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Chaos star.jpg This article contains something widely considered by /tg/ to be absolutely disgusting, like pedophilia, rape porn, or any other disturbing topic, like bathing in your allies' blood.
Reason: Vile enough that he can no longer be mentioned here.
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It was terrible. Every being involved was terrible. This page has been cleansed with the Emperor's holy fire. Emperor help us all.

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I have walked paths no man can know and faced the unnameable creatures of the Warp. I understand all too well the secrets and dangers that lurk in its hidden darkness. Such things are not for lesser minds to know; no matter how powerful or knowledgeable they believe themselves to be. The secrets I have shared serve as warnings, not enticements to explore further. Only death and damnation await those who pry too deeply into secrets not meant for mortals.

The Emperor on this subject during the Council of Nikaea