Death Company Chaplain

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Shitting ones pants is a normal reaction to whoever is unfortunate enough to be in the opposing end of this fucker.

Death Company Chaplains are a highly-specialized and manlier version of the regular old Space Marine Chaplains of the Blood Angels, who lead an entire group of Death Company Marines. All you heretics, prepare to be PURGED.

Death Company Chaplains differ from regular old Chaps over the fact that they soar into battle on a crimson-winged Jump Pack! The Death Company Chaplain leads his fallen brothers in their final battle. As he smashes the enemy from their feet with devastating swings of his Wand of Justice! crozius arcanum, the Death Company Chaplain booms a constant litany of RAEG, vengeance and manly tears, whilst exhorting his brothers to give meaning to their sacrifice before their tragic and inevitable end.

Simple zealotry is not enough to recommend a Blood Angels Chaplain for elevation to the rank of Death Company Chaplain. Rage and hatred are useful tools, but they are nothing without control (just take a look at the World Eaters). The role of the Death Company Chaplain is much more complex, and more sacred than simply inciting his brothers to new heights of RIP AND TEAR in battle. This deeply spiritual warrior acts as the light of the Angel himself, a guiding illumination that those brothers lost to the Black Rage can follow into glory and death. In battle, he maintains himself as the beacon of sanity.


Although these guys are slightly more expensive than a basic Chaplain with all the same rules, they come equipped with a Jump Pack and Inferno Pistol instead of a Bolt Pistol, with the option to take Special Issue Wargear and Relics. They would have been overpriced if it were not for the fact that he allows friendly Death Company units he is in the old re-roll to wound rule that Astorath has unless they make a disordered charge.

Seriously, if you want to butcher your enemies up close, accept no substitutes.

Ok, shit, ignore all of that. Going onto 8th these lads just have nice models with the same rules as the standard Chaplain with a jump pack.

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