Craftworld Saim-Hann

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Translation "Quest for Enlightenment"
Location Pacificus Segmentum
Specialty Wild Riders
Hero Nuadhu 'Fireheart'
Enemy None in particular
Colours Red, black, white

Craftworld Saim-Hann is one of the 5 big ones. Saim-Hann specialises in bikers and about every member of it is in a family with bikers. They love it fast and rough and their colours are red, black and white. Maybe they watched the Orks and thought "We can do that too if not better!" Unlike other Eldar, they are not quite as big on the typical Eldar Path. Instead they are more outgoing and enjoy the simple things of life to a higher degree than other Craftworld Eldar. This got them a reputation as barbarians however.

The Craftworld was one of the first to flee the imploding Eldar empire, before Slaanesh had a feast on their souls. As such, they care less about the dangers of letting their emotions run wild and enjoy the danger thrill. They are bros with the Exodite Eldar on some worlds.