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The Circle Orboros is for your earth lovers and people who want an army of every kind of mythological monster you can think of and then some or an army of stone men. It's also an army for furry lovers, given the amount of naked furry flesh offered by the Tharns and warpwolves (werewolves in disguise!).

The Circle is a group of druids who maintain the balance of civilization and wilderness in the Warmachine/Hordes universe. Essentially, the world has a set of leylines that flow through across the land, and construction of things like cities disrupts them. The Circle believes disrupting too many of these will attract the attention of an aspect of the Devourer Wurm and will wipe out all life in existence. They're convinced it's worthless trying to talk and explain why it is what they do and instead act all needlessly mystical and such in the name of the greater good. Are they even right? Who knows, it's one of those things Privateer Press probably won't ever answer since leaving it open creates some ambiguity.

This has of course annoyed a couple of people, the Trollbloods most recently and now the Circle finds itself fighting every faction out there, trying to hold out while achieving their aims. You can't say they aren't determined.

Circle armies are hard and fast hitting, focusing on magic and speed over staying power. What is fun is that they have a variety of different force to chose on, the creatures mentioned above (griffins, werewolves, satyrs, etc); big constructions of enchanted rock; wild savage tribesmen that worship a devouring god; and the circle's druids and men itself. The option to theme your army or mix and match appeals.

Forces of the Circle


  • Baldur the Stonecleaver (Epic version: Baldur the Stonesoul) - Cool old dude that is about the only level headed member of the circle and is more worried about what sneaky old everblight is up to then getting promoted. Can swing a big ass sword like it's nothing.
  • Cassius the Oathkeeper & Wurmwood, Tree of Fate - The latest in a long line of druids bound to the oldest and creepiest tree in the world. If he hits you, you die and turn into a tree.
  • Kaya the Wildborne (Epic version: Kaya the Moonhunter and Laris) - The starter kit Warlock, she's a hardass fanatic with no patience for the Circle's politicking and a tight bond with her warbeasts. Uses a staff and has a spell list loaded down with movement shenanigans. Her Epic version comes with a wolf sidekick.
  • Krueger the Stormwrath (Epic version: Krueger the Stormlord) - Mad old dude that looks like Fred Phelps a bit, he hates humanity and wants to bury them all under the sea or land or whichever is easier. All this stems from being born with a mark indicating he would wield the magic of Circle's druids, and he happened to born in any area controlled by the Protectorate of Menoth whose policy on such people was a swift execution. He survived and grew to hate the Protectorate and all other civilizations and aims to wipe them from the planet and rule with an iron fist. Has a rivalry with Morvahna in which each declares the other is bat shit crazy without realizing the irony of their statements.
  • Mohsar the Desertwalker - Kranky old man who thinks deserts are the perfect image of nature. He was Krueger's master and taught him to hate humans more. He uses a scythe and can teleport by turning one of his own dudes into sand.
  • Morvahna the Autumnblade (Epic version: Morvahna the Dawnshadow) - Taking after Hera's example from Greek mythology, she is a real bitch that just cares about power. Used to shag Kromac using her boobs of fruitfulness until he saw her for the lying power mad witch she is. She is unable to grasp Kromac has got over her and fully expects him to come back.
  • Grayle the Farstrider - This guy was just an expendable minion until he manifested druid powers, much later than normal.
  • Kromac the Ravenous - Half man/half furry although this is a furry fully capable of chopping you into pieces.
  • Bradigus Thorle the Runecarver - Circle's latest warlock. He builds golems and can use landslides to move around.


Light Warbeasts

  • Argus - Bascially a two headed dog who's alternating barks give you a headache.
  • Argus Moonhound - Basically a two headed hunting dog. He will help your dudes see and hit their targets at range.
  • Gorax - Your worst furry nightmare. Also, the only Light Warbeast with 4 Fury in the game.
  • Scarsfell Griffon - The Griffon meant to work alone, either flanking or far ahead.
  • Razorwing Griffon - He got blades on his wings and can use them to trample everything, vector strike-like.
  • Rotterhorn Griffon - This bird screams loud enough to hurt. He can also make people do things at the end of their activation.
  • Winter Argus - Basically a two headed dog that barks ice breath.
  • Woldwatcher - Bodyguard golem, can shield people from arrows and bullets and harden itself.
  • Woldwyrd - Floating golem that shoots lasers. Does his stuff better against enemies loaded with magic.

