and similar which were also walled off. In some cases the wall (the Motte) circled both, in other cases there were two rings of walls around both the hall as well as the support structures, with a walled off corridor between them.
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