Heavy Warbeasts

  • Feral Warpwolf - You will learn to love this guy, or play pure construct, definitely the workhorse heavy beast of the Circle
  • Gnarlhorn Satyr - He's a ram, so he loves to charge things headfirst to slam them away. So much in fact he can do it during your opponent's turn.
  • Pureblood Warpwolf - Usually run with a Feral at the least, a very common sight.
  • Riphorn Satyr - The bodybuilder Satyr. Tough and strong, he can push people around.
  • Shadowhorn Satyr - Light Satyr, he knocks down people who miss him in melee and can jump around.
  • Warpwolf Stalker - Usually taken with a Pureblood, a Feral or complementing a Gorax and Argus. This werewolf uses a bigass sword and can go berserk on people with it, or hide really well in the woods. Considered the best non-character heavy currently.
  • Wold Guardian - The big brother golem bodyguard. Slow, but hits hard, immune to explosions and can become impervious to ranged attacks.
  • Woldwarden - Basic big golem that can cast his Warlock's spells and grow forests.

Character Heavies

  • Ghetorix - Boss Werewolf. He used to be one of the half-furry people but became so angry he turned full-time werewolf on their ass. He was pounded into submission by Kromac.
  • Megalith - Stupidly effective with Baldur, the amount of healing makes them fairly difficult to finish off and can drag out games where your opponent went for an assassination run and gets stuck unable to off him.
  • Brennos the Elderhorn - The old man/sorcerer amongst Satyr warbeasts. Pretty weak physically but can cast other beasts' animi or make it easier for them to cast their own. Cannot be targeted by enemy spells.


  • Woldwrath - Huge golem that shoots lightning from his eyes. One punch knocks everyone around on their ass.


  • Druids of Orboros - Magical tricksters: they heal warbeasts use magical smoke grenades, push or pull things around and their boss can stop enemy magic around them. People either love them of hate them.

Potential attachment - Overseer: can make the unit immune to most elemental effects or drop an impressive AoE nuke.

  • Druid Stoneward & Woldstalkers - a druid with his pet laser-shooting golems. A good ranged unit.
  • Reeves of Orboros - Hunters with double-shot crossbows. Considered poor for their cost.

Potential attachment - Chieftan & Standard Bearer: generally considered the most useless unit attachment in the whole game.

  • Sentry Stone & Mannikins - wood golems and their control tower.
  • Shifting Stones - Magical stones that heal or teleport things, considered a staple of circle.

Potential attachment - Stone Keeper: hide the stones to protect them, allows them to spread more.

  • Tharn Blood Pack - Furry lovers who decided bows are cool.
  • Tharn Bloodtrackers - Women who are really good at throwing javelins on people.

Potential attachment - Nuala the Huntress: Tharn queen, allows the Bloodtrackers to hit and run.

  • Tharn Bloodweavers - the Tharn priestesses, they gut people to do magic.
  • Tharn Ravagers - Furry lovers who took things too far. Now look like monster movie rejects.

Potential attachment - Tharn Ravager Chieftain, makes them hit harder. Potential attachment - Tharn Ravager Shaman, shoots lightning.

  • Tharn Wolf Riders - Bloodtrackers on wolves to go faster.
  • Warpborn Skinwalkers - Man-sized werewolves. They are tough and go faster when you hurt them.

Potential attachment - Warpborn Alpha: makes the skinwalkers be able to attack twice and eat their enemies to regenerate.

  • Wolves of Orboros - Basic grunts and all around expendable troops. Cheapest infantry in the faction.

Potential attachment - Chieftain & Standard: can make the Wolves of Orboros very effective in melee one turn per game.

  • The Death Wolves - Character unit of cannibalistic Wolves of Orboros. They are near unkillable as long as they have corpse tokens on them and can ruin an entire unit's day with the same tokens.


  • Blackclad Wayfarer - This dude can warp to shifting stones anywhere on the board, or make your dude charge from further away. Immune to most elemental effects.
  • Druid Wilder - Druid apprentice learning the job. Helps manage your fury and cast animi.
  • Reeve Hunter - Reeve boss, teaches the others reeves to use camouflage.
  • Tharn Ravager White Mane - Old tharn man who fought a lot of battles and lived to tell stories about them.
  • War Wolf - Trained wolf. Can charge things Reeves put bolts in.
  • Gallows Grove - teleporting trees that prevent healing around them. Warlocks can channel their spells through them.

Character Solos

  • Lord of the Feast - The manifestation of an old, angry god. Called that because he feasts on enemy infantry.
  • Wolf Lord Morraig - A general for Wolves and Reeves of Orboros. Mounted on a big wolf, he hits fast and hard.
  • Una the Falconeer - A lesser Warlock who can only take Griffins, though at a discount.

Battle Engines

  • Celestial Fulcrum - Giant weather machine able to cause floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. (note: Do not leave on.)
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